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We're here to help. When discovered, un-protected water uses, or protected outlets that are overdue for a test, must be corrected. When drinking water piping connects to various plumbing fixtures or water utilizing equipment across-connectionis created.

It is the most common backflow preventer and necessary to prevent any contaminant or pollutant from being siphoned or pushed back into the potable water supply. Customers who currently have backflow assemblies and those required by law to install them are assessed a monthly service fee to cover the cost of the Water District to maintain, test, and replace backflow prevention devices.

The Water District works with its customers to protect the drinking water supply from pollution and contamination caused by cross-connections and backflow. Industry experts recognize that WSSCWater Code Officials (Plan Reviewers and Inspectors), Design Engineers, Plumbing Installers and knowledgeable owners have done an exceptional job to ensure that the right form of backflow protection was specified, approved, and installed, over recent decades, for tens of thousands of cross-connections. Theyll install backflow preventers where its needed. This is due in part because the working components of a backflow assembly have a fairly short life expectancy and/or because sediment and debris can easily block their proper function. By federal, state and local requirements as well as the manufacturers product listing, annual testing is required to ensure the assembly is good working order. Theoperation, maintenance and periodic testing of the backflow prevention assembly will be theresponsibility of the consumer. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? This customer is hard tied to the PI only with no option to switch to the culinary supply without digging up and adding piping to connect that supply to the existing sprinklersystem. Under Maryland Law, only firms registered under a licensed Master Plumber can performPlumbing Serviceswhich includes the installation, repair and testing of backflow prevention assemblies. There are three general indicators of a backflow problem: During the research portion of the inspection, the commercial property inspector can ask questions that might reveal evidence of backflow. backflow Contact Us by email at:InspectionSupport@wsscwater.comor by phone:301-206-4004. Conditions that are likely to create abackflowevent are typically common, but unfavorable, hydraulic events that occur within the public or private segments of the water distribution system such as: an owner or worker draining down a house or building to make a plumbing repair; a broken water main or distribution pipe; severe/widespread power outages; fire fighters using large quantities of water to extinguish a fire, or; a water utilizing piece of equipment or process creating pressures greater than those present in water distribution system. And when this happens, backflow can contaminate the public drinking supply with: And thats where a backflow prevention system comes in handy. The good news is, protecting your home, family and drinking water is actually quite simple. See more below, for reporting, permitting, and licensing requirements. Just lift up that rock to see if theres a backflow device under it.

constitute approval for agricultural rates. Random sampling may not detect transient, localized bacterial contamination. In some cases, a commercial property may be exempt from the installation of a backflow preventer. The most common types are the pressure vacuum breaker, the reduced pressure and the atmospheric vacuum breaker. For example, backflow can happen when theres a break in the main water line or when a fire hydrant is opened for use. To enhance the database and ensure follow-up compliance, WSSC is asking its commercial and industrial water customers to complete a self inspection or self survey of all connections to the water system within their property. Note: if you are responsible for a cross-connection (whether un-protected, improperly protected, or out-of-date for service) and a backflow event occurs, you may be liable for the resultant sickness, death, or property damage. But what is backflow and how does it happen?

