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3) Alyssa - awkward thick straps added to a strapless dress is better than puffy t-shirt sleeves added to a strapless dress, haha. And Whitney is not meh. Tori chose mauve, lace-sleeved dresses for the special girls in her life who will always have her back. Hated the bridesmaids dresses. The dress fit her bodice well, the princess style suited her personality perfectly, there was just enough sparkle, but I just can't get past that awful modesty panel on the front and dumb sleeves. What is the most popular silhouette? It clearly shows that their modesty rules had been looser longer than one might think. She did a good job all things considered. it looked overall? Only 3 Brides opted for a nonPure White gown, leaving 12 (or, 80%) that are at least arguably Pure White, Whitney (2018), Tori, and Jessa opted against pure, virginal white. There is not one centimeter of skin showing on Kelly below her chin.

Post your rankings! Bridesmaid dresses were simple and formal enough, though I don't like the color (very nearly avoided wearing black and red when my mom and stepdad got married a few years agoack lol). Click through the gallery above to see them all! Britton Felber @brittonfelberphotography. The alterations to the bodice kind of killed this for me though, as did her hair. Especially the brown. The modesty alterations were bad. A little bit of issue with the modesty alterations. She designed gowns for 4 Duggar and 2 Bates BridesAbbie, Whitney (2018), Tori, Kendra, JoyAnna, and Jinger. Didnt like the material of her dress or the modesty panel. And just for fun, here's Kelly Jo and a porno-stached Gil: The Quiverful of Duggars sub-forum has their own rundown of Duggar wedding dresses, so now with Tori Bates getting married, we obviously need a thread dedicated to dresses. I think she would have looked great in Jessa's dress and a nice updo instead of the over-geled bangs and slightly crunchy waves. in Quiver Full of Snark, Copyright Free Jinger LLC All Rights Reserved Fingers crossed! The only thing that really bothers me about her dress is the neckline because it didnt blend too well. However Jill had better hair and makeup Joys wasnt altered too bad, but I would have loved her sleeves being a little tighter, too. 8. I personally don't like Whitney's dress at all, but at least it fit her well and she went for a cute bolero instead of some dumb modesty modification. Questions for my fellow uterus owners. And not just any November outdoor ice cream reception but a November outdoor ice cream receptionat a parking lot. keilen (gosh I feel old) Sooo happy!!! Whitney: Im still not sure about the bolero but it was better than it couldve been I guess. SO pissed off. I like her hair as well.

And now I am already very very excited for Carlins choices. Jessa (but really tied with Kendra because they're so similar, and I think the pouffy princess style fit Kendra's personality more than Blessa's), 6. Tullei.e., an airy, fluffy materialdefined Abbies, Kendras, Jessas, and Alyssas dresses, and appeared along with lace on Josies and Whitneys (2018), Meanwhile, Tori, JoyAnna, Jinger, and Jill opted for allover lace, while Josie and Whitney (2018) wore gowns with lace on the bodice only, Finally, satin was the fabric of choice for 5 Brides, to dateLauren, Michaela, Whitney (2013), Erin, and Anna, Duggar / Bates Brides have worn every sleeve length; however, cap sleeves are the clear favorite, featured so far on 7 of 15 (46.7% of) Duggar / Bates wedding gowns. 7. Love the shoes, hair, and makeup on her. As a fellow short girl, she either should have skipped the A-line style for something more fitted at the hips (a sheath, trumpet, or mermaid) or worn heels - it doesn't help that the way it was hemmed made it too long. That bodice is too busy and just plain ill-fitting, and the hemming makes it look like Michael is playing dress-up, not wearing a bespoke wedding dress. the rest (I will list the things I liked only): Michaela - lovely flowers and blush pink bridesmaids dresses.

