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(John Murray's "Calvin's Doctrine of Scriptures"). First, he assigns a place in the expanse of heaven to the planets and stars; but astronomers make a distinction of spheres, and, at the same time, teach that the fixed stars have their proper place in the firmament. (11) The ambiguous signification of the participle (12) causes the translators to twist this passage into a variety of meanings. ~John Calvin, "Harmony of the Evangelists, Pt 3" Though the word, may be taken actively as well as passively, yet the Greek translators, I have no doubt, rendered it passively, contrary to the meaning of the Prophet. Still a question arises, what was that part or extremity of the camp which the fire seized upon? A dissatisfied spirit causes displeasure to the Lord. For details, please see the Terms & Conditions associated with these promotions. Read Jerome's Commentary to understand why Matthew would have intentionally supplied the wrong name. Since therefore the intention ofreceivingwas togivegifts, Paul can hardly be said to have departed from the substance, whatever alteration there may be in the words. Had he spoken of things generally unknown, the uneducated might have pleaded in excuse that such subjects were beyond their capacity.

Numbers 10:11 with Exodus 19:1 ) XI. Unable to add item to List. "And worshiped on the top, etc. Calvin's conclusion is that the author of Genesis is justified in using inaccurate science in order to communicate truths, so far as it enables that revelation to be better understood. The agency complained. , Enhanced typesetting These promotions will be applied to this item: Some promotions may be combined; others are not eligible to be combined with other offers. Others render it, being sick, ( nauseantes, ) but this savors too much of affectation; others, lying, or dealing treacherously. Some derive it from the root , thonah, and thus explain it, seeking occasion, which I reject as far fetched. ", ~John Calvin, Commentary on Hebrews,, 1 Corinthians 10:8 ~ Example of Factual Errors by Paul when quoting Numbers 25:9, John Calvin identifies a factual error in 1 Corinthians 10:8, where Paul records 23,000 but the source value is 24,000. 16. , Language Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. For though the title of the book informs us that he was the son of Barachiah, (Zechariah 1:1,) yet we nowhere read that he was slain; and it is, forced exposition to say, that he was slain during the period that intervened between the building of the altar and of the temple. : Still there is no absurdity here; for Paul does not always quote the exact words of Scripture, but, after referring to the passage, satisfies himself with conveying the substance of it in his own language. The fire of the Lord - Probably lightning; compare Psalms 78:21 ( JE ) . Nor does any reverence prevent us from saying that, as it sometimes happens in minor matters, a wrong number may have crept in from the carelessness of scribes; 239 and this is probably the most natural solution. For astronomy is not only pleasant, but also very useful to be known: it cannot be denied that this art unfolds the admirable wisdom of God. Now, it is clear that thegiftswhich David mentions were notreceivedby God for himself, but for his people; and accordingly we are told, in an earlier part of the Psalm, that the spoil had been divided among the families of Israel. English Discoverer Collection (Accordance 13), Version 9 Levels upgrades to Essential Collection, Site License Pack for up to 20 devices: English Study, Developing Countries Package Super with Accordance 13, English Discoverer Collection (Accordance 12), Developing Countries Package Core with Accordance 13, Bible Reference Unlock all 9.0 Collection, Bible Reference Unlock all 9.5 Collection, Bible Study Collection pre-installed for emulator on DVD, Essential Collection pre-installed for emulator on DVD, Library 9 Premier Level with disk for PC Emulator. Let them be for lights It is well again to repeat what I have said before, that it is not here philosophically discussed, how great the sun is in the heaven, and how great, or how little, is the moon; but how much light comes to us from them.71 For Moses here addresses himself to our senses, that the knowledge of the gifts of God which we enjoy may not glide away. Thus, Ezekiel calls by the name , theunim, those fatigues, whereby men destroy and overwhelm themselves through undertaking too much work. The second clause in Hebrew is this, And that thou mightest be pure in thy judgment; which expression imports nothing else but that God in all his judgments is worthy of praise, how much soever the ungodly may clamor and strive by their complaints disgracefully to efface his glory. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. The People Complain and Are Smitten. When he says that the fire of the Lord was sunk down, (13) for this is the proper signification of the word , shakang, he designates the way in which it was put out, and in which Gods mercy openly manifested itself; as also, on the other hand. 9. , Print length The provocative point is that Paul has improved upon the Psalmist, that it may be right to consider Psalm 68:16 as a theological error, that has been amended by Paul! Give as a gift or purchase for a team or group. Having quoted from the Psalm a few words descriptive of Christs ascension, he adds, in his own language,and gave gifts, for the purpose of drawing a comparison between the greater and the less. calvin lowdown All 22 volumes of Calvins Commentaries are included. The occasion was discontent at some hardship, the nature of which is not explained. Try again. I've provided a selection of quotations, where John Calvin allows for and identifies errors in the Scriptures that recent dictations theories would never allow. There is no absurdity in supposing that his father Jehoiada received, in token of respect, the surname of Barachiah, because, having throughout his whole life defended the true worship, he might justly be pronounced to be the Blessed of God. Reid, etc. Lastly since the Spirit of God here opens a common school for all, it is not surprising that he should chiefly choose those subjects which would be intelligible to all. No doubt Moses spoke of the head of his couch, when he said but the Greek translators rendered the words, On the top of his staff as though the last word was written, mathaeh.