Details about service fees can be found in the Las Vegas Valley Water District Service Rules. Health effects. Some devices are required to be rebuilt or replaced every five years; while others are good for the life of the fixture they serve or until they visibly fail (leak externally). We have locations in Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando and Naples. The answer is: you need backflow prevention if you have a culinary water connection that may be used to supply a sprinkler system. Possible hazards to the public water supply can be created due to cross-connections in private plumbing. Abackflow preventer is a one-way appurtenance (an assembly of check valves or a vacuum breaker), that only allows water to flow in the desired direction and physically impedes reverse flow. When these unfavorable hydraulic events are occurring, contaminates can be back-siphoned into the drinking water due to negative pressures; or contaminates can back-pressured into the drinking water due to excessive pressure imposed by the water utilizing piece of equipment or process. These devices come in various types and sizes, from smaller ones suitable for home use to larger models for apartments, offices and other large buildings. Get started by calling 301-206-4001. If you're experiencing a water emergency, such as a broken water main, or a sewer emergency, report it using our mobile app, email theEmergency Services Center,or call us at 301-206-4002. Just contact us. Even if your irrigation system was installed without a backflow device, one can be installed now, to prevent the possibility of contamination. Backflow prevention program requirements typically include the following: Backflow preventers are excluded from the CCPIAs Standards of Practice, but a commercial building inspector should note whether one is present at the subject property. When backflow occurs with your irrigation system, it can result in pesticides and other chemicals to enter into your water line. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); I recently had IDL out to work view more, Spire Gas of course seriously view more, Copyright 2018 IDL Company | Privacy Policy1001 Industrial Drive | Pleasant Hill, MO 64080, Why You Need to Install a Backflow Preventer on Your Lawn Sprinkler System, If you are unsure of if your irrigation system has a backflow preventer installed, then it is a good idea to have the professionals inspect the system. Have more backflow questions and need a plumber? WSSCWater is systematically resetting all annual test due dates to May 1. Backflow preventers are commonly placed at each cross-connection point found within the plumbing systems of apartments, condominiums, food establishments, and most public and commercial places. Some people install a cage or a fake rock over the device to protect or camouflage it thats perfectly all right. If this occurs, you may wind up drinking the fertilizer you use outside. Think of it as a one-way gate that allows water from the citys public water supply to flow into your homes piping but stops water if and when it ever tries to flow backwards into the main water supply. So around the home and office, for the most part, standard plumbing fixtures do not present a hazardous condition. While you may not hear about the situation often, backflow issues do occur from time to time. 2022 Plumbing Today | License: Plumbing #CFC1428793, having a plumber inspect your homes water system. Water naturally wants to move from an area with high pressure to an area of lower pressure. Its essential for the health of the buildings occupants and customers. Homeowners can replace these devices without permit or inspection. The chamber is maintained at a pressure that is lower than the water supply pressure, but high enough to be useful downstream. You may also want to talk to your client about expanding the inspections scope of work to include a thorough evaluation of its installation because a backflow preventer is vital for protecting the health of the buildings occupants and customers. Backflow occurs when water that has already entered a facility flows back into the public water system. Still confused? is responsible for inspecting existing buildings for un-protected or improperly protected cross-connections. Because pressure is lost during these events, water is no longer being pushed forward into your home and will flow backwards into the city water lines. an annual test of the backflow preventer by a certified backflow prevention tester. The type of backflow preventer installed will be in line with the degree of hazards present at the premises. They do not have a sprinkler system, or any outdoor watering system at all, so they do not need backflow prevention. The following is presented to provide a general explanation on the subject of backflow prevention. That way, regardless of what happens inside the customer's property or what changes are made to private plumbing, the public water supply is protected. For a comprehensive look at selection criteria please visitin the WSSCWaterPlumbing and Fuel Gas Code. Even if the Dual User only uses PI and has never switched to the culinary, as long as they have the ability to switch, they MUST have a backflow preventer. Backflow Prevention Devices are generally required on the less hazardous cross-connection applications, see below. Thesurveymay be completed by a knowledgeable representative of the owner or tenant or by a licensed plumber who has a current cross-connection certification. Just contact us. Backflow Prevention Assemblies are generally required on the more hazardous cross connection applications, see below.

Note: The installation of a backflow prevention assembly does not automatically. Toilet fill valves, clothes washers, dishwashers, and refrigerator/ice makers also employ some type of built-in air gap as their method of protection. In the U.S. there have been several cases of injury, illness and even death that have resulted from the backflow of hazardous and toxic substances. Even though plumbing code provisions may be rigidly enforced on new construction, experience has shown that "on-site" modifications and alterations of private plumbing are common. Double-check valves (DCV; also called double-check assemblies or DCAs) are a good choice for underground or indoor installations. Backflow prevention assemblies are required by law for many types of buildings and plumbing systems.

Dripping water is a sign that there is some kind of failure in the device, and it will need to be repaired as soon as possible. A backflow preventer is a device thats installed on your homes water pipes that allows water to flow in one direction but never in the opposite direction. Even so, its often after people get sick that backflow is considered a potential cause, which means the initial incident went undetected.

It is a good idea to get to know the rules and regulations for your area to ensure you meet the requirements.

