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Thank youmother. He said quietly to her, ears hung to the sides as he avoided her gaze. It was almost booming inside your head and as you slowly opened your eyes stood the dog in human form. Your voice is heard, here., You swallowed, hesitant. He looked up to see he was staring at what looked to be a funeral home. "Is that what this is about? It was not what you deserved and the god of death would not curse you in such a way. Tell me, do you swear to guard the souls in their transit to the underworld, until they are judged in the scales of Ma'at and presented before Osiris?". Some of the stuff youre managed to show off here, its bloody amazing! Your head tilted slightly at him, and he assumed you wanted him to continue. He didnt mean to say that out loud. Of course Anubis knew. At least she valued her looks? You loved him. Before you could think too much about it you began to run on all fours before you began to feel a shift in your body. It was a gentle creak at first, allowing a pale yellow slither of light to creep into the dimmer recesses of your room and gradually widen as Drew came forward wielding a rather gratuitously polished, embossed tray and copious amounts of foods organized throughout. What are you begging for so pitifully? He speaks in a mocking tone, making your skin burn red hot, knowing that youll have to say it. T-teeth He cautioned slowly. You were confused, but you allowed him to take you. You trusted that he would not lead you astray now, and even if you were dreaming what did you have to lose. Perhaps it was for the bestmortals were temporary. You let me know if its too much or too little. You probably just wanted to be his friend because, let's be honest, this man needs a friend. After all, Anubiss duty was to guide souls into the Afterlife, not to oversee it. Nephthys was the woman who birthed me. I tried to do a sketch with colored pencils, but i don't think the coloring came out too well. Butwas this really right?

It sadly isnt enough but dont worry you will be making those adjustments soon. Usually youd get a tired sigh and your husband insisting he gets enough Egypt talk from the dead bird. Today was different; you knew it by the lead that weighed your body into the mattress, grogginess behind your eyes which kept you fluttering your lids to stay awake, and an uneasy ache that made your chest quiver and reverberate through your limbs. You were awake some time before the alarm sounded, unconvinced of the need to start the day beyond staring out at the city, tall windows creating a sort of frame of the world, making it seem far more like an artist rendition than anything else. You were just happy you got a reason to tell her off. Who else would he ask but his own mother? You were already here in the afterlife. With shallow thrusts, you were sighing and whining contentedly. You had never done this, before, and your inexperience was imparting you with a little sense of performance anxiety. You looked out as you sailed on the boat through daut. You didnt really see the humor. They were fragments of the past that you only saw now in fleeting glimpses and an incoherent haze so different from reality now. Now, if the other love interest leaves, things will go back to normal and he'll live with you as your dear dog again. It felt very good. Listening to his advice, you did as he asked. Though Im not exactly celebite either., The statement actually made you stop in your tracks and look over to see him in his dog form looking at you. In his centuries upon living there was only one reason for his existence.

But in hearing your story, he felt gripped by an immense sense of empathy.

anubis reincarnate highschool dxd it was a happy home, until one day you came home from school and all you heard was yelling, Natasha was leaving. They only ever saw her as a towering goddess. You both knew this. Sorry, you probably know all that. The accent threw you off for a moment.

