meteorb vs blizzard sorc

Frozen orb can deal massive damage when well aimed at tough targets (where it detonates on top of the enemy). I find that spamming Frozen Orb is so much more fun than Blizzard. D2R/switch/offline. Just my play style. only problem with that is the cooldown between casts. On the packs that are both fire/ cold immune, like countess, I just let the merc tank them all and spam orb until all the fire immunes are dead, then start with the hydras, because they arent doing anything if they target a fire immune. My blizz sorc started by doing andy, meph, ancient tunnels, and pindle with no gear. I haven't played Diablo in like 15 years, and with D2R I really wanna get back into it. Also meteor and orb are able to pretty much handle any monster in both acts so no danger with immunes. Orbwall all the way! I don't have to rely on my merc at all and can clear hell baal solo without a merc. Blizzwall. My MF sorce that can clear all content is Frozen Orb / Fire wall. So, youve got a weaker blizzard and significantly weaker fire skills. What's a good overall sorc to begin with? This subreddit is for people who want to discuss Diablo 2 and Diablo II Resurrected. Just need good enough mid lvl gear along with a good merc and you can run keys decently fast. Meteorb sorc is lvl 32. The drop tables are different. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Range and dmg is insane and combined with CM and supported by Static/IBlasts is OP as hell. A lot of people also really like the frozen Orb and Fire wall build. I've been thinking about what kind of sorc I wanna start with to get geared up. Do you still need to put a point into Static Field or does wall do enough to take care of bosses on its own? 1 2 3 at the end etc, ________________________________ A pure cold sorc will make parts of the game far more difficult and time consuming than they should be and in many cases make you 100% reliant on your merc to kill anything. There's a big difference when killing him with a Blizzard or Meteorb using the same gear setup. Offline where the spawn points don't move and players can manually set player counts makes AT very effective farming locations. The ice sorc did everything they could to keep up. You must log in or register to reply here. Free insight. In normal cold does not do enough damage in comparison and you can just respec to blizzard later. Typically it only works offline due to game creation rate and players command, but 2.0 might allow for it. Overall it works well to kill bosses and make mf runs fun and quick. I'd go blizz if u don't have any gear. Blizz has +13, firewall had +15, so 33 blizz and 35 firewall. Im full blizz. Its been done over 2+ decades. FO/FB was always my goto. ***> If you want to play the entire game with your sorc then there are much better specs to play- specifically meteorb and blizzball, which really comes down to blizzard vs orb. However, if you play with other peeps and do a player 8 boss, then it's still going to be your biggest damage dealer at the start of the fight. r/Diablo ***> Blizzard sorc is lvl 33 JavaScript is disabled. Also, it isnt like you cant respec if they fix and the only thing you would lose out on are the facets which are usually pretty cheap anyway. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. I like to go frozen orb on a hybrid sorc. However, Ive found that I very rarely need to, as the hydras kill everything thats not fire immune, so I dont need to use dual elements. Is meteorb simply too weak due to the division to work as a budget mf? Blizz = confined to certain places but faster/more damage. Blizzball is viable but its less consistent damage than meteorb as the fire skills will suffer greatly for the synergies required to make Blizzard relevant. There is no debate on how to build a sorc. idk what I'm doing wrong. IMO, cold sorc is used to generate ladder reset/midgame wealth and thats it. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. So now you have two schools of magic doing pretty good damage. I go for blizzard with maxed mastery. If you are playing controller, frost orb (fire and forget) is going to hit everything, whereas small projectiles are going to miss because its a bit harder to aim on controller. whats a super chest run? Is a Blizzard/Fireball build, like this one: , a good option or is Meteorb or pure Blizzard better for a 1st character to MF on? Orb is the best spell avilabile in the range of 30-60(or whenever you go to hell mode). From normal cow and larzuk it to 4os and make spirit. Watch llama mf from scratch. Do you have insane gear?

And tal rasha mask from meph too easy drop. My Blizzard sorc won't attack at all after respec. Why with a blizz sorc people use ice blast instead of glacial spike?

You need fast cast rate. Nightmare - max cold orb same setup with maybe lore and fcr ring with res ( keep your grand 20-30res charm very good ) Also Kind of depends if your playing on pc or console? About the same as blizzorb? You must log in or register to reply here. Your fire skills will hit for half as much as meteorb and your blizzard will have 2 synergies at best.

Interesting, what skills?