For, first, since it is placed above the element of fire, it must of necessity be a fiery body. : This history is recorded in Numbers 25:9, ~ John Calvin, "Commentary on Corinthians, Vol 2", Acts 7:16 ~Example of a Historical Error in Scripture by Luke. Although the standard 'solution' to this bible difficulty is to say that Paul combined Psalms 68:16 with Leviticus, this is not Calvin's conclusion. The application then of this passage is the following: Since all the sins of mortals must serve to illustrate the glory of the Lord, and since he is especially glorified by his truth, it follows, that even the falsehood of men serves to confirm rather than to subvert his truth. Bdellium. Numbers 11:7 . We may even grant that the language used by Calvin in these connections is ill-advised and not in accord with Calvins usual caution when reflecting on the divine origin and character of Scripture. Nor, in truth, was he ignorant of the fact, that the moon had not sufficient brightness to enlighten the earth, unless it borrowed from the sun; but he deemed it enough to declare what we all may plainly perceive, that the moon is a dispenser of light to us. In John Calvin's commentary on Hebrews 11:21, he demonstrates that the author of Hebrews quoted the Greek Septuagint, that contained an error in its translation of the Hebrew original source. Learn more. Because it is John Calvin it is worth having, you will never go wrong with his writings. Let the astronomers possess their more exalted knowledge; but, in the meantime, they who perceive by the moon the splendor of night, are convicted by its use of perverse ingratitude unless they acknowledge the beneficence of God.

Please try again. Even John Murray, who rigorously attempts to harmonize Calvin with these modern theories concludes that Calvin should not have used the language he did when discussing these scriptures. Hence it is, that they cry to Moses rather than to God; and we may infer that, being devoid of repentance and faith, they dreaded to look upon God. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. The people complained Hebrew, as it were, complained; that is, they began to mutter some complaints, and for a while, it seems, kept their discon COMPLAINT ANSWERED BY FIRE (vs.1-3) Israel had reason for profound thanksgiving to the Lord, as believers certainly have today. : How the name of Jeremiah crept in, I confess that I do not know nor do I give myself much trouble to inquire. ~ John Calvin, "Commentary on Acts",, Ephesians 4:8 ~Example of Paul intentionally misquoting Psalms 68:16, and correct a theological error. Additional gift options are available when buying one eBook at a time. Does this item contain quality or formatting issues? Here we enter upon the second section in the Book of Numbers, in which is revealed the failure of man. We need not doubt that it was this distinction between the demands of pedantic precision, on the one hand, and adequate statement, that is, statement adequate to the situation and intent, on the other, that Calvin had in mind when he said that the apostles were not so punctilious as not to accommodate themselves to the unlearned. We are not necessarily granting that Calvins remarks are the best suited to the solution of the questions that arise in connection with Acts 7:14 and Heb. Paul intends to shew, that this ascension of God in the person of Christ was far more illustrious than the ancient triumphs of the Church; because it is a more honorable distinction for a conqueror to dispense his bounty largely to all classes, than to gather spoils from the vanquished. Author: John Calvin Sometimes he can be hard to understand and I do have to look up many words, but it is well worth it.
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