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Solution: Include a one-page overview, but this is an overview of what youre asking them to sponsor, not an overview of the sponsorship. The best part about this is that all the templates are free! The intent is clearly to convey a sense of credibility, but its really not helping you. Your event may fit into more than one of these event-type sponsor prospectus templates; however, all the content on the templates is quite similar. (Ex. See how Winmo clears the hurdles in your path, Real-world Winmo use cases and success stories, Fill your sales pipeline with quality leads, Get more than contacts. You need them to actually read the proposal, so they understand the relevance to their brand and target markets, as well as how they can use it to achieve their objectives. Once youre done this exercise, challenge your group to come up with a list of five things not on the list and not being done by your competition. After several years as a sponsor (thats right, the one investing the money!) Youre asking them to invest marketing money, with which they need to achieve a lot of objectives, but youre too self-centred to make that connection. For example, if your event is a beer festival, you probably wouldnt want to attempt getting sponsorship from a brand that markets their products primarily to children. The next section is the details of the event. It can also be helpful to directly outline why a potential sponsor would want to sponsor your event, like in The Successful Bookkeeper Summits proposal. Gold, Silver and Bronze (or any other stock levels) sends a message to your sponsors that you are an amateur. Chris decided to cross over to the sponsorship sales side where he has personally closed tens of millions of dollars in sponsorship deals.

Along with selling exhibit booths, expo organizers will also sell sponsorships as the main goal for these events is to make money. You should probably also read Last Generation Sponsorship Redux, as a good primer on what sponsorship is really about. If the event is not virtual, then information about the venue or lodging situation can be given as well, like in the Early Educators Leadership Conference. You might also consider including is a message from a major player in the organization or event, as shown in the 4th OECD Meeting. Sponsorship is a leverageable marketing platform, from which sponsors will expect to get measurable results. The contact details you collect are up to you, but you should get a contact name, company name, email, and website. Second, 99% of the time, youll use it wrong. You see, the trick to a good sponsorship proposal is that it has very little to do with what you writewhen you have the right audience. They can be add-ons to be purchased along with a sponsorship package as a customization option.

After looking through some of our examples, you can see the possibilities are almost endless. Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30305. I am a firm believer that when you have a good asset list and well defined audience, your ideal sponsor appears on their own. Crafting a nice event sponsorship proposal can be really helpful to convince those companies stakeholders to sponsor your event. It wont be. If you have a media sponsorship, make sure to include their audience in this process. Why do this? FAQ Specifically, this section should include attendee statistics and demographics, such as numbers on technical roles, location, industry, buying power, and anything deemed important for sponsors to know. By using the site, you agree to its use of cookies. Hottest Summer Brands Increasing Spending, News, tips and insights for those who sell to advertisers & agencies, Join John Zaldonis and guests for daily brand and agency news with Winmo's acclaimed insider info, Downloadable content that gives you an unfair advantage, Find out how much youre leaving on the table, Meet Winmo, a company fueled by passion, growth and yes - fun, Want to join our growing team? I see a lot of sponsorship proposals, and most of them are terrible. I never submit a sponsorship proposal cold, without talking to someone first. Kent was looking to connect with a Coca-Cola marketing director. Bad idea.

The best way to do this is to list every single item you plan to sell in your sponsorship proposal along with who will see it (or hear it) and assign a value to that benefit. Solution: Stop using these meaningless euphemisms. A good resource for that is The Sponsorship Seekers Toolkit 4th Edition. If youve got a celebrity ambassador, put a sentence about it in your Overview and leave it at that. Start with a statement about how you like to work with sponsors and your philosophy. Get ready to work hard for your sponsors! Because you spent the time talking to them and getting to know them on the front end, you have earned the right to follow up. Get context into the entire marketing & advertising landscape, What if you knew tomorrows news, today? That doesnt fit the criteria for a donation, and playing that angle makes you look like you dont know what youre doing. The most effective way to determine the best suggestions is to conduct research on your prospects in order to find commonalities between your organization and the space they work within. Copyright 2022 Whova All Rights reserved. Regular updates on new blogs, white papers, and more, Round-ups of the best resources from across the site, by category, Im interested in Theyll just skip to the back page, look at the price, and see if the single-page executive summary stacks up. If your proposal has any of the above, youre doing yourself and your property a disservice. Do they stand for something or do they stand against something? Write a preliminary proposal to your potential sponsors and be sure to include these five important points. The implication is that by sponsoring your property, the sponsor is going to seem altruistic, and that this should be a driver of their decision. The truth is that theyre not going to be impressed. Before you ask your sponsors for money, tell them about your audience. If youre a charity and you include this information, the inference is that it will be deductible as a donation. Most orgs put a statement at the end of their package stating we are also willing to customize. They may be less willing to pay a lot of money for advertising at your event if your attendance is projected to be low. Sponsorship proposals need to build a strong business case and follow a sensible story arc, in order to succeed.