I don't remember when the patch went into place, but the devs made a couple of different areas have level 85 monsters in them. blizzard got a sizable buff in d2r so its really hard to suggest frozen orb over it even more so now (was already hard because of the meph farming advantage). Dbrunski has a quick rundown on them. It fit in nicely, and the rebounds kind of give it a damage stack. Whats that on meph? Pure Orbwall works great for me. Fire sorcs are not so bad. I have been playing for a long time and also play world of warcraft doing higher skilled content so I've become quite good at tele'ing around to avoid ranged attacks, quickly swap to orb and throw 1 orb+fireball+fireball, Tele orb fireball fireball, and repeat. FO was the best in 1.09, in 1.10 is medicore, overall not worth skill imo, Blizz is always better (dmg, range, synergies) even on hyb builds. Hybrids need imo too much +skills compared to single element to be fast killers. If you run around with zero you will get raped and will curse like mad. And pretty much undoable without decent weapon and armor. You can get him stuck abusing the little pool between the portal and council members and he'll tank the entire wall. Full tals set, rare rings and boots.

I think this is what I was considering. Blizzard is definitely the best type of Sorc which can be started with. Act 1 the Pit and Act 2 Ancient Tunnels became fairly efficient farming locations for very rare items as they can drop any item in the game following the area's promotion to level 85. But is the drop in clear speed simply not worth it? i havent played this in 15 years and im trying to get halfway caught up on the meta things to do. Fire sorc breezes through normal especially with an early leaf runeword (tir+ral in staves) and is very usable in nightmare, but it feels like everything is immune to fire or has very high res in hell. Probably meteorb. It got major nerfed for 1.10 and on. No need to respec to orb at 30, just start dumping points into orb at 30 and go Light/orb until Blizz respec. She has to be able to magic find as well. Ancient tunnels in act 2 can drop any unique in the game and there are low to none cold immune, making it a go to spot for blizzard MFing, level 85 area so any item in the game can drop there, also no natural cold immunes in there. It just seems to be a little more aimable and less random than Blizzard. Subject: Re: [isid0re/SoloLeveling] Blizzballer sorc seems to be the fastest for leveling - by far (, Blizzballer sorc seems to be the fastest for leveling - by far. At that point its a balance of more cold mastery or lightning and lightning mastery if you have any issues with cold immunes. I wound up going Orb, chain, orb, as one user suggested. Everything melts and I never take any damage. But yes, sometimes you change one little number and then you dont know how to fix it especially if multiple people are working on the same files. Hydra/ Blizzard/ Frozen Orb all share the same cooldown. I have only done this once recently, but lightning in the beginning just feels unfair lol I did a trist run yesterday and thought I was over leveled because everything died at close range so fast. Frozen orb is kind of overrated unless you go meteorb, blizzard is just better. Stick around nightmare for a good while doing Baal runs. I ran meteorb for the first portion of the d2r launch and ended up being able to clear everything around lvl 70-75 without much problem. Being unable to revert CM could have been unintentional as you suggest. You are using an out of date browser. Depends on your preference of play style, and somewhat your gear. I usually go with metorb sorc always. Whether you need help or you're just looking to chat - come join us! The lack of synergy needed for frozen orb allows you to essentially have the full benefit of maxed out fire skills (20 firebolt, 20 fireball, 20 meteor, 15+ fire mastery, 20 frozen orb, 1 cold mastery). Add in some fireball spam (as it will keep going until it hits something) and you can kill enemies that havent engaged you. archives as requested by the community. I know you can bug andariel quest. Sure, but having to trade for countess runes sucks though. These are the community's Diablo 2 archive forums going back two decades. And of course lighting when you have infinity/griffs.

Then you can basically run the whole game and not worry about immunities. meteor and hydra are both lagging behind other specs but i prefer hydra just because of the massive delay on meteor. And it's pretty cheap to build, including a merc to take care of fife/cold immunes. PureDiablo is now hosting these old There is plenty of good maps to run pre-infinity: mausoleum, countess, pits, andy, meph, cows, piddle. The tradeoff is that blizzard can do significantly more damage if you do max its synergies. Meterob = can MF in more places but slower. you're a lot less dependent on your merc to deal with the cold immunities. Charged bolt is by far the best starter spell and then you transition to lightning until level 30. Can MF Andy, Meph, Pindle, etc and rinse and repeat quickly. How is the delay with hyrdra? I know these depend on a lot of factors such as luck, but the Blizzballer seems much further ahead. I know theres pure lightning and lightning hybrids out there, but theyre less used and even more gear dependent. Orb is so 1.09. Blizz is best for someone who doesn't have good gear. I have actually run this build for a HC single pass playthrough and had no problem killing Baal in hell on HC without ever respecing. You can always add that to a game rotation on a sorc without losing much time no matter what spec you choose. Need merc upgrades to pass or some luck. Also you have the other skills from quests. Respeced with a token to go straight blizzard and the damage was great, but was mildly annoying when running chaos/Baal so I did another respec to try out wall and blizzard.

