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Based in Puerto Vallarta, Tropicasa Realty is a sustainable full service real estate agency with an extensive portfolio of properties throughout Banderas Bay. So, discover how you, too, can find your dream home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, by inquiring with the areas most experienced and trusted real estate broker, David Pullen. Each one of his dishes balances tastes, textures and aromas creating overall magic. As of this writing, current delicacies included salmon tartare with guacamole and chili, pastry wrapped escargot spring roll with a fluffy tamale and duck confit with mole. Tintoque is located at Plaza Neptuno Local E1, Av., Avenida Francisco Medina Ascencio, Puerto Vallarta and is open daily for lunch and dinner. Call 322 221 0240 for reservations. Here is why you should. Aquiles Serdn 445, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, #8 of 5551 places to eat in Puerto Vallarta, #22 of 5551 places to eat in Puerto Vallarta, #40 of 5551 places to eat in Puerto Vallarta, #45 of 5551 places to eat in Puerto Vallarta. 3) Sirloin steak with a red wine and raspberry reduction Fusion cuisine is recommended to taste at Tintoque. Tintoque is located atAquiles Serdan 445 col Emiliano zapata. The unique food is some of the best I have ever had. We were also grateful for the complimentary appetizer.All of this meant that we had really high hopes for the main. From the guests' point of view, prices are affordable. Almost 60 years after Taylor and Burton raised our consciousness about this paradise, two top chefs have emerged, Theirry Blouet of Caf des Artistes and Joel Ornelas of Tintoque. Originally from Puerto Vallarta, hes worked for some of the best gourmet restaurants in the city and for renowned international cuisine restaurants in Mexico, Spain and England. So, read more to discover how you, the diner, will experience the enjoyment of a pleasant moment of harmony with all your senses. Aquiles Serdan 445 col Emiliano zapata. Finally a chef, he served as Creative Chef for the restaurant Pangea, own by the celebrated Mexican chef Guillermo Gonzlez Beristin in Monterrey, which is the largest and most affluent city in Nuevo Len, Mexico. The ceviche is embraced by a wafer-thin sliver of nopal (cactus). The room itself is lovely, with an expansive floor to ceiling bar area where skilled bartenders have every imaginable spirit at their disposal. The dining room manages to be both open and air, yet cozy and intimate, with a dcor that can only oxymoronically described as rustic, modern, Hacienda-style. Now, its the name of a Michelin-star gourmet restaurant, Tintoque. The corn dish is especially amazing. 2) Puerto Vallarta Ranks #2 Best Places to Retire in the World Tintoque is located within Plaza Neptuno, a shopping mall at the entrance of Marina Vallarta; one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the area. As the author of Living Coastal: Inspirations for Entertaining, Decorating and Cooking California Style, Jolee brought together artists and chefs to capture the spirit of San Diego influenced by the Pacific Ocean. Over 20 special events are spread out during nine days of non-stop culinary immersion showcasing local and international talent. Design by COMUNIKHA. Originally from Puerto Vallarta, Chef Ornelas began his career as an apprentice in renowned local restaurants, such as Le Bistro and Caf des Artistes. Dont miss the Fried Shrimp appetizer coated in sesame seeds over eel gel and chipotle emulsion thats a meal in itself. Here is why you should, COVID-19: A Message from David Pullen Properties, Mezzogiorno offers authentic Italian cuisine overlooking the Banderas Bay, Bay of Flags: Uncover the history behind the mysterious name, Le Kliff Puerto Vallarta is fine dining at its best with a must-see panorama. Second in the country only to Mexico City, over 800 restaurants offer cuisine featuring the best that the surrounding bountiful waters and fertile land provide. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. It is alsoemerging as a leading destination for world-class gastronomy. David Pullen Properties is a full service, luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company with over 45 years of combined Puerto Vallarta real estate experience. For example, many of the spirits are based on raicilla, which is Mexican moon-shine distilled from fermented agave, like Tequila. Enter your address above to see fees, and delivery + pickup estimates. The Culinaria Mexicana publishing house has awarded Tintoque as one of the 120 best restaurants in Mexico in itsGua de Mxico Gastronmico 2019, 2020 & 2021 being the only place in the city with such a distinctive award. Zona romntica, Puerto Vallarta. An amuse-bouche arrives, sitting on a sunflower. You will be offered delicious Spanish wine, beer or liqueur. To explain, he contrasts textures with acidic and spicy elements that are beautifully presented. Discover Tintoque, the restaurant where local Banderas-Bay recipes get re-imagined by Puerto Vallartas renowned Chef Joel Ornelas. 