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Students will examine different components that shape their past, present, and future lives in topics such as Electronics & Embedded Systems, Coding & Programming, 3D Modelling, and 3D Design. The American School of Paris invites The New School Parsons Paris to its on-campus summer program.

Children aged between nine and 18 who would like to use the new pool are encouraged to sign up for stay and swim, between 3.30pm and 5pm. 9.30 -11.00 Classroom and project work, Exploration of French language-Culture, 12.55-15.50 Activities based afternoon inspecialty spaces. - Credit: Archant. Prerequisite: intermediate English level. Challenging students' creativity and imagination to use whatever is available ( empty boxes, water bottles, old crayons, old CDs, newspaper, magazines) to create a sculpture, jewelry, masks, collage etc. AnASP ExtensionBus service serving Parisis offered at an additional cost. This course concentrates on high-quality music, dancing, and acting classes that help prepare the students for an original musical experience, crafted for and by them. }. Be responsible and prepared for class and activities ( arrival on time, followinstructions, attentiveness, mindful of peers and of the teacher), Maintain a safe, calm, and clean school/classenvironment, Next LevelCommunication Skills- CLOSED. Learn to cook authentic Italian food! If a student does not meet the minimum language requirement, he or she will be placed in the appropriate EAL class.

Note: Choose from morning activities only or prefera full day experience. This course is limited to native speakers or near-fluent students who are taught primarily in English during the academic year. A healthy 10 weeks of fun blends a dynamic mix of indoor and outdoor sports, including swimming, football, golf, archery, tennis, fencing and recreational activities students sign up for one week, or elect to attend all 10, with a door-to-door bus service an optional extra. Grades 9-12 (3me-Terminale), Learn more about Parsons "Explorations in Drawing" Course, Supporting A Successful Summer Camp Experience. A minimum of tenpupils per class / level is required for language and activity camps.

English courses are structured to improve fluency and confidence in an immersive environment. What is the policy for responsibilities of participants ? The program is located in a beautifully restored 17th century hamlet with spectacular views overlooking the Rhone Valley and the French Alps. You will discuss and practice different techniques, styles, and genres of writing, and have the opportunity to share your work. Our mealsare nutritionally balanced and pleasing to the children. Studentsidentify a problem, for example:plastic waste, water pollution, over-consumption,andwork as a team topropose a solution and build a prototype that can help solve the issue.

Learn to create your very own short film by animating objects or illustrations. Our cafeteriaisgreen-friendly! Full payment for all camps is due at time of registration. Schedule for July 11-15* TASIS England students who successfully retake academic courses are normally granted academic credit if they need it, and those who do well enough in certain coursesmay be able to advance to the next course in the academic sequence.

Students finish the week with polished, portfolio-ready work and a good foundation in visual design. You will gain an understanding of global awareness, self identity, and hope while exploring the novel, Walk Two Moons by author and former TASIS England teacher, Sharon Creech. JD Wilson with the Lead U Crew will be hosting a fully interactive, differentiated empowerment experience at TASIS over a three-week leadership course. Students are placed in groups in their current grades. This course will give you confidence in your ability to speak in public. Students choose ingredients at Italian markets, tour Italian cheese and meat factories, practice knife skills, and learn how to perfectly balance spices. Good reviews provide the reader with information, take a stand and make use of creative writing. The program language is English, so TASIS offers an immersive language experience for children. Classes focus on structuring and writing narrative, expository, persuasive, and research essays, and students leave with a portfolio of work that will enhance their school applications. In high school and college, this might come in the form of presentations or oral assessments. As they expand their perspective, improve skills or enjoy activities and exchange with peers from ASP, international and local French schools, students take full advantage of all that our campus has to offer, including outdoor spaces, athletic fields, dedicated spaces for performing arts, music, art and innovation. AdvancedEnglish prerequisite. Providing youngsters with the summer of a lifetime is the motivation for a St Johns Wood school which has been putting on camps for more than a quarter of a century. No art skills are required for the course. How do pictures communicate? Learn how to create a comic book narrative by documenting your day. Come and join us for a fun summer on the stage! Groups range in size from 12 to 18 depending on the session.

The course will develop your storytelling skills through the use of physical and digital resources. Bus routes, bus time and/or bus stops may be subject tochangeand /or cancellation prior to the start of the camp if thenumber of students on the route/stop is insufficient. Students must have at least an intermediate level of English and need to bring a laptop. An engaging Court Room activity to develop critical thinking, storytelling and public speaking skills in English. Speciality activities support language acquisition andsome knowledge of English is recommended to make the most of the learning experience though adual French/English approach or translanguaging can be used to engage participation of English and French speakers. Zoe Chorafas is an ASP alumni and leads theatre workshops in international school settings. You will use experimental drawing tools to create an artistic language of your own. Students who have not signed up forthe lunch option are invited to bring alunch box. Find phone numbers and email addresses for important departments, The TASIS family of schools offers a wide range ofexciting courses, sports,and activitiesfor children of all ages. Students are encouraged to develop their ideas and refine techniques as they prepare three portfolios during the course. The activityis also open to students who want to improve their skills.

