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Myanmar Itinerary 5 Days Myanmar Itinerary 7 Days Myanmar Itinerary 10 Days Myanmar Itinerary 2 Weeks Myanmar Itinerary 3 Weeks Myanmar Itinerary 4 Weeks, Go Myanmar Tours 2021 - 2022. The Shan live primarily in Myanmar and its cuisine boosts a diversity of dishes with strong and interesting flavours. Craving something sweet after dinner or looking for a treat to cool yourself down? It may sound strange but fried cricket is quite popular among local people. It is made by vendors with griddle by street side, who expertly spread a lentil batter crepe and fill with chickpeas, various other vegetables, and a special secret sauce. Many Over years of research and practice, Dr. Howell has created a study that helps people to find peace with themselves and with others. When you arrive, you will be served with different trays of pork stick.

Dr. Howell was a Fellow in clinical psychology, Due to the geographic location, Burmese cuisine in general and Mandalay, in particular, have been influenced by Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine and through the ups and downs of the historical journey, Burmese people have made up their own and unique recipes. 3. Mee Shay is a famous food in Mandalay made of rice noodles mixed with meat sauce. methods, the established clinical tools of psychology with his understandings of spiritual growth. Kyay Oh is one of the best Mandalay foods that you should eat initially in your Mandalay tour as soon as arrival at the city. You are more likely to find a Dosa stall on the street. Another type of street food that made its way from India is the Dosa Sandwich, which is sometimes referred to as ghost snack. Bow See means bun in Burmese language. I wish to try the Shan Noodle because it seem a must try traditional food there and it look so good! Address: 130b 34th St, Yangon, MyanmarOpening times: 6:00 19:00. Yes, I am sitting on a stool by the roadside eating my noodles. While you can find it across the country, for the best tea leaves you best travel to Mandalay. Mohinga cant be left out when mentioning street food in Myanmar. The name of the shop is Thazin Oo Fried Cricket. One of the best place you can eat Mont Di is Daw Taw Shop. is also a regionally known expert on the Enneagram, a method Pork is cooked with soy sauce and served in different trays of pork stick with hot vegetable soup. For only US$1, you get a bowl of rice noodles full of ingredients including pigs tail and pigs skin, plus a super flavourful bowl of pork ribs soup. Thailand's nature, culture, food and activities make it a must-visit for all of your adventures. Contributed to the vibrant culture, Mandalay traditional foods make the city become a location that not to be missed while visiting Myanmar. The ultimate guide to Customs and Etiquette in Myanmar. There are other bow see with different unique flavors as well. These drivers speak decent English. I wish to try the BBQ chicken because it look tasty, juice and tender. The chickpeas and bean sprout offer a good crunch and the sauce gives it an extra tangy flavor. The couple has been staying here for about two years and they were generous to bring us around to try out the various Mandalay street food. This amazing knowledge breaks the cycle of mistakes we repeat and provides the actual know-how to melt difficulties, heal relationships and to stop needless emotional suffering. Myee Shay! Saya Gyi Address: 28th Street (between 70th & 71st street) Opening hours: 6am to 11am, 3pm to 6pm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. The sauce of Mee Shay includes coriander soya bean sauce, garlic, and chili oil. Mohinga is a rice noodle and fish soup from Myanmar. I look at my unassuming bowl of noodle soup and wondered, how good can this be? Here, the shops sells fluffy and soft steamed buns that are made fresh daily. The skewers are dipped in agarlicandchili sauce. If you are wondering how easy and accessible is Mandalay? It is located on 30th Street (between 77th and 78th street). Mr Ramen Truffle Ramen & Spicy Laksa Ramen Found in New Coffee Shop in Chinatown! 2. Address: 30th Street (between 77th and 78th street) Opening hours: 4:00 am-10:00 pm. These items include thick and rich Mandalay milk tea, almond biscuits, peanut candy, traditional tea leave salad and a SilkAir travel kit (not in picture)! Its new friendship found and I really appreciate their help to break the bubble and perceptions that we initially had. Shan Tofu Addeess: 71st street (between 34th and 35th street) Opening Hours: 7am to 12pm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. We share tips on transportation and how to prepare for the ride. They will serve you a few trays of pork stick, you can pick which one you prefer and eat it. The white rice noodles will become yellow by adding chicken pea flour, red chili paste and oil.At the Mont Di shops, you can order two different size rice noodles: Nan Lat (Medium sized) and Nan Gyi (large sized). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. The red chili paste and oil gives the white rice vermicelli the yellow colour. Drizzle some lime and add some mustard leaf to give it some tanginess, I dont know why, but it reminded me of our Singapore style beef noodles. Lahpet Thoke is a salad made of fermented tea, fried garlic, peanut oil, lentils or similar beans, tomato, and cabbage, with a dash of lime. It is opened from 4.00AM to 10.00PM. This is another of my favourite Mandalay street food. Using charcoal to slowly cook , definitely worth trying out the soup . May Pho Culture Authentic Vietnamese Beef Pho & Spring Rolls Hidden In Chinatown! It was served with their special chilli dip.

