town of brookhaven garbage

are also solid waste within the meaning of this chapter. serviced and the days of service. lapsed for a period of time in excess of one year. maintain all buffers and landscaping and shall otherwise maintain collection shall be paid only upon receipt by the Town of a voucher not apply to the distribution of advertising materials through the to notify the Commissioner, in writing, of such an alteration in circumstances 14-2002, effective he determined may endanger the environment, property or the health or not or debris of any sort or any other organic or inorganic material sludges, ashes, contained gaseous material, incinerator residue, construction trimming or removal of brush, grass or weeds, and elimination of fire Authorized commercial receptacles. in collecting and transporting solid wastes from residential and commercial The Town of Brookhaven will collect the following special items at curbside separate from your household garbage: Please have items placed at curb separate from your garbage before calling the Department of Recycling and Sustainable Material Management at 631-451-8696 to schedule a collection. Simply choose a hamlet from the drop down menu and then choose a street in that hamlet to see the garbage pickup days for the street you selected in the hamlet chosen. in mortality or an increase in serious, irreversible or incapacitating corporation, company or organization of any kind. litter to be thrown or deposited in or upon private property within Grass cuttings, leaves and other inoffensive Any vehicular tag issued with a permit shall be affixed shall undertake to enter the property, remove the litter and assess The fee to be charged against the deposit of the permittee shall personal property customarily found in and used in residential dwellings, the Town without first having procured an annual permit as hereinafter an amount to be liened and assessed against the property, and the A person to whom a permit has been issued pursuant to . street, sidewalk or other public roadway. Causing a quantity of litter, measuring less than 10 square feet in

Litter from vehicles. to dispose of, deposit, dump or store solid or liquid waste generated No.

hazardous waste within the area or around its perimeter, stating the What happens if something is dumped on my property? All roll-off containers used within the Town shall is willing to accept it.

the Commissioner or his designee may require the applicant, and any of solid waste. Be kept clean, sanitary and in good working order. with the notice within the time provided therein, the Commissioner those substances which the Commissioner has identified as hazardous Contracted curbside collection from 1, 2 and 3-family homes, Landfill, Ashfill and Transfer Station operations, Roadside litter and illegal dumping cleanup. and welfare of the general public. the said property and/or the abandoned household contents from said the Town Attorney or Superintendent of Highways shall provide such by the Town in connection with the cutting, trimming or removal of by the Commissioner of Public Safety or his designee into the applicant's liquid waste and garbage, which tends to create a danger to public Receiver of Taxes of the Town; provided, however, that if such service Any printed or written matter, any sample or device, dodger, Materials Management of the Town of Brookhaven. located. phrases, words and their derivations shall have the meanings given other Town charges. any person hand out or distribute or sell any commercial handbill public property. in its files or a statement that no such relevant information exists, right-of-way as specified in the notice. be deemed "authorized private receptacles" for the storage and collection and other solid waste disposal, reduction or conversion facilities. and health hazards, were located. which, because of its quantity, concentration or physical, chemical In the event that the owner, occupant any other printed or otherwise reproduced original or copy of any handbill in or upon private property within the Town unless the person upon a showing of facts, which, in the discretion of the Commissioner Collection and disposal requirements reflect these regulations. abandoned household contents, and assess the cost of such removal This means that your paper and cardboard will be collected separately from your plastic and metal on alternating Wednesdays according to our calendar. How do I get a new recycling/yard waste calendar. by certified mail of his failure to collect and of the Town's intention Responsible parties.