line 2008 clothing Students develop their comprehension of native speech through complete immersion and their ability to communicate. They reinforce their classroom learning with excursions to locations throughout Ticino and Italy. Jeff Chabda has experience teaching at international schools in the U.S. and in Europe. border: 1px solid #003d71; We thank you for your understandingand cooperation as we strive to keep our community safe. We strongly encourage students who are at novice level in English or who have had little exposure to native speech and immersion to enroll in the morning language class to build their language skills and follow with an afternoon enrichment activity or in the Primary English Language Camp. Please click the link below to contact the appropriateadmissions team. She delivers workshops for students in schools. In a professional setting, being a strong speaker could lead to greater career opportunities. - Credit: Archant. Intermediate English prerequisite. Discover London and the surrounding countryside through a camera lens as you capture images of life using the latest digital technologies. An introduction to trigonometry through similar triangles and to analytic geometry through the coordinate plane is included. A major part of the course will be allocated to a culminating project. Do you want to be more at ease when speaking in front of an audience? We will use digital and hands-on processes. Students with comprehension of native speech and conversational English consolidate their skills and stretch oral and written communication as they are encouraged to interact in less familiar contexts, learning new vocabulary and sentence structures. Grades 9-12. You can find peace and inspiration through the daily practice of illustrated journaling and it's a great way to document your life and appreciate the little things each day brings.

No English prerequisite. For more information about summer programmes, opportunities and experiences at the American School in London, and details on how to sign up, visit the schools website,, or e-mail

Below are some specific details that will no doubt create a positive experience for everyone : The ASP Extension reserves the right to expel without issuing a refund any student whose behavior is deemed unacceptable by Extension orschool administration. You will be introduced to the qualities of architectural space, form, function, and materiality through drawing, experimentation, and specialist workshop demonstrations. Please indicate this to the best of your ability. Students will learn and live the elements of a strong team, as well as develop activities and initiatives on campus to lead their peers. What are the secrets of successful entrepreneurs? You will learn how to print on paper and fabrics manually, obtaining different patterns and aesthetic results. Learn how to write your own comicstrip, with tips on everything from writing a comic book script, storyboard, illustration and more. Cancellation occurring up to 7 work days prior to the start of class, 100% of the fee is owed.

Yes, transportation, lunchservices are availableat an additional cost. We can provide proof of enrollmentupon request.

We value a diversity of profiles and interests, and form our groups correspondingly with each student's language learning objectives at heart.

Methods of payment :Our online registration system allows payments via credit cards or via a pay pal account. AdvancedEnglish prerequisite. This writing course focuses on the basic elements of short story and creative writing while also an opportunity to explore language and develop skills in editing and in writing strategies. Courses include all levels. She has been teaching English and facilitating art workshops for the Extension program since 2014. Take a Bow is where theatre, dance, and music converge to inspire and engage students to tap into their most creative self. border-spacing: 0; Our 2022summer programs will be hosted live on ourSwitzerland, France, and England campuses, and we will also offer online courses taught by teachers from all TASIS schools. Students are placed in language groups suited to their ability to communicate in English. While the5-7 and 8-11 year old Activity Campsarenot proposed as language learning programs and English is the language of instruction, in joining French and English speakers, they offer a natural immersion context and exposure to both languages as the instructor communicates in either language as required for each student's understanding. Discover fun ways to fill your sketchbook and start practicing documenting your daily life. Led by the school's Athletic Department coaches. Mutual respectand consideration are the keys to making our school and program a great place to be. Fundamentals of video editing and animation. With diverse drawing exercises we will explore different worlds, from gestural and bodily expression to the construction of drawings with geometric figures. width: 100%; The STEAM course is designed for near-fluent and native English speakers who wish to bolster their critical thinking and communication skills. Open to students who are conversant in English and who have an interest in stage performance. This course aims to stimulate your creativity and teach you how to look at reality in a different way. Grades 6-12. Students can focus on languages, sports programs, the arts, and more! The school also offers individual and small-group swimming lessons seven days a week that can be chosen independently of or in addition to other camp offerings. Our EAL course is a truly immersive English language learning experience, as English is the language of instruction and communication program-wide. Intermediate & Above English prerequisite. International Baccalaureate (IB) Preparation Course, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), London through a Lens: Digital Photography, Entrepreneur Inc: An Introduction to Business, Voyagers Quest: Storytelling for Young Learners, about English as an additional Language (EAL), about International Baccalaureate (IB) Preparation Course, about English as an Additional Language (EAL), about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), about London through a Lens: Digital Photography, about Entrepreneur Inc: An Introduction to Business, about Voyagers Quest: Storytelling for Young Learners. The French program is focused on providing an accelerated environment for learning the French language and learning about Francophone culture. Beginning with learning the basics of Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects, students will have the rest of the work to work individually or in small groups to create their own short film, which we will watch and share on the last day as a class.

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