nightmare hammerdin build

NM can drop higher than ilvl 40 depending on the zone so you have to constantly check that site I linked. 1 drop for everyone in game. Defence is the hammerdin's best friend. Stealth, honestly, is "OK" to get through nightmare. Also, remember charms that have life and resistance (as well as other useful mods) will help, too. When you reach 75% you usually need to put a point or two to get it back to 75% then the rest into Vitality. Its preferred with most builds that are Paladin because of how easy it is to achieve with Holy Shield. You can farm nm countess for the runes you need for spirit sword and shield. Lore can get you through the game, Harlequin Crest Shako would be the next upgrade. Even with my hammerdin, I use defiance merc over a chill one, mainly because I like to see my defense rise well into the thousands. These guys have the Holy Freeze aura which is an amazing defensive skill that will make everything easier. Ive gotta Str up to base 55 and have dumped the rest into Vit (currently level 62). cows until you get a +45 res pala shield that can get 4 sock (for spirit). Vitality is obviously the best stat, and it's obvious you are aware of it. Need higher res imo.

It also has a ton of other powerful mods obviously.

Finally, make sure to hire an act 2 merce from NIGHTMARE difficulty, and that it is a defensive merce. My hammerdin is destroying stuff now Resists and +skill items are key.

IM, be careful.

I've a lot of runes. Early on it doesnt matter at all.

Its preferred with most builds that are Paladin because of how easy it is to achieve with Holy Shield. I forgot to do the Andariel quest bug for Normal. I thought I wanted Insight on Merc for mana regen?

Trist>Tombs>Chaos and/or Baal. invest points in holy shield and use it 100% time.

My poor Hammerdin is still wearing gear from Normal. when we did Forge in Normal, it only cleared the quest for one of us. Max Block imo is something you care about post Enigma when your teleporting on top of enemies and is by no means required for survivability for MF / Clearing CS. People use Forge as a payment, and can also get scammed by people stealing their forge. It is unfair that we lose so much content in single player, while online is a cesspool. I think it is a Horodric Cube process, but maybe folks are talking about Charsi. Is this how it always goes, or should one of us leave game just before other finishes forge so we can get rewards for each of us? you already use a akaran shield, if it has good +res you can use a hel rune to get that diamonds out there and use the runeword spirit.

Even then, your dumb merce needs max resistance, and will benefit from +life and if possible damage reduction, or he will die quite often if he is underleveled. Maybe try and get a string of ears in nm. Every time Ive died in NM has been from being in a dungeon and running ahead, then enemies coming out of the darkness already surrounding me, being unable to run away or kill fast enough before they kill me really fast. 75% Chance of Blocking will stop 75% of physical attacks from hitting and makes Paladin very tanky along with the added bonus of also being able to use Auras. Youll be fine with 70 strength. Def 397, Life 1103, Mana 321. No point farming bosses for gear in Normal though correct? Going to farm Fara for those items while I wait on my coop buddy, Also so I farm Countess for runes and Baal for XP until about 40?

IIRC Cows give less XP than Baal runs?

I havent dumped any points into Dex. Yeah, Crystal Sword from the Cow level.

If you are not aware, Spirit weapon / shield will not only increase your Faster Cast Rate (so you can kill faster), but also your hit recovery, so you will be much more tanky. Factor in just enough lag so that you've run to a spot, spammed hammers, and they're passing right through your target without doing any damage oh how I don't miss Hammerdins. I've a Superior Akaran Targe with four perfect diamonds, STEALTH chain mail, Peasant Crown War Hat, Bloodfist Heavy Gloves, Dire Slippers Light Plated Boots, Raven Harness Plated Belt, Gull, and a Grand Scepter with +3 to Hammers I never use. Personally I wouldn't MF nm with a paladin. If it's really difficult, set players to 1. More people in the game increase the gems that drop I believe. When paladins start with something like 5 frames. JavaScript is disabled. You probably need to look into maxing out your Holy Shield, and while it is active look at your stat screen and hover over defense. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You really shouldnt need much more than decent res for nightmare.

When your level 85-90 and you have a Sacred Targe Spirit or Herald of Zak (1pt Smiter) and the available points for Holy Shield that is when youll have achievable max block rating in the range of 130 dex. Here are some of the things you are doing wrong: If you're struggling, why do you set players 8? you may have toruble in NM a4 though. lvl 25 cold aura with full synergies gives around 200-250 cold damage to your aura, which i'm sure would let you kill groups of cows in normal 1 player games, by just walking around. If its NM it probably doesnt matter as much to what monster dropped it, I think only champs/uniques/superuniques/bosses have fixed levels. No Lore yet. Ancients Pledge to put in 3os shield. Also, wear a smoke yourself. sin diablo skills tiger claw skill gamepedia Cows drop ilvl 28 so youre good.

I have a staggering Block of 13%. All those can be bought from Fara in Act 2. * Asking a higher level character to help clear areas may be better if their speed makes up for the level penalty.". Once you reach the right break points your paladin will be extremely tanky and fast to recover from anything. This is the furthest Ive ever made it with a non-rush character, want to beat the game the proper way with my first one and then Ill just rush alts. Other than that, I'm sure you got the hang of it by now, but the name of the game is to position yourself correctly to hit monsters with hammers. OH also, when we did Forge in Normal, it only cleared the quest for one of us, so we remade and did the quest again, got rewards both times. I thought I wanted Insight on Merc for mana regen?

