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JavaScript is disabled. Some of the moral choices arent untuitive, but thanks to this guide I achieved the Ultimate Good Ending.Infernax is definitely much more punishing in the beginning. Potential Energy is a pure form of untapped energy originating from a higher plane of existence. If so, Julius should appear outside the cathedral and he should start the quest line. Use Holy Light to cure him and hell give you a potion flask. Did I miss something? This triggers the exorcism quest. However, even after I got the Necronomicon and finished all sidequests, Gregor says that my knowledge in demonology is inadequate. If youve only done a single playthrough, youre going to have to do a second one and go with the opposite morality (if you did ultimate good, youll have to do ultimate evil, and vice versa). Talk to the cultists and get whatever information you can, then return to the garrison to report your findings. If you go inside during the day, youll find a man named Michael who is having some bad dreams. Heres where it is on your map: When you confront Robert, hell send several waves of skeletons to attack you. They can boost various stats (check the tooltip). A Sacrificial Altar is crafted with Torches, Monolith Stone, A Shadow Gem and a Coralium Pearl. Great guide! Return to the garrison and turn in these quests once theyre completed. The mayor will flee through a door (which was previously locked) and youll need to chase him. The first one is to locate a man named Wilfred and give him a healing potion (an elixir works too). If you burn it, it will just burn inside the cage until you put it out of its misery. Theres one more quest in Darsov that you can pick up early in the game. Shoggoth Monoliths are also constructed with Monolith Stone (hence the name), while having statues placed on them. Now that you have the Necronomicon, you are ready to confront Baphomet. If youre feeling extra sassy, you can try to hit the smaller projectiles back at it too, but those are a bit harder to hit.

Comes complete with a ribbon bookmark. i did break the dam and i cant find the soldiers in Arkos man named Wilfred i fact i dont have this misson at all i did speak with everyone. It's used by shift right-clicking on it with a Necronomicon that has suffcient Potential Energy., I cant trigger the conversation with julius to save the possessrd man in the cathedral Help. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. The barn is just beyond the Valeshire Bridge, and if you can beat the Necro inside, the soldier will regain access to his barn. Im not clear on what you mean when you say youve done every quest up to Tancred. If you kill him at this point, youll block yourself from the later portion of this quest line. Once youre in her house, Danielle will ask you to kill a monster in her basement, then open up the cellar door for you. To create the altar, simply place the blocks in the above formation (keep t he red area clear) and shift right-click the center block with a Necronomicon. Hell ask you to cleanse them. Receive an exclusive collectors pin with any purchase of $50 or more while supplies last. The area on your map where the Stormheim dungeon entrance is will be green if youve completed the dungeon, and red if you havent. Youll be teleported to the Dreamscape, which is a cakewalk compared to Stormheim Castle (which you should have cleared by this point), and youll have to beat Crocell. Toynk is rewarding fans with something everyone lovesfreebies! I really should do a playthrough where I map every choice and get that ending, and then do a writeup for it. You can also craft a Energy Pedestal, which can collect PE from statues (and other PE manipulators) that are placed 3 blocks from the pedestal. This can be a little finicky, but you just want to make sure youre aiming at the open eye and not the closed one. Hell ask you to defend the town relic, so youll have to go to the Kastki mausoleum during the day.

There is a big gap in your way, and an unreachable lever to pull to get to it. In Infernax, theres a hidden morality system. Each giveaway is a limited release commemorating popular fandoms. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Its really disappointing to find out Id ruined my game practically before I even started. Inside, youll be attacked by cultists, and the mayors assistant will murder a priest. Now, the trick to this boss fight is to deflect its fireballs back at whichever eye is open. To the east of Kastki youll find a house next to the garrison. A Ritual Charm is crafted with Gold Ingots and a Diamond. If youve completed both an ultimate good and an ultimate evil playthrough (and done all the side quests in both), it should be at around 95%, I believe. Journal measures 8.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. If its the latter, I would say to go through the list carefully and make sure youve done every single one of those things. Return to James to be rewarded with the Heal spell. Thanks. We're here to help! Cobblestone and Darkstone Cobblestone in the Overworld, Abyssal Stone Brick and Coralium Brick in the Abyssal Wasteland etc). If you defeat Paimon, the mans wife Lillian will see and run off. Also, go through your quest log and see if any of them are listed as incomplete. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Along with the Energy Pedestal there's the Sacrificial Altar, which can convert life-force from dying entities into PE (targeted entities emit smoke). Now, the morality system is hidden, but if you do everything I lay out below, and make the right choices, youll land on the ultimate good side of the morality spectrum. After that, you can start performing rituals! Once you beat the Faceless One, youll be teleported back to the house and youll receive 300 gold. When a entity is targeted, it will emit smoke particles. You cant complete this until youre pretty deep in the game, because it requires the Holy Light spell, which youll get from the Kadjanto Stronghold dungeon. Note that this one is way more difficult than the first one this is definitely designed to be an endgame fight. Its this building here: Now, say the password and get into the hideout. Those are: Cobblestone, Darkstone Cobblestone, Abyssal Cobblestone, Coralium Brick, Dreadstone Brick, Abyssalnite Stone Brick, Ethaxium Brick and Dark Ethaxium Brick.