10 Delicious Mandalay Street Food You Have To Try! Myanmar Travel would like to share a list of delicious food native to Mandalay which do not have the same taste as other areas. Typical fillings include minced meat, usually lamb, with spiced potatoes, lentils, peas, and onions. Another common Mandalay street food for the Burmese is Shan Noodle, which I like it better than Mont Di.

Liang Seah Street Prawn Noodle Serving Up Hearty Bowls of Prawn Mee Since 1946! Nevertheless, fried cricket is an amazing option for you whenever traveling to Mandalay. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy | Contact Information | Home, Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram's Forgotten Passageway, Meditation for Healing and Relaxation Compact Disc. But of course, I am the lucky one because this is what makes his broth good. . Noodle has a combination taste of sweet, sour and served with the toss of peanuts, fresh cilantro, onion and preserved vegetables. How to win? Mandalay is an incredible city of Myanmar, a charming destination in the heart of the country where you can truly find an unexpected experience. Order the lemon fish please! There are various teashops in Mandalay serve delicious Monti with tea after the meal at a reasonable price. It is thick and gooey, and served warm with noodles, some savoury homemade sauce and minced meat. Normally the broth is cooked with pork or chicken bone by simmering for 3-4 hours. I love Thunder tea rice, so I would gladly try it. Nam Cheah is a third culture millennial with a passion for travel, hikes, food, and puns. Other ingredients include ginger, pepper, and garlic. Shwe Pyi Moe Address: 35th Street, Mandalay Opening Hours: 6:00 am- 5:00 pm (from Monday to Sunday) Min Thiha Restaurant Address: corner of 72nd Street and 28th Street, Mandalay Opening hours: 6:00 am-4: 00 pm (from Monday to Sunday) Pan Tha Khin Address: corner of 70th Street and 29th Street, Mandalay Opening hours: 6:00am-6:00pm. Which is the tofu? Well that bowl of gooey looking dish is none other than Shan Tofu! Go Myanmar Tours tailor-makes unique Burma tours to help travelers explore Myanmar their way. A triangular pastry with savory fillings, Samosa is another Indian snack that the Burmese have adopted with fervor. It involves an intricate calculation of the desired ratio of condensed milk and evaporated milk, each with a subtle and sometimes pronounced difference. The Samosa is sliced and added to either a light soup with herbs. The pork sticks are not just meat but come from other parts of the pig such as lung, heart, intestine, kidney, tongue. I try to keep the crackers and the diced red onions dry, as they are sprinkled atop the rice noodles so they remain crunchy. sUnlike other stalls, they really use premium thick skewers for their pork. If Shan Tofu is not your thing, go for their usual noodle soup then! However, it is served only in winter and rainy season. Mont Di is a famous breakfast not only in Mandalay but also around Myanmar. Looks delicious! Tut P Address: 33rd Street (between 84th and 85th street) Opening hours: 11am to 7pm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Thank you for signing up! @2022 MyanmarTravel.Com.

It actually looks like Chinese xiao long bao and stuffed with tasty minced meat and vegetables.,, Kyay Oh is one of the best Mandalay foods that you should eat during your Mandalay tour. A paste made using sweet bean or white sugar which is mixed with margarine is inserted into the middle before the cakes are baked. Would love to try Kyae Oh and the lemon fish! COMMENT below which Mandalay street food you wish to try and why. Plus it be a nice way to experience the local culture too =), Would love to try the Kyae Oh, looks delish!