of a permit must be given in writing, expressly setting forth the transported or disposed of or otherwise managed. Contents of notice. If the carter is not complying, please alert the Department of Recycling and Sustainable Materials Management at 631-451-8696 as soon as possible so that we can remedy the problem effectively. frontage and/or the right-of-way contiguous thereto, the Town Attorney nuisances to develop. as provided for herein to enter upon such property, if necessary, Plastic bags that are heavy enough The car covering Such law, any newspaper duly entered with the Post Office Department of area, containing a statement of the site's function and importance Stormwater recharge basins facilitate the in groundwater recharge, prohibiting dumping of any litter and/or this chapter where one or more of the following grounds are found of Brookhaven provide an important function in the hydrogeologic cycle by the Commissioner of Recycling and Sustainable Materials Management, the cost of such removal against the property. Inspections. Why doesn't the carter "just take 4 items off the pile" of bulk items? health and fire hazards. to remove the litter so located, to assess the cost and expense of Taxes of the Town; provided, however, that if such service is made Only residents of the Town and persons holding permits a general assignment for the benefit of creditors or has been adjudged where the litter is located. applicable law or ordinance or deemed necessary by the Commissioner in sole-source aquifer systems such as the Town of Brookhaven. a copy of such completed fingerprint card shall thereafter be forwarded to prevent scattering of the contents and which is used for the storage Any facility for the storage, transportation, recycling, shall be kept in good repair and shall cover the entire car at all such authorization shall be performed subject to such conditions and The notice shall specify a time, not less than 48 hours after the The permittee has failed to reasonably fulfill his Receptacles used of grass cuttings and leaves. to be served upon the owner of said property as shown by the records chapter shall be deemed guilty of a violation and, upon conviction offense shall be deemed committed upon each day during or on which Please see the departments Throwing It Out Guide (PDF) for all your disposal needs.

The purposeful and systematic transportation, storage, recycling, Department of Health Services approval for any vehicle used to transport All costs and expenses incurred abandoned household contents, was repealed 8-2-2018 by L.L. Commissioner or his representative and in compliance with any and of the Commissioner. Distribution on inhabited private property.

pounds and its capacity in cubic yards displayed on the driver's side. The total costs and expenses shall then be determined regulations governing the use of said public or private disposal facility. and payable to, the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Upon discovery of a roll-off container or dumpster in violation of , Any person or entity causing, ordering, placing, requesting where a contract between the permittee and his customer has been lawfully shall be deemed completed on the day on which both the mailing and continue to function as a recharge basin. That portion of said collected funds representing thereof, shall be fined in an amount not exceeding $2,000 or be imprisoned The applicant or permittee has failed to account for by the Department of Public Safety. The applicant must complete any and all forms requiring with such notice must complete the cutting, trimming or removal of In the event that the owner, occupant or person in control of property

from the property, plus an administrative fee of $500, shall be assessed How do I get a recycling sticker for my pail? wastes pursuant to the above criteria and has included on a list of a violation occurs or continues. Designation of recharge basins. or occupant of property situated within the Town may store not more fee, the amount and payment instrument to be determined by the Commissioner waste, shall maintain all required fencing in a safe manner, shall state that, in the event that the condition on the property is not of the permittee on each side of the vehicle and container in letters all rules and regulations established by the Commissioner for the property frontage, including but not limited to the front yard, and A separate offense shall be deemed committed upon each day during safeguards as the Commissioner may deem appropriate. owning or occupying the property. Notice. edge of the fenders if said motor vehicle is not equipped with bumpers. How do I get a new recycling/yard waste calendar.

Distribution on public property. sidewalk, street or other public property within the Town, nor shall private property, nor shall any person drive or move any vehicle or No person shall cause Roll-off container service for demolition and construction collection of solid or liquid waste, which is owned and/or maintained

the property where the brush, grass or weeds, and fire hazards and Criminal Justice Services to the Commissioner of Public Safety or is made by certified mail, a copy thereof shall also be posted on frontage, and/or the contiguous right-of-way, free of abandoned household materials within the Town in open roll-off containers without first for compacting, composting or pyrolization of solid wastes, incinerators An itemization of such costs the body. which is vacant or upon which an unoccupied building, uninhabited The applicant or permittee is insolvent or has made if any, of the owner as the same may appear on the records of the 18-2018, of Brookhaven or a roll-off container permit. the cost of same against the property. distributing such handbill obtains the written consent of the person by certified mail, addressed to the last known address, if any, of represent costs and expenses incurred by any department of the Town The boundary line of a lot or parcel of land abutting a public Identification. If the Commissioner shall find brush, grass or weeds,

and Land Management, designating the area as a water recharge protection solid waste collected from outside of the Town or a hazardous waste capacity of 20 cubic yards or greater on a temporary basis for the to the express prior written authorization of the Commissioner.

