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Annual training, Training compliance, CPTP training coordinator, New hire orientation, Training administration, Training development & delivery. . . Located on 3rd floor of LSU Athletics Administration Building. . Privacy Procedures for Distance Education, Exception to University Enrollment Regulations, LSU Ethics & Integrity Hotline(855) 501-4095, Louisiana Legislative Auditor Hotline(844) 503-7283, Radiation Safety Manual (October 19, 2021), Use of University Vehicles and Driver Safety. Check your email throughMicrosoft's Web App. These offices provide leadership, programming support and student advocacy, and help ensure that all services and programs are responsive to students' needs and aligned with strategic plan and core values of Southern University-Shreveport. . General HRM policies, Employee Relations, Title IX, ADA, EEO, Audits, Emergency rules, Telecommuting procedures, Faculty evaluations. . . Human Resources Manager Payroll/Benefits . . . . . . . Director of Center for Business & Community Develop. . 225-578-4161 An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. The LSU AgCenter and the LSU College of Agriculture, 101 Efferson Hall .

. . / . Louisiana Tech University, Campus Security & Safety Coordinator (Campus Security), Assistant Bursar (Finance); BS in Accounting - LSUS, Technical Coordinator (Communication and Performing Arts), B.A., Louisiana Tech University, Director of Testing Center and Prometric Test Center (Workforce Solutions); M.Ed., Boston College, Professional Instructor Workforce Medical Program Workforce Solutions, Accounting Supervisor (Finance Department), A.S., BPCC, Student Success Coordinator (Science, Nursing & Allied Health), M.A., Louisiana Tech University, Planning and Research Coordinator (Academic Affairs), A.A.S., BPCC, Project Coordinator (Communication and Performing Arts), A.A., BPCC; B.G.S., M.A., Louisiana Tech University, Administrative Assistant IV (Finance Department), Administrative Assistant III (Workforce Solutions); Bachelor of General Studies - Louisiana Tech University, Program Coordinator, Special Enrollment Initiatives Admissions. . . Our programs complement the learning that takes place in the classroom and enhance the overall educational experience of students. LSUS, M.Ed.

. Associate Communications Director (MBB), Communications Graduate Assistant (WBB, SB, FB), Communications Graduate Assistant (BSB, MG, WG), Communications Student Assistant (MT, MBB), Director of SEC Network Television Operations, Director of Broadcast Operations/Live Events, Producer of Broadcast Operations/Live Events, Assistant Director of Broadcast Operations, Assistant Director of Facilities & Grounds, Director of Radio Broadcasting / Voice of the Tigers, Assistant AD/Operations & Facility Services, Director of Game/Event Management (FB, Golf), Assistant Director of Operations (MBB, T&F, Special Events/Scheduling), Assistant Director of Operations (BVB, S&D, GYM, VB, Mike), Assistant Director of Operations (SB, SC), Athletics Operations Manager (Special Events & Parking), Director of Performance Nutrition, Olympic Sports, Associate Director of Performance Nutrition, Assistant Performance Dietitian (WBB, SC, S&D, VB), Graphic Design Coordinator - TAF, L Club, Gym, Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Mental Health, Coordinator of Student-Athlete Mental Health, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (BVB, SD), Strength and Conditioning Graduate Assistant (CH, TG), LSU Athletics, Louisiana State University, 2022. Location in Tiger Stadium (south) and Maravich Center (lower south entrance), South Stadium Productions - Creative Content, South Stadium Productions - Digital Media & Branding. . . . . . Instructor of Criminal Justice (SUNO), Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (SUNO Connect), Clinical Coordinator/Instructor Surgical Technology, Special Assistant to VC of Student Affairs & Enrollment and CFO, Clinical Coordinator for Respiratory Therapy, Assistant Professor Health & Physical Education, Student Success Specialist and Data Analyst, Records and Registration Coordinator/ VA Benefits, Director of Educational Opportunities Center, Social Media and Communications Strategist, Interim Clinical Coordinator of Dental Hygiene, Director of Surgical Technology/Dialysis/Sterile Processing, Online/Distance Education Technology Support Specialist/E-learning, Director of Facilties and Risk Management, Instructor of English (Developmental Courses), Director of Multicultural and International Student Affairs, Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of CWD, Director of Health Information Management, Deputy CIO Enterprise Sys./Inter. Located in the Cox Communications Academic Center on Field House Dr. . Human Resources Specialist Benefits Academic & unclassified employee processing, Sabbaticals, Honorifics & Professorships. 5429 Airline Highway Workers Comp, Employee Relations, Title IX, Classified positions & employees, EAP, Crisis Leave Pool, Classified performance evaluations, WAE monitoring. By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies and Privacy Statement., 106 Martin D. Woodin Hall

