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Think of this step like casting a play rather than writing out every scene. Youre informed by the settings backstory, your preparations, and the suggestions the other players make. MAGICAL Price 100 gp This weapon grants you a +1 item bonus to attack rolls you make with it, and it deals two dice of damage instead of one. Some grow to enormous sizes and have insatiable appetites. You give out the XP once the encounter ends. Fighters might have trained with the Otari Guard or aspired to join their ranks. After the giant viper Strikes with its fangs, it becomes uncoiled. Afterwards, the trap poses no further harm, and the heroes can continue their exploration. Map: For Menace under Otari, youll need the Flip-Mat included in the Beginner Box.

3. Heroes usually need to use sound tactics and manage their resources wisely. For a check about a specific creature, trap, or other subject with a level, use a level-based DC. Work with the player to decide what items work best for them. While theyll each play their individual heroes, youll assume the role of all the monsters, villagers, and other characters that they encounter. For instance, if the party finds a secret route to sneak up on an orc commander, that enemy might face the heroes alone instead of having her orc soldiers at her side! face-up. The other two lumber companies pay to use the mill, allowing Oseph to keep an eye on his competition. [emailprotected] In addition, everyone can use 1 reaction each round. 1st Level fear, magic missile (3); Cantrips detect magic, ghost sound, mage hand, ray of frost Sneak Attack Zolgran deals an extra 1d6 damage to creatures that have the flat-footed condition. 85 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 18803193 842664 842664 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 CONNECTIONS IN TOWN A good way to connect heroes who grew up in or near Otari to the town is through their backgrounds. Quick Trap [three-actions] The kobold trapmaster deploys one spike trap in an adjacent square. MEDIUM CREATURE 4 BEAST EARTH Perception +10; darkvision Skills Acrobatics +10, Athletics +9, Stealth +12 Str +3, Dex +2, Con +3, Int 2, Wis +2, Cha 2 AC 21; Fort +13, Ref +10, Will +10 HP 40; Resistances bludgeoning 5, piercing 5, slashing 5 Clawed Feet [reaction] If the gargoyle is flying and a creature moves into an adjacent square below them, the gargoyle can use their reaction to make a claw Strike against that creature. Snakes come in an array of forms, from jungle-dwelling constrictors that wrap around their prey to venomous vipers with deadly bites.

Sneak Attack The kobold trapmaster deals an extra 1d6 damage to creatures that have the flat-footed condition. Mindless skeletons use similar tactics, so using a bigger, more durable skeleton is the only way a necromancer can obtain a more powerful thrall. Heavy undergrowth gives standard cover to anyone in it, but its even harder to move through. Kobolds believe in pragmatism, and a defeated kobold would rather surrender than face death. 57 Corner Spray The statue spins about, firing a spray of water at each corner of the room that still has a functioning corner mechanism. These flame fanatics can be a great boon to a band of goblin raiders eager to torch their enemies and wreak havoc. EVERBURNING TORCH EVOCATION LIGHT ITEM 1 SKELETON KEY MAGICAL PYRITE RAT ITEM 3 TRANSMUTATION Price 12 gp A grinning skull tops the bow of this macabre key. Fire elementals are destructive manifestations of the Plane of Fire. Adjust the DC upward if the hero seeks in-depth information. If any hero examines the barricade, ask them to attempt a Perception checkrolling a d20 and adding their Perception. The trap makes a ranged attack, rolling a d20 and adding 14. Wizard See your Beginner Box Heros Handbook. An adventure is a self-contained collection of story elements, characters, and settings that become the basis for the story you and the other players tell. Its up to you to establish whats true in the world, but you have help in doing so! Maul [one-action] The leopard makes two claw Strikes against a creature it has grabbed. A stuck hero can still attack, cast spells, and otherwise act normally, but they cant move from their current space on the map. 1ST-LEVEL XP Creature Level XP 1 20 0 30 1 40 2 60 3 80 4 120 The XP for hazards can be found on page 49. While principally dedicated to Sarenrae, the Dawnflower Library welcomes all non-evil faiths. In combat, each player takes turns and follows specific rules about what they can and cant do. The librarys position allows it to catch the rays of the rising sun, which transform its central dome into a brilliantly glowing testament to the sun goddess Sarenrae at least when the sky is clear. This process can even be part of the first session of your game.