And that means youll need to do at least most of the things laid out in this guide. Hell suggest that you pay a visit to the mayor to get to the bottom of this. It should be noted that you harvesting PE isn't appreciated. Once youve reached the other side, youll find a house. When a living animal nearby emits black smoke, it can be killed for Potential Energy. I followed your guide for the Ultimate Evil and got 5 different endings on my first go (Cowardice, Drowsiness, Submission, Wretched and Evil), will start a wizard for the Good and Ultimate Good ending.. This is an incredibly long journey, so Im going to lay out every step for you. You actually dont need to do every single one of these things, because even ultimate good has some wiggle room, but you will not be able to progress the Necronomicon quest line unless your morality level is really high. This requires you to go back to Darsov and locate Handsome Han. I believe you have enough wiggle room to miss up to two of the events in this guide and still get Ultimate Good. Once Paimons true form is defeated, return to Lillian to complete the quest and receive 300 gold. Youll definitely want to burn it here to save the townsfolk. If you talk to him, hell ask you to clear out the vagabond camp. You also now have access to the Hidden Crypt dungeon too (if you smash open the wall behind the Necronomicons pedestal). The debossed cover features Necronomicon art, while the inside covers feature graphics inspired by the movie and a photo of Ash. Then you can start a new playthrough later to work on Ultimate Good (or Evil, or Ultimate Evil). Robert will ask you to drink with him, but dont fall for his tricks; send the men scampering into the forest. Ive done everything I could do on this list, BUT: at the very beginning of the game I decided that I must not be expected to kill the demon I later found out was Paimon (since it was so tough at that point), and the guy who was turning into a zombie was clearly unhappy that I decided NOT to kill him, so I went ahead and granted his wish to kill him. Yeah, if you broke the dam, youre going to have to start over if you want to get the Ultimate Good ending. She has a house in the bottom level of Arkos, and if you visit her there (once you have access to Arkos), she will give you a quest to rid the world of Paimon once and for all. Once the entity dies, and amount of PE equal to it's max health will be collected. In the back of the Darsov Inn, youll find Josephine, who asks you to kill a skeleton thats haunting her fathers grave. In a playthrough without the Necronomicon, you would simply fight Belphegor and the game would end. Go to the location shown in the map above to find Danielles house, which youll need to smash a wall to access. You wont know youve made it until you see the ending. If you want to get ultimate good, youll need to find the Necronomicon and use it to banish Baphomet, all while keeping the highest possible morality rating. It collects Potential Energy while under a clear sky. Ritual Pedestals are used to place offerings when performing rituals. Have you completed the Stormheim dungeon? I gave you a shoutout for pointing me in the direction of the Path of Drowsiness ending. Check out our Shipping Policy here. In order to get started with rituals you need to create the altar to perform them at. Potential Energy is required in order to perform rituals (each ritual entry shows how much you need). Just send us an e-mail at You will run into his friend Brutus way out by Kadjanto Stronghold. Otherwise, bolster Darsov. and thanks ^_^. Do not do this.

If you try to help him, though, he will turn into a monster called Paimon, which you must defeat in combat. If you can survive, a soldier will kill Robert. Heres where they are: When thats done, youll finally be ready to confront Robert in his hideout. A good place to start obtaining materials required to create some of the PE collecting objects is Shoggoth Lairs, found in swamps and rivers. He co-founded Half-Glass Gaming as a podcast, and then it blossomed into something else. With the Necronomicon, though, you open up the most brutal dungeon in the game. Theres a cathedral outside of Darsov. You are given the choice to either kill him or try to help him. Also double check your quest log to see if you have anything that still needs to be turned in. Sparing Remus shouldnt be enough to bork an Ultimate Good run on its own. When I was putting together the Ultimate Good guide, I accidentally spared Remus as well and was still able to complete the Tancred questline. They convert life-force into Potential Energy. If you have truly done every single thing on this list, and youve turned in every available quest, but you still cant trigger the Tancred questline, then I think youre probably going to have to start over from the beginning. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Give it to him. Thank you very much for the help and information. Toynk now partners with Coinbase Commerce to offer a wide range of crypto payment options. Like I said to Bumbler, sparing Remus on its own shouldnt be enough to kill an Ultimate Good run (unless something changed in a patch since launch). Not applicable to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or U.S Virgin Islands.

There exists objects capable of doing so, which will be explained here. She asks you to cure her husbands madness. The best thing to do is go back through this list and check off each thing one by one, just to double check that you didnt miss any. Rituals where you gain objects always end with a bolt of lightning striking the altar. If you send troops to Kastki youll have a lot less support in the upcoming battle.

