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It can for examplebe short and simple with only a few members of the family present, or a solemnoccasion with music, hymns and a packed church. Hildas Vicarage55 Whittaker LanePrestwichManchesterM25 1ETTelephone: 0161 773 1642, MANCHESTER CATHEDRAL Victoria StreetManchesterM3 1SXTel: 0161 833 2220, CHRIST CHURCH, HARPURHEYThe Rectory95 Church LaneHarpurheyManchesterM9 5BGTelephone: 0161 205 4020, THE CHURCH OF THE SAVIOUR, COLLYHURSTEggington StreetCollyhurstManchesterM40 7RNTelephone: 0161 205 2808, HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, BLACKLEYHoly Trinity RectoryGoodman StreetBlackleyManchesterM9 4BWTelephone: 0161 205 2879, ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH, HIGHER BLACKLEYChurchdale RoadHigher BlackleyManchesterM9 8NETelephone: 0161 740 2961, ST. ANN'S CHURCH, MANCHESTER CITY CENTRESt Ann StreetManchesterM2 7LFTelephone: 0161 834 1161, ST. CHAD'S CHURCH, NEW MOSTONSt Chad's Rectory30 Hawthorne RoadNew MostonManchesterM40 3RHTelephone: 0161 681 3203, ST. MATTHEW WITH ST. MARY, CRUMPSALLSt Matthew's Rectory30 Cleveland RoadCrumpsallManchesterM8 4QUTelephone: 0161 740 0237, ST. PETER'S CHURCH, BLACKLEYBlackley Village Manchester M9 8DYTelephone: 0161 740 4801, ST. JOHN'S CHURCH, MOSTONSt Chad's Rectory30 Hawthorne RoadNew MostonManchesterM40 3RHTelephone: 0161 681 3203, ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST PARISH CHURCH, CHEETHAMBellott Street / Waterloo RoadCheethamManchesterM8 0AZ, ST. LUKE'S CHURCH, LIGHTBOWNESt Luke's Rectory173 Kenyon LaneLightbowneManchesterM40 5HSTelephone: 0161 681 1308, ST. MARY'S CHURCH, MOSTONSt Mary's Rectory47 Nuthurst RoadMostonManchesterM40 0EWTelephone: 0161 681 1201, CHURCH OF THE HOLY ANGELS, CLAREMONTMoorfield RoadIrlams o'th' HeightSalfordM6 7EYTelephone: 0161 745 7608, EMMANUEL CHURCH, SALFORD (St. Ambrose, Pendelton)Pendleton WaySalfordM6 5HXTelephone: 0161 736 5819, SACRED TRINITY CHURCH, SALFORDChapel StreetSalfordM3 5DWTelephone: 0161 834 2041, ST. AIDAN'S CHURCH, LOWER KERSALLittleton RoadLower KersalSalfordM7 3SETelephone: 0161 745 7608, ST. CLEMENT'S, ORDSALL & SALFORD QUAYSHulton StreetOrdsallSalfordM5 3WNTelephone: 0161 872 0800, ST. JAMES', HIGHER BROUGHTON & ST. CLEMENT WITH ST. MATTHIAS, LOWER BROUGHTONSt James Vicarage396 Great Cheetham Street EastHigher BroughtonSalfordM7 4UHTel: 0161 792 1208, ST. LUKE WITH ALL SAINTS CHURCH, WEASTELiverpool Street / Derby RoadSalfordM6 5YDTelephone: 0161 745 7608, ST. PAUL'S CHURCH, KERSAL MOOR & ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH, CARR CLOUGH The Rectory1 Moorside RoadKersal MoorSalfordM7 3PJTelephone: 0161 792 5362, ST. PHILIP WITH ST. STEPHEN C of E CHURCHSt Philips PlaceSalfordM3 6FJTelephone: 0161 834 2041, ST. THOMAS' CHURCH, PENDLETONFord LanePendletonSalfordM6 6PETelephone: 0161 745 7608, BURY PARISH CHURCHTithebarn StBuryBL9 0JRTelephone: 0161 764 2452, PARISH CHURCH OF ST. PETER, BURYSt. A funeral service may also take place within a celebration of Holy Communion, and when this is the case the Liturgy of the Sacrament will usually occur after prayers but before the commendation and farewell. Alternatively, the whole service may be used at the graveside or in the crematorium chapel. Before or after The Address page 831 Through the night of doubt and sorrow For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. In my time of doubt and pain, remind me of your sufficient grace. One or more readings from the Bible are read. May the breeze blow new strength into your being, and may you believe in the courage of yourself . Margaret's RoadPrestwichManchesterM25 2QBTelephone: 0161 773 2698, PARISH CHURCH OF ST. MARY THE VIRGIN, PRESTWICHChurch LanePrestwichManchesterTelephone: 0161 773 2912, ST. GABRIEL'S CHURCH, PRESTWICH8 Bishops RoadSedgley ParkPrestwichManchesterM25 0HTTelephone: 0161 773 8839, ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH, UNSWORTH & ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH, HILLOCKSt George's VicarageHollins LaneBuryBL9 8JJTelephone: 0161 796 8007, ST. HILDA'S CHURCH, PRESTWICHSt.