48380. Chef Joel Ornelas dazzles when it comes to creative, beautiful reimaginings of classic flavors. For more top tastes of Puerto Vallarta, visit the famous Festival Gourmet International, founded by Chef Blouet. Furthermore, the service is outstanding. Javascript is needed to run Uber Eats. There, find fresh local fish such as tuna, mahi-mahi, and red snapper, along with other fresh local seafood that become the centerpieces of each elegant plating. Learn more by visiting our, De lminas muy finas de picaa ahumada, aguacate, kimchi, mayonesa de gengibre, tzatziki y queso feta, acompaado de papas fritas, American Food Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Portuguese Food Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Home And Personal Care Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Jamaican Food Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Steak sandwich Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Salmon nigiri Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Arroz con leche Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Red Velvet Cake Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Bacon sandwich Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Honey chicken Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Apple crumble Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Chicken doner Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Capricciosa pizza Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Avocado toast Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Buffalo Burger Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Chicken fingers Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Chicken kebab Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Cinepolis Coffee Tree Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Its Just Wings Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Little Caesars Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Churchs Chicken Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Cuarto De Kilo Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Cinepolis Vip Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Vancouver Wings Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Bones Meatballs Wings Delivery in Puerto Vallarta, Chicken House Delivery in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta has long been famous for its pristine beaches, year-round sunshine, diverse water sports and sultry sunsets. Also, its proximity to Puerto Vallarta International Airport and Hotel Zone make Tintoque Puerto Vallarta very easy to find. Jolee Pink is a California-based writer, designer, artist, super foodie and avid traveler. Truly a meal to remember.

A Puerto Vallarta native, Chef Ornelas is actually a Caf des Artistes alum and traveled across Europe working for Michelin starred restaurants before returning to his hometown. At Tintoque, he draws on his personal style to create dishes that are complex yet approachable.

Also, there are other regional spirits to choose from. Home Food Top Tastes of Puerto Vallarta Two Not to Miss Restaurants. When in PV, you must dine here. 48380. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After that, he moved to London to work for the famous Michelin-star Spanish restaurant Cambio de Tercio. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, This website uses third party cookies in order to serve you relevant ads on other websites. Tintoque provides a new addition to the Marina district with a stunning interior.

Restaurants and hotels began to cater to international tastes. Required fields are marked *, Red Mountain: Great Grapes Growing in this Tiny Washington AVA, Eating Europe Tours in Three New Cities for 2019, Eating Europe Launches A Taste of Life in Haarlem Netherlands. In the face of the greatest of adversity and dissent, he remains undaunted, unobstructed and KEEPS THE DEAL ALIVE after it appeared dead and buried long before. Providedthe fabulous beaches, relaxed fun in the sun and superb beaches arent enough. Chef Blouet appeals to all the senses through the overall design aesthetic of his restaurant, live music and stylish food. It's a must while visiting this place to drink great americano, juice or espresso. de C.V. All rights reserved. When the time is right, FRANKLIN NEVER GIVES UP -- NEVER! Here people can delve deep into delicious meals, and degust good passion fruit cheesecakes, gelato and chocolate cakes. The wait staff is attentive and friendly. This gave him the needed experience to open a world-renowned restaurant of his own. Imaginative and very tasty food, attentive and pretty refined service and a lovely atmosphere. 2019 All rights reserved. Without doubt, Tintoque is an incredible new fine dining restaurant in Puerto Vallarta and brings a new touch of sophistication to our culinary scene. We hope that you try it and leave us a comment on our social media with your thoughts and reviews.

