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He became a member of Nation of Domination and after the group disbanded, he became Sexual Chocolate and regularly partnered with DLo Brown.

Waterloo, Iowa 50701 another case of just finding the right gimmick. Toccara Montgomery becomes first African-American woman to wrestle for the United States in the Olympics. 25- 2-Cold Scorpio, Booker T Rodney Smith wins a bronze medal in Greco-Roman at the 1992 Olympics. JYD was way over during his time in Mid-South, and the crowd could not get enough of him. Ernie Ladd, Bearcat Wright, Bobo Brazil, Tony Atlas, Sailor Art Thomas, Bad News Allen, Ron Simmons, Rocky Johnson, JYD. Without doubt, African American participation in wrestling has added not just to successes on the mat, but also has endowed a depth and richness of culture to mankind's oldest and greatest sport. 4. Ernie Ladd Who Is The Greatest Female Warrior In History. Greg Gibson becomes the first African American to win an Olympic medal in Greco-Roman, capturing a silver medal at the 1984 Olympics. Some may argue that Dwayne Johnson is half Samoan.that shouldnt disqualify him from this list. If you can look past that, for just a moment you had an unstoppable monster heel, in an era when there were not too many around. wrestling lady ladies The trio was of course seen as another WWE failure by many fans, including myself and didnt see this working.

The pair would win the Tag Titles three times. Honorable Mentions: Before we get to number one, here are a few honorable mentions. National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum, Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award, Tricia Saunders High School Excellence Award, National Wrestling Hall of Fame Board of Governors, National Wrestling Hall of Fame Governor Associates, Glory Beyond The Sport - Wrestling and the Military, History of Youth & High School Wrestling Presented By Blair Academy, Outstanding American, Medal of Courage, Order of Merit and Meritorious Official Kiosk, Record Five African-American NCAA Champions, Rae McDonald, Charles Beck and Elijah Whitten, Bobby Douglas, Charles Tribble and Robert Pickens. He would become the sole survivor of the match and would go on to win I.C. Lloyd Keaser becomes first African-American wrestler to win an Olympic medal, capturing silver in Montreal, Canada. He also won four powerlifting titles, and the Arnold Strongman Classic in 2002. A member of both the NWA and WWE halls of Fame.

Carl Adams of Iowa State becomes the first freshman in history to earn NCAA All-American honors. Rae McDonald of University of Mount Union, Charles Beck of John Carroll University and Elijah Whitten of Ashland University become first African-American wrestlers to earn NCAA Division III All-American honors. Ed Ruth becomes first three-time national wrestling champion in Penn State history and helps the Nittany Lions win their fourth national team title in his career. Unfortunately, the reign is not recognized because Brazil was awarded the title after Rogers suffered a groin injury, but Brazil didnt want to win the title that way.

Don Benning named head coach at Nebraska-Omaha, becoming first African American to lead a collegiate wrestling team. He also became TNA World Tag Team Champions with former NFL star, Adam Jones as Team Pacman.

All American football standout that went on to have a distinguished and successful career in the squared circle. Henry recently retired and is a producer for the WWE.