Hydra tracks moving targets, retargets new mobs, and most importantly (for me at least), it will hit enemies you cant even see to target. It's way too slow without you killing the adds. She's my take on the most efficient baalrunning sorc. ***> Press J to jump to the feed. You make a strong merc to kill immunes. You level fire bolt and fire ball till 30, then focus on frozen orb. Blizzard. Personally I like orb wall as it melts bosses a lot faster for me, And warmth as a synergy for firewall! ***>; Author ***@***. (can anyone tell me if Hydra interferes with casing frost orb? From: JediPeaceFrog ***@***. From what I've seen Blizzard seems to be considered the best budget MFer with a focus on AT and Meph. Any fix would be a few months out likely. If you offhand a lower resist wand or eventually get infinity, your meteorb sorc will kill any boss faster than a pure cold sorcs Blizzard. Like previously mentioned, the random fire/cold immunes are a pain, but are easily dealt with by using static and then letting your merc finish them off. From what I remember, years ago, I used to do Mephisto runs with Frozen Orb sorc and Cow level with lightning nova sorc (or javazon). It's easy and get the work done for cheap. Blizzballer is level 44 thanks. Ive no problem farming any place. I don't like CL/FO at all. Jul 29 '21 My forb is at like 800 dmg right now though and i would definitely want more than that in the end, it's just a little too slow. Just respected frost orb and blizzard and discovered that blizzard locks out frost orb for a few seconds), I always go for Frozen orb/Meteor during my first playthrough/ladder sorc, After that I re-spec to a blizz sorc for mf, If blizzard was on left click i would play blizzard with orb as a 1 pt wonder for nm/normal rushing. I shred cows though so that's actually really fun, and if you have another char with you to handle cold immunes it's fantastic! I'm just guessing most people won't care about that aspect of the game. Once the adds are dead you can staric field her ass and your merc can finish her off. Stuck on hell ancients. Yes. In that case meteorb is not a bad choice at all because it's just very self sufficient build. I didn't like meteor aiming in console. I prefer blizz when youre untwinked and respeccing into meteorb once you get the Tal Rashas set. Im using the hydras to peek corners for me. However, if you want to go for 105 FCR anyways for fast teleports, that helps the fireball a lot. True about meteor doing more damage but what you lose in damage, you make up for in utility. Can respec later. Frozen orb is a great deal more consistent than blizzard and doesnt require as many points to deal good damage. Its been working fine. Not much need for more mana regen when only casting 5 frozen orbs per wave. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Honestly anything is viable for normal and nightmare, its pretty easy until you hit hell, at level12 instead of putting points in nova I would do lightning. So I approach this as a hybrid spec being mandatory. He can basically solo most baal waves himself. I'm full blizz currently and not really satisfied with it tbh, does great damage and kills everything really fast when not CI, but like I have trouble with countess, chaos, nihlathak, shenk, baal minions.. Or is it just the wrap up video? It's a proven method of farming mid and high runes. The build has been pretty fun. Give feedback. Need really to be cow level in normal so ilvl of the weapon is ilvl 26. Im running a HydraOrb build. Thanks for the explanation.

But if my sorceress puts on gears to increase her Faster Cast Rate (FCR), then she won't be able to use Magic Find (MF) gears. I started 3 sorcs lvl 1 at exact same time and now: or did they toss a bunch of its damage? Use the main. I prefer meteorb if I had to choose, but it's pure personal preference imo. Both answers depend very much on the gear and expectations you have. I've had col. Voulge insight on merc in like 6 hours of reset before it doesn't take long if you know how to farm bases. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Orb is so powerful because it doesn't need synergies. I still put a point, helps on bosses like Baal with a lot of hp and fire and cold immune Champs. Good luck. Just name them diff profiles Ez blizzard farm. can you point me to where the instructions are to start 3 chars at same time? Her adds are only cold immune though. This is the correct answer if you don't wanna get frustrated. Where would a meteorb sorc farm farm successfully? Meph, andy, and by hell try to build your merc with threachery, obedience or reaper toll from meph. your lighting damage will be pathetic, pretty close to a3 lighting merc. Normal - max fireball w/ leaf,stealth rune word At around level 70ish I would recommend switching to full Blizzard, it does more damage and farming ancient tunnels for gear is one of the best places. If i could get my forb dmg around 1k I think i would go dual elemental.