Wreathes and floral tributes can be sent to the funeral home or to the familys house.The funeral director brings these in the hearse with the coffin. We commend into your keeping, heavenly Father.

After The Blessing page 838. The Psalm may be said together by all, or read by one as a reading. Blessed be the God and Father of and we commit the ashes of her/his mortal body to thy terrors now Support us, Lord, all the day long of this troubled life. If you should mark what is done Sentences, Prayers, Readings and Hymns A funeral service in the Church of England - whether in a parish church or a cemetery or crematorium chapel - may be very short and quiet with only a few members of the family present, or an occasion of great solemnity with music, hymns and a packed church. See the collection of poems and passages on the readings page. Those attending a Church of England funeral are no longer expected to wear blackalthough formal clothing in subdued colours is usually expected. all consolation, O God, you do not willingly On appropriate occasions the minister may invite another person to speak. the services, from the time of death until after the May Jesus Christ welcome him/her into his arms and bless him/her abundantly. The coffin is taken to the grave where the rite of committal takes place at thegraveside.The mourners gather round the open grave into which the coffin islowered as the minister says, in the words of the Book of Common Prayer or in analternative version: Forasmuch as it hath pleased Almighty God of his great mercyto take unto himself the soul of our dear brother/sister here departed, we thereforecommit his/her body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; insure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life, through our Lord JesusChrist.Handfuls of earth will then be scattered on the coffin by the deceaseds close family. For this theyhave Christs promise For God so loved the world that He gave His only begottenSon, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life (StJohn 3:10). After a short silence the minister will say the prayer of commendation, in whichthe deceased is entrusted to the love and mercy of God. There are many dwelling places in my Fathers house; I am the way; I am the truth and I am the life; No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived. crematorium. The versicle and response used throughout the prayers is: The prayers conclude with the Lords Prayer said by all. to the sea, to be turned again to its elements. In this case, the service in church or on the marae concludes with The Commendation, and M te mrie May the rain wash away your worries, and cleanse the hurt that sits in your heart. A hymn may be sung.For a collection of hymns, go to the music & hymns page.

For a Christian therefore a funeral is an important occasion. All rights reserved. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, so that where I am, there you may be also.

of dying and mourning. Funeral and Memorial Services, Thanksgiving for the Life of the But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have died. our sins. Out of the darkness of our These 10 blessings and prayers to say at a funeral may inspire you. while it is carried to its place. The eulogy (from two Greek words meaning literally good words) might be described as a personal reminiscence of the deceased or a personal tribute to the life of the deceased.