After WWE, she went to TNA and managed Beer Money, who had won tag team gold a few times while she managed the pair. A former USWA World Heavyweight Champion and was the first black to compete at the first WrestleMania. 5 time world champion and WWE champion, Booker T combined skill, athleticism and charisma like few can. He absolutely should have beaten HHH at WrestleMania XIX. Before WWE, he would do Amateur Wrestling and won several titles, before being signed to OVW. Also was one of the 30 women to compete in main event of the Royal Rumble in the match and combined four of Kofi Kingstons biggest Royal Rumble saves to save herself in the match. Kofi Kingston Theyre one of the best things going for WWE, they even sold cereal and a custom Tag Title!!!!! Traveled the world for 6 decades, wrestled virtually every big name possible. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ron Simmons T.J. and Joe Williams become the first African-American brothers to win NCAA championships. He is a 10 time World Champion and at the prime of his career becoming an actor back in 2003. After going into a life of crime earlier in life, Booker was almost sent to 55 years for committing robbery. Call him the Peoples championthe most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment, a box office star that really to me became the first real, true African American world wide cross over star the likes of Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena for WWE. After winning the WWF Hardcore Title as K-Kwik, Killings was released by WWE and picked up by NWA/TNA. Remembered for his achievements as an amateur sumo wrestler, Yarbrough was the heaviest living athlete according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Honorable mention:Kamala, Stevie Ray, Pistol Pez WhatleyRufus R Jones, Ernie Ladd. 22- Sailor Art Thomas He later went to the WWF and became one-half of The Acolytes, then renamed APA with JBL. 13- Kofi Kingston Booker was always accepted as a good to great worker, but for me, really came into his own when he won the King of the Ring tournament and became King Booka. susiprint spoonflower Was he a great wrestler? Change). He was later released and joined TNA, but it didnt really match his success from WWE. Most of his matches featured him destroying his opponent with a fork, or anything else he could find to use as a foreign object. My decision on JYD at #2 stems from his time in Mid-South under Bill Watts. The following is a list of the best Black wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling (or "sports entertainment" for those of you too young to remember anything that took place before John Cena). 16- Butch Reed All Rights Reserved. Honorable mention: Booker T, Tony Atlas, S.D. Quinton Jackson is a mixed martial artist and former professional wrestler turned actor. His work in tag team action with Tony Atlas was pretty solid and his work with the Magnificent Murraco during Murracos I.C.title reign was pretty stellar. Woods was also a wrestler in TNA who they regretted releasing, he won tag team gold as one-half of Consequences Creed with Jay Lethal. Brazil debuted in 1951 and became a huge star in his 42 year career. 24- Iceman King Parsons Brazil held many championships during his carer and in some ways helped to usher in a more hardcore approach to wrestling during his legendary bouts with the Sheik. Brazil was extremely popular with fans of different races and while Ron Simmons is widely regarded as the first African American World Champion, Brazil actually won the NWA world title in 1962. If anything its making us stronger and having more great human beings helping out. Not just for his time with the WWF, but his days with Mid South especially. Yeah ok? Wow, no love for the first ever black WWE Champion (sorry Rock) Kofi Kingston? 15- Rocky Johnson Simon Roberts of Iowa becomes first African-American to win a Big Ten championship. Henry is one of WWEs big men, that also includes Big Show, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar, and more. Superstars that have paved the way like the "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd, Divas that pushed the pace and raised the bar like Jacqueline, and once in a lifetime trailblazers like The Rock. In honor of Black History month, who are your personal top five black wrestlers of all time? Feuds against some of the all time greats followed..and so did an action figure which was among the top 5 sellers in its line..The dog will always be remembered as one of the most beloved figures of all time. Darryl Burley of Lehigh becomes first African-American wrestler to win an NCAA title as a true freshman.

In addition to the title win, he would later become one of the biggest draws for the company, even winning the championship again. In some organized sports, by the beginning of the 20th Century, African Americans did find success. Something that was never recognized by the NWA. Kamal Bey wins gold medal in Greco-Roman at Junior World Championships, first Greco-Roman Junior World title for the United States in 18 years. Years later, she became the third women in history to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, defeating Chavo Guerrero, also on Smackdown. His insane balcony dives are sights to behold. My Top 25: Brazil was literally the one of the first to start it off for blacks in wrestling, if it wasnt for guys like him, Ernie Ladd, and Abdullah the Butcher, wrestling mightve been different for blacks.

These are all your own personal choices. The JYD was loved by all.

Title, during his Gold Standard run. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Abdullah the Butcher Kenny Monday becomes first Black wrestler in history to win an Olympic gold medal. Simon Roberts of Davenport becomes first African-American to win an Iowa state high school championship. He is credited with making MMA a popular sport worldwide. All others are great choices but New jack??? The 290-pound wrestler first gained fame as a footballer at the University of Iowa. Anyone who knows me knows there was no one else i put at 1. Jordan Burroughs becomes second American to win three consecutive World/Olympic gold medals. He knocked every character and angle given to him out of the ballpark. Bobby Douglas coaches Arizona State to an NCAA team championship. These guys have made history and we all have to admire what they have done for the sport. Bobby Douglas, Charles Tribble and Robert Pickens become the first Black wrestlers to compete for the United States in the Olympics. Job Opportunities: JerryLynn, Top Five Vignettes That Did Not Deliver AStar, Steiner Whiner: The Forgotten Heel Turn of1992, Beginner's guide to New Japan Pro Wrestling, History of the WWE Intercontinental Title, Styles Clash: Clash of The Champions Revisited, The Many Failures That 14 Year Old Me Would Never See Coming. Champion, and Xavier Woods was superstar who just been on the roster for a few months trying to get over. This was the early 80s deep south, only 20 or so years removed from the turmoil of segregation and the civil rights movement. The title was also the first national collegiate team title won by a team from Nebraska in any sport. With a rivalry with Sable, the pair would not only restore the Womens Division, but also restored the WWF Womens Championship. He would become the first WWWF United States Heavyweight Champion and held it seven times, holding the championship for a combined 4,072 days or just over 11 years. And in my opinion one of the founders of the hardcore style. Marcus LeVesseur of NCAA Division III Augsburg University wins his fourth national championship and becomes only the second undefeated four-time champion with a 155-0 career record. Haas and Benjamin would win the WWE Tag Titles twice and became one of the most memorable tag teams on Smackdown. His rivalrys with the likes of Triple H, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Mankind, and most notably with Stone Cold Steve Austin, put The Rock as one of the greatest stars in wrestling and made the Attitude Era the best era in WWEs history. The One And Only Cactus (Your color commentator). 2- Ron Simmons (1st black WCW World Champion) 7- Kamala Became the first African-American I.C.