This is a small hometown store that weve dealt with for 30 years. Aside from the bust, it's a cute, simple dress. Whitney - Smaller wedding party and tea length dresses. I also loved her shoes but wasnt that much of a fan of her hair. Erin's literally looked like someonesewed a silk t shirt to a strapless dress. For their late-summer wedding, Brandon opted for elegant brown attire for himself and his groomsmen, while Michaellas attendants wore soft pinks and browns. Here's. Her hair was also pretty bad. Inside, youll find the answers to all these questions, and more, We know the designer for 11 of 15 Duggar and Bates Wedding Gowns and, so far, Rene Miller (of Renes Bridal & Special Occasions in Mt. I actually didnt mind the bolero. Can you imagine her look though if she hadn't been trying her best to be "modest" to impress her new fundie in-laws, had already gone to a few other fundie weddings like Jessa and Jinger's, and had come into the awesome sense of style and beautiful hair she has now? Alyssa. But to be fair I would hand them money and ask to do their weddings once more. As for Joy and Jill - I just think Jills hair held up better than Joys and Iliked her dress a bit better.

Tori wins so far. Kendra - not my style, but it matched her bubbly personality, fit her beautifully, and didnt have obvious modifications. 5) Erin - The whole dress just made her look puffy, especially the the added neckline and sleeves. Not a fan of any of the Bateses' dresses. It's simple with just a few unique details that give it personality. 5. I agree with your ranking @freethemall. Im still not sure whos to blame for the reception fiasco though (like, Jessa wanted sundays, but was she the one who yelled, AT ALL COSTS! ), Comparing the Duggar/Bates wedding dresses. And the bridesmaid dresses..bless Michael for trying to work last-minute magic, but they definitely look as hand-made as Anna Duggar's wedding dress did. 1) Tori - Props to her for going for the sheath style, though idk that it was well-suited to her frame. As for rankings, I agree with the original post order. Maxwell 53: Escaping the Borg by Marriage. Powered by Invision Community. As for Michael - the fabric over her boobs, only makes my eyes Her bridesmaids dresses were my fave, especially the pink.

My gut tells me she will be engaged in no time. Keep up with your favorite shows delivered to your inbox! Tori: Love the train and the overall idea of the dress, but I wasnt a fan of the sleeves and it didnt fit her right. She looked beautiful though. She and Tori were very close for me, but Jingers fantastic shoes and the overall look to her weddingwon it for me. The added modesty didn't blend or match at all. Tbh, I would have worn it myself! The color palette allows everyone in the Bates Family to rock their favorite style while remaining perfectly coordinated. The only big issue was the modification to the neckline, which stood out pretty bad. hoipolloi, August 26, 2021 Extra points for great hair though and without question the hottest fundie husband: Poor Michael, she seems like such a nice person but her dress was Rufus-awful and I can't even start on the hair. Maybe more sparkle to the lace. duggar jessa But otherwise, the wedding seemed classy, and elegant. Stuff like lighting, retouching, etc., can make a dress look different in different photos. Michael's was definitely the worst. Hated the tan ones. I do think the design and style were very her, and she looked great. I don't care for Michael's either, but hers at least looks like it could've been made that way. Her dress is a bit ordinary late 90/early 2000 look, but I like that she went with the bolero route instead of slapping modesty panels on. 2) Whitney - generally, I'm not a big fan of the little bolero jacket over dresses or the side-swept skirt look, but if anyone can pull it off it's Whitney haha. Erin had the nicer hair and Michael the nicest colour scheme of all. I removed points because they insisted on an outdoor ice cream reception in November and thats just not cool. LOVE her shoes - they were like, a sneak peak of the fashion breakout about to come. Not something I'd personally wear, but I like it. And I am a fan of cherry blossoms, so there's that. Love the lace details and train, but the middle section, neckline and sleeves don't work and the underlay is too dark. Points taken away for the awkward flower on the waist, the earrings that do not fit the look, and the weird thick strap/cap sleeve since we all know Alyssa was itching to ditch the modesty standards the second she got to Florida. I didnt really like her bridesmaids dresses style but I like the colors and the fact that every bridesmaidis wearing heels. Alyssa looks like she's just dying to wear a strapless dress. This describes Kendras gown to a T, Heres every Duggars gown so far, ranked from most to least typical, based on the number of characteristics it shares with the gown described above, As for the Bateses, the typical Bates bride wears an Aline gown that is pure white, made of either lace or satin, with cap, short, or long sleeves, a chapellength train, waist detailing, and crystal beading. Freema Agyeman Exits New Amsterdam, Everything We Know About The Old Man Season 2, H.E.R. (Chapel trains range from ~1.53 Feet in length.). I wonder how Alyssa got away with those straps? Michael: I didnt think it was a total disaster like some others here think but I dont like the flower on top of her cleavage. Take Kendras crystalencrusted bodice, for example, Also, most gowns (9 of 15, or 60%) feature a waist detail, of some sortlike a sash (Josie, Jessa, and Jill), lace appliqu (Whitney, Erin, and Anna), crystal belt (Abbie and Tori), or a 3D fabric flower (Alyssa), Another popular detail is lace appliqusi.e., lace sewn to (on top of) another fabric, to add detail and texture. Whitney.

