oracle 19c recover standby database from service

SQL> CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE TESTPDB3 FROM PDB1 STANDBYS=('CNTDB2'); Again, we get a new Primary and standby in one statement very cool! alter database mount; Note that we can also add/remove the standby out with this operation as indeed we did above. Again, this is done at the Container level with all PDB's affected.

When flashback or point-in-time recovery is performed on the primary database, a standby that is in mounted mode can automatically follow the same recovery procedure performed on the primary.

Technical considerations for EBS 12.2.9 and Oracle DB 19c Upgrades, Changes and features of Oracle 19c for Standby Database, Upgrade to Oracle 19c now, or face the risk of being unsupported, Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration 19c E96244-03 Once we have our primary container setup with the PDB's we can start thinking about setting up a standby container database.

Read our latest blog about upgrading your Database to Oracle19c, and the risk of being unsupported if you don't. restore database; About us

There are also a few new features that will help with standby database management. First, let's consider that all Pluggable databases in a container share the same instance components. Datasheets ------------------------------ -------------------- ----------------

The database role is changed by issuing DDL at the container level; all PDB's change at the same time. Update tnsnames on both nodes & verify connectivity: Start the Physical Standby Database (nomount), Verify the Physical Standby Database Is Performing Properly. Public Sector, 1 Farnham Road, See Replicating Restore Points from Primary to Standby. Configure the Primary Database to Receive Redo Data, Set Primary Database Initialization Parameters (log_archive_dest_2 etc), Create a Backup Copy of the Primary Database Data Files, Create a Control File for the Standby Database, Create a Parameter File for the Standby Database, Copy Files from the Primary System to the Standby System, Set Up the Environment to Support the Standby Database, Copy password file to standby Oracle Home, Configure and start new Container listener. ALTER DATABASE COMMIT TO SWITCHOVER TO PRIMARY WITH SESSION SHUTDOWN;

We do not do this very often but when building a new database, it is a good idea to switch over the roles to ensure that the archivelogs can be sent and applied between the DR and primary sites. ALTER DATABASE COMMIT TO SWITCHOVER TO PHYSICAL STANDBY WITH SESSION SHUTDOWN; SELECT name, open_mode FROM v$pdbs; NAME OPEN_MODE STARTUP MOUNT; Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3DY Newsroom PRIMARY CDB SQL > CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE TESTPDB2 ADMIN USER PDMADMIN IDENTIFIED BY ******* STANDBYS=('CNTDB2'); This is great as it creates a new PDB (Based on the seed database) and also creates a standby database in the standby container. column name format a20 sqlplus / as sysdba. Careers

Database nologging has been extended with two new modes: A standby database can now be refreshed over the network using one RMAN command. This can be done in one step by either creating a new database or cloning from an existing PDB.

The database role is defined at the container level; Individual pluggable databases (PDBs) do not have their own roles. ALTER DATABASE RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE USING CURRENT LOGFILE DISCONNECT FROM SESSION; NEW PRIMARY (CNTDB2) T: +44 (0)1483 549 004, Rotterdam House, ALTER DATABASE RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE DISCONNECT FROM SESSION; SELECT ROLE, THREAD#, SEQUENCE#, ACTION FROM V$DATAGUARD_PROCESS; So now we have a standby container DB let's check on the PDB's. The ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE RECOVER statement is not supported on the standby. Private Sector As mentioned earlier, this is done at the container database level, and all PDB's are switched. The good news is that overall, the principle of standby databases has not changed significantly but there are a few key points that need to be understood to manage standby databases in the multi-tenant architecture effectively. DML operations can be performed on Active Data Guard standby instances by transparently redirected to and run on the primary database. ALTER DATABASE CONVERT TO SNAPSHOT STANDBY; So, bearing those in mind, how do we protect a pluggable database (PDB) with a Standby database? (Standby recovery is always at the CDB level.). Data Guard Impact on Oracle Multitenant Environments (Doc ID 2049127.1), If you are looking for an Oracle partner who can help you with your Oracle Managed Services and goes about it the right way and can back up the talk, then contact us. set lines 100 PDB1 MOUNTED.

Tony is a Platform Architect with 22 years of experience in Technical Architecture and Applications DBA with Oracle Database, Applications, and Middleware. PDB$SEED READ ONLY Guildford, CNTDB2 MOUNTED PHYSICAL STANDBY, NAME OPEN_MODE So first we need to set up the CDB with a standby, mostly as we did with non CDB: From Primary node: sqlplus sys@CNTDB2 as sysdba, From Standby node: sqlplus sys@CNTDB1 as sysdba, rman target / T: +44 (0)191 206 4152, 2022 Claremont | Our Policies | Supplier Policy | Modern Slavery Statement | Sitemap, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Archive Managed Services, Oracle Cloud Applications Managed Services, Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration 19c E96244-03, Data Guard Impact on Oracle Multitenant Environments (Doc ID 2049127.1). SQL> SELECT DB_UNIQUE_NAME, OPEN_MODE, DATABASE_ROLE from v$database; DB_UNIQUE_NAME OPEN_MODE DATABASE_ROLE ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE ALL OPEN; Switch Back using the same process as above. Surrey, GU2 4RG PDB$SEED MOUNTED These are the changes in Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration for Changes in Oracle Database Release 18c, Version 18.1. ALTER DATABASE RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE CANCEL; The process of flashing back a physical standby to a point in time that was captured on the primary is simplified by automatically replicating restore points from primary to the standby. Insights A Standby container database does not have to have standby PDB's for all PDB's in the primary container. Snapshot standby is a really great feature of Dataguard and can be used for reporting databases, DR tests, production destructive testing, etc so lets make sure it still works in 19c! When we add a Primary PDB, we can select at that point whether it is protected by a standby or not. He has extensive experience delivering global complex solutions including implementations, migrations, upgrades, and high-pressure issue resolution. ALTER DATABASE OPEN; So, all in all, yes it works largely the same way except that it is all done at container level so all PDB's are converted to snapshot standby at the same time. Consulting The ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE [OPEN|CLOSE] SQL statement is supported on the standby, provided you have already opened the root container. 116 Quayside,

restore standby controlfile from '/oracle/app/oracle/recovery_area/CNTDB1/CNTDB1_standby.ctl'; Contact us The database buffer cache state is now maintained on an Oracle Active Data Guard standby during a role change, Global temporary tables can now be dynamically created on an Oracle Active Data Guard standby database. If you would like to find out more about the E-Business Suite updates or have a question, you can email us at or phone us on +44 (0) 1483 549004. ALTER DATABASE RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY functions only in the root container; it is not allowed in a PDB. ALTER DATABASE OPEN; Hosting When using Multi-tenant, the standby is setup at the container level and then all PDB's are protected if you choose them to be. -------------------- ----------

For the most part, as we did before with a few key clarifications: Let's walk through a quick example. Managed Services PDB1 MOUNTED, Note that the PDB Name matches the primary PDB Name (PDB1). Case Studies Given the fact the role is set at the container level, we cannot add a distinct PDB to the standby container without it already having an associated Primary PDB in the Primary CDB. -------------------- ----------

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