All rights reserved. .

Director of ITC, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Engineering, Prof.of Biomedical Scien./Dean of Liberal Arts, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration, Assistant Professor of Physics/Physical Science, Coordinator of Practical Nursing & Nursing Assistant Programs, Director of Williams Center for Undergraduate Achievement, Williams Center for Undergraduate Achievement, Associate V.C. . of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development, Didactic Instructor/Clinical Coord.

Associate AD / Sr. Woman Administrator, Associate AD/Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Associate AD/Marketing and Broadcast Operations, Director of Training and Leadership Development, Director Student-Athlete Professional Development, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (BSB), Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (MB), Director of Player Personnel and Influence, Assistant Director for Operations/Recruiting, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (WBB), Assistant Communications Director (WB, BVB), Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (TF, XC), Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers Coach, Associate Head Coach / Running Backs Coach, Special Teams Coordinator / Recruiting Coordinator, Run Game Coordinator / Defensive Line Coach, Passing Game Coordinator / Wide Receivers Coach, Director of Alumni Relations and High School Outreach, Director of Sports Medicine / Head Athletic Trainer (FB), Director of Athletic Training and Administration (FB), Director of Football Social Media and Branding, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (MG, WG, VB), Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (GYM, SWIM), Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (SC, WT), Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach (SB, MT), Assistant Communications Director (SB, VB), Associate Athletic Trainer (BVB) / Drug Prevention Coordinator, Athletic Insurance/Administrative Manager, Sr. . . . To find out more, please visit Southern University's Privacy Statement.

FMLA, Classified employee hiring, Time & Attendance monitoring, Absence partner, AAP plans, Awards, Reporting, Transient employees. . . LSU-S, Administrative Assistant IV (Academic Affairs), Program Support Coordinator Business; BS in Management and Administration - LSUS, Program Coordinator, Enrollment Initiatives Admissions, Associate Vice Chancellor of Instruction; M.A., Louisiana Tech, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor (Administration), A.A.S., BPCC, Coordinator (Student Services), A.G.S., A.A.S., BPCC; B.S., LSU-S, Administrative Assistant III (Purchasing), Assistant Director (Financial Aid), A.G.S., BPCC; B.S., Louisiana Tech University, Executive Director of Business Operations (Finance); BA - Texas Lutheran University; MS - Texas A&M University-Texarkana, Marketing & Brand Manager (Public Relations), B.F.A., LSU, Vice Chancellor (Student Services), M.Ed., LSU-S, Program Assistant (College Transition Programs), B.G.S., Louisiana Tech University, Training Coordinator Educational Technology; M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction - LSUS, Landscape and Grounds Manager (Physical Plant), Student Success Coach Enrollment Management; Master of Public Administration (MPA), Grand Canyon University; Master of Arts (MA), Grand Canyon University, Director (Cavalier Care Center), B.G.S., Louisiana Tech University, Library Assistant (Learning Commons), B.A., McNeese State University, Administrative Assistant III (Educational Technology); AGS - BPCC, Program Support Coordinator (Technology Engineering and Mathematics); A.A.S., BPCC; B.G.S., NSU, Administrative Assistant III (Campus Police Department), Workplace Literacy Instructor (College Transition Programs), A.S., LSUS, Director (Student Life), B.A., LSUS; M.A.,Northwestern State University, Administrative Coordinator III (Science and Allied Health), A.A.S., BPCC, Director of Student Success and Retention, Accounting Assistant (Finance); MBA - LSUS, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (SNAH); B.S., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Spanish HiSet Coordinator (College Transition Program), Program Coordinator (Science Nursing and Allied Health), B.S.MT., LA Tech, Dean (Business and Information Technology), B.S., LSU; M.B.A., LSUS, Student Services Support Coordinator; A.A.S., BPCC; B.G.S., Louisiana Tech, Program Manager (Veteran Educational Services - Veterans Resource Center), A.G.S., BPCC; B.I.S., LA Tech, Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement; JD, Louisiana State University; BA, Louisiana Tech University, Shop Manager CAMET (Workforce Solutions), Digital Marketing Specialist Public Relations, Assistant Director of College Transition Programs (College Transition Programs), B.A., M.Ed., LSUS, Spanish HiSET Coordinator (College Transition Program), Media Specialist (Student Life), A.S., BPCC, Director of College Transition Programs and Program for Successful Employment(Workforce Solutions), B.S., LSU-S, Financial Aid Advisor (Financial Aid), A.S., BPCC, Senior Programmer/Analyst (Computer Services and Institutional Research). . This website uses cookies to ensure site visitors get the best experience on our website. .