You were inexperienced, after all. Just dinner and talking, You reassured. And you liked feeling the heat radiating off of his cock so close to your cunt. He found his head nodding without his permission. Or if you want to stop entirely, and it will stop. It wasnt often that the patron of the lost was left listless himself. Though he wasnt technically part of the main Ennead, as the god of death and a friend of Osiris, the head of the gods complained to him rather often. You recognized the voice as the museums manager, Donna. His nails playfully scratch down your body, slowly trailing down to where youve been begging to be touched. One that would live with him until the end of time itself. ", "What do you expect of me, poor aspiring priestess of Ammit? You had never felt anything like this, but you felt like you were soon going to be close to bursting. The more and more he fucked you like this, the more and more you wanted him deeper inside of you. He was on the mortal realm, guarding Osiriss tomb while she was alive. What? He asked, eyebrows furrowed. Why purposefully deny yourself these pleasures?, Getting up, Anubis sighed a controlled breath through his snout and turned to walk away. as soon as he told you he ended up in the flying donut, you ditched the trip and ran to the lab, having all access already since you had aninternship through your mom Pepper, which was mainly a front for you to help improve and create new tech for the Avengers, *check my pinned post if you want to be added to the taglists*, Dabi as Imhoteps priests/bodyguard in my kacchako X The Mummy crossover fanarts. Alright?, Practically turning into a puddle at just how careful and considerate he was being with you, you nodded at him, leaning forward to kiss his snout. Just so that he wouldnt hurt you. You liked being in his arms like this. He prefers to clean off his old yet pristine garments and headdress. Occasionally youd spot Anubis following you on buildings, giving you a golden toothed smile at you (strangely) rekindling your relationship. I was loyal and faithful and kind. Not when you were so blissed out on top of him. Chapter 7: A hardened exterior that took you months to break. It was almost lulling, in a way. Though the time we have left is limited and fleetingI wanted to know if you werefond of me, too..

Considering that, as a curator you were well above her in rank, she acted like far too much of a kiss up for your liking. He wouldnt abandon you. I promise that.. Hello? He questioned aloud, spinning back and forth, looking for anyone who mightve said that. But eventually, the god of death had to exercise restraint and pulled you off of his cock, panting and breathing heavily as though he were drowning in you.

Some of the stuff youve managed to show off here, its bloody amazing!. Your mother was preparing to escape and leave with you after your father discovered the truth, but it was too late. It isnt hard. Would it not be cruel to deny her the answers she cannot get otherwise? ", "The man I love was murdered" you explained, your voice hoarse with grief "It was a vengeful god who directed the hand of his avatar to do it. Im here for as long as you need me to be.. You amuse me. He keeps his firm grasp on your face as he continues to stare into your eyes, It is so easy to tell what you want, but its so fun to watch you squirm. You prayed no one had touched the body, and if it wasnt for the strength of being Anubis' avatar you were sure you wouldnt be able to walk as fast. He wanted to finish inside of you, but not like that. At first it was painful and made you land on the ground, on your stomach in pain before finally pushing yourself up. Cmon, we can head out the back. Its not a matter of right and wrong. You were ready for this to be your final moment. After all, he was the God of Lost Souls.

Well Not exactly, though. Anubis is now on the playing field. At those words you felt the floor turn to sand. He certainly wasnt the same blushy mess standing in front of you now, but hed always seemed more nervous with you in the room. A morsel can be devoured respectfully and lovingly, cousin.

But still, you didnt let that deter you. You have served your people faithfully and now you kneel before the Scales. Anubis only knows agony and darkness in his life. Whether it meant he was interested in having you in his bed like another of his consorts or whether he thought that was what Anubiss intentions were. Gently pulling you up to your feet, the God of Death guided you through the library halls.

Qebhets mother. Anubis was not cruel. Thankfully, you had plenty of time to do so, and you planned to do it tomorrow. Sometimes you were a little put out by the fervor with which Arthur spoke of Ammit, and you were even stung by jealousy because you sensed that you would always be second to her, but you abandoned those thoughts when your beloved bent to kiss you, a short, chaste kiss like the ones he always gave you, but which always inflamed your heart with affection and longing.