You will appreciate the spectacular decor and peaceful ambiance of Tintoque. Get to know a few of them below. She writes a monthly food and art/culture post for Visit Oceanside and founded the Eat Drink SD Facebook Group to share newsread more. It's easy to find this spot due to the convenient location. Tintoque was the original name of Punta Mita, a small fishing village hundreds of years ago. (322) 221-1460 / (322) 22 1 02 40 / (322) 22 1 16 40. There youll find some of the best restaurants in all of Puerto Vallarta. For the grand finale, desserts are served on silver platters topped with sugary sweets: macaroons, crme brule, chocolate mousse and more. Below are some of his unique dishes: Creative Menu changes daily [Images from Tintoque.mx]. Then, some interesting adult beverages include tuba and tejuino, an artisan beer made from corn kernels that have been germinated, ground, cooked, and fermented. Subscribe to Lonely Planet newsletters and promotions. For dessert, try the addictive Cheesecake Mousse with passion fruit, sugared pecans and red berries.

2) Pumpkin Gazpacho with callo, mango and tuna. We were disappointed with this as it was really the only negative point and I really hope we just got a bad one because the salt was overpowering and made worse because it was paired with pork belly which is itself very high in sodium.The desserts were also just a little underwhelming.All in all, I'd rate Tintoque a 3.5/5Ambiance - 4Cocktails - 4.5Starters - 4.5Service - 5*Main - 2.5Dessert - 3. The service is an absolute testament to the white-glove service found in the finest restaurants in Mexico City. Waiters are attentive without hovering, replacing freshly polished silverware with every course. There is even a sommelier (complete with silver sampling cup hanging very officially from his neck) to assist you in selecting the perfect wine paring to complement your meal from the large wine menu, which includes many excellent choices from Mexican vineyards. At the same time, an influx of foreign culinary talent came into play. Most impressive are the extraordinary skills of young millennial chef Joel Ornelas. Learn more about lifestyle and real estate in Puerto Vallartain our blog. Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Burton put the town on the proverbial map with their torrid 1960s love affair during the filming of The Night of the Iguana. A meteoric rise in tourism followed. And, as you can see, each dish portrays an exquisite artful elegance that only a Michelin-star chef can achieve. And, thats exactly what he did.

And, enjoy a selection of fine Mexican wines. On the inside, it presents a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. You can try enabling it or visiting the website with a browser that supports Javascript. Chefs come from all over the world to participate along with the best Puerto Vallarta restaurants and hotels. To elaborate, these specials are based on the availability of unique, local, fresh ingredients. And, of course, the food. Each plate is a lovingly crafted work of art. If ever there were a place to pull out your phone and post a #foodie pic to your social media, this is certainly it, and you may do so without any shame whatsoever, as the plates are just that beautiful. This restaurant is amazing. Expect top-notch service at Caf des Artistes to complete your dining experience. 3) Invest In Puerto Vallarta Real Estate? Tintoque Puerto Vallarta: Local coastal recipes re-imagined with gourmet mastery, Marina Vallarta: The up-scale enclave that boasts the best of everything, Puerto Vallarta Ranks #2 Best Places to Retire in the World, Invest In Puerto Vallarta Real Estate? Reputed to be the largest epicurean festival in all of Mexico, Festival Gourmet is reason enough to visit Puerto Vallarta. To complement your dining experience, the Tintoques bar features innovative cocktails that contain Mexican heritage. She views travel as an unrivaled experience and has visited nearly 50 countries. We ordered a spicy paella with pork belly that turned out to be way too salty. It, also, provides an ideal selection for those who enjoy gourmet cuisine that elevates local ingredients and flavors to a higher level. Aquiles Serdn 445, Zona Romntica, Emiliano Zapata, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mxico, Jal. They took time to talk us through each item we ordered to ensure we were ordering something we would ultimately enjoy. We admit it. We have fallen in love. Tintoque, a new Puerto Vallarta restaurant which opened its doors in late October in Plaza Neptuno, Marina Vallarta, is an impressive dining experience in every sense. Here we present adifferentproposal ofcreative cuisinebased on the essence ofregional recipes and ingredients, with the best product offered by the Mexican Pacific, materialized with the influence of the cuisines and trips that have marked the life of Vallartense Chef Joel Ornelas; who transmits anauthors kitchenthat manages to be atrue gastronomic experiencefor lovers ofgood foodand all those who seek to refine their palate withunique experiences. 