Once a creature has used a reaction in a round, it cant use another reaction until the start of its next turn. Spike Trap Once this trap is deployed in a square, it deals 2d8 piercing damage to anyone who steps on that square and they must attempt a DC 17 basic Reflex saving throw. An encounter has an XP budget. Sights towering trees, dense undergrowth, verdant canopies, colorful wildlife, dappled sunlight through the trees, mossy tree trunks, twisted roots Sounds rustling leaves, snapping branches, animal calls Smells decomposing vegetation, flowering plants, pine trees, earthy mushrooms Textures leaves crunching underfoot, scraping branches, water dripping from above, rough bark Weather still air, cool shade, sporadic breeze, rain on the canopy, branches coated in thick snow Mountain Mountain environments also include hills, which share many aspects of mountains, though not their more extreme features. AFTER THE FIGHT After the fight, the heroes can check whether the xulgaths have any treasure. Each potion of resistance is made to defend against acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage (and is called potion of cold resistance, potion of fire resistance, or the like). These coins amount to 38 sp and 4 gp.

If they give the kobold 10 gp, he shares what he knows about the boss, and if they give him 20 gp (total, not in addition), he also shares what he knows about the dragon. can force open the door, which requires a successful DC 25 Athletics skill check. Sneak Attack The kobold scout deals an extra 1d6 damage to creatures that have the flat-footed condition. Hazards that would be triggered only when someone directly manipulates the environmentby opening a door, for exampleuse their reactions only if a hero explicitly takes that action. Theyre typically found in abundant numbers, but since they cant fit in the nooks where ordinary rats typically hide, theyre much easier to locate and exterminate. If a penalty has no type, like the multiple attack penalty or range increment penalty of a weapon, you apply all of them. Begin the Next Round: Loop back to the highest initiative roll and take turns in the same order in the new round. All creatures within 5 feet, including the cinder rat, gain the concealed condition from this smoke. In creature form, the giant rat acts on your turn. The heroes defeat monsters or get past hazards, each of which awards an amount of XP based on the threats level compared to the heroes level. Creatures on the same side who tie choose what order to go. When an encounter starts, the group usually remains in the same general formation. Ledges: Moving across a narrow ledge requires using Acrobatics to Balance (DC 12). In the heat of the moment, goblin igniters sometimes lose sight of their goals and simply set fire to anything that will burnincluding their own allies! Other Parent Posts. 842615 Sense Direction (Survival) Pick the most appropriate simple DC when someone uses Survival to Sense Direction. The map all, its a big logging town, providing for the first level is located on the inside valuable wood to the nearby metropolis of Tamily Tanderveil front cover of this book, and the map for the Absalom. In this caseor if the heroes dont end up fleeing from the next encounterthe young dragon in the kobolds care survives! If its reduced to 0 HP, its destroyed and cant be repaired. There is little of interest in this tunnel, but anyone who looks can find a trail in the dust and grime, making it clear that creatures have come this way in the recent past. The target can attempt a check to Escape using the Acrobatics skill or Athletics skill, or a fists attack roll, and the DC is 17. The adventures might relate to one another, but not all of the adventures have to be tied into the same overarching plot. Heres the list of exploration activities from page 62 of the Heros Handbook, with the most common ones in bold. HAZARDS Exploration can get broken up by traps and other hazards (see Hazards on page 48). If you run this round-by-round, your game will get boring quickly! 842609 SET A PARTY ORDER When the group starts exploring, let the players decide among themselves where in the group their heroes are while exploring. By placing one group of three in each hand and leaving the third group on the altar, the players can determine which group contains the fake coin.

The kobold trapmaster is wearing a special necklace: a simple copper chain and a cracked piece of a large eggshell. Shes loyal to her town and rarely permits her thieves to A sign over the door to this two-story stone building depicts a group of drunk crows perched on a leaky cask. Loners at heart, drow sneaks trust no oneleast of all fellow drow. The spell is added when the scroll is madeyou cant pick it when you use the scroll.