Heres that guide: Youll want to kill him so work can begin to repair the bridge. 200-page journal measures 8.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. Soft-bound journal is made of faux leather. You can either try to reason with it or kill it. Dont worry, this fight is pretty easy, as the Skeleton Knight has a pretty simple pattern of attacks that are easy to dodge. The materials can only be used in their specific dimension (eg. Remus will ask you to spare him, but youll want to kill him instead (if you spare him, he will murder Caroline). A Monolith Stone Pillar is crafted with Monolith Stone. If you dont know where to go, the house that contains the skeleton is right here: This one takes a little more effort to get to than Josephines skeleton, because youll need to solve a simple puzzle. Ive already written a full guide to this quest, so check that out if you need step-by-step instructions. The Ritual Altar is the main component in performing rituals. Place a Necronomicon (or other source that can hold Potential Energy) on it in order to drain it. Once theyre defeated, return to the soldier in the garrison. do you mean i need to start again from the beginning !! PS: I would also very much appreciate it if you could bump this thread! Hes just to the east of Arkos, past some waterwheels. What is your Demonology completion percentage at? Josh is a musician, writer, and lover of nerdy things. if you place Statues 3 blocks away from it (on the x or z axis), they will transfer energy to it at a fast rate. An Energy Pedestal is crafted with Monolith Stones, a Shadow Gem and a Coralium Pearl. The bulk of the Necronomicon quest line takes place in garrisons on the outskirts of each village. Once you get the Precision Strike skill (from the Combbelton Necropolis dungeon), you will be able to smash through cracked walls. Answer Never, and youll be teleported to a new area where youll fight the Faceless One. And apparently that alone was enough to nuke my entire attempt at a good run. After beating him, break open the cage to free a wizard and get the Doves upgrade for your Familiar spell. If youve done everything listed above, you should be able to pick up a quest from a soldier inside the garrison at Kastki. But when thats done, return to Urzon Citadel. After the third dungeon, if equip yourself properly, it actually gets easy. Complete the dungeon, kill Baphomet, and revel in the fact that you just completed an ultimate good playthrough! In case youre not sure where to look, Han lives in this house: When you get to his house, youll find that hes being attacked by cultists. First, youll need an elixir, which you can buy from Mary in Kadjanto Peak. Once you return to the garrison, Wilfred will tell you he was assigned to the watchtower.

Youll need to continue to travel east and perform some acrobatics to get to the right spot. So if you think you can beat the cultists without a sizeable army, send them off to Kastki. Im in the same position, completed all of the quests in this guide (and what the wiki says gives positive morality), but I spared Remus by mistake and the 2nd knight in Kastski wont give me the Tancred quest. Monolith Stone is a material used to some extent with Potential Energy. Email us at Thanks! Thanks for the comment! I hope all this info helps! By itself it has no effect, but through rituals it can amplify various states of Potential Energy Manipulators. Can you confirm this? Valid for orders delivered within the contiguous United States only. You are using an out of date browser. Statues placed on Shoggoth monoliths are said to be capable of draining it. Your next step is to travel to Kastki and visit Alan (who runs the Magic Shop there). When you get to the bridge, youll have the option to either kill the bandit or spare him. In the garrison outside of Arkos, there are two soldiers with quests for you. If you go through it, youll find a monk with a chest of money for the poor. It originates from a higher plane of existence (where no mortal has wandered), and can only be collected by tapping into Ley Lines using various methods. Then, when you find the damn, dont attack it (or it will flood Arkos). If you go just above Arkos, youll see that the watchtower is indeed unlocked, and you can go inside to see how this side story ends. You just need to follow that through to the end. You can do this by hitting each fireball with your mace (projectile deflection is a secondary benefit of Precision Strike). I believe I finished Ultimate Good while sparing him.

In the town of Arkos, in the shack pictured above, youll find a man who asks you to destroy the nearby dam. Return to Josephine after the fight, and shell give you 100 gold and allow you to stay in the inn. If you havent completed Stormheim (as in, killed the dungeon boss), youll need to do that first. If 6 (or more) Lesser Shoggoths are within 32 blocks of each other, one is prone to rise a monolith out of the ooze. It's primary use is to amplify the range of Potential Energy Manipulators (statues for example). I should point out, however, that you can still get the Good ending, so if youre trying to get every ending in the game, I would focus on that for that particular save file. Dont worry; theyre not too difficult. That hideout is way out by Combbelton Cemetery. Inside is Caroline, who asks you to deal with her skeleton problem. im probably gonna bump this like daily so more people can see and review it. It only targets non-undead adult entities that aren't players. Once youve completed the mausoleum quest line (above), the other soldier in the Kastki garrison will ask you to return to Tancred in Darsov to see if he can lend some support to the troops in Kastki. It's origins are unknown, other than that Shoggoths are capable of creating it. I did however encounter Remes and Brutis after sparing them, and I fear that may have been the cause. Standing close to one while holding a Necronomicon allows it to transport PE to you. Now, travel back to the spot where you beat Paimon the first time.

Hell give you an incantation. In the first, a soldier asks you to clear away some bandits from the Valeshire Bridge. Once Robert is dead, you can grab the Necronomicon off of the pedestal.
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