It's not poorly altered to make it modest. I could see Carlin in something like this, girly and twirly, not super structured or super poofy or anything. Who designs the Duggars and Bateses modest gowns? The Quiverful of Duggars sub-forum has their own rundown of Duggar wedding dresses, so now with Tori Bates getting married, we obviously need a thread dedicated to dresses. She looked so happy and beautiful though and I loved the idea behind their wedding theme - that was a unique and sweet touch. And I'm a sucker for lace. Very marry, indeed. I give these ones a leg up on Jinger's wedding party because they all match in color. Yayy!! 4. freethemall,

What fabrics do the Duggars and Bateses like?

The pink ones were a nice shade.

in Quiver Full of Duggars, By 11. Sleeves are a bit awkward. The dramatic sweep of Michaellas gown makes this wedding pic frame-worthy. By Anna (so hard to judge her because this was before they were all so famous and rich, and yes the sentimental factor). Kudos to Alyssa for going for a well-fitted trumpet style, it looked great on her and fit her personality. Otherwise it was lovely and I liked her hair and makeup. So Im just not sure if the whole wedding was really her.


The young men who brought it were absolutely stoned out of their gourds, I mean hysterical giggles, could not figure out how to install the freezer to put on the handles, asked me if I had the tools they needed? Tori's is ill fitting in the mid-section and I do not like the neckline or sleeves at all. Not today. Copyright 2022 NTVB Media, Inc., All Rights Reserved, 'Bringing Up Bates' 100th Episode: See the Bates Family Then & Now (PHOTOS), Soap & Charmed Star Rebecca Balding Dies at 73, Shocker! Again I dislike the red and black colour scheme. I think Jills dress is odd because a lot of complaints centered around how it fit in the waist, but in a lot of photos that looks fine to me. I am still not quite over it. At least as much of it as I can gather. December 18, 2017 in Quiver Full of Bateseseseses. Was her wedding sponsored by Hot Topic in 2005? 2. Specifically, it was worn by Abbie, Lauren, Tori, Kendra, Michaela, Jessa, Jill, Alyssa, Whitney (2013), and Erin. It has a pretty train. Tori. Tori - absolutely gorgeous dress on a beautiful young woman. (Though Michaelas gown had a lot of ruching on the chest area. That picture of Kelly Jo and Gil is pure gold. 2. With a love as honest and endless as Gil and Kelly Jos, it seems fitting that both wore white. I am NOT happy. I also don't like the gathered-to-the-side style but again, that's just me. Alyssa had those straps and the ruffle flowers, Tori had the lace patches on the arms (all or nothing would have been nicer for long arms)and the champagne was a tad to dark for me. Thatd be the chapel train. It's amazing how much crap I've accumulated over the years, including home gym equipment that has barely been used. And sound off below: Which lovely wedding gown is your favorite? However, this dress looks like something from the 2000's. I give Michael props for not spending more than what she felt comfortable spending on a dress. I think, compared to the Duggars, the Bates ladies' dresses have been more what I expected based on their typical style, more suited to their personalities. I remember when she got married I kind of lol'd at her modesty straps because they felt like the bare minimum she could get away with wearing. I forgot that Alyssa's wedding dress itself wasn't that bad - the problem was the colour scheme and the awful awful malibu blue and hot pink bridesmaids dresses and decor. 4) Michael - I actually think her disaster alterations were better than Erin's, mostly because it wasn't tacked-on-t-shirt-sleeves (at least the seamstress tried to make the ruching of the bodice match the ruched added sleeves?). I'm not a fan of the sheer sleeves because what is the point of having them? Honestly, the whole look was very mid-2000s meh. And with a background as gorgeous as this, Alyssa and John kept their wedding photos simple and let their love shine through. Tori. Give me a darker, richer purple. Not even going to lie, I would straight-upwear her dress with some minor modifications (more form-fitting, maybe slightly different lace on top) and different shoes (because I abhor those 90. Sterling, KY) is the Designer of Choice. I thought that was pretty sweet. I do think the neckline was too high and looked awkward to me. We normally tip delivery guys, and tip well, really well. But, with that in mind, pure white is clearly excessively popular among Duggar / Bates Brides. Erin: I wish Erin could have a wedding do over now a Days so she could pick a better dress + bridesmaids dresses.

