diablo 2 arcane sanctuary speedrun

Not much to say. I should have drunk those while fighting with Andi, not after the drop. Comment: This time there is a bossgroup instead of the champions. With the latter one I would optimize for xp too, while not going too far over two minutes of course. Comment: Just die Anya orb doesnt matter. 1 st: really nice experience here. - Maybe leave out the small detours, that I made for some bosses in act 1 and try to get the same number of bosses directly in the way if possible. Segment 32 Manipulations: Izual AI, clear path Goal: Kill Izual Major mistakes: Notes: My favorite segment in the whole run. Then all you have to do is luring the creeps right in front of the "Baal-room" and die there two times + going back via tp of course and then picking up your items again. Up to seven bosses per run - including the countess - are possible (as you can see in the second run for example).

All in all these improvements should be able to cut out another ~5 minutes of the run, reaching sub-55-minutes then. Comment: No bossgroups up in the black marsh, unfortunate but in the tower that was very good. I did like 500 tries without a single fire-shrine until I finally gave up on that aim and picked up my fastest segment so far, which was a very nice one. If your goal is to add sockets with Larzuk, this is it. It may not look like it here but normally I do not even get close to dying unlike this attempt (because I took my first health potion much too late) so it is definitely a very nice strat for the ancients, also for other melee-characters in normal or speedrunning play 33rd segment: This is my last segment in which all i had to do was kill Baal as fast as possible (without a shrine, because that does not work with all those curses down there). No, I wanted to use experience as efficiently as possible. Comment: Same reason like before mephisto. That cost me a few potions that will make me being short of a few at Duriel.

Comment: brilliant roll here. Its usually a nuisance getting through all the quests in Act 3, but you dont actually need to get Khalims Eyes, Brain, and Heart to pass through to Mephisto. Segments 36 - 39 Manipulations: Clear Path Goal: Major mistakes: Notes: These 3 Act V segments are made for optimizing running across the act. Not much else to say about this segment, only that again, I think I could have manipulated one more bosspack in the Black Marsh, but sadly I realised these improvements much too late, so all I can do is complaining now ^_^ At least I found a belt early in this segment, which makes the following segments much easier to handle, and the experience over time and total time was not bad, just not as ultimate as I later wanted them to be. I had more than enough money to do it in act 5 (despite the double-prices), so I did it there to speed things up compared to act 4 shopping. But I would have to get some gold in the Stash which would have lost some time.

Both together having a Dropchance of around 1:52. So basically this is almost purely speed-optimized with some traps on the way, but I still got the gidbinn here because I wanted to manip some really nice ring for it which will help me a whole lot in later segments! Costs about 2 seconds. Council could have been a bit faster. However, this quest has a level requirement. Now let me start to my commentary explaining the segments. It's just impossible. I don't really need them before, because the boss leveling tactic give me enough mana-potion drops on the way. Here we cover the flayer dungeon, sewers, Kurasts (lower, bazaar, upper), and the Travincal. Comment: This was a really slow CS unfortunatly, but those drops were just brilliant. If you know how RARE a fire-shrine is, you can get a pretty good picture of how many attempts are needed to get one with those two prior conditions then (chances for a fire-shrine are like ~2% or something). This took well over 200 retries, and I managed to make him look relatively stupid. So I only made about 20 actual baal-kills, because the conditions before already failed most tries earlier) and this one had the best time of all. :).

Why did I do three instead of two you may ask? Would have done that up to 5 times. Comment: Just wasting the quests to get them done as fast as possible. - Micro a little bit better than me here and there (let me mention my bad Andi-drop-management again here, which still really bugs me, thinking about it) - Try to get a fire-shrine in the chaos-sanctuary in connection with a kickass-cs-segment to half the Diablo-bossfight-time (>1000 tries for kickass-segment needed I guess, because as the name already tells you, cs is quite "chaotic" to try and complete in such a short amount of time also look at my explanation of the segment above) - Get an even greater map than mine. Segments 6-8: These are my three Countess runs. 19th segment: In the arcane sanctuary, I went without any shrine again, because of speed. The second bottle-neck then is that there is just one single shrine within reach of the diablo-fight. Friend: Frigid Highlands (Waypoint) Open Town Portal, Friend: Bloody Foothills Slay Shenk the Overseer. Missclicking the waypoint at the start is sloppy. - Doing all actbosses with experience shrines and better times. This one shrine is a health-pool ~70 % of the times. Here I had some really good luck. Comment: I aimed for that ethereal because my merc has to do some beatdowns in hell. I tried to use the Tal Eth-frw-glitch that bimanc described in the comments to his run (thanks again for that hint) but I didn't know that a level-up would stop the glitch here. It was very short (the great marsh was totally out of my way) and the only bad thing was, that the only wp on the way was the flayer-jungle-wp, but that is not a big deal if you choose your segments carefully.