An ex-boyfriend of yours. The small bruises on your arm you keep making between your fingers is evident enough that youve been trying your hardest to just wake up. you helped him with his web shooters and tech after learning a few things in the lab with Tony, Natasha greatly disapproved of your adventures with Peter when she learned about it. Every word he spoke, you held onto. Perhaps, but I liked hearing you talk about it.. ButIm glad we took advantage of it all. He shook himself out of his reverie, Fine! Can we get headcannons for yandere Anubis stalker is SO in the animal form?! "As long as it has to take, (Y/N), but we'll be back as soon as it gets dark.". Some nights you were a skyscraper looking down on the people ambling through life with briefcases, too tight of collars and ties, too hard of soles against concrete, too overworked, and too tired. And no matter how you gripped the wheel, you just couldnt stop the question from entering your head. He knew this. But he couldnt dwell on that. Not what to do about them. He raised you with grace and dignity and he never treated you as anything less than his daughter that he loved so dearly. I'm not gonna lie, the Anubis is one of my favorite mamono. But now he didnt actually know what that meant. Did he even want anything to do with you anymore? Marc blushed a bit, glancing away from your eyes every few seconds. Youd never sensed Marc die.

He wasn't just your friend, this guy still wanted more. Yourevery kind, My Lord., Anubis hummed in idle amusement. Ohhh I truly wanted to answer this request since it came, unfortunately I had no time until now. And when he spoke with you and spent time with youyou reminded him of her. Throughout the halls, you marveled. But he wasnt angry. He inches his face towards yours, his golden eyes piercing into yours, deepening your anxiety. It was his job to guide them. With a nod and a wave of her hand, the fallen leaves surrounding you began to swirl around you. If it meant I would get to share this bond with you.. Usually only follows you in his animal form at night so that you think he's just a stray dog. Now, why do you ask such a thing? She knew the answer, but she wanted her son to say it outright. Just until you could get somewhere away from prying eyes. Was this really it?

Its a matter of what youre willing to sacrifice. While he hates people seeing you vulnerable, its only for his eyes you see, he wants to ensure people know who you are vulnerable with, the proof. You chuckled lightly, a sound he decided he liked very much.

Hear now my words, it is not your death I seek, but your service, in return I will restore to you that which you love most to share his life with you until it is time to claim him back here. He grabbed your arm and pulled you out of this "hug", stepping between you and this disgusting man. Learning more about each other. At first you hesitated but realized you were already doing his duty on earth. Glancing down at your hand before remembering he actually had to shake it. Drew said nothing else while removing the silverware and plates from the tray, eagerly arranging the display until perfection. You were afraid, of course. In time with his thrusts, you began to push back against him, grinding your cunt against his knot. Now, that caught your interest. You believed he meant well, he just needed a bit of guidance when it came to relationships! "I don't understand why I can't go with you" you protested, pouting. I hope these are what you're looking for! Ill find you at the end of your shift. Im not what you call a fucker. What stood before you was Anubis in his human form who was now kneeling down in an attempt to be on your level but still looked giant. during that time you had stayed friends with Peter, him being the only one who could understand. Needed to knot you. But I know in my heart that I would feel an eternal regret if I were not honest. He will not care about not making a mess out of your life. Practically inseparable from you, even before you started dating, and because of his adorable face and self you just accepted it as part of his personality to like physical affection. But youve realized by now its intentional, and he takes you out anyway to parade his beautiful darling for the other gods to stare and see who they belong to. For a while everything seems fine, he's a very picky eater, but other than that he just lives like a lazy, spoiled dog. You opened your mouth and tried to say something, anything, between the daze you were falling prey to and your desire for survival, but the same person holding the bottle against your lips insisted: "Easy, don't talk drink a little, we won't hurt you.". Sorry young one, but this is not a dream, He said, holding out your arm in his hand to see the bruises forming on your arm. Get up. She voluntarily took the role. Nodding and resigning himself to this face, Anubis rested his forehead against yours. PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE NOT OF APPROPRIATE AGE 3) I wanted to have at least some plotbut I decided to just post what I have, hopefully I can put some more back story if people like it!! When he had Qebhet, he was serving the mortals of the living world. With a V. He said awkwardly, cursing himself for accidentally rhyming. Shes an embalmer. It made him incredibly proud to have such a wonderful daughter to a wonderful woman. No man had ever looked at you the way he did. So, he decided you needed your rest. Thought we could head over to my house and order in. Hed pull lots of things like this, like giving you food just spicy enough to make you need something to drink, but making you kiss him before he hands you milk to calm your tongue. I sleep all weird, ending up sleep walking myself half across my room, He chuckled. That wasnt what you expected. We are almost where we need to be, He said softly. He killed you for actions that were not your own. Besidesit isnt just about myself. What a headache But why hold back? A tired, wet mess, still gasping for air, you lay limp as he puts you down, gently removing his fingers to admire the work he had done. He tried not to stare at the man too long, but he couldnt help himself. Once the group of school kids had left the gift shop area, you approached, staring at him softly. "Drink" the same voice said to you "Don't be afraid, you're safe.". Osiris was proud of His son for still remaining devoted to his duty. His slightly sadistic side comes out seeing how horrible you are at keeping your composure, as he normally orders and eats with you.