A voice booms out from the statue. Players often coordinate and plan to be as efficient as possible, but monsters might not! That makes them perfect places for adventurers to investigate! Lesser cover, typically given by a creature in the way, gives a +1 circumstance bonus to AC. Other Challenges Though encounters are the most common challenge the heroes in your game will face, other types of challenges add great variety to your game. You can also include a roleplaying encounter with the potential to turn into a combat encounter. You should encourage the heroes to try new things as they learn, but dont forget that, as new adventurers, their heroes EXPERIENCE POINTS abilities arelimited. Casting the spell from a wand once each day is safe. TAKE TURNS Each hero and monster gets one turn per round, in initiative order. You gain a +4 status bonus to your attempt to Pick the Lock, and for 1 minute, anyone who tries to Pick the Lock or break it with Athletics gains a +4 status bonus on their checks. How easy are they to impress? Lava: A volcano might have small lava flows. A creature that succeeds at its saving throw isnt affected by any xulgaths stenches for 1 minute. In that case, read the following aloud. Heroes might find work for any of these lumber companies, often against the others!

Web lurkers hunt in forests, swamps, or scrubby hill lands. Dont Make a Maze: Avoid the temptation to make your map into a mazeexploring one gets old quick once youre playing, especially if you spend most of your time during the game drawing twisted corridors on your mat when you could be running combat! Any monsters left alive recover lost Hit Points, but those that were killed remain dead upon the heroes return. If youre not sure what action a task uses, look for the most similar basic action. 18803114 18803114 EXPERIENCE POINTS SKILL CHECKS Rope and Other Forms of Aid The players might decide to use rope to help them scale the cliff.

The heroes accomplish important things in the story, gaining accomplishment XP. Especially deep or pervasive rubble requires Acrobatics to Balance on when crossing it as well (DC 17). Its OK if the players can see the entire mapthey Word has begun to spread around Otari that theres a problem wont know whats in each room until they explore it. 20 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 18803128 842599 842599 18803129 18803129 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 Beginner Box 16 Mermaid Fountain This chamber contains a devious trap. If the heroes succeed, they make it past the obstacle safely. The character falls to the ground. The furious and undisciplined rankand-file scrappers make up the bulk of an orc warband. Instead, allow each player to describe what their character does. Place the pawns for the rats on the map as shown on the map above, near the hole in the east wall. Wherever the kobolds are, theyre not happy about having visitors. Inside the leather pouch is a handful of strange coins, minted in some faraway kingdom deep undergroundthe coins show a tower inside a cave on one side and a sinister-looking elfs head on the other. Buying and Selling Magic Items A magic item lists its Price, but that doesnt mean characters can buy magic items any time they want! If they succeed at the Fortitude save, they feel the power of the ocean surge through them.

ROLL INITIATIVE Initiative determines the order in which heroes and monsters act during combat. The water in the bowl is perfectly clear. Each time a skeleton takes damage of a type listed in its Resistances entry, reduce the amount of damage it takes by the number after the type. Morlibint can also cast wizard spells for the heroes: a 1st-level wizard spell costs 3 gp, while a 2nd-level wizard spell costs 7gp. Whenever the zombie takes any damage of the listed types, increase the damage it takes by the number listed after it. Treasure appears throughout an adventure, and the heroes obtain it by raiding treasure hoards, defeating foes who carry 35 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 18803143 842614 842614 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 Difficulty Classes As the Game Master, its up to you to set the difficulty classes (DCs) for checks that dont already say what the DC is.

They can also use this time to sell any treasure theyve found and purchase additional gear. Day-to-day operation of the Giants Wheel and its mill fall to its foreman, the heavily scarred ex-gladiator named Klorte Hengus.

Hazards AC, saving throws, Hardness, HP, and BT are listed in their stat blocks.

Without a steady supply of food, the young dragon might turn to having kobolds for a snack! Going into the lava is almost certain death for anyone not immune to fire. ENDING ENCOUNTERS An encounter typically ends when all the creatures on one side are killed or knocked unconscious. Unless youre finishing up an adventure, try to find a good cliffhanger to end on. 47 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 18803155 842626 842626 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 18803156 18803156 842626 HAZARDS Dungeons are rife with devious traps meant to protect the treasures within, ranging from devices that shoot darts to those that drop heavy blocks or expose hidden pit traps. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Weapons and shields dont have a Usage entry since you hold magical versions the same way you do non-magical ones, but theyre both still items you hold.

The cliff is only 10 feet tall, but the surface is slick with moisture. Web Trap A creature hit by the giant spiders web Strike gets stuck to the nearest surface. KOBOLD FIGHT 842592 Two kobold warriors are stationed here, along with a kobold trapmaster. As the group explores, describe the sights, sounds, and sensations. A hero who is flanked has the flat-footed condition (giving it a 2 circumstance penalty to AC) to all attacks made by the flanking kobolds.

