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Here, you'll find things that you may or may not be interested in about the East Village and nearby neighborhoods.

This place is the very definition of the phrase, "It could use a woman's touch.". Sooooooo cool to see inside this building!

A guide to NYCs major apartment-finding websites. zito chuck tattoos tattoo hells angels trend kurt oz york lol casting mma celebritiestattooed roberts samuel ufc he angle Or video!

I Am a Rent-Stabilized Tenant in The New Yorker.

Or see it.

Taking a seat for social change in Tompkins Square [Updated] There is a woman who has been walking around the East Village topless, [Updated] After 34 years off the Bowery, the Great Jones Caf closes tonight, [Updated] Female diner decides to go topless last night at Verso, [Updating] Explosion on 2nd Avenue and East 7th Street. The $2 million renovation will also create two retail spaces on the ground floor where the clubhouse bar was once located.

Looking for a new apartment? to me. Or something.

You best believe that a patched member would NEVER misspell his club's name. One of those spaces may even pay homage to the biker gang with someone reaching out to Blatter about possibly creating a Hells Angels museum, according to the Post. The bench that damn bench.

10 swimming holes near NYC you can get to using public transit. Real estate investor Nathan Blatter has flipped the biker gangs once infamous haunt in a $10 million deal finalized last week that is set to transform the building into 22 one- and two-bedroom apartments priced at around $3,500/month, the New York Post reports. Very cool peak.

hells angels forever prepare It looks like a real clubhouse for the members to chill and relax when they are not on the road riding their hogs. I would really like to know what is inside that taped up mattress, or maybe I'm better off not knowing.

The MTA wonders if you'll shop at this CVS machine EVG Etc. hells angels 1970

A barber shop is also interested in the space.

This documentary takes you inside Jay Maisel's mov East Village residents take exception with Nobletr Is this the real life? Appreciating what's here while it's still here. That's because he was just being politely social. Duct taped mattress probably fixing up a few knife slices! Good pictures thanks for posting.

It's written in pencil. Richard on 14th Street.

Thank you Stacie Joy + evgrieve. Permanent vacation now for the St. Brigid School. The house was famous.

Anything to lose sleep over?

Now it will just be more high price rental apartments for those who can afford themanother step in the never ending gentrification of the LES/EV.

Have a story idea or tip about something happening in the East Village? A dream fulfilled. More recently, members of the group were implicated in a 2016 shooting, and the 2018 beating of a deliveryman, both over the parking spaces outside of the building that the gang used for their motorcycles.

But in my heart and mind never ever forgotten.Men,stand up men, BROTHERS from all over the world would make a pilgrimage to 77 East 3rd St NYC . Or several photos? You didnt mess with their bikes or their women. Yeah, maybe someone had their stash in there, taped, hidden by a mattress cover? Whenever I walked by the clubhouse, and Big Vinnie was outside, he always said 'Howya doin'!' An award-winning news site covering the East Village of NYC. NYC has lost a part of it's grass root history, a block that at one point in time family's raised and friendships made, as far as I'm concerned NYC IS A LESSER PLACE WITH THEM AND THE HOUSE THEY OCCUPIED GONE, I lived on E. 8th St. in the 70s.

Here's the martial arts studio signage on 11th and C, The disappearing former P.C.

The new owner, Lower East Side property management company Better Living, aims to complete the renovations by the end of 2020.

I walked by that place so many times (very quickly) and always wondered what it was like inside. Watch a group singalong of Christo looks as if he wants to kill a mockingbird.

We'd love to hear about it.

oh man, this is super interesting! Garbage truck parking situation on 10th Street sti Report: LPC approves transfer of air rights across [Updated] Another look at the southwest corner of Report: Ricky's will be down to 2 NYC locations, A visit to St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery. Bookmark these sites (or download these apps) to stay on top of whats new to the market. Also, there is an apostrophe in Hell's, in the picture. The pools and beaches of New York City offer a welcome respite from the summer heat, its good to get out of the city and into a refreshing swimming hole. That empty Raymour & A reminder that First Lamb Shabu is coming soon to Remembering June 15, 1904 the General Slocum Dis Go inside the gates today at the New York City Mar EVG Etc.

No matter how you slice it,a serious piece of NYC is gone. It was the safest block to be on if you were a woman.

Federal authorities tried to seize the building after a drug bust in 1985arguing that the bikers used the building as a base for drug dealsbut a jury quashed the effort in 1994. Did they really misspell their own name in that concrete picture? It looks like Webster Hall before the renovation.

The building will be converted into 22 apartments at about $3,500/month.

Gear that was once used to repair the Hells Angels bikes, according to the newspaper, will be cleared out and the 16 rooms once used as a makeshift hostel by gang members will be converted into nearly two dozen rental apartments.

They're not "larger than life" super villains, they're just people like me and you.

I dont think it will make a difference to young students these days, he said. Or maybe a photo?

The Hells Angels have sold their former 77 East Third Street clubhouse now that the once gritty neighborhood has become a millennial and tourists destination. tourists from a nearby hostel began using it, Tracking the biggest buildings taking shape at Hudson Yards, See the incredible views from Hudson Yardss sky-high observation deck, Waldorf Astoria condo conversion launches sales, Sunnyside Yard plan is a utopian vision for an urban future, South Street Seaport redevelopment plan includes up to 990-foot tower, In Two Bridges, judge lands another legal blow to contested towers. Better Livings Jonathan Sondry told the Post he doesnt plan on using the buildings history as a selling point. There is no apostrophe on the club's colors. Thanks, Stacie and Grieve! Members often hung out at famed punk dive CBGB in the 1970s and would lounge on a bench outside the clubhousewhich caused skirmishes when tourists from a nearby hostel began using it. I never stopped to ask him why.

Over the decades, the Hells Angels became a staple in the East Village. A new nest for Amelia and Christo in Tompkins Squa A new sign for Ray's Candy Store, and a visit by K Renovations underway at the (formerly) mysterious Chong Qing Xiao Mian II has closed on 2nd Avenue.
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