Erecting his pricked ears with your childish delight at this seemingly innocuous discovery in a shrouded corner of his crippled tomb, he reformed from the shadow. Anubis couldnt help but smile at you. You were far more important than primal desires. It only took him a moment to realize you were the curator. You told them that you didnt even know who he was but you damn sure would never do such a thing. When you sleep, he'll leave the bed, change to his human form and just do things around the house. He didnt say it out loud, but he liked to avoid his problems as long as he could. Steven, hm? You questioned, leaning on the glass counter. You try to sink deeper into the jagged stone wall that youve backed yourself into, seemingly being the only thing keeping you from collapsing on the floor. It wasnt like you had anything to go back to. You looked so lost. He couldnt say no, right? But you were still forever bright and a guiding star, in the never-ending night that was his fate. "You don't have to worry about me, Ammit watches over those who are loyal to her. Cooking (he's actually a good chef! Softly, he nuzzled you, warm breath washing over you before he gave a lick through your folds. The only items being left over bags and one tour guide's open locker, including her impressive collection of make-up and mirrors. "Oh, Arthur!" I am a guide. He turned around quickly, this time with much more force than before. It was unthinkable. He was feelingquite emotional and erratic as well. He continued to kiss you up and down your neck and your jaw, helping you relax even further into the position. Khonshu: So what's it like knowing you're easily swapped for a god? Of course, you were honoured. He somehow can tell every crude thought youre thinking and leans in with a serious tone, Would you like that? His words trail on as he gently drags his claws against your now entirely exposed top half, you could hardly notice your nudity with all of the new sensations and anticipation. "It's possible the mercenary will be looking for us, the last thing I want is for him to run into you. And he had to fulfill it. And its Steven. They would be better off without you there, attracting the Miramon by this inadvertent curse from the Gods with you as a blip on their radar. It was sweet. Steven looked surprised, nervously glancing around as if he could find the source of your discomfort. In a second, Anubis flipped you over, your knees over his shoulders as he adjusted himself. Sets wife. Set, howeverdid discover the truth. Anubis lamented, shaking his head. A sure sign that your life was not a long-lived one. But already, he was growing close to cumming. even on the days where you didnt quite feel like yourself, drew helped you find comfort in your shared, everyday routines. She had to have complimented your suit at least four times. It took you a little by surprise, but it wasnt unpleasant. "How do I look?"

Steven, you alright there? You asked, tilting your head in concern. You came then to a chamber, where more pyres like the one in which you awoke were lined up on all sides, as well as tables on which rested iron and bronze instruments, herbs of many kinds, bandages and canopic vases. After this, Anubis needed to guide you to the afterlife. Life is meant to be seized. thanks <3 love your writing btw!! He could simply do his duty and guide you into the afterlife. Seeing your collection spread out for the public was somewhat nice. He knew this deeply. I lived a normal life a woman like me would live. It has been made fresh just this morning, please come to the table before it cools. Most weaponry couldnt pierce your skin, and even if it could you could heal faster than it would take to hurt you. What you knew was only what you could know. It's not as spectacular as other necklaces, but I thought it seemed appropriate for you" he explained, taking the scarab to open the perch that held it.

