dayz best base locations 2021

If you are near the beach or any body of water, you can use the shovel to dig for worms used for fishing as well. Furthermore, these areas are vast and expansive as well. Get as much as you can because these are also used to create bandages and first aid kids, which are crucial for your survival. These are sticks, rags, nails, rope, and logs. You can create something more durable by replacing planks with sheet metal. dayz base The downside though is that chainsaws are very loud and they can draw the attention of other players or even zombies. It will help you get the most out of your location. You can find an ax in homes and lumberyards mostly. Instead, youll have to carry them over to your base, which is why its also important to find a base thats near trees, so the trips arent going to be too far in between. One of the first things you should do before building a base is find a good location. The main goal of DayZ is to survive for as long as you can. Its a big plus that its a good weapon as well. A vast and expansive land is essential as youd want to have the means to generate your own food through planting. Adopt Me: Artic Fox How Much is Artic Fox Worth? These tools are going to be used for gathering sources mostly. Nails are a bit different as you can only pick them up and not get them from a specific source. Pickaxe A pickaxe is not just a good weapon, its also a means to break down boulders for rocks. The primary purpose of an ax is to help you chop trees for logs that you are going to fortify your base with. Building a base is one of the most important things you can do in DayZ. They are mostly found inside homes and hardware stores. Chainsaw A better alternative to an ax is a chainsaw. The building mechanic in DayZ is pretty simple, but it gets the job done when it comes to giving your character a good base and a nice spot to be in, just in case things get too hectic. It will be easier to create your base once youve found enough fence kits to support your base. Its a vital weapon in the game not just for survival but also for building. Make sure that there are no gaps between your fences as this is a common mistake by many players. There arent many building options in the game, so it would be best to start by fortifying a house instead. If you have a gun or a sniper, you can take them out even before they get near your base. It would be easier for you if you were to stock up on necessary tools first. You can find these inside homes and farms as well. Make sure that theres enough space for farming as well as this is going to be a crucial source of food for you, so you dont have to go out usually. Believe it or not, the longest surviving players in the game can do so because they have a base to turn to if ever they begin running low on supplies. Theres an abundance of bushes around the world, so you dont have to worry about this too much. Last but not least, look for areas on the high ground.

You can find these in homes, farms, and even hardware stores. As for logs, youll have to get them directly from trees. Ax An ax is the most important tool for building a base. It will help prolong your time in the game. Secure your base by surrounding the area with fences. Most people choose to build their bases on farms as the land is already primed for farming. If you want to stock up on sticks, look for bushes around the games world. Most veterans either look for large barns or three-story houses as the main area for their base as these are the most optimal spots for survival purposes in the game. To build fences, youre going to need 2 logs, 18 planks, and 36 nails. You cant store logs in your inventory. This gives you extra protection as metal sheets take a lot more time to destroy, but they are harder to build as well. For building, youd want to look for long sticks and not short sticks. If youre building over a house or are fortifying it, then securing the location with fences is the best way to do so. There are several primary resources that youre going to want to stock up on when it comes to building your base. Another downside is that youll need to feed chainsaws with fuel first as well. If you can, find a spot in rural areas but is still walking distance away from dense locations so that you have a nearby site for looting. It can be hard to start a fire if there are holes or open areas in the house. Its always wise to find a house with fully functioning doors. As such, its often best to build a base along with the help of others as they can help create something more durable and useful. It will help you chop down trees faster. You can do this by combining a rope and two sticks. Fence kits arent the fences themselves, but they are used to plot the land where youll be building your base. Shovel A shovel is going to be used to help you plant your vital resources for your base. There are plenty of these around the world, and you can gather these with your bare hands. Youd want to have a spot in your base where you can scout for any incoming enemies. If you put your base near the city, youre putting yourself in danger of getting your base overrun by zombies. Other than the logs, the rest of the resources are actually very easy to find. A small gap can fit a zombie already, so its best to ensure that theres no space in between. You can find a house or a shack thats on farmland and then begin building from there. You can get rags from many sources, but you can mostly refurbish old clothing items to turn them into rags. Early on in the game, exploring the games vast and expansive world is very important as you want to begin scouring for loot and gear. Just keep in mind that if your character dies, everything, including your base, will be destroyed along the way. Here are some tips on how you can build your optimal base in the game. Alternatively, you can also use rags to craft rope as well. However, once youve made your character stronger, your next best course of action is to start building a base of your own in the game. Before you construct fences, youll first need to build fence kits. You dont have to build your base from the ground up. First of all, you should find one thats far from the city.

You can find rope in just about any area, but youll have to look carefully for them as they can be hard to spot. The Best Melee Weapons In DayZ And How To Get Them, The Best Guns In DayZ And How To Get Them, MultiVersus Reveals Progression and Rewards System, Watch Full Overview of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, The Last of Us Part I Featurette Delves Into Improvements for PS5. Its not ideal to build your base on the pavement as you cant plant here.
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