Put 1 point into redemption aura for some mana and health heals. Piggybacking on this post, but with the Hammerdin build, is it preferred to get to 75% block chance? Alternatively, if you have a Lum rune, Smoke Is a phenomenal armor with very high resistance. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Llama said defense doesn't matter, but then he tends to run past a LOT of stuff. As you said put hammers on left click and conc on right. Just because you've seen streamers do it? Also is there somewhere that shows what level range is best for doing Cows, and what level range is best for doing Baal runs? What matters is where you found it when you look at this site:

Any tips for the Summonmancer gear/runewords before going into Hell? Ive gotta Str up to base 55 and have dumped the rest into Vit (currently level 62). smoke is a good budget armor for him, treachery has nice bonuses to resists too) you might want to go for maxblock dexterity wise, 75% of blocking an attack would help you stay alive, They're on vanilla single player, so Spirit isn't available. Str 80, Dex 81, Vit 300, Ene 40 (some item buffs there). Or try and find a viper. nightmare andy, until you get vipers and magefist.

Well best friend after the potential 15k kill-almost-anything hammers anyways. it has res too, the innate res from shield and runeword should give you a +80 to res and +2 skill) mephi and lower kurast chests/armor reckits (good for skill charms and armor bases for merc. Stay awhile and listen.

You can easily run Baal and other bosses on NM with Frost Zealot. I go through quite a bit of mana potions. If you re-star to MB, you should be able to progress through hell. Killed Andy Act 1 Nightmare, 4 deaths total through the act. Yeah, max block will help out loads in hell. I think just activating Holy Shield turns your block animation into like 2 frames(Which normally requires 86 FBR)? I can make slow progress if I am extremely careful but archers are too much. This is how the game works. A holy freeze merc is much less reliable for slowing enemies, as running through areas ALWAYS leaves him far behind, even with him teleporting by your side now and then. I farmed hoz, shako, and hot on my sorc. I get killed there several times, every run.

52% base block

Ouch 5% block it hurt to see that on a paladin lol, Quote (catwithspots @ Dec 18 2016 03:02pm), capping your fire res and light res is like the most important thing in pvm, This post was edited by CpTJenJen on Dec 18 2016 04:21pm, This post was edited by Retrovirus on Dec 18 2016 04:41pm. Dumping points into defiance is also a possibility. Plus I farmed for items more in Nightmare Difficulty.

This is the furthest Ive ever made it without being rushed. My Defense is low, apparently. Don't know if there is a respect I'm missing. Someone did mention some higher-level runes I'm sure I do not have. Hammerdin + Holy Freeze was a win for me. So Im in Act 4 NM now.

Otherwise, 3 is a good number, because the monsters will only be somewhat harder, but the number of drops will be increased significantly compared to 1. I think I will. Maybe I should upgrade my STEALTH armor. There is little reason to set players 8 - it's just for max XP. What are the standard runewords from normal? Any tips for the Summonmancer gear/runewords before going into Hell? Will I still want Lore before Hell or should I be having something else in the slot? Crystal sword can only get 4 sockets if it is 26-40 ilvl.

Ah k, thanks. I've opened Nihlathak's portal. You got Stealth you can put in a 2os body armor. Frustrating but why I dont do HC, at least not with such low knowledge of the game. Seems the things I was told to get (thanks, Llama) are reserved for ladder or PlugY, and I'm just on vanilla single player. It has a huge defense boost as well as block chance increase, which should be maxed for a paladin. I've heard if u max holy freeze and synergies, u can kill nm cows just running around true? Blizzard Sorc will destroy anything in nightmare far faster than any other build. The only things I personally believe you should strive for before progressing deep into Nightmare ( Act3 + ) is, Spirit Shield w/ Resistances [Aerin / Horadric are fine] its a cheap runeword so you dont need to worry about not having a 40 res Sacred Targe early on, Stealth Armor - Defense is not overly important but if you can snag a Mage Plate itll go a long way.

If you had 100 points in energy, or 200 strength, something crazy like that then I would think that would call for a respec.

Missing some stuff though, just have the runewords on chest and shield right now. Just spam hammers, and switch to Redemption aura to turn dead bodies into health and mana.

My poor Act 2 Nightmare mercenary is dying so often I've stopped resurrecting him. Max holy shield for sure. You absolutely need a few points in Holy Shield, which is actually the best defensive skill in the game. But you absolutely need a 4 socket paladin shield (with resistance) and the Spirit runeword, which is overpowered. I'm playing this right now actually. My hammers aren't slaughtering everything as in previous acts. You want your block rate to be 75%. I'm quite new to the game.

I know he has a couple right now but I forget what. Maybe I should be farming and leveling until I can get better gear. You will see games like rush 4 forge. Hammer is maxed, Concentration is Maxed, Blessed Aim is at 18, and Vigor is at 16 (?).

The problem I am having is a Hammerdin seems like a very powerful ranged attacker that gets hit You must log in or register to reply here.

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