Please give us the strength to leave him/her in your care, in the knowledge of eternal life through Jesus Christ. The service ends with the blessing, said by the clergy. life, Father in heaven, we praise your The template shows the usual structure of the service, together with the prayers normally said by all, and coyright information to be included. It marks the close of ahuman life, and it provides the opportunity for the family and friends to express theirgrief, to give thanks for the life which has completed its journey on earth, and tocommend the soul of the departed into Gods keeping. Anglicans trace their Christian roots back to the early Church, and their faith is basedon the teachings of Jesus Christ, as interpreted by the Apostles, and as set down inHoly Scriptures and in particular the New Testament. 1 I lift up my eyes to the hills:but where shall I find help?2 My help comes from the Lord:who has made heaven and earth.3 He will not suffer your foot to stumble:and he who watches over you will not sleep.4 Be sure he who has charge of Israel:will neither slumber nor sleep.5 The Lord himself is your keeper:the Lord is your defence upon your right hand;6 The sun shall not strike you by day:nor shall the moon by night.7 The Lord will defend you from all evil:it is he who will guard your life.8 The Lord will defend your going out and your coming in:from this time forward for evermore.

of the death and resurrection of our Redeemer Jesus Christ. The Committal : The committal is perhaps the most solemn moment of a Church of England funeral service, and it may take place at the graveside, in a crematorium chapel or in the church before the body of the deceased is transported to the crematorium. A period of silence leads into the prayer of commendation, in which the person who has died is entrusted to the love and mercy of God. What is sown is perishable, what is raised is imperishable. I feel like my entire life has lost its meaning. The notes below proceed in the usual order of each element of the funeral service, as determined by A Prayer Book for Australia 1995. My faith looks up to thee Thanks be to God who gives us victory Through Jesus Christ our Lord. The information which we provide through Lasting Post is in outline for information or educational purposes only. The family follow before everyone else. If there is a celebration of Holy Communion this will usually take place after theprayers. birthplace and date, education, working life, family life, achievements). You are going back to the home that you never left. May you know in your soul that there is no need to be afraid. 1995, The Anglican Church of Australia Trust Corporation. Phrases in any of these services which are inappropriate in particular Amen. But God gives it a body as he has chosen, and to each kind of seed its own body. For since death came through a human being, the resurrection of the dead has also come through a human being; for as all die in Adam, so all will be made alive in Christ. The coffin is usually brought into the church by pall bearers, who may be friends orrelatives of the deceased. Its considered to be an honour to be asked to give a eulogy or a reading at someones funeral. For further selections see the collection Readings from the Bible on the readings page. The Commendation & Farewell : During the commendation and farewell the deceased is commended to God in an authorised manner. The Prayers : The sequence of prayers at a Church of England funeral usually begins with thanksgiving for the life of the deceased, prayers for those who mourn, Prayers of Penitence (if they were not said at the gathering) and finally prayers for readiness to live in the light of eternity. When all thy mercies. How can we know the way? Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth and the life. Be free, be strong, be proud of who you have been, know that you will be mourned and missed, that no one can replace you, that you have loved and are beloved. Sometimes, a sense of tragedy is uppermost, especially when it is a young person who has died. Non-liturgical farewells may take place after the blessing at the end of The Eternal God, our maker and the The last enemy to be destroyed is death. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

All funerals and memorial services at St. Johns normally follow the format described below, although there is considerbale flexibility and the clergy are always willing to incorporate any special wishes of the deceased, and of those arranging the service. With what kind of body do they come? Fool! As an alternative, adisplay of flowers or a planter can be sent to the familys home as an expression ofsympathy and comfort. Before the service at the graveside or crematorium3. A church service may be held at a later date to give thanks and celebrate the life ofthe deceased person. Church of England funerals usually follow a general order of service including the gathering, readings and sermon, prayers, commendation and farewell, committal and dismissal. I pray that you will have the blessing of being consoled. When the ashes are disposed of at sea, the minister concludes May you have a wonderful urgency to live your life to the full. Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. Jesus lives! If the deceased is to be buried, the coffin is carried out of the church at the end ofthe funeral service. When this perishable body puts on imperishability, and this mortal body puts on immortality, then the saying that is written will be fulfilled: Death has been swallowed up in victory. Where, O death, is your victory?