The combination of smoky, soft and tender fish with tangy, sour and little spicy sauce will surely bring you delight. Average price: K150-250 ($0.10 $0.17) at the street food stalls. concentrated his studies in psychology and religion. He I want to try the Shan Noodle! Before my first visit to Myanmar, my friends warned me that their food is subpar. It is good option to combine with Myanmar beer.You can enjoy this at Tet Nay Win restaurant at 68th Street. My favourite food is Bak Chor Mee and hope one day can try this Kyae Oh (pork noodles) and take nice yummy photos ! He is the author of Physician Stress: A Handbook for Coping. By the end of the meal, the servers will count the number of sticks and you will be completely surprised by the price you have to pay! For the best E Kya Kway, head over to Yangons Chinatown and it shouldnt cost more than a couple of hundred Kyats. Khao Pansa in Ubon Ratchathani is a lesser-known yet exhilarating candle festival in Thailand. Tut P is a famous pork stick stall in Mandalay. They are sweet, smoky and just sticky enough to make us very very happy. In Myanmar, freshwater fish and shrimp are usually made into paste and added into cooking. Average price: K1,000 K2,000 ($0.69 $1.38).

The chef will steam fresh fish steamed garlic and tangy lime. Plan your Thailand itinerary and get the most out of your trip. Where to Eat Already popular, this restaurant was opened in 1995 and famous for both Kyay oh and Kyay oh salad. A cup of tea is not finished after brewing.

Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Virginia in 1979, Dr. Howell has treated children, Follow SilkAir Facebook / Instagram / Twitter for updates. Omg the soupy broths are love. Address: 68th Street (between 34th and 35th Street) Opening hours: 3:00 pm-9:30 pm. The best Lahpet Thoke is near where the tea leaves are grown. Shwe Taung Tans comforting bowl of Kyae Oh (pork noodles) is one of the best Mandalay street food I had during the trip. La moatoriginates from the traditional Chinese moon cake.

I wish to try the Shan Noodle because I love sweet and sour and noodles! Vietnam travel agency China tour packages Indochina Tours Vietnam Tours Cambodia Tours Laos Tours Shore excursions Vietnam vacation Bhutan vacation packages Nepal vacation packages Hanoi tours Vietnam ho chi minh tour, Myanmar Tours & Vacation Packages Tour Operator License: 01-239 / TCDL-GP LHQT. It is one of the most appetizing and demanded foods in Mandalay. One by one, he scooped a spoonful of minced meat into the soup in brisk motions. Waroeng Bakso by Hamburguesa Popular Indonesian Meatball Soup Stall That Only Opens on Weekends. Im actually planning a trip to Myanmar next year so this will be very helpful. They are popular gift travelers want to buy after visiting this city. Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, where he completed his clinical internship.

If you are ever in Nyaung Shwe, by Inle Lake, check out Sin Yaw Restaurant. Thank you for the giveaway. However, it is also famous for its own unique foods. If you wish to buy souvenirs from Myanmar, I suggest getting Lahpet (tea salad). It looks very interesting and unique. By the end of the meal, the servers will come and count the number of sticks. Saya Gyis version is thick with fish paste and less soup. For only US$1, you get a bowl of rice noodles with pork, sauce and some other ingredients, plus a super bowl of pork ribs soup. I would love to try Shan Noodle because I am super noodle lover !

I like to try BBQ chicken as the chicken looks so yummy. healing, and combating mental illness are sought after by many groups. My tastebuds are longing to try the Lahpet tea salad! After walking around Mingun, we went to Shwe Shan for buffet because I was really hungry. It is served only in October and November. When you visit Mandalay, for the breakfast made sure you have one, its delicious and yummy. However, its available only in winter and rainy seasons. The sauce of Mee Shay includes coriander soya bean sauce, garlic, and chili oil. Another common street food is Myee Shay, a kind of Shan ethnic noodle dish. shwe man previous Tea leaf and tea salad from Mandalay is very famous in Myanmar. COMMENT below which Mandalay street food you wish to try and why. But after spending four good days exploring the city, I am fell in love with its street food, all thank you to our local guide, Jericho and Faye. This is served wrapped up in a newspaper and is so hot that I almost dropped it when the lady handed it to me. This gooey looking dish is another popular dish of Shan cuisine. The sweet, tangy, sour, and little spicy making it incredibly delicious.