If you want to impress your sponsors with extra exposure, consider using the latest technologies, such as Whovas all-in-one event platform, which supports digital booths, in-app company banners, opportunities to tier benefits, and more. You can also collect payment information right on the form. It has the whole process laid out in detail, including lots of checklists and templates. Those objectives could include building trust, building alignment to the brand, increasing preference, underpinning their corporate culture, or any of a hundred things that you sweep into one bucket when you use the term good corporate citizenship. In an event sponsorship prospectus, audience demographics might be the most important information when it comes to finding the right sponsors for your event. What behaviors are they trying to encourage or diminish? On another note, have someone with at least a little bit of graphic design experience on hand to make it visually appealing. Keep in mind the strength of these testimonials relies on specific details around actual results of the event and ROI. Its a business expense, listed under marketing. If youre going to go to the trouble of putting together a strong business case and customised offer, you need to put a price on it, or youve wasted everyones time. timetable netball postermywall Having examples to look at and draw from can also be a major benefit in figuring out how to shape yours. Your relationshipwith a sponsor should be a logical one, such as a health food store sponsoring a marathon or a hospital supporting a cancer walk. You should not how many members are in the association and sponsorship at an association event can be highly targeted.

Come up with a list of everything you currently sell and then ask the group whats missing from the list. What will impress them is not that youve whacked their logo on the front page, but that the entire rest of the proposal is centred on their specific needs and markets. Then, include a checklist for the sponsorship opportunities that prospective sponsors can fill out, like in the OECD Meeting event sponsorship example. What Should You Do When Your Board Sets Unrealistic Sponsorship Targets. The key is to capture the attention of the potential sponsor because they will likely skim the proposal at first, so dont overcomplicate things make sure everything is presented clearly. Companies are also looking to sponsor events to gain visibility and a positive reputation. All Rights Reserved. Privacy PolicyWebsite designed & maintained by WP Expert, How to Write a Sponsorship Letter That Actually Works (With, The Definitive Guide to Sports Fan Engagement, Sponsorship Activation Defined: What is it and How Leverage, How to Ask for a Corporate Sponsorship and Actually Get It, How to Display Sponsors at an Event (That People Will. Its important for you to be realistic in your estimation of attendees, because your sponsors will expect you to deliver on the number of people who will see their brand. Sponsors support events to promote and build their brand, so make sure the attendeesare in your sponsors target demographic. Podcast Insights Powered by Podchaser Winmo is thrilled to team up with Podchaser to give Winmo customers a straight path Name Image and Likeness (AKA NIL): Whats all the BUZZ about?. Solution: Pricing isnt always easy, especially if youre new at this, but you have to do it. The first one is the Overview, as specified above. Free E-Books, Event Management Tips Its worth noting that so far, this guide on the corporate sponsorship proposal hasnt even discussed graphics, number of pages or sponsorship level name ideas. For examples of this, check out the proposals for the Red Hat Summit and 365 EduCon. First, it tells you how much money you can realistically expect to make through sponsorship. See what features work best for in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. The best way to gauge potential traffic is by selling tickets in advance. Request your demo today! If a sponsor needs to build alignment, for instance, you should know that and create a proposal that shows them how they can use the sponsorship to achieve that a specific, customised proposal, because this has nothing to do with ticking a box.