The program also utilizes a strong administrative support staff to maintain our database, send reminder notices, and administer our self-survey program, more below. Answer: Yes, they should have a small device on their exterior faucet. If a tag isnt present, note this in your inspection report. Well send out a plumber to inspect your system and provide the solutions needed to keep your drinking water safe from contamination. However, it is still a good idea to have one installed. Backflow Preventer The team from The IDL Company can help ensure your irrigation system is working properly and that no issues with backflow will occur. If that is the case, they can buy a hose bib vacuum breaker (see picture), available at most plumbing supply and hardware stores, and install it they are easy to install. Two valves (one before and one after the RPZD) are provided to allow for testing and repair. Federal, state and underwriting authoritiesmandatethat water purveyors, like WSSCWater, follow-up on cross-connections and backflow prevention, in addition to initial construction efforts. It can be difficult to connect backflow incidents to an illness outbreak or chronic health problems. The Culinary Only user who doesnt have PI available in their area is still required to have backflow protection. A backflow preventer is required to be installed at most commercial properties. The Culinary Only customer is hard tied to the culinary, while the Dual User can switch back and forth from culinary to PI through a swing connection.

A thorough evaluation of the system could include hiring a certified backflow inspector, or contacting your local regulating governmental office. Both of these customers have the ability to use culinary water through all or part (e.g., flower beds) of their sprinklers. the un-obstructed vertical distance between a water outlet and the flood rim level of a potential source of contamination; the air gap shall not be less than twice the diameter of the water outlet and never less than one (1) inch. Culinary and irrigation meter boxes are not designed to be set in concrete.

The tag is a record of the date of the last inspection of the system and the name of the person who performed it. expense, a licensed plumber to install an approved backflow prevention assembly.

Dont worry, well answer all these questions and more.

Since it is an old house, an older faucet may not have backflow prevention built in. However, they can backflow and result in contaminated water entering into your homes supply of drinking water if a backflow preventer is not installed. The fix is a simple one: a backflow prevention device. is the undesired reverse flow of contaminants into the potable water from an end-use hazard and is typically driven by common, but unfavorable, hydraulic events in either the public or private water distribution system. Backflow and cross-connections can cause unpleasant smells and potentially even illness. In general, these applications cannot utilize theair gapmethod of protection because the equipment or process requires adirect connectionin order to utilize the dynamic pressure and flow that already exists within the water distribution system. Have you or any other occupants noticed a change in the waters color, taste, or smell? The Old House family lives in a historic home with a small lot. See contact information below.

Meter Box Notice: Call them today to learn more. Rationale:Backflow assemblies that have been de-pressurized, removed or winterized in-place are at the greatest risk of failure because they were subjected to no-flow, no-pressure conditions. The installation will have to be inspected and approved by theDepartment of Water Supply. If your client is a tenant and you need more information about the backflow prevention system, contact the property owner or manager. Nevada state code has, since the 1990s, required builders to install the devices in new commercial properties. Direct Connection This could be localized to a certain fixture or area in the building. Modern plumbing fixtures generally have built-in backflow protection. Plumbing Services A consumer who meets any of the following conditions is required to install a backflowprevention assembly. Backflow preventers, also known as backflow devices and assemblies, are installed to prevent backflow, which can contaminate the potable water supply. Note: testing is only required once per year, but from this point forward, it should be done in the spring, before May 1. Upon completion of a test on a testable assembly, registered cross-connection technicians are required to electronically submit their reports, to WSSC Water, within 5 business days. This can occur in pressurized systems, such as boilers, chemical feed pumps, elevated tanks, recirculating systems, or in a pump used to increase water pressure within the buildings plumbing system to reach a higher floor. Call us at 301-206-4003 for more information. Some pressure vacuum breakers also offer built-in freeze protection; however, this only protects the PVB assembly. Heres the most important thing to take away: If you have any questions about whether you need a backflow prevention device, how to get one, or anything about backflow, please contact Paige Wolfe, our backflow prevention expert, at 801-571-2232, Click here to apply for rebates and programs, Click here for Landscape Leadership Grants, Learn how to make your landscape drought resilient at, Are you within WaterPros service boundary, Public Service Commission of Utah Settlement Stipulation, Public hearing for culinary water rate increase to be held August 4. Or they could replace an old faucet with a new one with integrated backflow prevention.

The following is a quick view of applications that require either a testable or non-testable backflow preventer. A cross-connection is a point in a plumbing system where the drinking water supply is or could be directly connected to non-drinking water.