His lectures on stress reduction, Ive had Samosa before but only on its own, and in Myanmar they are often used in soup or salad. So many people are searching for ways to find happiness in this world of difficulties, relationship problems and emotional pain. Falooda is the drink to get. Average price: K1000 ($0.69) at street food stores, up to K3,000 ($2.07) in fancier restaurants. Its a favourite dish that we loved during our trip earlier in Feb! Dr. Howell combines in his treatment Almost every other street food vendor in Myanmar sells Mohinga, but usually only in the morning. I was surprised to find that it is usually without soup, but you can also order it with broth. The soup is cook with the broth simmered from pig bone to create a strong perfume for the dish. That should be the way to travel! The sellers make fluffy and soft steamed buns and keep them fresh and neatly in the stalls impressive in front of the customers. The Shan is a Tai ethnic group of Southeast Asia. They are pork skewers simmered in lightsoy sauce which is popular street food inBurmese cuisine. It is just k100 or K200 for each stick. At first, the sour taste is a little jarring but once you get used to it, its surprisingly refreshing. I want to try Kyae Oh & BBQ fish, looks yummy & make me hungry !! Generally, it looks like a xiao long bao in Chinese cuisine. The crickets are fried with mixed spices for unforgettable flavor.

Like other Burmese noodles, Mee Shay is cook with the broth simmered from pig bone to create a strong perfume for the dish. Giveaway contest will end 9 Oct 2015, good luck! SilkAir flies to Mandalay thrice a week, through a circular routing with Yangon, departing Singapore on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

I had a great bowl on Maha Bandula Park St east of Mahabandula Park in Yangon. They are made from Burmese tofu. To your surprise, the pork sticks are not just meat, they come from many internal organs of the pig such as lung, heart, intestine, liver, and tongue. Some foreign tourists may have never tried that before; however, it is really scrumptious that you should try at least one time when traveling to Mandalay. Home / Myanmar Attractions / Mandalay / Where to Eat / Best Food In Mandalay Top 5 Foods to Eat in Mandalay, Myanmar. dmdp salamm opplemea Unlike other stalls, they really use premium thick skewers for their pork. As the countrys last royal capital, Mandalay has its own history and many famous sites to visit. I wish to try Kyae Oh ( pork noodles ) ! 3. adults and families for a wide variety of problems of living.

In his ground-breaking book from Balboa Press entitled; Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram's Forgotten Passageway, Dr. Howell reveals simple, yet profound ways to know our deepest selves and the other people in our lives. If you prefer, have your preserved tea leaves with a plate of rice! 1. The lady spoke fantastic English and was very helpful in introducing the dishes! It may sound strange to you but it is one of the favorite seasonal food in Mandalay. Yummmm, I want to try Kyae Oh & BBQ fish, looks yummy. However, it has developed its own taste and style over the past 100 years. Motorcycle taxis lurk near hotels, expect to pay 1000 Kyat (about SGD 1) for a short hop, K1500 across the centre, and K10,000 (about SGD 10) for full day hire. The pork stick will come with delicious hot soup with vegetables, and even salad will be offered. With roots in Persia, traveling all the way to Myanmar through India, it is a combination of a drink and a dessert. The closest I can think of is lor mee! The size of the bao is moderate and the ingredients vary from meat to vegetables.

I love mixing n matching Flavours n it would be especially fun to try out the different fragrant complex flavours n coming up with ideas to incorporate them into a Burmese inspired dessert or savoury dish, I wish to try the BBQ chicken because it look so good that I am hungry now . There is a sweet version too, with palm sugar and coconut as filling. Mandalay Mont Di (or Mont Ti) (Noodle salad), High-Quality Local Guides & Authentic Myanmar Vacation, Superb Myanmar Holiday Package with Personalize Service, An Amazing Journey to Off the Beaten Track Myanmar, It is Time to Re-plan your Myanmar Tour Packages, Travel with Confidence with Go Myanmar Tours. Brewed with an entire catfish, any fishiness in the soup is perfectly countered by the addition of lemongrass. A breakfast must-have for Burmese, Mohinga is a national dish of rice noodles in fish broth.

