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Would you recommend our content to others? Address: 9 ward, 136/9 L Thnh Tn, H Ch Minh 700000. Colourful murals and retro socialist posters brighten up this popular bistro with park views. Order some gizzards on the side (also fried in butter), and wash it down with some Nuoc Mia (fresh sugarcane juice). Its only visited by locals, and it has a beautiful, wooden interior designed to look like ship. Bahn Canh Ghe is one of the best-kept secrets of Vietnamese cuisine. Ut Dieu is classy little restaurant set back in an alley. Though, I must admit as a vegetarian I had to go through hell to find food there. But for those who like to eat where the Vietnamese do, avoid the tourist restaurants with their white tablecloths and exorbitant rates and instead dine where the Vietnamese do. Go for the Eastern menu. Lovers of chicken tikka masala, mango fish curry and garlic naan will be pleased to find that Babas Kitchen is one of the best Indian restaurants in Vietnam. Will look these up when I get there. Repeating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner , 5 Reasons to Visit the Big Happy Buddha at Linh An Pagoda, Everything You Need to Know About Travel Health Insurance. The restaurant, from the inside out, is designed simply and luxuriously in the Western style, which makes it exude the splendor of a truly European restaurant. This is even more impressive because the prices here are double what a normal Banh Mi costs.

You will undoubtedly get the finest experience if you visit Quan Bui. Hoa Tuc, Saigon's former opium refinery, was built, planned, and furnished locally with specially crafted wrought iron furniture, cast iron lighting, and pergolas, making excellent use of the historical setting. Even late at night, theres always a long line of locals. And this restaurant serves up the best bowl in Ho Chi Minh. No Toto, were definitely not in Kansas anymore. Shamballa Vegetarian Restaurant & Tea House adapts Buddhist balancing teachings, Buddhist art forms, and the idea of a mystery to Vietnamese society. Then everyone grills and shares. Besides, the food here is pretty diverse, authentic Vietnamese, and 100% cooked from clean fresh ingredients.

The vibe is reminiscent of East London or New York, with prices and a wine list to match. Propaganda is one of the coolest restaurants in Ho Chi Minh. Finding a hidden, back-alley restaurant is an experience every Ho Chi Minh visitor should have. The dishes served here are mainly Indian and Halal, which sounds pretty strange for some Westerners; yet, they are not hard to eat and turn out delicious and healthy in some way. They have a big set menu lunch for only a couple bucks. Many of the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh are off the main roads. Besides the great experience, the dishes here will not let you down. Eating ones way through a city is a fantastic experience - especially when the city is Saigon where theres so many wonderful restaurants to pick from. Bun Bo Gahn is a few blocks from the main pedestrian street, Nguyen Hue. Ranked the 19th best restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, Moo Beef Steak Prime offers the tasty Western-styled beef steak featuring aesthetic decoration and impressive taste. There are many great seafood places around Ho Chi Minh, but this is one of our favorites. Pho is the classic Vietnamese dish. Xoi Ga Number one is the best and most convenient place to try this Vietnamese classic. July 20, 2022 -. 2022 Lonely Planet. It is also very popular and closes on Sundays, therefore reservations are strongly advised. Address: 40 ng Th Nhu, Phng Nguyn Thi Bnh, Qun 1, H Ch Minh 00000, Vietnam, A post shared by Baba's Kitchen Vietnam (@babaskitchenvn). Beef, chicken, and pork are available, but our favorites are the variety of snails, seafood, and frogs. For detailed directions, check our full review of Secret Garden.

I dont eat meat and always look out for vegan places. For those who are eager to discover Vietnamese cuisine, let's get the Ho Chi Minh Food Tour at for the best offer. It's pricey, but well worth the flutter for the top service and classy wine list. Bun Bo Hue is typically a bit spicier, but not by much. She currently based in the UK, which is the 5th country she's lived in.