She's confident. The lace train of Toris dress is absolutely show-stopping. Of course Alyssas shoes were a nice little foreshadowing of things to come - and I know Im in the minority, but I really dont *hate* the color theme she had. Coconut Flan, June 23 Erin (but could be tied with Whitney, I dislike both equally), 10. Her wedding was just as nice as Jills, but with Joy it was wayyyy obvious she could care less, and was ready to get out of there. If I had to pick between the two, I actually liked Erins dress (PRE-t-shirt panel) better. That makes a nice wall color, not a formal dress color. The belt made the dress inconsistent. Meanwhile, Tori and Jessa said their vowsfor the first time!in champagne and blush gowns, respectively, As of November 2018, lace and tulle are tied for the top wedding gown fabric, with 6 (or, 40% of) Duggar and Bates Brides wearing each. On top of that it was absolutely filthy, despite being run through a car wash. It is a good thing these girls are taught not to be envious and to keep sweet and grateful, because if I were any of Erin/Whitney/Michael, I'd be sobbing with jealously when I saw how amazing Tori's dress was compared to my monstrosity. they also need some pants tailoring guide (usually too wide and too long). Oh dear Rufus! It was a pleasure to go through the pictures that don't bring on the facepalm. As far as the other Bates wedding dresses, I like Tori's, except I wish there wasn't so much contrast between the champagne bottom and white top. So modesty fail there. I think the confidence factor is the most important because you can put a bride in a beautiful gown, but the lack of self-confidence takes a lot away from it. Joy looked lovely and happy though, as did all the otherBrides. Annas look was simple, but classic and I think she likely had less budget to work with than any of the others. But her age excused it a bit. Erin - that modesty panel and sleeves kills me every time I see her dress. Coconut Flan, June 28 Alyssa's color scheme was the snarkiest, but damn those shoes look sexy on her. sweet Jesus, this is a long post. It all looked phenomenal, and dare I say classy. I just lost a dear friend to Covid. In terms of bridesmaids, dress style was nice but I loathe that shade of purple. Both options havent got a nice cut.

5. Jinger - hands down the winner. I agree that she shouldve just gone strapless. Tori - I shared my piece about Toris dress, but for those who didnt see it, I agree with the color of the lace, being too stark of a contrast with the tone of the underfabric. I've been working on cleaning out my home. She was glowing and happy and made me forget she was 19. I also liked Toris bridesmaid dresses. Tori and Bobby added holiday touches to their wintertime wedding.

Post your rankings! All the Duggars get points for sentimentality as well - Anna borrowed her sisters dress, Kendra used a ruffle from her moms dress,and the rest incorporated a portion of Michelle and Grandma Marys dress into theirs as well.

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