. Brand Guidelines, Located on First Floor of the LSU Athletics Administration Building. Privacy Policy . For personal assistance, call or email the appropriate staff member listed below. Penn State; M.A. Executive Deputy AD / Executive Director of External Relations, Deputy Athletics Director for Leadership and Strategy, Sr. Visit us on Instagram (opens in new window), Visit the Activities Calendar (opens in new window), Follow us on Facebook (opens in new window), Follow us on Twitter (opens in new window),, download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.

Keep upwith important dates andmanage your school year. . . . . Instructor of Health Information Technology, Executive Director, Institutional Advancement, Part-time Instructor for Sterile Processing. . Florida State; D.Mgt., University of Maryland University College, Telephone/Computer Technician Computer Services/Institutional Research, Budget and Reporting Accountant (Finance), Administrative Coordinator III (Institutional Advancement & Grants), B.S., LSU, Enrollment Advisor (Admissions/Registrar), B.S.P., LSUS, Senior Systems Analyst (Computer Services and Institutional Research), A.D., Tyler Jr. College, Administrative Coordinator III (Workforce Solutions), Support Coordinator for Enrollment Management Financial Aid, Production Coordinator (Communication and Performing Arts), B.S., Bowling Green State University, ELS Coordinator (College Transition Programs), B.S., LSU-S, Teach Professional Job Development Coach/TAACCT 4 (Technology Engineering and Mathematics), Program Support Coordinator Behavioral and Social Sciences, Pre-Employment Transition Manager (Program for Successful Employment), A.A.S., BPCC, Academic Planning Specialist (Academic Affairs), Program Director (BPCC@NSU), M.B.A., University of Phoenix, Library Assistant (Learning Resources), A.S., BPCC, Director of Facilities (Physical Plant), B.S., Louisiana Tech, Executive Director for Enrollment Management (Administration); MPA, Grambling State University; PhD, Jackson State University, Financial Aid Advisor (Financial Aid), A.A.S., BPCC, Administrative Coordinator III (Finance Department), Telephone/Computer Technician Computer Services, Director of Strategic Enrollment Enrollment Management; B.A., LSU-Shreveport; M.A., LSU-Shreveport, Vice Chancellor for External Affairs & Chief of Staff, B.A., M.A., LSUS; EdD., La Tech, Director Academic Outreach (Institutional Research and Grants); BA, University of Alabama; MA, University of Mobile, Financial Aid Student Loan Coordinator (Financial Aid), A.A.S., BPCC, Advancement Coordinator (Institutional Advancement); AAS - BPCC, Budget and Reporting Officer (Finance Department), B.S., NSU, Medical Program Manager (Workforce Solutions), Assistant Dean of Nursing (Science, Nursing, and Allied Health); Instructor (Science Nursing and Allied Health), M.S.N., Grambling State University, Director; Institutional Effectiveness Initiatives (Administration), M.A. . Administrative Coordinator III (Science, Nursing, and Allied Health), Program Coordinator Behavioral and Social Sciences; AGS - BPCC; B.A. .