I havent been to Vietnam yet. Opened by three-Michelin-starred twin chefs Jacques and Laurent Pourcel, this heritage villa in the city centre offers Mediterranean French gastronomy with wonderfully unexpected pairings like shrimp carpaccio with a dijon-vinaigrette sorbet. Pho 2000 is conveniently located in the main tourist area. Top ChoiceRestaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. Especially at night, when all lights are on, this can be an ideal place for you to take some photos. Shamballa is a haven of tranquillity amid a bustling metropolis. 158 Pasteur St. P Ben Nghe, Q 1, Ho Chi Minh. Above are the 15 best restaurants in District 1, Ho Chi Minh city. They employed a highly skilled chef, tested different recipes over the course of a year, and combined Vietnamese components in novel ways. 5 Things to Do in Manila Philippines at Night. On coming here for your meal, all you need to do is to be prepared to give up your sight for a short time, have your mind totally open to exploring the exciting sensory experience, and be willing to leave your phone and other light-emitting devices in the secure lockers. Cocktails from the associated bar across the lane are among HCMC's best, and upstairs there's an air-conditioned and smoke-free dining room. Probably I would head to 5 KU and grill myself some nice, fresh veggies. Housed in a beautifully restored French colonial-era building, Blanc serves refined Vietnamese fusion amid an eclectic collection of antiques and artwork. Each serving of chicken rice is rather small so youll need a couple helpings to fill up. This is one of the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh for groups. Lunch and dinner are served. The food is healthy, nutritious and delicious, with lots of Vietnamese salad leaves and tasty morsels to savour. They serve them up here with a pile of fresh rice for a hearty, filling meal at an incredible price. We followed our noses and discovered this place packed with nearby office workers. The Steak Tartar is really delicious, and the Fillet Mignon is excellent. This cafe/cultural centre is a gem. For the more adventurous eater, we recommend the fermented pork belly with rice. Its crispy and flavorful, without being overly greasy. If you really want to push your culinary limits, try Bo Cap Lau. Vietnamese food has long been among South Asians' best. Pho 2000 is the most famous restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, because President Bill Clinton ate there. As it only serves Western food, the price can be quite high yet definitely worth it. To be more detailed, they will be served in a multi-course meal. 415 Nguyen Trai St, P 7, Q 5, Ho Chi Minh. Who knew that Mediterranean flavours would go so well with Vietnam exotica? Of course, its really subjective, but here are our picks for the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh. This wonderful florist-cafe is run by an artistic owner who takes as much care with her bouquets as she does with her cooking. Solrunn loves discovering new corners of the world and writing - preferably at the same time. We add Pho 2000 more for its fame than for its food. The upstairs dining room is more quiet and refined. Top 5 Things to Do in The Philippines Lets Go! Pho Les broth is made in the traditional way. If you are looking for something new to eat in district 1, you can try Thai cuisine at Tuk Tuk Thai Bistro. The decor is both rustic and elegant, which is also true of the food, with many veggie options available. The desserts called Che are also very good here. Some of the most recommended steaks are Wagyu Filet Mignon, Rib Eye, and Fillet Steak. Thats right - youll be dining in the dark at Noir, which just happens to be one of Saigons most beloved restaurants. The specific offerings change daily, but weve always been happy here. Regardless of your budget, eating out in Saigon is simple and you won't likely go hungry there. Most restaurants are concentrated in District 1 and 3, near Ben Thanh Market and the Pham Ngu Lao area. Browse through our directories and pick your own favourite one. You pass through a motorbike parking lot then negotiate the stairs of a faded HCMC apartment building to reach this wonderful rooftop restaurant. Try the iced chocolate with cinnamon and chilli. The menu is a collection of delicious home-style Vietnamese dishes. Subscribe to our newsletter for inspiring travel guides and articles from around the world! Besides, the dining space of the restaurant is quite large and cozy. In The Refinery, as previously mentioned, you can come to eat with your other half, due to the romantic atmosphere and tasty food that it features. For some foreigners, they can be pretty strange to try for the first time; yet, they are not hard to eat and good enough to impress you. Everything from the charming service to the delightful Vietnamese dishes and peaceful outside tables makes dining here an occasion to savour. The name CARPACCIO means a traditional and popular appetizer in Italy, the brand wants to bring pure Italian cuisine to Saigon diners and the Italian Community currently living and working in Saigon. Watch Marou's skilled team tempering and moulding chocolate crafted from local fair-trade cacao, and enjoy drinks (hot chocolate from 90,000d) and snacks also incorporating the stellar ingredients. Address: 145 Bi Vin, Phm Ng Lo, H Ch Minh, phng Phm Ng Lo Ho Chi Minh City, Experience gourmet dining at its best at the Garlik de Tham, which is centrally located in District 1. The word "Shamballa" has its origins in Sanskrit, where it denotes a place of tranquility, stillness, and delight. The main dining room features mud-and-straw walls and rustic lamps fashioned from fish traps, while outside tables overlook a herb garden.