You can view the event proposals for The Arc and TSBKS for an example of how this might look. I would say that getting the commitment from a sponsor is about 20% of the total work of sponsorship. Note, one paragraph only! This isnt difficult, but it requires that you let go of all of these bad habits and restructure your approach. Many of these events limit the number of sponsors they have so sponsorship opportunities are usually limited. If this is any kind of major feature in your proposal a big reason that the sponsor should say yes you are putting yourself in a box marked 1992. letter sample sponsorship proposal inter competition sports nestle In your event sponsorship proposal, there should be background information about the organization running the event to give sponsors an idea of what the organization does, their history, who any members are, and what their reach is. I also offer a comprehensive sponsorship capacity-building service for large, diverse, and decentralised organisations.Please feel free to drop me a line to discuss. You can always negotiate from there, but you need to make a strong statement that youve thought about what they need and have put some serious effort into crafting a bespoke offer that meets those needs. Solution: Never use donation wording in a proposal. They have to achieve marketing objectives, and thats their focus. Make sure to put the exhibitor booth options first, then the sponsorship opportunities. Typically, if an association has an event that needs sponsors, they will reach out to their current partnered sponsors first. Sponsors want to know exactly who they will be marketing to and how many people they can reach. Include your logo and the name of the opportunity or program and your tagline. Take the list you created in the sponsorship proposal inventory building section and ask yourself what types of companies want to hear about these opportunities. One good example is the TAPPI Leadership Conference. Objectives for these types of events are to teach others about and market their own product or service and allow non-competitive partners or sponsors a chance to showcase theirs. Along with information about the organization, general information about the event itself is needed as well.

Use resources like Google Adwords and the local newspaper when trying to determine what to charge for things like logo placement. Online Registration

Get your leadership team, program team, marketing department, volunteers and current sponsors together and ask them what they think you should be selling. The logo should also be included for branding purposes. Along with selling exhibit booths, expo organizers will also sell sponsorships as the main goal for these events is to make money. How will it be run? (Ex. Including positive testimonials from attendees and/or sponsors is another way to reinforce confidence in a potential sponsor when it comes to sponsoring your event. Expect to follow up with your sponsor multiple times! Engage both in-person and remote attendees easily. Chris now spends his time working with clients to value their assets and build strategies that drive sales.

Event Marketing How a Great Sponsorship Proposal Follows a Hollywood Story Arc, Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 15 Minutes, Disruptive Sponsorship: Like Disruptive Marketing, Only Better, sponsorship consulting and strategy sessions, Sponsorship Leverage vs Activation: The Difference and Why It Matters, 4 Warning Signs that a Sponsor is Planning to Exit, Sponsorship is Unallocated Funds, End of Story, The Rejection Letter Sponsors Wish They Could Send. This can be done using either tiered packages, a-la-carte options, or a combination of both. As the Mayor of Podunk, Im delighted to support this new event taking place in our lovely city blah blah blah.. (Ex. Of course, writing this proposal is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to securing sponsors at your event, but its not the only one.

Sponsorship is a transaction and when sponsors dont get what they paid for, they will ask for a refund or worse, they will tell their colleagues how terrible you are to work with. Kim Skildum-Reid. In fact, the potential sponsor probably already has that kind of sponsorship in their portfolio, so if youre selling based on the fact that it ticks some box, their box is already ticked. Chris has been on the front lines of multi-million dollar sponsorship agreements and has built and coached teams to do the same. Copyright 2021 Power Sponsorship. When researching, attempt to find answers to the following questions: 2022 List Partners LLC. This also helps create a sense of scarcity and will make potential sponsors reach out much quicker. A trade show or exposition is an event where companies in a particular industry can showcase their service or product. Solution: Provide one, creative, highly-customised offer. Press