This piece of the tutorial begins our journey of the sorceress through the game discussing maps, gold, potions, and more that you deal with in the blood moor and den of evil. Could have saved two to three seconds there at buying, cause I was a bit slow at the time, but those three things came up SO rarely all together, that I decided to keep that segment anyway. Notes: Segment 3 Manipulations: EXP shrine Goal: Level 4 Major mistakes: N/a Notes: Segment 4 Manipulations: EXP shrine, +3 poison creeper pelt Goal: XP, pelt Major mistakes: N/a Notes: This particular segment took over 3200 tries. Looks just stupid. Segment 35 Manipulations: None Goal: Talk to Tyreal Major mistakes: Notes: FRAPS stops recording when the Act V Cinematic triggers. Unless you finish this quest, you cant clear Act 5. Comment: Just finishing nightmare quickly. Remember, deaths against Mephisto happen! two seconds, but it is not a big deal. The rest is just plain running to the necessary locations, nothing else. 6 th: This amu will proof to be awesome (+1 cold skills + some mana). Fissure continues to annihilate anything that moves. Comment: Uhh a small challange this CS was. I have 2 bossgroups on the way to Duriel. A sub-minute Izzy. I think I would have messed that up thousands of times resulting in more lost time alltogether. - Maybe do two Countess-runs instead of three, optimized for both xp and double-drop-runes (>1000 tries needed for that) and use the bosses of the last areas of act 3 lower-kurast to travincal to get the last level instead of leveling up to 20 too early (lower-kurast), like in my run. Magefists from the venomlord minions and this +1 skills / 20 fcr orb from Diablo himself.

The reason behind this is that the game has some strange experience mechanics. Duriel dies very quickly. Segment 31 Manipulations: STA shrine Goal: City of the Damned WP Major mistakes: Notes: Because I forgot to go back to Act IV at the end of the previous segment, I vowed to make this run as optimal as I could. :). I will not use that untill way later so there is no point in putting it in the stash. Comment: This big underground passage was one of the compromises i took with this map. Lucky that I didn't get cursed though. Friend: Travincal (Waypoint) Open Town Portal, You: Return to Kurast Docks and speak to Cain, Friend: Durance of Hate Level 2 (Waypoint) Durance of Hate Level 3 Open Portal, Friend: River of Flames (Waypoint) Open Town Portal, You: Return to Pandemonium Fortress and speak to Tyrael Travel to Harrogath. Comment: This time I use telekinesis for the stones.

I should have remade this one, but I did not have the ambition back then, as I had later in the run (concerning the sub-hour-goal and such). Segment 27 Manipulations: STA shrine, monsters Goal: Level 18, get the brain Major mistakes: I miscalculated the experience I needed, so I have to get that later, unfortunately. Ancients are hard enough. Comment: Time speed things up. Comment: You might ask why the hell would he do lvl segments now?!

In this part of the speedrun tutorial we discuss how you want to run around maps like the dry hills, far oasis, lost city, etc. With a lvl 1 static I would have to stand on top of Andariel to use it which would have killed me almost every time. Comment: I didn't go for an experience shrine here because I just wanted to get lvl 30 before nightmare. Also thanks to the previous D2-Speedrunners that gave me the will to do it better. So this already reduces the number of actual CS-fights by a large amount. In around 99.5% of the 1200 (!) So chances for all of this happening together are something like 0,06*0,02 = 0,0012 = ~0,12 % then. Comment: Should really have redone this when I look back. If you couldn't tell, the waypoint was not clickable untill I went in sight and back to that torch. Also thanks to the previous D2-speedrunners for providing the basis on which to build upon. Comment: Aura went on pretty quickly after the revive. Goals: WP Durance of Hate 2 + killing council, Comment: Got pretty close at those champions in durance of hate lvl 2 but I felt save. You just need to finish those that give good rewards skill points, stats, imbue, or adding sockets. Here is the situation: The first and biggest bottle-neck was right at the start: The CS-approach up until I am at the pentagramm. In normal mode, you need to be at least 20, in nightmare, 40, and in hell, 60. 29th segment: This one is my favorite, although there was a minor flaw in it. But later I realized that this was just too many bottle-necks to handle. Comment: I now have the runes for Stealth (Tal + Eth) and Leaf (Tir + Ral) which give me huge stats later. Was concidering getting the staff with +2 Frost-Armor. You can probably manage to get to level 20 by the end of act 3 by just killing bosses and minions alone, totally ignoring normal monsters on the way (at least if they are sub-15-monster-groups) if you optimize the number of bosses on that way. Comment: The bossgroupd in lvl 2 was pretty slow because of their movement. It covers general map running + what sorts of potions you want to carry into the tower to get ready for Countess runs. Comment: Could have been more experience.

