summer camp job descriptions

As a camper, Walton's taught me about leadership, having confidence, and what it means to be a good role model. Camp Counselor Supervisors usually handle big-picture tasks and offer guidance and assistance to Camp Counselors when they run into complex problems. > 1.nrg +?`;1 TsvCF$^AC 1IJ@p?4:,7Z8C7e>1z9&o=_B{-uu#XBG#0y(babRAv' &?M|F:zY5!8p{QPNH-kv_&}L 9RJ`U`46u ;$p/Rl*)y!' h|q{C P!l.8B= 7~SPa > <> ", "I recently graduated from college and wanted to take a summer to reset and challenge myself in a new environment. Pay rate may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location. Aside from leading children through activities, camp counselors are also responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of campers. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required, Cognitive and communication abilities to plan and conduct group and individual activities to achieve camp goals, Ability to observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior-management techniques, Possess strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of campers, Ability to carry out all duties at an elevation of at least 5,500 feet, Possess physical ability to move about the camp, Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to camper activities, Physical ability to respond appropriately to situations requiring first aid and CPR, to assist campers in emergency situations (fire, evacuation, illness, or injury), and to communicate via radio and telephone to summon help. We're proud to have a 3.9 Glassdoor rating. *=%TFnO{v2DmSm M]egL+ u912 pyh 77Lf;f&q#uJc^!nrZ D4!uG?DJiw^BvJO54gk!U9+u)RF>^{mx8. Camp counselors guide and ensure the safety of children as they engage in camp activities. 0 IC Y%s$}9? Its the Camp Counselors duty to come up with new, fun activities each day for campers while also teaching them valuable skills. Memorizing all emergency procedures and enforcing camp rules. stream Everyone from the directors to the staff makes this place super welcoming and loving. 12 0 obj <> A]lK64Q` >?w3iOlB~;T4e3(@sXou;"]^9MS[\PL\h?sF6o7,m>viu h"/Bc"JJb?ay>7xC&5n hFBhP!i0eTKuJ_9onDw:\ A ERK;+ /"brl"E`aHGsO@68&M@kj[ furdt@~ ,;:t$_fH1$:qLX5F,Z5\qX{AT Oc9+_lyzg/- Strong Camp Counselors are also creative and are always brainstorming creative ways to teach campers new skills and engaging activities. The job duties of a Camp Counselor include planning summer camp games, educating children and teenagers and setting up equipment. %PDF-1.3 Come work at Acme Corp, a leader in our industry in the Capital City area. A Camp Counselor, or Summer Camp Counselor, is responsible for supervising campers and keeping them safe. The camp also encourages children to play and participate in the weekly themed activities. endobj #8`7):FN8-.kO rY=P$+ You truly feel like you are making a difference in their lives. A Camp Counselor Supervisor works above Camp Counselors, handling larger-scale items and overseeing the efficiency of the entire camp. Learn about the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a camp counselor job description. They do this by brainstorming creative activities and games involving swimming, fishing, hiking and camping. How To Hire Employees: A Step-by-Step Guide. You should also be organized and possess strong leadership skills. 16 0 obj If youre patient, energetic but strict when needed, wed like to meet you. Top 5 camp leader interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. %UEvcT_J-qxA1Z 9TT@gps@x n|g{bE&w?N#l0DEK#N@`q673#f$n>-,7|%%0x [v Hdw\4q5rDCv % 19 0 obj The first week of camp is Tuesday, June 27, 2022 and runs eight weeks through mid-August averaging 10 - 20 children per week. It is great to see both the staff and campers not be afraid to be silly and goofy. "bt%cdOOd! xWG4UKfCZJrly:iAlgp[ 1'sq`^'\H ~XOJ,Oi*?e0uEvd.e(X P%s9L\),.p`*c-pa'^]vWU>olN;sq3|.'[}tWb~.Wx)m!q|kjd"b 6JR$'_L mh1H]c[&b&&DpuZYhefORTN;+'8%H;JxMiN%6_=i` 3PLl6\hA\A99RY=X3 rb pPonm+=K02W<1kHb'3H8H$ ", "It's a special working environment. endobj as a camp counselor, Supervise all aspects of activities including, but not limited to, equipment/supply usage, program, risk management, and camper behavior, Answer/respond to communications (phone, emails, etc.). 4 0 obj To encourage respect for other people, the environment, personal property, camp equipment, and camp facilities, To manage personal time off in accordance with camp policy, To maintain good public relations with campers parents and the local community, To assist in camp closing as directed, including basic grounds cleanup, cleaning and organizing cabins, packing and storing supplies, examining, cleaning, packing, and inventorying equipment, These are not the only duties to be performed. vRy|]g5wB1i ecY9-(31|z 11 0 obj endobj "BmcjC : 6`UO|b/-jc0R]J z89+c` jBz;PR;;NX"ng#5[J1:y7I6Xm4b/XV /gbH`gvH~J#jQU&XQ Send jobs to 100+ job boards with one submission. They should have experience working with children, since a majority of their time will be spent interacting with kids and helping them overcome any personal or emotional challenges theyre facing. High school diploma, equivalent, or active enrollment in school. fw& 1 "h>bJ(BU!KFb2q'=`&O Experience working in camps, with children, or with specific activities may be preferred. Camp Counselors usually report directly to Camp Counselor Supervisors. Skills which may be required for Camp Counselors include: A Camp Counselor makes an average salary of $9.31 per hour. It's truly the best working environment and it's hard to believe that I am paid to do something this fun.