Courses and classdiscussions for your learning experience. . . Professor of Human Anatomy & Physiology, Adjunct Instructor - Upward Bound Natchitoches, Administrative Coordinator 3 Circulations Desk, Adjunct Instructor of Psychology (SUNO Connect). . .

Southern University at Shreveport is committed to admitting a diverse population of students into the University, ensuring exceptional student service and administrative assistance during the application process while adhering to all university policies and procedures. . The LSU Agricultural Center is a statewide campus of the LSU System and provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. Copyright 2015 Louisiana State University Eunice. - LSUS, Head Coach - Men's Basketball (Athletics), Business Manager (Science, Nursing and Allied Health); Masters, LSUS, Enrollment Advisor (Admissions/Registrar), B.A., Louisiana Tech University, Associate Registrar (Admissions/Registrar), B.A.S., East Texas Baptist University, Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Planning, Budget, and Resources; M.A., Louisiana Tech University, Chief Information and Technology Officer (Computer Services), B.S., Louisiana Tech, Program Support Coordinator (Athletics), A.A.S., BPCC, Chancellor (Administration), Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, Program Coordinator (Communication and Performing Arts); BA, Centenary College of Louisiana, Student Success Coach, Enrollment Management; M.A., Northwestern State University, Resource Coordinator (Communication and Performing Arts), B.A., Centenary College of Louisiana, Administrative Coordinator III (Public Relations), Administrative Coordinator 2 (Computer Services and Institutional Research), Employment Specialist (Program for Successful Employment), A.G.S., BPCC, Bursar (Finance Department), B.S., Texas Tech; M.B.A., LSU-S, Tutor Center Manager (Learning Resources), M.A., ULM, Programmer/Analyst (Computer Services and Institutional Research), M.S., LSU-S, Administrative Coordinator IV (Career Services), A.A., BPCC, Disability Services Specialist (Student Services), B.A., Nanjing Normal University, Assessment Specialist (Academic Affairs), M.S., LSU-S, Coordinator for CAPP (Academic Planning), B.G.S., LSU-S; M.A.Ed. Terms of Service

. . . . .

Baton Rouge, LA 70805 LMS Support Technician Educational Technology; A.A.S. Email our help line at Human Resources Administrator . . Instructor of Criminal Justice-Dual Enrollmment, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Political Science, Adj. . . Baton Rouge, LA 70803. Workday security & process management, HRM Policies, Promotion & Tenure, Internal audits, data quality management. Tools and resourcesfor your knowledge development. . . . Employee onboarding, Insurance enrollments & changes, Employment verifications, Org charts, Tuition exemption, Immigration (J visas). / Not sure? Kathy G. Townsend AllRightsReserved. . . Dean of Enrollment Management (Admissions/Registrar), A.A., BPCC; B.B.A., ULM; M.B.A., LSU-S. Campus Support Coordinator (Academic Affairs), Instructional Technology Specialist (Canvas Administrator) (Educational Technology), Administrative Coordinator III (Communication and Performing Arts), Administrative Assistant III (Computer Services and Institutional Research), Program Support Coordinator (Liberal Arts); A.A. BPCC; B.A. Associate AD / Operations & Capital Projects, Sr. of Radiologic Technology, Director of Marketing and University Relations, Graphic Services and Multimedia Coordinator, Ad. . . This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software. . Academic & unclassified recruiting & hiring, Grad assistants & students, Immigration (H visas), WAE processing. . .

. Ad. . Employee benefits manager, Retirement, Annual enrollment, Retiree issues, Life Insurance claims. .

., Martha Johnson Located next to Mike the Tigers Habitat on N. Stadium Dr. The faculty and staff of SUSLA uphold the highest standards of excellence in education, many with national and international reputations for their teaching, scholarship, and service, and significant stature in their disciplines and professions. Baton Rouge, LA 70803 /

. Compliance Hotline | Medical Records Request Quicklinks, Human Resources Administration Staff Directory . . AmeriCorps Senior Foster Grandparent Volunteer Program, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics (SUBR Connect), Asst.
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