The pool and irrigation firms may be able to procure the most favorable pricing due to the ability to deal in volume with plumbing services firms. However, additional protections are needed for household items such as: hand held shower heads; hose bibbs; lawn irrigation; and boilers. Here are a few reasons why backflow can go undetected: An air gap is a nonmechanical approach to backflow prevention. This device, which is also referred to as an air gap, will stop water from moving back into the water supply line. Compliance may also help in reducing your liability. Then inspections commenced on a priority based matrix, where the highest priority was given to commercial properties, containing the highest degree of hazards, coupled with an assessment of their hydraulic vulnerability. Does the irrigator need backflow protection? The issue of back-siphonage may result if the water pressure in the line is reduced, when there is a broken water line if a large amount of water is being used, like what is needed for fighting fires. All rights reserved |, International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties. But sometimes, due to pressure changes in the pipes, that water can actually flow backwards and seep back into the main water supply line. 2022 Department of Water Supply, County of Hawai'i. and how it might happen.

WSSCWater has validated their licensing credentials, but does not endorse these firms; you are free to choose any licensed firm. However, conventional pressure-monitoring equipment may not pick up reduced pressure, particularly if its localized. Information from electronically submitted test reports is directly uploaded to this database. By Maryland Law, and subsequently by WSSC Water Plumbing Code, Backflow Techs must be registered as, at minimum, a Journeyman Plumber and also have completed a WSSCWater Approved 32-hour certification course for Cross-Connection Technicians (and recertify every 3 years). It creates a physical separation between the water supply pipe and the vessel. If you are a property or building owner, please have the survey completed for the backflow assemblies under your ownership and control. Taking these extra measures will ensure that the system is properly maintained in accordance with the states and local municipalitys requirements. Four test cocks are installed to allow the inspector to verify proper operation of the valve with a differential pressure meter. WSSC Water maintains a database of annually tested backflow preventers. However, its important for the commercial property inspector to be able to identify common devices and assemblies in order to accurately note them in the commercial property inspection report. The replacement of an existing backflow assembly, in kind and location, requires a short form permit and inspection. This typically applies to irrigation systems, pools, pool houses, summer/beach houses, campgrounds, park restrooms, amusement rides, etc. There are two basic types of backflow preventers: testable and non-testable. Also, reduced pressure is often due to line breaks or flushing and, therefore, not immediately treated as an incident worthy of investigation.

So if the sink or tub is full of dirty water or worse, backed-up sewage, there is no possible way for backflow because of theair gapcreated by the elevated spout. Alternatively, you can hire a specialty consultant. Backflow prevention systems are devices installed onto a pipe that only allow water to flow in one direction. premises, which may contain contaminants or pollutants, into the public water system. Inlet and outlet pipes can still freeze if the system isnt properly winterized. Lets look at some examples. A Backflow prevention assembly prevents the undesirable return of water from the consumerpremises, which may contain contaminants or pollutants, into the public water system.

The Condo Couple lives in a condominium in a multi-unit building. Since 2010, WSSCWater has increased its efforts in this area.

In fact, take a look at Chapter 5 in its entirety; it is all about Cross-Connection Control. They have culinary water service for which they are billed individually, but no connection to WaterPros pressure irrigation (PI) system because they have no lawn, just a few plants on their balcony that they water by hand. Backflow preventer valves for home irrigation systems. These cross-connection hazards may be found in complex mechanical systems or caused by something as simple as a submerged garden hose. Also referred to as Backflow Prevention Devices; Backflow Devices; Non-Testable Devices; or simply Devices. Backflow prevention is required by Federal (Safe Drinking Water Act), State of Hawaii (WaterSystem Standards) and County of Hawaii Department of Water Supply (Rules and Regulations)to protect the public water system from contamination. Therefore, cross-connection technicians have to be performing their duties under the direction of a registered plumbing services firm. The installation will have to be inspected and approved by the, for inspection and approval once the backflow prevention assembly has been installed or should. In most cases the only practical way to ensure protection is to install a backflow prevention assembly at the point of service. However, perpetual maintenance is equally as important. Although water contamination is often evident through taste, smell, or discoloration, sometimes its far less noticeable. Please contact personnel at the Cross-Connection Control section, phone number (808) 961-8670,for inspection and approval once the backflow prevention assembly has been installed or shouldyou have any questions. If improperly protected, contamination can result when abackflowevent occurs; allowing contaminates to reverse flow from the fixture/equipment back into the drinking water piping. Any residential facility having any of the above or other potential hazards (ex. A test of the system may also be required if the system is repaired, replaced, or relocated. Newer homes may have built-in backflow preventers on certain water lines but in order to know for sure whether your home has proper backflow preventers set up, we suggest having a plumber inspect your homes water system. Numbered forms can only be purchased by registered plumbing services firms.