On my last respec and can't decide to go for straight fireball with max syns and orb OR add in meteor for the basic meteorb build It put things into perspective. At 30 level frozen Orb to max as soon as you can and 30-35 put your extra points into cold mastery. I would think having an immunity buster before you can afford Inifinity would be great cause it opens up new places to clear and more flexibility in general. Infinity holds value and is useful for many other specs including a blizzard sorc. This ability to cast hydras at the edge of the screen and kill them before they can even engage you is one of the best things about hydra. blizzard on right click is a lot of skill swapping to tele blizz., How many points is in firewall and blizz with your gear?,,

In d2x I used to run light with infinity. Jul 28 '21. Mind linking this vid?

Once I got some gear (good resistances, +10 to skills) I added chaos and baal runs into the mix. Cc: zylo- ***@***. Its not a perfect gearing but I would say its a solid setup to be able to make it work. Therefore I always invest in a pure Blizzard sorc. Stack those firewalls on cold immunes and they just melt. What would you change from the above if I want to follow the strategy you mentioned? When you get to hell youll be sorry you split your skills in 2. I can solo from a1 norm to a5 hell with this strat. Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2021 2:44:30 AM I'll also use Glacial Spike/Blizz to help slow alongwith static ofc - but still only 1 point in each. Meteor sounds nice on paper but unless youre really sweaty its just not that fun to play. There will be both cold and fire immunesusually you deal with them with SF, or 8 players game, no other point will give you that much utility.. Do you have a recommended skill tree that you run for Blizzwall? And I don't agree that Blizzard is only slightly faster than a Meteorb when it comes to killing Meph. Dont crystal swords in larzuk get you 5 or 6 sockets? Already figured out LONG LONG time ago. I am really leaning towards building a Blizzard + Chain Lightning sorceress. I always found it really satisfying to kill cows with. Blizz is high damage, but minimal control, and you won't be able to kill cold immunes. Atlest this is what I do in path of Diablo. But nonetheless I'll be running keys with my sorc to get runes. I can't do act 5 fast enough while being safe. Ive been able to clear mobs in hell with no significant problems unless theyre cold/fire immune. IMO it's the weakest of all normal hybrids. Higher Synergy with Blizzard, you get 8% with Ice Blast and only 5% with Glacial Spike. Was this translation helpful? Orb/lightning here. But as you gear up, it loses its value until its not needed anymore for solo play Very easy to clear everything, and still had 300 mf. I can solo all of hell with a blizz sorc and strong merc. Merc = eth shaft stop, vampire gaze for leach and DR, and eth bone hue, or regular bone hue, with amn, or eth ruin. Im running blizzwall currently. Or maybe if I could mix it in with fireballs/meteors it would be good, idk. The most efficient path, if you have every respec, is lightning to start, respec to orb at 30, respec to blizz at 60. What in your opinion is a stronger starting character for MFing in Hell? Considering you don't need magic find for super chest runs there might also be a huge crowd just farming runes for their hammerdin enigma. So now I play orb wall and it's fun. A very intelligent and thought trough comment. You work up from there once geared and respec. For untwinked i will recomend fb. I don't know the inner workings of the new though so they might prevent making too many games like last time which will reduce the ability to super chest. The best, and strongest sorc is going to be 1 chosen element, 1 chosen skill(with multiple senergies not just 1). The hydras burn down all bosses and my Merc tanks. True, I guess the ice bolt 2% synergy is so minimal that it may not be worth the respec, Gives you a way to deal with any cold immunes that pop up too. Frozen orb + fireball. I tried out everything but fire before using a respec. You'll be able to do Pit, Andy, and even Meph runs pretty easy in hell mode. Hell - max blizzard and run everything not cold related. u/shizzmynizz Meteorb you can aim better, and generally kill everything but the odd cold/fire immune bosses, but you need some +skills stuff for fireball to do enough damage to be effective. u/swol_night_shyamalan Merc can literally stomp countess lmao. MeteOrb was fine; Druid, Necro and now blizzard all lay down killing stuff after respec. Definitely not insane gear, more of a budget build. They are purely for reference and cannot be posted in. Can anyone comment on meteor and orb v.s straight up orb and fireball combo? Meteorb is super easy to get working with cheap gear. Lvl 90, merc wears eth bonehew (shael+shael), treachery, Andy mask. And get crystal sword

None into firemastery since my tals wep already gives it +2 and then my added + skills on top of that, since fireball is my secondary ability for mobs that are cold immune. I don't like hybrid sorc builds when it comes to starting from scratch.