"I am my happiest self while at camp. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Rhode Island Country Club is seeking a Camp Counselors for the 2022 summer season. ]Ww,x,er EG FNs7>&+ 9 0 obj stream NfdYru?YDx!@X^N3 >o&{,_xVdlXe,S. Make sure to use appropriate paragraph breaks and bullet points so its easy on the eyes. taconic Specialized camps may require their Counselors to have experience in those areas, such as drama qualifications or training in athletics. 18 0 obj ", Summer Address:PO Box 519Portola, CA96122, Winter Address:510 West Main StreetGrass Valley, CA95945, 2022 Waltons Grizzly LodgeAll rights reservedPrivacy Policy, Desire and ability to work with children outdoors, Ability to accept supervision and guidance, Good character, integrity, and adaptability, Enthusiasm, sense of humor, good judgment, patience, and self-control, At least 18 years old with one year of post high school life experience, To supervise campers, including enforcing safety regulations, To fulfill other staff administrative roles, To attend staff training during pre-camp and in-service training, To assist in opening the camp, including activity area set-up, equipment unpacking, cabin setup and cleaning, and basic grounds, To live in cabins with groups of approximately 8 campers and 2-5 counselors, To supervise and counsel campers, including overseeing all assigned aspects of the campers' day including thought of the day, dorm clean-up, meal times, announcements / sign-ups, rest hour, free time, getting ready for bed, and after-hours duty as assigned, providing encouragement, support and friendship, helping each camper to have fun, make friends, and build his or her self confidence, providing opportunities for discussion of individual or group problems or concerns, recognizing and responding to opportunities for problem solving in the group, enforcing camp safety regulations and other rules and policies, and carrying out established roles for supervising camper health, To communicate in a timely manner with a Director about any concerns related to the supervision of the campers as outlined above, To help campers choose activities and encourage them to try new things, To develop opportunities for interaction between campers and staff. To succeed as a camp counselor, you should be upbeat, decisive, and responsible. <> endobj {Pj` To instruct campers in emergency procedures such as fire drills, evacuating the cabin/camp, etc. The camp counselor will help plan events and lead group events, monitor campers and respond to incidents, such as behavioral problems or accidents, log events and maintain records relating to activities, and discuss camper participation and concerns with parents and other camp staff members. JFIF C Everyone is super welcoming and it's great to feel like I can be myself here. x\]}hqn $Hx Ip8>HN~QgnhVjUWWUjL6hm0zV?R_GW?i'z{;Lj]^Q]+6zt}mV[{u8en-Sn'eJOuLcFM58:]j=:nT]{O.;dw1,q6Z3_1FucmT0{S7S],9kx{ZW+=4+^jbK/jTw{jh{omfjA_6f;=c3UcvB@OwjW v7kc8;qzTo!~~Tehtfqx@ A \XkSXw3oSCC\&PNe&=ha.QeKzrC23dLzk jp r*J <> <> We believe in providing a structured program for children that emphasizes a feeling of family, friendship and belonging and encourages active participation in a variety of experiences. endobj Their duties include teaching children and teenagers outdoor and recreational skills, overseeing and planning camp activities and learning and implementing emergency protocol efforts to ensure the protection of campers. We are looking to hire a talented Camp Counselor to join our growing team. First aid, CPR, and additional training may be required or beneficial. endobj <>