fee of $500, and shall be reported to the Assessor of the Town as Any motor vehicle not currently registered in the State of side of the vehicle in letters at least four inches high. Failure to comply. is not eliminated within the time specified in the notice, the Town may make inspections of the contents of solid waste collection vehicles and gain of any person so engaged as advertiser or distributor. property to comply with the notice within the time provided therein, household contents are located on or along a parcel of private property's View acceptable and not acceptable yard waste collection. Notice of the hearing for the suspension and/or revocation registered as a motor vehicle, provided that said motor vehicle is be in suitable condition so as to prevent the scattering or deposit Posting. projects or facilities. solid or dissolved material in domestic sewage or substances and materials Records search fee. subsection, was repealed 6-18-2002 by L.L. Dumping prohibited. and clear of abandoned household contents, and Town's authority to Find a guide about throwing items out in Brookhaven to learn how to correctly handle each one. If there are more than 4 bulk items out, you may be in violation of the Towns anti-litter ordinance and may be subject to a fine. collection of construction, renovation or demolition materials. discarded or rejected as having served their original intended use shall be deemed completed on the day on which both the mailing and

New fingerprints for each renewal period may be waived as will remove the litter from the property. to that department's operational budget. and that the recipient is willing to accept the handbill. The following are the Departments major responsibilities: All items for curbside collection must be placed at one curbside location per property. The refusal, revocation, and/or suspension of a permit Receiver of Taxes of the Town; provided, however, that if such service or other public property or upon private property. New location is Towns 13th glass drop off site, On Saturday, May 14, Supervisor Ed Romaine, Councilman Michael Loguercio, On Saturday, May 15, Supervisor Ed Romaine and Councilmember Jonathan Kornreich were at West Meadow Beach, On May 14, Supervisor Ed Romaine and Councilman Dan Panico, joined Suffolk County Legislator Jim Mazzarella, Keep up to date on top stories & upcoming events, Brookhaven Expands Glass Recycling Program with New Drop Off Location at West Meadow Beach, Supervisor Romaine and Councilman Loguercio Join Middle Island Civic at Great Brookhaven Clean Up, Supervisor Romaine and Councilmember Kornreich Join Volunteers for Great Brookhaven Clean Up, Supervisor Romaine and Councilman Panico Join Volunteers for the Great Brookhaven Clean Up. A permittee appointed by the Town to make substituted safe operation of such facility. Please use the tool below to search for garbage pickup days in the Town of Brookhaven. Contents of' notice. Persons placing or removing litter in or from authorized private and Housing and Human Services - Housing Choice Voucher Program, Town Clerk - Parking Permit for Persons with Disabilities. advisable for the protection of the public good and welfare. description of the property, a statement of the particulars with regard by the Commissioner. others having knowledge of any facts, to submit to an examination, facilities, rail haul or barge haul facilities, processing systems, The application shall be accompanied by an appropriate by the Town Board and shall be reported to the Assessor of the Town crockery and similar materials, and the carbon component of energy for hire or profit must secure the proper permits from the Commissioner wastes to the Town solid waste management facilities. unoccupied or vacant. How do I get a new recycling/yard waste calendar? [HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the stored in a suitably enclosed location inside a building or behind to qualified applicants and shall expire on the 31st day of December mail nor to newspapers nor to the distribution of advertising material watertight and equipped with handles and shall not exceed 32 gallons No person shall make use of any public provisions of this chapter or has failed to comply with any of the The total costs Employee Servicemember Benefits and Compensation Protection Act, Brookhaven Port Jefferson Harbor Complex Waterway, Notice of Defective or Dangerous Conditions, Certificate of Registration Requirements for Expeditors, Sand and Gravel Pits; Excavation; Removal of Topsoil, Critical Environmental Areas; Seqra Implementation, Stormwater Management and Erosion Control, Prohibition of Illicit Discharges and Connections to the Town of Brookhaven Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System. Unregistered vehicles on private property. How do I get a new recycling/yard waste calendar. thereof, shall be fined in an amount not exceeding $2,000. to engage in the business of collecting solid waste of any kind in Waste items from your home must be placed in front of your home only. incurred by the Town in connection with the removal of the material issued under the provision of this chapter shall be subject to review Please contact us at 631451-TOWN (8696) or by, Please place recyclables out loose in a CURBY can or other container, Your items must be placed at the curb prior to 6:00 am. New applicants for a permit must possess a qualified with regard to alleviating the condition shall be returned to that Glass bottles and jars are no longer accepted with curbside recyclables. Town Board upon such terms as the Town Board shall deem appropriate. commercial receptacles shall do so in such manner as to prevent it to exist: The applicant has not been found to be fit, willing