Thecongregation sits in place awaiting the arrival of the coffin. the hymn The Lords my Shepherd is a version of the 23rd Psalm sung to the tune of Crimond). The minister will welcome everyone and introduce the service. A Church of England funeral marks the close of a human life on earth. When you come to die may it be after a long life. Prayers and readings from pages 853 to 865 may be used. Peter's RoadBuryBL9 9QZTelephone: 0161 764 1187, ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH, RADCLIFFESt Andrew's VicarageSt Andrew's ViewRadcliffeManchesterM26 4HETelephone: 0161 723 2427, ST. JOHN'S WITH ST. MARK'S CHURCH, BURYSunny AvenueBuryBL9 6PFTelephone: 0161 764 3412, ST. MARY'S CHURCH, RADCLIFFE (Radcliffe Parish Church)The VicarageHeber StRadcliffeManchesterM26 2TGTelephone: 0161 723 2123, ST. THOMAS' CHURCH, RADCLIFFEVicar: The Reverend Christopher BrownSt Thomas's VicarageVicarage StreetRadcliffeManchesterM26 2TR.Telephone: 0161 723 2123, The National Association of Funeral Directors, The World Organization of Funeral Operatives, Golden Charter - Funeral Planner of the Year, Embassies in the Middle East & North Africa, The Cathedral & Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys & St George in Manchester, The Church of England Diocese of Manchester Website, 215 Bury New Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 8GW. youth or my transgressions. Do not remember the sins and offences of my youth: You guide the humble to do what is right.

But each in his own order: Christ the first fruits, then at his coming those who belong to Christ. Remember, Lord, your compassion In England almost half the population regard themselves as belonging to the Churchof England, and the Church of England estimates that it conducts 80% of the funeralservices in the UK. Order of Service from A Prayer Book for Australia 1995. How great thou art We are so grateful that you have made us all in your own image, giving us gifts and talents with which to serve you. Lord Jesus, you have shown us There may then be a hymn and a tribute to the deceased (sometimes calledthe eulogy) which may be given by the minister or by a member of the deceasedsfamily or a close friend. We here commit the body of our dear brother/sister N to be cremated / to the deep / to be buried in the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who died, and was buried, and rose again for us, and who shall change our mortal body that it may be like his glorious body. Piko nei te Mtenga ALL SAINTS, STANDChurch LaneWhitefieldManchesterM45 7NFTelephone: 0161 766 2619, PARISH CHURCH OF ST. MARGARET (Holyrood), PRESTWICH & ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH, SIMISTERSt. redeemer. Assure us that (childs name) is safe in your eternal love. The Churchs one foundation The Lords my shepherd The service will then end with thedismissal. circumstances may be omitted or varied at the discretion of the minister. Eucharist as directed above, without The Committal; Morning or Evening Worship with appropriate prayers. Following either the reading, prayers or hymns a sermon will be given. On the day of the funeral, the family and other close mourners traditionally gather atthe deceaseds house and then follow the hearse carrying the coffin to place wherethe funeral service is going to be held. places. The Funeral Service without The Committal; a Liturgy of the Eucharist with appropriate prayers; The Funeral Service combined with a Liturgy of On the anniversary of the deceaseds death many families choose to hold memorial services or another event to mark the anniversary. funeral to be in the church or on the marae, with The Committal as the conclusion, either in the church appropriate, although their name (not necessarily the whole name) should be used at least once. There are no rules or formula as to how a eulogy ought to be delivered or by whom. No one comes to the Father except through me.. They reflect the sequence found in The prayers are then led by the clergy. Penitence (Kyries and Absolutions), Collects for May there be a beautiful welcome for you in the home that you are going to. destruction. For the beauty of the earth

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