How would you rate your experience with us? Address: 72 Nguyn Th Minh Khai, 6, Qun 3, H Ch Minh, A post shared by Royal Saigon Restaurant (@royalsaigonrestaurant). Le Jardin is surprisingly funded by the Institute of French Cultural Studies, which explains why the costs are affordable. 484 Nguyen Tri Phoung St, P 9, Q 10, Ho Chi Minh. To sustain a population of 6 million and a volume of tourist arrival recording at 3 million in 2010, restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city can be proud of themselves. 3 Great Day Trips From Saigon Lets Go! The staff is pretty friendly and the service is professional. It is based on the most revered texts of Tibet by Kanjur Tanjur. We avoided "fusion," created a menu that delight the senses, and opened Saigon's first restaurant in District 1 serving contemporary Vietnamese cuisine in August 2008. You can read about our night of adventure eating here. Why not stop by Ben Thahn Market on your way to Bep Me In, as its located in the same neighbourhood? Those recommended are stir-fried morning glory with beef and grilled beef in betel leaves. Another special thing about Noir. Its a real treat that most visitors never get a chance to try. Thanks for putting the prices in both local currency and US dollars. It takes hours of painstaking preparation, and we can taste the difference.

Ive heard that SE Asia is really affordable, but didnt realize how cheap the prices are. The name CARPACCIO means a traditional and popular appetizer in Italy, the brand wants to bring pure Italian cuisine to Saigon diners and the Italian Community currently living and working in Saigon.

Unlike Secret Garden and Propaganda Saigon Bistro, Ngon Restaurant is a luxury Vietnamese restaurant that lies right in the center of District 1. One of the best things about exploring magical Saigon is eating your way through the food markets and ordering a set menu for practically nothing. Whats even better is that the dishes are very reasonably priced and that its not too spicy. Coming here, you can choose different types of steak with different sauces. The interior of the restaurant is mainly made of wood and decorated with many kinds of lights, and plants, making the inside space stunning and cozy. Its a grill-your-own meat type of place. Better yet, sample some other dishes from the large menu too. With just seven tables, LEscale has an exclusive feel, down to the black-suited matre d and gloved waiters. The food is what they call twisted Vietnamese cuisine. The fare is mostly classic Vietnamese dishes with new looks and new flavors. The restaurant is located only a few blocks from Ben Thanh Market, but few tourists ever eat here. Set menus are popular, as is a visit to Saigons only cheese room.

Ranked the 19th best restaurant in Ho Chi Minh, Moo Beef Steak Prime offers the tasty Western-styled beef steak featuring aesthetic decoration and impressive taste.

Dishes served here are diverse in ingredients and tastes. A slice of the French countryside in Ho Chi Minh City, LEscale faithfully recreates the menu of two Michelin-starred chef Thierry Drapeau, featuring earthy flavours married with impeccable technique and presentation. For $5, you may purchase a delicious goat cheese salad with a good amount of cheese for lunch. Check out the best Ho Chi Minh tours with us and join the culinary exploration of the best eateries in Saigon!