If youre healing a living creature, increase the healing to 2d8+16. Remnants of a camp around the caves entrance indicate that the kobolds had stayed here for some time before heading under the town to work their mischief. Thanks for letting me know! If the coins are taken from the altar and not placed in the hands, they also vanish and the puzzle resets. Once everyone in the encounter has taken a turn, the round ends, and the next one begins. The character makes no progress at all. Like for the other fights, first ask the players to roll Perception for initiative. Inquisitor The markets owner is the dour, humorless Keeleno Lathenar. Or perhaps if a conversation with a monster goes in the heroes favor, it chooses not to attack them, but if they seem weak, it strikes! Each member of this family of venomous snakes has long, hinged fangs that inject potent venom in their prey. It moves up to 20 feet, leaving no tunnels or signs of its passing. Any heroes who get in trouble with the Otari Guard should hope to deal with anyone other than the captainhis curse-laden tirades are legendary, and hes inclined to issue short jail sentences for minor infractions. If they decide not to explore any further, the adventure can easily end here.

A zombie can use only 2 actions on its turn each round instead of 3, and cant use reactions at all! Not all of them have to be important to the plot. This could be a prisoner who wants to be rescued, a rival dungeon explorer who wants to trick the heroes into entering a dangerous room first, or a creature who might tell the heroes something useful about the dungeon if they bribe or befriend it. The smoke also chokes nearby creatures.

The spell on a scroll can be cast only once, and the scroll is destroyed as part of the casting. Fallen fortresses of wouldbe warlords, dank barrows crawling with undead, and caves filled with monsters and forgotten treasure lie within a few hours walk of Otari. In either case, they gain the wounded 1 condition. 18803181 18803181 842651 73 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 18803181 842652 842652 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 ORC TROOPER CE MEDIUM HUMANOID CREATURE 1 ORC OWLBEAR N Perception +6; darkvision Skills Athletics +7, Intimidation +4, Survival +4 Str +4, Dex +2, Con +3, Int 1, Wis +1, Cha +0 Items battle axe, breastplate, javelin (4), shortsword (2) AC 18; Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +4 HP 23 Ferocity [reaction] When the orc is reduced to 0 Hit Points, they can use their reaction to remain conscious with 1 Hit Point, but they gain the wounded 1 condition (or increases the wounded value by 1 if they already have that condition). This process is explained on page 72 of the Heros Handbook. Once used, the scroll crumbles to dust. The trap shoots spears from the western wall, making a ranged Strike against the first creature in each row. The treasure in this room is in the locked steel cell. It grants you a +1 item bonus to Arcana checks. 18803188 18803188 842658 80 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 18803188 842659 842659 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 Beginner Box XULGATH WARRIOR CE MEDIUM HUMANOID CREATURE 1 XULGATH ZOMBIE SHAMBLER NE MEDIUM MINDLESS UNDEAD CREATURE 1 ZOMBIE Perception +6; darkvision Skills Athletics +7, Stealth +5 Str +4, Dex +2, Con +3, Int 1, Wis +1, Cha +0 Items club, javelin (3) AC 16; Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +4 HP 21 Stench A creature that comes within 30 feet of the xulgath and can smell the xulgath must attempt a DC 19 Fortitude save. Once a hero has attempted an incredibly hard check or failed a check, further attempts are fruitlessthe hero has recalled everything they know about the subject. The XP a hazard gives depends on the partys level, as shown below. Roll 2d8. You regain 1d8 Hit Points. For every hour spent in temperatures from 21 to 12, a creature takes 1d6 cold damage. Suits of animated armor might serve as guardians, but sometimes high-end martial academies use them as training partners. All creatures within 80 feet of the owlbear at any point during this movement are subjected to the effects of Bloodcurdling Screech. The fountain rolls Stealth for its initiative. If this task is highly unlikely for a hero to be able to achieve, use the master DC. Low-threat encounters (budget = 60 XP) use some of the partys resources, but they arent that scary. The bird also vanishes if it fails to find your target after 10 hours of searching for the recipient at the location you specified. Theres also a very small chance that a creature might be struck by lightning during a storm. 4 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 18803112 842583 842583 18803113 18803113 #36373180, Boyd Bradford , Feb 6, 2021 Beginner Box Combat Guide Whenever combat erupts during the game, take the following steps.
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