I checked the stats of the ring after Save & Quit. Collecting Khalims Eyes, Brain, and Heart is quite a nuisance, but if you are nearby when a friend is slaying the Council Members, you can jump past the quests and move on to slay Mephisto. Comment: Using TP drop here which saves some time compared to splitting it this into 2 segments. Comment: These flying things do always curse you when you have a merc. Comment: I didn't want to be forced going all the way from the inner cloister to Andariel because doing that again and again to get the drop I want there would be a pain in the but. We go over general map running and the RNG that you get in doing so. Third was the luring out of the last two waves which could fail terribly if not done properly. Comment: Just getting Wps as fast as possible. Segment 30 Manipulations: EXP shrine, monsters Goal: Level 20 Major mistakes: Didn't go back to Act IV at the end of the segment Notes: I needed to hit level 20 to speed things up in Acts IV and V. Didn't even notice the two TP scroll drops. There were however four bottle-necks in the World Stone Keep. I don't understand why but for some reason I had 2-3 seconds of black screen where I could click blindly. :), Comment: oh noes I got to kill something again. Shouldn't have taken this one. Comment: Guess the experience wasn't worth trying to get the experience shrine. Comment: That really went smoothly.

I chose this route because of the extra bossgroups. I had some time to sort out the chaos that was my inventory during the opening sequence of his prison which was great for picking up his kickass-drop on that attempt. Comment: under 4 Minutes for hell act 2. The ring I find here is my second fcr ring which will give me the 37 fcr breakpoint at lvl 17. ;). In this video I cover all of the Act 3 jungle early stages (spider forest, great marsh, flayer jungle). Shouldn't get a merc untill I have my endgear at the end of act 4 nightmare. Comment: Won't need that sash because I get a belt in the next segment. Notes: Mephy is easily the hardest part of the run. Lots of fixed maps here make it easier to navigate! I would have tried to get some more seconds here (they were within reach) if the summoner did not drop that nice orb, which sells for some nice money later. 21st segment: This one is about selling stuff, buying potions and getting the first organ, all in one. It was just a pure automated thing for me, to go to town a second time and try to revive him then 30th segment: Just selling/shopping potions again for the last time here. Comment: Getting Potions + Equipping the stuff I just imbued / gambled. As for this segment, you can see again in the Cold Plains/Underground Passage (like in the 1st segment), that I do not shy away from small detours that are not directly enroute if there is an almost certain bossgroup waiting for me (you can scout those likely boss-spots before starting your "real runs"). I wanted to get lvl 18 before I start getting the stuff nessessary for more progress. I was really lucky with my maproll, cause that nice cata-2/3-stairs made it possible for me to reach Andi within 25 seconds each attempt. The item management in the end was far from perfect. In this video I discuss a variety of hotkeys from how to fill your belt quickly, navigating the shop appropriately, getting your skills setup, walking/running, equipping/healing your merc and more. Combining them saved a nice chunk of time. 9th segment: Alright, big segment here. Goals: Shopping + getting Ancients pledge. Friend: The Ancients Way (Waypoint) Arreat Summit Open Town Portal, Friend: Worldstone Keep Level 2 (Waypoint) Throne of Destruction Open Town Portal, As esports grows, so does the number of people looking for a career in the industry. And before level 12 I always stay at the boss, until he is dead so I can pick up these potions with ease. In the end it just saves me the trouble getting that orb from anya on lvl 30. They reveal so many new strategies of games one has already played, so it's always interesting to watch 'em. With a good Sorceress friend, or a rich friend who has Enigma, you can reach Larzuk within 15 minutes.

