what cities in arkansas allow pit bulls

71 0 obj <>stream %PDF-1.6 % City WebsiteView OrdinanceBreedsArkadelphiaSection: 6.16Pit Bulls American BulldogsBatesvilleSection: 6.04.12Pit BullsBebeeOrdinance 2017-5Pit BullsCabotSection: 4-114Pit Bulls16 more rows, Price RangeAverage PricePitbull puppy$800$2,500$1,650Food bowls$5$20$15Dog collars$5$40$20Leash$5$20$107 more rowsx26bull;06-Jul-2021, City WebsiteView OrdinanceType of OrdinanceDierksNews articleBans: pit bullsDoverNews articleBans: pit bullsGarland CountySection: 10-16Declares pit bulls, dogo argentinos, presa canarios and cane corsos high risk breedGassvilleOrdinance 97-05Bans: pit bulls42 more rows, City WebsiteView OrdinanceType of OrdinanceJacksonvilleOrdinance 1480 (2013)Bans: pit bulls and American bulldogsLake CitySection: 6.04.03Bans: pit bulls and American bulldogsLake VillageNews articleBans: pit bullsLittle RockSection: 6-19Pit bulls declared potentially dangerous42 more rowsx26bull;07-Dec-2019.

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