In a sponsors mind, this bodes very badly for a relationship that has to be highly collaborative to work. Solution: In a strong proposal, every section serves a specific purpose, and only the first two sections are about the property youre selling. It should answer questions such as: What the event is about? Youve now painted the picture, filled in the critical facts, and now everything else in the proposal needs to be sponsor-centric. 16 Sports Sponsorship Spenders Planning in Q1, FestForums Wrap-Up: The Lifecycle of a Sponsorship, Serve as a presenting sponsor of the event. The best visual tool for potential sponsors is the sponsorship table, however, some association events do not include one. By this thinking, theyre all good corporate citizens and giving back. Meet your new secret weapon, See how Winmo fits into your daily workflow & tech stack with ease, Never miss your opportunity to make the sale. Chris Baylis is the President and CEO of The Sponsorship Collective and a self-confessed sponsorship geek. Make it clear that your proposal is a conversation tool and not set in stone. See how we helped. No matter what, sponsorship package information needs to be given with the price and number of packages available. Im going to hazard a guess that 90% of the proposals I see have the sponsor logo on the title page. Keep this simple and NEVER call it a sponsorship package! Invite them to have a look and contact you with their own suggestions about how they want to engage your network, then list all of your assets and opportunities! In events run by a corporation, sponsors typically get to showcase their products or services like an exhibition setting or special session. If you struggle, you should probably read, Sponsorship Pricing Basics. If one bank has interest in your brand then I bet they all do. What perceptions are they trying to change about their brand? Youre painting the picture of your property and why it matters to your fans, so they have some context as you build your business case. franchising The goal of most association events is to network and increase their membership. Many associations already have sponsors who partner with them. Pricing, Contact This process is far easier than most people realize. You can always add a line in your covering note or at the end of the proposal to say that your event is spearheaded by a great executive team, and to find out more about them and the board, they can visit your website. This is like that first date weve all had, where your date does all the talking. Whether you are brand new to sponsorship sales or a few years in and simply looking for new tips on how to improve your proposal technique, check out How to Craft and Pitch a Sponsorship Proposal. Solution: Leave this stuff out completely. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Finally, this isnt any kind of point of difference. If a sponsor does not align with the values of the association, the association can always reject potential event sponsors. Emphasize how they will receive name recognition and access to a specific, niche market in their target demographic. Companies that have products and services related to the technology in the conference will be the best for sponsorship. Do this with every prospect on your list and suddenly you will have more prospects than you know what to do with! 3098 Piedmont Road NE. If you need additional assistance, I offer sponsorship consulting and strategy sessions, sponsorship training, and sponsorship coaching. It is not true, however, that a sponsorship proposal is sufficient to sell sponsorship. Almost every proposal I see includes page after page sometimes 15 pages or more about your property, and how great or prestigious or worthy it is. Just one. To sell sponsorship, you need to be able to talk marketing. Branding is a part of most sponsorships, but its a minor part, and not what makes sponsorship work for a brand. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Around page three or four right as youre getting into the real minutia of your property the sponsors eyes will glaze over and theyll give up, realising that you dont get it and theyve already given you too much time. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. You can also offerthem other advertising benefits they can exploit, such as discounts to event attendees and getting people to sign up for mailing lists. It is true that most sponsorship sales involve a sponsorship proposal. Many associations use this event prospectus to display exhibition opportunities, Some association event sponsor prospectuses will begin with a letter from the director to give an overview of the event and let potential sponsors know some of the benefits of event sponsorship.

When a sponsor gets to the back of a proposal and theres no price, thats bad. Since associations bring many similar people together, attendee demographics do not to be quite as detailed as other events.

An example would be something like a chocolate show or toy show. The other way to display sponsorship packages is to just list all the relevant info out under the package name, like MICCAIs event sponsorship prospectus. However, for many events that could be affected by the weather, patrons will often delay buying a ticket until the day of the event. A sponsor doesnt need to know all of those details in order to make a decision, and if your business case is compelling, theyll check out your website and/or request this information from you. If you can swap those proposal killers for a best-practice business case, youll allow what youre selling to shine. If a highly-reputable brand is featured it makes other sponsors more confident in the events value, and in turn, more likely to sponsor the event. This is the first thing that prospective sponsors will see, so you want to make it visually appealing. I can see where this is going. These technology conferences provide a platform where attendees can discover new, exciting technologies in a particular field. Terms of Use See our open positions, The industry-leading organizations were proud to work with. There is a LOT wrong with this thinking. Considering that part of what you are probably selling them is a license to use your intellectual property, and that you wouldnt want just anyone using your logo without permission, you should really know better. A sponsors job is to change perceptions and behaviours around their brand. Make your potential sponsors aware of the type of exposure they will receive by investing in your event and give them the most exposure possible: Just like the old real estate adage, its all about location, location, location. Careers at Whova Every sponsor has at least some charitable/arts/grassroots sponsorships in their portfolio. And what will be going on? Start by downloading my Generic Inventory of benefits, to give you a lot more options. An event sponsorship proposal or prospectus is an organized summary of your event and the sponsorship opportunities it offers. They then send out these templatesand hear nothing back. Most event sponsorship proposals are done as a PDF, but some choose to feature the proposal as a webpage on their website. Many of these events limit the number of sponsors they have so sponsorship opportunities are usually limited. When I do, I never bring anything with me but a mental list of questions. Management Tools The template will focus primarily on the sponsor side. An example would be something like a chocolate show or toy show. Solution: The alternatives are many and varied, and miles more interesting. Not so fast! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. What is the mission? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In this article, we gathered a5 Step Guide to creating an Event Sponsorship Proposal and created4 Free Templatesspecific to an event typeto help you get inspired for how to prepare your next event sponsorship prospectus. There will likely be one booking form for both the exhibition and sponsorship options. Even the best designed, best researched and best priced sponsorship proposal wont work if you send it to the wrong person! Be sure to include opportunities for branding, sampling, attendee experience and contests. The thing is that there are a number of red flags proposal killers that sponsors can spot a mile off.

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