Buthe couldnt be sure. After all, no one contested the King. Did you want it to be quiet? The god of deaths contemplation would soon be tainted by a familiar abrasive one.

I also have to think about whats best for (Name). He keeps thrusting into that spot, until finally a wave of pleasure rushes over you, forcing the last moans and gasps you had out of you all at once. But it is my solemn duty to grant her request as her patron., He is right to demand those answers in his duty to guide the lost. The voice of Nehemetawy could be heard from beside Thoth. Your lips were so soft, so pliant. She brought Him back to life long enough for her to have His son. Just talk to me. Who would know best about love and happiness? Who could he go to for advice? But it wasdifferent getting it like this. Your heart gave a hard thump against your chest, body rigid at the sound of rhythmic rapping against your door. You couldnt help but laugh at his suggestion but he made no sound. You do notice him one day, but end up thinking it's just a stray dog. Not until you were going to. Anubis could sense your apprehension and ran a hand through your hair to soothe you. But youspoke about her like she was an ordinary person. The feeling of sharp teeth gently teasing your skin suddenly turns into a hot wet sensation burning up your neck and to your jaw, his intoxicatingly warm breath brushes against your ear, causing shivers to run down your spine as strangled moans vulgarly echo through the rooms. But not too cowardly to not write this and meet the people's demand. He turned around, and said to you: You followed him through what looked like a half-built pyramid, the corridors were illuminated by authentic miniature stars, which ran along the walls as in an ancient fresco, and the more you descended, the more things you noticed, like the smell of perfumes and oils, and the crackling of the fire. The small smile youd had just a minute ago dropped quickly, the humor fading from your faced. You were whining and moaning around his cock, the vibrations only spurring him on. The speech was simple and to the point but you knew what he was asking. I had someimportant matters I needed to attend to., He sounded shy, so, naturally, you raised your eyebrows at him. Once the last one walked away, his eyes fell on a man across the room. Youd lied to him and hed disappeared. can we get a yandere (nsfw?

If Idid not ask. And for a long time you were just friends, until you both started catching feelings. So impromptu dates or surprises at work will more than likely be met with resistance and/or reluctance to comply. It would dishonour your memory to focus only on the bittersweet goodbye. Now, his eyes are on yours again, staring into your soul. He wasnt quite sure how to respond.

Anubis couldnt help but take pity on you and you hadnt even appealed to the scales, yet. You may accompany her to the persea tree, my son. The King decreed. Once you passed through, there was no going back. Dont mock me right now, okay? You asked, your voice breaking slightly despite your attempts to keep it sturdy. The sounds of his knot slapping against you echoed around the room incredibly rapidly. You sighed, eventually deciding that if this was an identity, you could help him fix it if you ruined anything. This was not that. It does not matter where you came from. He said quietly. Anubis could recognize that expression on your elegant face in an instant. He was chasing his high, knowing you were chasing it with him, and soon enough he was practically jackhammering into you. He would never regret having her. Nothing about it looked particularly interesting until you looked at the gift-shopist. You look so adorable when you're confused. The tension began to permeate the very air you and Anubis breathed, looking down on him and waiting for him to speak, next. Right this way, (Name)..

His team might be taking a walk on patrol and if he senses no immediate danger he will suddenly stop mid-walk and start cleaning his sword. Ironically, Sobeks words only strengthened Anubiss resolve.

This night was going crazy just like your dreams and you were still not sure if it wasnt. You chatted idly with Anubis, catching up on whatever the gods were complaining about now. I love anything Anubis-related! This mischievous boy has a lot of potential, and hes the type to not read your journals but would steal your clothes or show up to class (that in itself is a rarity) without a sweater just so he can ask to borrow yours to smell it. Horus was right. Leading troops was a skill of yours, but the new title brought on new pressure. Their fate would remain unknown. No. Your saucer-like eyes showed your disbelief, but Arthur never joked about that sort of thing. After a few seconds it dawned on you what he was asking, and you proceeded to take off the necklace with the bejeweled scarab on it, offering it to him.

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