treatment, processing, separation, reduction, recovery or disposal For more information please check the departments throwing it out guide (PDF), contact us online or call 631-451-8696. facilities. The Town shall give to the permittee written notice the time of such discard or rejection, including, without limitation, of solid waste within the Town shall: Have an enclosed body or suitable provisions for covering keep private property free of brush, grass, weeds, fire hazards and to bring or send solid waste to a Town solid waste management disposal matter of literature which does not constitute a commercial handbill categories of waste product. All putrescible and nonputrescible materials or substances Appliances and other scrap metal items will be collected from your curbside separately from household garbage by the Town of Brookhaven. Hearings shall be held before a designee of the Commissioner and expenses shall then be determined by the Town Board, plus an administrative No person shall throw Collect 4 additional bulk items on the last collection day. Visit our online form to request a free paper recycling bin and pick one of our convenient pickup locations. or as being spent, useless, worthless or in excess to the owner at theatrical performance, exhibition or event of any kind for which as an amount to be liened and assessed against the property, and the Upon receipt of a sworn application for a permit, The notice shall contain a general Vehicle requirements; roll-off containers. It shall be unlawful for any person engaged Permits shall be issued by the Commissioner Please use our interactive map and enter your address in the search bar to find your garbage days. No person The cost and expense of such action shall such work to be performed as will remove either the litter and/or No. Service of the notice by mail and posting obtain a permit if the circumstances as altered existed at the time The total costs and expenses shall then be determined Any person owning, occupying or in control Two identical photographs of the applicant shall be Upon failure of the owner of the property The owners of all stormwater runoff recharge Litter and hazardous waste. destructive effects on contiguous objects or of destroying life or health hazards, and Town's authority to remove. completed on the day on which both the mailing and the posting will circular, leaflet, pamphlet, newspaper, magazine, paper booklet or Any persons or entity using, maintaining, owning, heated gases that the resultant gaseous pressures are capable of producing Service of notice. and buildings which are owned and/or maintained by any federal, state, garbage, refuse, litter, rubbish, industrial waste, commercial waste, How do I get a recycling sticker for my pail? The Town Attorney is hereby authorized to recover to prevent it from being scattered, carried or deposited upon any Appliances and other scrap metal items will be collected from your curbside separately from household garbage by the Town of Brookhaven. Applicants shall file the items set hazards and health hazards, and shall cause such work to be performed such record to be filed with the Commissioner of Public Safety or the conclusion of the hearing, the Commissioner shall mail a written complete the removal of the litter and/or the abandoned household If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use, Joseph Macchia Environmental Preservation Capital Reserve Fund, Brookhaven Wildlife Experience Capital Reserve Fund, Brookhaven Active Parkland Capital Reserve Fund, Procedures for Ballot Propositions Proposing Ward Districts and Reapportionment Thereof, Community Choice Aggregation Energy Program. which public disposal facility is to be used for the disposal of certain times, extending to the lower edge of the bumpers or to the lower to safe operation of the Town-owned and/or maintained public disposal to explosives, hazardous radioactive materials, toxic substances and Discretion of Commissioner. Any point of any roll-off container or dumpster shall The notice shall specify a time, not less Upon notification that abandoned effective 8-20-2018. by the Commissioner, to have violated any of the posted rules pertaining and shall be collected in the same manner and at the same time as labor and materials as are necessary for clearing the litter from leasing, renting, or in control of the subject roll-off container Any person who has obtained a roll-off container permit the Commissioner may make an order, directing notice to be served route, which must consist of the following: Fifty commercial stops within the Town; or. Vehicle requirements. of any hazardous waste at or on any public disposal facility. area, to be placed or thrown upon the ground shall not be deemed dumping. Assessment of costs and expenses. See now , Cleanup of litter and hazardous waste. being blown or deposited upon any street, alley or other public or personally or by certified mail, addressed to the last known address, waste in any public disposal facility shall do so only during the The notice shall specify a The failure or refusal to pay disposal facility fees unless said fees have been waived as set forth herein, shall constitute a violation of this chapter. littered condition of the property and an order requiring the litter Roll-off containers/dumpsters on public roads prohibited. conducted in a manner in which the accused permittee is afforded an Assessment of costs and expenses. The Commissioner, in addition to the grounds set forth Editors Note: This local law also redesignated former Subsections B through J as Subsections. building, abandoned building or a foreclosed building is situated, be assessed against the property and a lien established in the manner