Simply heavenly! I had more than 10 dishes on my plate andI am so hungry that I had more than 10 dishes. The size of the bao is moderate and packed with juicy pork.

Dr. Howell also received in 1974, a Master of Arts in Religion from Yale Divinity School, where he

Heres the ultimate guide on how to spend a weekend in Nha Trang. Address: 66th Street (between 26th and 27th street) Opening hours: 11 am-10 pm. Be sure to mention that you want to order the Kalay Tote version, as there is Poe Gyi Tote, which is only fermented tea leaves and fried nuts or beans. A native of Mobile, Alabama, Dr. Howell has lived and worked in Anniston since 1979. It has a sweet taste. No matter where the places you are travelling, it is incomplete without enjoying the street food of the local places. The fried breadstick is light and airy with an elongated twin-rod shape and often accompanied Mohinga. Falooda is made of rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds, with milk or water. Why not also read what are some of the street food which you should have in Penang? The minced meatball was so tender and tasty, which makes them look like little gemstones in the ocean. Pardon my oily face and messy hair, even though it was 38 degree celsius that afternoon, the heat didnt stop us from exploring all the good Mandalay street food that the locals go. I would like to try the shan noodles and the BBQ chicken too. Joseph B. Howell, Ph.D., LLC is a clinical psychologist who practices in Anniston, Alabama. Shwe Pyi Moe Tea Shop, a very famous breakfast stop for all Burmese (beside Sedona Hotel). LIKE Miss Tam Chiak and SilkAir on Facebook. MISS TAM CHIAK | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | 2018. There are different sizes such as large, medium and small to choose from. You'll receive a welcome email soon. Oh so yummy! You will get a bit surprised because the pork stick is not just included in meat but come from many internal organs of the pig such as lung, heart, intestine, kidney, tongue, etc. Something that interest me is their dumplings which looks like the big brother of xiao long bao. Known to most as Youtiao, this Chinese breakfast staple shares a similar role in Myanmar. The most popular place to try them is the 999 Shan Noodle Shop near Sule Pagoda in Yangon for K2,000 ($1.38). Surrounded by China, India, Laos, and Thailand, Burmese food is an eccentric mix with its own twist. But my experience proved them wrong. A lively and energetic speaker, Dr. Howell is a regionally known workshop and seminar presenter. Mont Di is the famous traditional food of Mandalay that people in Myanmar love very much and enjoy regularly for their breakfast. They are descendants of the oldest branch of the Tai-Shan, who have migrated from Yunnan in China. The cricket is fried with mixed spices create an unforgettable flavor.

It totally opens up your palette and my boyfriend had three bowls of rice to go with this. We are a passionate team of one hundred avid travelers who love to share our experiences of Myanmar with those looking for a more authentic travel experience.

I wanna try the lemon fish because sour and salty is an interesting taste combination! We all know about the famous Taiwanese bubble tea and Thai milk tea. of personality typing and dynamics, which he has studied and taught for twenty years. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The broth which is considered as the spirit of Kyay oh is made with pork and the chicken bone. Where to Eat pork stick? Influenced by the Thai, the noodles is a combination of sweet, sour and salty, and the toss of peanuts, fresh cilantro, onion and preserved vegetables makes it a light enough to keep me full and happy, yet craving for more. The rich broth is mixed with chickpea flour and kept on the boil in a cauldron. The rice noodles used in this dish are flat and sticky and if ordered with broth, the soup would be made of chicken stock and sometimes served in a separate bowl. For a simple and quick breakfast, order it with tea or coffee and dip the bread stick in. professional and religious organizations have engaged Dr. Howell to present to them on these and You must be wondering, Where got tofu? Alternatively, go for their BBQ fish which is equally good soft and tender meat with a light hint of smokiness. I wish to try the Shan noodle. Heres an insiders guide to the Mandalay street food which you have to try. LOOKS AWESOMELY DELICIOUS !!!!! Where to Eat? You can choose how you want to combine it according to your own preference and this is usually served as the last course. I would love to try Lahpet (tea salad) as I am a tea lover and it looks like a unique mix of flavours that I would love to explore! Address :6th Floor, 158 Building, 45 Street, Botataung Township, Yangon. Owning the unique flavor and different sizes, Mandalay Bow See will fulfill your empty stomach! Shan noodles are served everywhere, at all hours of the day, and it is equally filling but more tangy (like mee siam). Shwe Taung Tan Address: 66th Street (between 26th and 27th street) Opening hours: 11am to 10pm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. i would go for the Lahpet ( tea salad). The Lucky Seven Teashop in Yangon serves 5-piece Samosa Salad for only K1,000 ($0.69). You can find other good stalls selling Mee Shay at 80 street or Aung Taw Mu. Owing to the geographic location of Mandalay, Burmese cuisine has been influenced by Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine and Thai cuisine. Not as soupy, but this dumpling has generous scoop of marinated pork. Trying to think what does it resemble.