To start, lets look at exactly how contamination can happen. All Rights Reserved. A double-check valve is designed for use in non-health hazard cross-connections and continuous pressure applications subject to back-pressure or back-siphonage incidents, such as lawn sprinklers, fire sprinkler lines, commercial pools, tanks and vats, and food cookers. Not sure whether or not you have a backflow prevention device installed? a plumbing permit for the initial installation, relocation or replacement of backflow preventers; an annual inspection of the backflow preventer by a certified backflow prevention inspector. Therefore, state regulations and local municipalities require backflow preventers to be installed in most types of commercial properties. For instance, a faucet spout terminates above the flood rim level of the sink or tub. The following link is a list of approved service providerswho have declared they provide this specialty line of services. to protect the public water system from contamination. Hint for owners:for pools and irrigation systems, make the testing part of your spring start-up contract. If the property has a backflow preventer, an inspection tag should be attached to the device or assembly. In addition, the database can determine when backflow assemblies are out-of-date for testing and generate reminder notices. The first time installation of a new testable backflow assembly or relocation of an existing testable assembly requires a long form permit and inspection. means to install, maintain, extend, alter, or remove piping, a plumbing fixture, a plumbing appliance, a plumbing appurtenance, or other plumbing apparatus within a building or on-property where such plumbing is connected to a public or private sewerage system or connected to a private or public water system. These devices require tagging to identify the installation and/or expiration date. In addition, water may not be tested frequently enough to identify a backflow problem. Permit Services is open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-4 p.m. (closed Noon-1 p.m.) except Wednesdays, 7 a.m.-Noon. There are two main ways backflow can occur: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds local water suppliers responsible for maintaining a certain level of purity in the potable water supply. Or are you a Sarasota resident without an irrigation system or well? Air Gap Eligible residential customers may request a pay planor learn more about all of the financial assistance resources. If the sprinkler system is not installed properly, then backflow may occur because there is excessive amounts of back-pressure coming from the pump. A backflow prevention device typically extends above ground, although those installed before 2006 may be in a sprinkler box in the ground. WSSC Water needs your help to catch-up on years of non-reporting and a general lack of follow-up compliance (testing). For example, in an interview or pre-inspection questionnaire with the person(s) with the most knowledge (typically, the buildings owner, manager, or your client), ask: If the answer to any of these questions is yes, recommend water testing of the buildings system by a qualified professional. Testing of backflow assemblies shall be performed in the spring when system start-up/reactivation occurs. The reduction in water pressure draws water from the private water system to the public water system. A consumer who is required to have a backflow prevention assembly needs to hire, at theirexpense, a licensed plumber to install an approved backflow prevention assembly. The, operation, maintenance and periodic testing of the backflow prevention assembly will be the, responsibility of the consumer. Go to, Explaining Cross-Connections, Backflow Prevention, & Safe Drinking Water, Cross-Connection Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Commercial and Industrial Water Customers, Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Special Wastewater Discharge Requirements, Codes, Standards, Policies and Procedures, List of Approved WSSC Licensed Plumbing Firms, Irrigation, in ground (All Homes & Businesses), ASSE 1012 Dual Check Valve; with Atmospheric Vent, ASSE 1022 Dual Check Valve; with Atmospheric Vent for Carbonated Beverage Dispenser. A DCA consists of an inlet shutoff valve, two independently operating spring-loaded check valves (usually inside a single valve body), four test cocks, and an outlet shutoff valve. Sampling and monitoring. Which of these customers needs backflow prevention? Click here to apply for rebates and programs, Click here for Landscape Leadership Grants available to Builders/ Developers/ HOA/ Institutions/ Commercial, Get the Weekly Lawn Watering Guide from Conserve Water Utah, Learn how to make your landscape drought resilient at Backflow preventers can be complex and are best thoroughly inspected by a plumbing professional or a certified backflow prevention inspector.

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