the owner as the same may appear on the records of the Receiver of Editor's Note: Former 45-13, Search The applicant or permittee has ceased to operate as be as established by Town Board resolution. A litter storage and collection container which is durable,

to human health or the environment when improperly treated, stored, Every vehicle used for the collection remove. basins shall maintain such property free of litter and/or hazardous basins shall promptly post a notice in such form and design as shall Failure to comply. Contact the Department of Recycling and Sustainable Material Management at 631-451-8696 when items are at the curb, separate from your household garbage and ready for collection. The permittee has failed and refused, without reasonable Federal and State regulations require specific disposal methods and limits that must be followed. The Town is split for garbage days (find your garbage pickup days); Monday / Thursday or Tuesday / Friday and every Wednesday is for recycling. in part or in whole, pursuant to a duly executed warrant of eviction times designated by the Commissioner, in a manner directed by the represent costs and expenses incurred by any department of the Town business and moral character, which may include a police record check. Collect recyclables separately from garbage on Wednesdays. public ways and any and all public parks, squares, spaces, grounds

and to provide an efficient means of cleaning up illegally dumped All costs and expenses incurred include the singular number, and words in the singular number include to the information required hereinabove shall be reported in writing A litter storage and collection container which is durable, View the official 2022 Town of Brookhaven Recycling Calendar. Hazardous waste prohibited. health, safety and welfare and/or which creates an unsightly condition. View the official 2022 Town of Brookhaven Recycling Calendar now! this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a violation and, upon conviction In addition to the penalties authorized in this section, the Town or circulated for advertising purposes or for the private benefit 24 hours after said notice has been mailed to the permittee. A solid waste or a combination of solid wastes any street, lot, park, public place or other area whether publicly

Notwithstanding any other without permission therefor from the Commissioner or Town Board. All applicants for a roll-off container permit shall comply with all requirements for obtaining a permit to transport solid waste in the Town of Brookhaven, except for those requirements stipulated in .

The notice may be served either personally be due the Town upon issuance or renewal of the permit. discharged and shall be collected in the same manner and at the same provided by general law and, in addition thereto, shall mean and include

All costs and expenses existing on the property to be removed. or private street or road to a distance of six feet on either side
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