document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The father of former WWE wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, Rocky Johnson was a popular Canadian professional wrestler. JYD would have been terrific in the Attitude Era with how great his charisma was. Jden Cox wins gold medal at 2018 World Championships. James (Rodd Dogg) and Konnan. Sasha Banks- One of the hugest stars in NXT, won the NXT Womens Title, and won the WWE Raw Womens Title several times, becoming the first African-American to win both titles. Killings did return to WWE and since then has won the U.S. However, no one wanted a part of this, because he was being shoved down our throatsjust like someone else, who ironically is related to him . That should tell you something about how talented he was.

Ernie Ladd was a monster standing 6 ft 9 in tall and by many accounts the strongest man in the wrestling business for years. 20- Big E. The brash, loud boisterous and dangerous original Gangsta. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. He also won Fighter of the Year Bazzie Award in 2012. Burroughs five gold medals (2016 Olympics and 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017 World Championships) tie him with Bruce Baumgartner and Adeline Gray for second-most gold medals in USA Wrestling history behind John Smiths six gold medals. Brazil was so popular that many promoters began breaking this rule and having Brazil wrestle whomever was at the top of their promotion regardless of their race. scott hall japan mark mean callous undertaker wrestling wrestler wow very wwe The Greatest Pro Wrestling Champions, Ranked, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Memes That Are Funnier Than They Have Any Right To Be, The Most Trustworthy Celebrities In The World. Breaking down the best wrestlers by federation, belt, decade, and more.

Jay Lethal Booker T is one of few men successful in WCW, WWE and TNA. Bad News Brown, The Rock Email: dgmstaff@nwhof.org. Title that is recognized by WWE, but it was in the NWA and he was the first black to win the title. Jones, Bobo Brazil. 9. Benjamin is a very talented star and I really want to him as WWE Champion one day. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The undisputed haven for fans of Pro-Wrestling and all its facets. I know a lot of people dont think of Rock as a black wrestler, and its certainly not my place to argue anyones blackness, but if Rocky Johnson qualifies, The Rock must qualify. Championship. Kenny Monday is inducted into the United World Wrestling Hall of Fame. The Rock was and is one of wrestlings biggest success stories. Early on, especially in the south it was standard practice for black wrestlers to only wrestle other black wrestlers.

With a reputation of being a super nice, yet legit double tough man, he was well respected among all his peers. He was the final KOTM Champion, when he unified it with the World Title and vacated the X-Division Title. Before coming to the WWE, she wrestled in USWA.

He later went to TNA, becoming a member of Main Event Mafia, winning the Tag Team Titles with Scott Steiner, and becoming the inaugural TNA Legends/Global/TV/KOTM Champion.

Nope. In 2012, he was named Fighter of the Year by ESPN. That wrestling (sports entertainment) wouldn't be the same without them. Such a powerhouse in the ring, and terrific charisma.

14- Ernie Ladd However, he is much more famous than one word, as he played high school, college, and even NFL football, before entering the squared circle. He won gold again in 2008, winning the ECW Title defeating Kane and Big Show. This is where she would win the promotions Womens Title 14 times. 6. Howard Harris of Oregon State becomes the first African American to be selected Outstanding Wrestler of the NCAA tournament. Harold Henson, representing San Diego State, lost his only match, 7-3, to Don Meeker of Oklahoma State in the 136-pound quarterfinals. Don Benning leads Nebraska-Omaha to NAIA national team title and is believed to be the first African-American coach in any sport to win a national collegiate title.