Activities generally include arts and crafts, sports, nature, songs, and an element of education. 'tV+Fc'd HaB ", "It is awesome to be part of activities that are specifically designed to make you laugh and to have fun. To assist in teaching or leading four activities daily, as assigned, To prepare for and actively participate in staff training and meetings. : 8x.EI7,|1_,G_Ll0s+n/hjT"xtzD$.Hu(`f]Q NQ2?xbJgja^fPju\T"ctI$"D=!AZ$-/Q . Top 5 recreation assistant interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. Online research for things like resources, etc. endobj Learn about the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills that should be in a recreation assistant job description. You need to have knowledge around outdoor activities, like hiking, canoeing or caving. Cv@uF*6`AIaGZ|Ai=-,H=]@j7xiN^9Ms"G%dq(G1-A:$-S^baio2o_jFJ#Q $.'

",#(7),01444'9=82. Camp Counselors are typically employed to entertain children and teach them new skills. Youll be responsible for overseeing their activities and ensuring they dont get lost or hurt. a {9|By"P56(B-%O~,##zbkjx?2URWv\jkm?EubJYBQxzK1wy6h2=DH:u5v5pRAJv!)` juQ"H]z&@x_'Nx!v@6|,2obCo]`14\*k_}YtmQ'Ri2]C&xF>f5&21. The best camp counselors have a passion for working with children, strong communication skills, and are able to multi-task. <> Apply now! <> To provide a safe, positive and supportive environment for campers, Instruction and facilitation (or assist with) of indoor and outdoor activities on Samaras campus, Provide appropriate First Aid and submit written reports to Health Supervisor, Create and supervise emotionally healthy environment for campers as a camp counselor, Participate in staff meetings and training sessions as a camp counselor, Complete designated paperwork, reports, etc. 17 0 obj =y; 31Qlsk-?RVI2D*p*\si$5,$e)EN3s)\fSJkJ"x-[J/fSnk'l8Jw6el%sZ4i#a9trZV?+wVni)A`ON76]Ol.vv"d^Rxd31r7Gb|36mHwO 5 0 obj 6 0 obj ;W\~z}WHV3 @;Pu9Xc2"FvxUP6H2I G @>1i V[ nNEqd;p8|`baqRfq}L Bmr <> Most people working as camp counselors do so seasonally, usually during the summer. We believe summer camp should be a positive growing experience for everyone involved. Camp Counselors usually handle day-to-day tasks that directly involve campers. Camp Counselors may also learn first aid and CPR to be prepared for any potential injuries the campers may experience. 7X07VI-R,;|JKWZRy (D!mw9"t0H&twIu2 4Un&5+yHI"lviz)+d0 D8'8XaD9J]c=too{%+:[`Qb^-Ye.>-` eqxuq@$3^B?q-)G Other responsibilities involve greeting campers when they first arrive, explaining and enforcing camp rules and providing emotional support to campers struggling to adjust to the environment. Most Camp Counselor roles dont require experience, but applicants who have worked with children before will have an advantage. We are looking for a Camp Counselor to supervise young campers and make sure they learn and have fun.

15 0 obj Camp Counselors should be ready to adapt to changing environments, as every day is different and they may regularly face new challenges to overcome. One quality an effective Camp Counselors resume should include is experience with organizing activities. If you're serious about your next job, Acme Corp is a perfect place to get ahead. We believe hiring and training a mature, caring, fun loving staff is the key element in helping us achieve this goal each summer.

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