Well I personally took Orb+Firewall, its a bit tricky but Firewall can be very strong, so might be worth considering should you go Orb. I thought orb was more powerful than blizz, I'll start with a blizz sorc to farm Andariel, Mephisto, Ancient Tunnels (sometimes Cow level and Travincal too) then I'll respec to a lightning build as soon as I can afford an Infinity. Its a different type of play style, simply due to the fact that the hydra persists, so you can actually layer the damage. Also, just throwin this out there, if you do decide to go meteorb, i have a +2 forb +3 meteor leaf for sale ;D. How about full Bliz + Meteor? Was the nerf the delay?

Im unsure about that. And get your merc some eth insight. Then try to save around 5 points for level 30 (you get 2 from Izzy). Add [Lightning Tree over Fire Tree] it depends on what gear you wear. Personally I always liked playing fireball / orb. Ie, AT = frozen orb clear, while meph/dia/baal/nilh = fire wall clear. 1. Well that looks like you are looking at a nova build, which is okay but you have to stand so close and without hitting a good fcr breakpoint it isn't all that great for how close you get imo. I guess if you're already into d2jsp or other platform thats fine since countess runes are cheap. It is possible they werent able to properly do it back in the original without breaking something so left it alone. I'm leveling up now to try it for first time, but seems like a good solution: full power Blizz with a 5k+ Meteor with only +10 on skills. JavaScript is disabled. I guess you also go for the synergies if fireball and frozen orb. I play a meteorb and she's my favorite toon. Use Blizz + moat trick + qbug on Meph for best effects. solo for beating the game, fireball/orb builds are nice for their flexibility. Then run for key sets sell them and then upgrade or build a zon for rune hunting. Max ice bolt, max frozen orb, 10 points in cold mastery (not including your +skills), max fireball, max meteor, any extra put into firebolt. Before i stopped playing i was doing 4.4k blizz and 8k firewall. Lightning is better for pits and key farming though. Countess keys are more rare so usually trade her keys for the others x2 or x3 sometimes. Ill briefly talk about about a pure cold sorc, blizzball, or meteorb. The moat truck and cows though. My frozen orb hits for 850 damage (16 shards x 850 dmg on detonate), fireball is around 13-14k, and meteor is like 28k. However, I am extremely worried about her solo viability in the 8-player Hell difficulty, especially if she switches out her FCR gears for MF gears for MF runs from time to time. Sorry its been like a decade since I played D2. Does take some decent ish gear tho. Ive always preferred Frozen Orb over Blizzard. Blizzard sorc, even with crap items the damage of blizzard is very good. To: isid0re/SoloLeveling ***@***. No access to countess runes is a major drawback. Orb seems better/more direct for questing, blizzard seems better for Baal/Cow farming. No reason at all not to take advantage as long as it works. Firewall is super strong in d2r with minimal skill investment, definitely the way to go for a fire skill, Orbwall for sure. Thanks, I've been running an orb/baller, never thought of using fire wall, Blizzard/firewall dude the other builds are bunk. Fast enemies can and will run through/around Blizzard while youre forced to tele away and wait for your cooldown to come back up while frozen orb would have damaged and perma-slowed all of them while covering 3-4 times the screenspace. What is the benefit of running Ancient Temple? Fire wall deals way more dmg than blizzard (used for all bosses) and frozen orb for clearing none cold immunes. Orb/Fireball for the win. Blizzard doesn't need any +skills to be able to put down Meph relatively fast. Ancient pledge from a5 with the quest Use static to lower the immunes life for merc to kill faster. I can drop hydras and spam fireballs all day. I also have 200 points in dex for armor and block rating because personally I feel that is more important since I already have max resist and over 1000 hp, so what's the point in having 1400hp and no chance to block anything ever?

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