The Rock is a third generation superstar, as both his grandfather, Peter Maivia and his father, Rocky Johnson once competed in the ring. These matches were often ultra violent especially for the time in which they took place. Lowlife Louie Ramos, Brian Damage, Amerigo Diehl and Padraic Toolan. He would go on to win the title three more times and even held the X-Division and KOTM Title, with the World Title at the same time. He returned to WWE after an injury he suffered in the indies caused him to have surgery. Bobby Douglas wins a world championship silver medal, becoming first African-American to win a world medal. Jordan Burroughs wins bronze medal at 2018 World Championships, giving him an Olympic gold medal, four world championships and two world bronze medals. Mark Henry He returned to WWE in the 2011 Royal Rumble and received a huge pop from the crowd. Joe James, the first African American to wrestle for Oklahoma State, becomes first African-American to win a Big Eight championship. Brazil was also one of the first blacks to compete for WWEs top prize. The great thing about Abdullah is that his matches (while not showing a lot of wrestling skill) are just as entertaining when he is wrestling a jobber, as they are when he is wrestling a main eventer. Fun Fact: Benjamin was in a tag team with Brock Lesnar, winning the OVW Tag Titles, three times. Was he even the most charismatic? Toccara Montgomery wins a silver medal at the womens world championships. 5.

This is actually Ron Killings second WWE run, with his first being in the Attitude Era. In 1908, John Baxter "Doc" Tayllor was the first African American to win an Olympic gold medal as a member of the 4 x 400 medley during the London Games. The Rock obviously (LogOut/ Kevin Jackson named USA Wrestling National Freestyle Coach. Bobby Douglas of Bridgeport becomes second African-American to win an Ohio state high school championship. One of the biggest stars in the indies. Simmons would win the championship and became the first official African-American World Heavyweight Champion. Title, several more U.S.

Recognized as the 1st African American to win a recognized world title, Simmons time in wrestling would span 4 decades. For my money he has the second-best spinebuster ever after Arn Anderson. Jden Cox wins second consecutive world championship. A year later, McDonald became first African American to become a two-time DIII All-American. Plus he could legitimately whip all these other boys asses. Title and even challenging for John Cenas WWE Title later from 2007-2008. When he lost his loser leaves town match against Ted DiBiase, he returned under a mask as Stagger Lee and did everything he could to antagonize DiBiase. A true legend, and a terrific ambassador for wrestling. Townsend Saunders wins a silver medal at the 1996 Olympics after finishing seventh in 1992. 1. Phone: (319) 233-0745 A true innovator. Before that he once lead the Nation of Domination and when in WWF he was renamed Farooq.

The Junkyard Dog Tamyra Mensah Stock wins gold medal at 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, becoming the first Black woman to win Olympic gold in wrestling. Abdullah the Butcher Joe James becomes first African-American to win a gold medal in the Pan American games. Rocky takes 5th place for the simple reason that most of his work seemed to take place in the then WWF (he did work other interritories) and never really had the kind of push his son would get later on. I forgot about him. Champion after defeating Goldust for the title at KOTR 1996. Junkyard Dog- Became one of the biggest stars of the WWFs Golden Era and became the first African-American to do so. She also became one of the first two women to compete in the Hell in a Cell Match and one of the first 30 women to main event the Royal Rumble in the match. 9- Abdullah the Butcher If you have a suggestion for our timeline, please email it to info@nwhof.org, including a photograph, if possible. The guy can wrestle and has proved it several times, after his debut in 2004, he found success very quickly. Champion again, become the first and only African-American WWE Champion (I dont care if hes half), multi Tag Team Champion, mainly with Mankind as one-half of The Rock and Sock Connection, became the first African-American Royal Rumble winner, and two WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Honorable mention: Abdullah the Butcher, Charles Wright, Mark Henry, Norman Smiley (yes, he was entertaining as all hell), Bianca Belair, Awesome Kong, D-Von Dudley, R-Truth. One of my heroes and inspirations, Abby had one of the greatest, longest most storied careers anyone can ask for. But in the sport of wrestling, another 80 years would pass before a Black athlete stood atop the podium in Seoul with the gleaming gold medal around his neck.While African Americans were winning track gold medals, boxing to world championships and forming baseball's Negro National League, black youngsters were denied the opportunity to learn even the basics of wrestling because of restrictions placed on them by state high school associations. Brazil was true trailblazer. Its great sharing the same color as these people and being able to honor them this month. Emmanuel Yarbrough passed away at the age of 51 after suffering a heart attack. A fitting person to be WCWs first black world champion.
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