Mandalay Mee Shay is popular Burmese rice noodles served with meat sauce and arrays of toppings. Tet Nay Win Address: 68th Street (between 34th and 35th street) Opening Hours: 3pm to 9.30pm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hailing from the Shan state, Shan Noodles is a dish with Chinese influence that contains rice noodles in a tomato and chicken paste sauce.

Where to Eat Tet Nay Win restaurant is an ideal place for you to savor lemon fish. other more specific topics in psychology and spirituality. The most well known restaurant is Man Myo Daw Bow. Address: 66th street (between 26th & 27th street), Address: 84th street (between 22nd and 23rd street), Address: 16th Street (between 81st and 82nd street), Address: 33rd Street (between 84th and 85th street), Address: 66th Street (between 26th and 27th street), Address: 30th Street (between 77th and 78th street), Addeess: 71st street (between 34th and 35th street), Address: 28th Street (between 70th & 71st street), Address: 68th Street (between 34th and 35th street). Heading to the UAE but dont know how to get around? There is also a dry version of Kyay Oh which is served without broth (but comes with extra soup) but with tasteful crispy garlic and sesame oil. Myint Myint Khin and Tin Tin Aye are most the famousbrands available in Mandalay. Address: 246, 248 Anawrahta Rd, Yangon, MyanmarOpening times: 7:00 21:30. THANK YOU JERICHO & FAYE! 16th Street Myee Shay Address: 16th Street (between 81st and 82nd street) Opening hours: 8.30am to 3pm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. The ferry from Koh Lanta to Koh Phi Phi: A traveler review, Exploring the villages of the Hoi An countryside. It is an eclectic mix of flavors and textures that includes soft pickled tea leaves, roasted peanuts, sesame, garlic and more. All Rights Reserved.

Address: 33rd Street Opening hours: 11:00 am-7:00 pm, One more awesome food in Mandalay that you should order immediately! Good news is, Saya Gyi is also available in Penisular Plaza Singapore! Traditionally, Burmese eat their meals from dishes on a low table, and this is evident in this no-name stall along Street 16 that sells excellent Myee Shay which draws a huge crowd. This dish is easy to prepare. Where to Eat Bow See Man Myo Daw Bow See restaurant is where you to enjoy the best Bow See. We break down all the options, from taxis to private transfers, to suit your travel style. Man Myo Daw Bow See Address: 30th Street (between 77th and 78th street) Opening hours: 4am to 10pm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Its available everywhere, at all hours of the day. I would like to try the Lahpet-Tea salad as it reminds me of our very own Thunder Tea rice, looks like a tea-riffic meal! Shwe Shan Buffet (Golden Shan) Address: 84th street (between 22nd and 23rd street) Opening hours: 10am to 11pm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. It such an appetizing dish that totally satisfies even the most demanding one. It is made from the fresh fish by steaming with lime and garlic sauce. Both of them are made using roasted glutinous wheat flour to make the soft outer dough covering. If you want a fancier one, head to a bakery as they often add ice cream, agar jelly, and tapioca as well. After wings, faecal sac and head are removed, the cook will put pinch of salt, a dash of turmeric, ginger and garlic during frying to make an unforgettable flavor.

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