Man I wish I had read this before I went to Vietnam! although I was a HUGE fan of the street food this would have been so helpful! May your Monday be sweet and full of joy!!! Bahn mi in Vietnam would be so great to try! The spring rolls and fried bananas are perfect side orders, while the menu as a whole is affordable. You can expect attentive waiters and tasty signature dishes, including Hanoi grilled fish and three-way pork. It's tricky to find: off busy Pasteur, along an alley and then up steep stairs in a somewhat rundown apartment building. From beef tartare to sea scallops and lobster, everything is lovingly presented and filled with flavour. El Gaucho Steakhouse offers tasty steak in a fancy and romantic dining space, suitable for couples date nights or small parties. And the Secret Garden is one of our favorites. Located in the busy backpacker area, they offer amazing Vietnamese and vegetarian cuisine, in a buzzy setting. Enough to distract anyone from the chaos of the city when they are seated right in the middle of it. Here, there is plenty of different Thai food for you to try. The location features a lovely garden setting and a welcoming attitude. Its truly a once in a lifetime experience! Located in an actual colonial villa, this stunning restaurant gets rave reviews. On the ground floor there are big shared tables, and the quirky decor includes colourful wall paintings and a vintage motorcycle rickshaw doubling as a drinks station. Every chef in Vietnam produces the same dishes year after year, keeping the country's cuisine in a rigid "mold". Choose between an Asian, Western or vegetarian set menu and spend your time in the pitch-black dining space trying to figure out what the ingredients actually are (this is surprisingly difficult). Den Long is especially popular with vegans as they do amazing tofu, while the mango mojito is a must for those sunny days. The ginger chicken hot pot, coconut shrimp salad and sweet and sour beef are some of the signature dishes, although the menu boasts hundreds of other options. All this art was created by local artists. At the rear of a nail-bar alley near Ben Thanh Market, this superb resto offers rustic, honest dishes from rural Vietnam in hip surrounds. Address: 1, 51 Hai B Trng, Bn Ngh, Qun 1, H Ch Minh, A post shared by La Villa French Restaurant HCM (@lavillafrenchrestauranthcmc). Its not the cheapest place in Saigon, but the quality of the food and the off the beaten track atmosphere more than make up for the prices. Lying on the rooftop of an old colonial-era building, the restaurant itself, traditionally decorated, will take you back in time to a Hoian ancient house of the 1600s.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options are always available. The combo of pork and wild mushrooms gives it a blend of savory and earthy flavors, with hints of sweet and salty in just the right balance. The moment is commemorated on the wall and at the table where he sat. Bringing Nordic-style architecture with design details with classic and rustic materials such as brick walls, neutral colors of the interior, etc., creates a very cozy overall space of CARPACCIO. They combine perfect baguettes with savory pork, fresh herbs, and magical, secret sauces.

There's also an equally laid-back and more central location. Shamballa is a unique refuge encircled by enigma and magic. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. 31A Le Thanh Ton St. P Ben Nghe, Q 1, Ho Chi Minh. When you finally arrive, the rooftop garden terrace seems like an oasis of calm in the chaotic city. Both are suitable for couples' dinner nights. 17 Best Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh Lets Eat, Walking Tours of Saigon The Best of the Bunch. The regularly changing menu traverses the globe with aplomb, raiding Asia, Europe and the Americas for influence. CARPACCIO is a brand worth experiencing. The same images decorate the upholstery and other knick knacks.

Service can sometimes be a little too casual, but it's worth persevering for the great flavours. Even though many people nowadays can afford to eat well in fancy restaurants, Vietnamese society has always placed a high value on family reunions. The soup at Bun Bo Gahn is delicious and authentic. Quan Bui doesn't have a tablecloth that is pure white if you insist on having one. Unlike Pho, the noodles are thicker and denser. Address: 14 Ng Quang Huy, Tho in, Qun 2, H Ch Minh. Coming here, you will be served a diversity of French dishes. The walls, furniture, and even menus are decorated with iconic images of Vietnam and its people. There are Banh Mi stalls all over Ho Chi Minh, but Banh Mi Huynh Hoa is the clear champion. I am sure they can whip up some veggies for me. Prices are very reasonable for such a classy spot with a range of quality dishes. Like Pho, Bun Bo Hue has a savory beef broth with citrus notes from the lemongrass. They are wonderful, but sometimes you just want a slab of smoky pork. All rights reserved. Here, there is plenty of different Thai food for you to try. All in all, Saffron offers great value for the money and is a good spot, for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant itself is traditionally decorated with elaborated wooden frames, sliding doors, and comfortable armchairs with cushions, giving you the most elegant, spacious, and sophisticated interior to enjoy your meal.
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