Sorceress 100% 2:43:59 by Pascal Fischer, done in 161 segments. Comment: That staff will help at every actboss and some other fights from now. Friend: Catacombs Level 2 (Waypoint) Catacombs Level 4 Open Town Portal and wait, You: Return to town and speak to Warriv Go East, Friend: Halls of the Dead Level 2 (Waypoint) Halls of the Dead Level 3 Open Town Portal, Friend: Far Oasis (Waypoint) Maggot Lair Maggot Lair Level 3 Open Town Portal, Friend: Lost City (Waypoint) Valley of Snakes Claw Viper Temple Claw Viper Temple Level 2 Open Town Portal, You: Enter Portal Gain Amulet of the Viper Transmute Amulet of the Viper and Staff of Kings to gain Horadric Staff Talk to Drognan, Friend: Arcane Sanctuary (Waypoint) Kill Summoner, You: Tell friend the shape of Tal Rashas Tomb, Friend: Canyon of the Magi (Waypoint) Tal Rashas Tomb Open Town Portal in front of Tal Rashas (Duriels) Chamber, You: Enter Portal Open Tal Rashas Chamber using Horadric Staff, Both: Enter Tal Rashas Chamber Slay Duriel, You: Move past Duriels Chamber and speak to Tyrael Return to Lut Gholein Speak to Jerhyn Speak to Meshif Sail East. The third run was kinda special. 28th segment: Just pure running to river of flame wp here, optimized for max speed which means getting a skill-shrine on the way and not a single complete monster-block, which was quite hard to achieve. Anyway, the three bosses (which is a quite rare occasion) and that big group in the Cold Plains after that saved my day and made it an "ok segment" by almost giving me level 5 here. So the only "extra-way" I took here was in the last area, because of that boss-position which is very near to the direct way. Comment: The fire enchanted boss took quiet some time. ;). Comment: I have got to admit I am not a huge fan of myself doing this segment. But I won't be the one to try that. Comment: Just preparing for the next segments, Comment: Merc didn't die even with those nasty properties of the countess. Assassin with deaths 0:58:28 by Sren Heinrich. I also have enough xp-viable-areas before me to reach level 20 without much hassle. Comment: Just want to finish this run Could have been better if I got the Worldstone WP but too risky in my opinion. His countless iconic plays and victories have forged a legacy few exceed.

The only thing that really damages you from the ancients normally are their abilities whirlwind and leap attack so by standing in the corner they for some reason do not use those ugly skills on you, and just stand still hitting you with normal attacks, and that doesn't really hurt much (potion-heal > hitting-damage). Comment: Well Ancients are a pain in the ass and I can see the end of the run tunnelvision on. 25th segment: The Council and Mephisto were killed together here, because the wp was off track. At its most basic level, speedrunning is playing a video game with the goal to complete all or part of the game as quickly as possible. In the end I had the perfect amount of bossgroups on this one.

Could have saved me a few seconds. My starting goal was to get around 45 minutes faster then Siyko. Good luck finding one ^_^ - Use more Fire Blasts in between the Wake of Fire-Traps on Andariel/Ancients/Baal. Comment: Preparing for the lvl segments incoming. Released in June 2001, 11 months after the original game, the Lord of Destruction expansion lifted Diablo II into an elite pantheon of online games played by the masses. With a crap jungle-map unlike this one the sub-hour-goal would have been much, much harder, if not impossible for me to reach! Comment: Again wasting money and time on merc. Countess did NOT want to drop Ral, added to the rare EXP shrine. Comment: This demonhide sash gonna be usefull. :). I will get the experience I still need to lvl 60 on the way to act 5. It costs me around 10 seconds I guess but I have to talk to her anyways so I went with it. Druid 1:11:43 by Ricky Mitchell, done in 41 segments appended to one file. Almost missed that theese beetles. Definitely take notes here if you want to improve your speedrunning times! Segment 26 Manipulations: Monsters, safe spider cavern, STA shrine Goal: A bit of experience, TP drop and touch Flayer Jungle WP, grab the eye Major mistakes: Notes: There's a bit of graphical lag at the beginning. Also used the respecc here, meaning I can redo all stats and skillpoints I got to that point. 20th segment: Duriel was fought with a skill-shrine of course, which speeds the running-part and the fight itself up very nicely. Comment: Shopping could have gone a little faster. Comment: This is the item i will get Leaf in later. He is just time and money to revive. That is why I optimized those three runs for experience and runes together, not just those two necessary double-drop-runs combined with shitty experience, assuming you don't want to sacrifice several months doing just countess-runs a few thousand times to optimize both together (which I absolutely did NOT want to do). I was hoping to get those beetle bossgroups at every of these. Of course, a team that will have many eyes on them is Evil Geniuses. First of all I want to thank SDA-staff for having this nice page online. However, I had not realized that run-algorithm in the first run, so I only managed five bosses there with the tir eth drop. Comment: My original plan was getting these 2 waypoints in 1 segment, but I decided against it because the experience shrine wouldn't hold untill the end.

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