1) Pumpkin and Squid Salad with carrot puree mixed with curry and sesame vinaigrette. We serve towns and cities in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit and surrounding areas. These changes were made primarily in preparation for the EUs new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You may be offered such food as nicely cooked pork belly crispy, fried prawns and fried crabs, come here and try them. Read our Privacy Policy. At Tintoque, while various seafood favorites are always featured, the Creative Menu offers specials that change daily. Probably a little too pricey for PV and what you get but definitely worth a splurge when you want something next level. Lisbon Launched May 2019 During the Eats, Street Art and Undiscovered Lisbon A Walk Through Baixa & Mouraria, Press Release: Eating Europe Award-winning tour operator Eating Europe continues to explore hidden communities and vibrant street life with, Top Tastes of Puerto Vallarta Two Not to Miss Restaurants, Your email address will not be published. 5) Coconut Sorbet with ratilette gelatin and coconut meringues. Red Mountain is Making a Name for Itself When we think of great domestic wines, most of us think about. Likewise, the iconic public sculpture The Whale and its Calf by artist Octavio Gonzlez Gutirrez is just steps away from the restaurant. Tropicasa Realty, S.A. de C.V. has updated its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, effective May 25, 2018. At Tintoque, Chef Ornelas offers a unique culinary experience by combining advanced techniques and with his own personal style. As for the Google rating, this place got 4.7. The pork belly skin is impeccably crisp. The amazing attention to detail extends to the tabletop with handcrafted glassware and ceramic plates. Most guests state that the staff is appealing. So, make your reservation soon and enjoy the laid-back luxury and innovative menu Tintoque has to offer. Joel Ornelas is the young chef behind Tintoques culinary identity. What transformed this coastal resort destination into a culinary mecca? He designs his dishes using fresh products found at local markets or provided by local farmers. The bar features Raicilla cocktails, artisan beers and a comprehensive wine list. A white brick bar lit by industrial style pendants flanks the sleek dining room that fronts a theatrical style open kitchen. 4) Pork Puff with tomatillo infusion and onion puree with pasilla chili reduction. 2022 Lonely Planet. David Pullen Properties, S de R.L. Chef Ornelas takes his planning very seriously. At Caf des Artistes Celebrity chef/owner Theirry Blouet introduced French Mexican fusion fare to the world. If you only dine out in one fine establishment in Vallarta, make it Tintoque. Chef Ornelasuses all locally sourced ingredients. At Tintoque, while some seafood dishes are always featured, our Creative Menu offers specials that change daily based on the availability of unique, local, fresh ingredients and products. If you happen to be around Isla Cuale, visit this restaurant. Held every November in various locations throughout Puerto Vallarta, 2016 year marked the 22nd anniversary of the event. My overall verdict of Tintoque is that it is a very good restaurant that (mostly) deserves the hype it gets.The starters were delicious and beautifully presented and I had one of the best cocktails I had over the course of 7 days in Puerto Vallarta.The servers were incredibly attentive, friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. So, whatever you order, youll enjoy a hand-crafted drink that has real Mexican heritage behind it. 1) Marina Vallarta: The up-scale enclave that boasts the best of everything Zona romntica. Combined with outstanding, prolific local talent, a new multi-cultural dining scene emerged inspired by the tastes of land, sea and Mexican heritage. The professional service demonstrates a high level of quality at this restaurant. Plpito #145-A, Olas Altas, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, C.P. Finally, his education came to fruition at the three-Michelin-star Martn Berasategui Restaurant in San Sebastin, Spain. Each area of the restaurant takes on a different type of ambiance such as the sculpture filled reception area, glamorous PYote Lounge & Piano Bar, the jungle-like outdoor garden and private English style cigar room. These dishes are just a sample of what to expect at Tintoque restaurant (see images above): Good choices for mains are the short ribs braised 36 hours or tender fried octopus with herb vinaigrette. Tintoque seeks to be a cultural link that expresses the culinary journey of the passage of time in the bay, finding flavors and elements that mark each stage in the history of Puerto Vallarta. Then, he designs his dishes using the freshest and highest-quality ingredients found at local markets and regional organic farms. His seasonal menu changes three to four times throughout the year with new specials every week. At Tintoque, chef Ornelas offers a unique culinary experience by combining advanced techniques and applying his personal style, which includes contrasting textures with acidic and spicy elements, beautifully presented. Many from other countries choose to make Puerto Vallarta their home or frequent vacation destination. Then, he studied gastronomy and honed his skills at several international and Mediterranean cuisine restaurants in Guadalajara.
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