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George is a published author and a recognized leader in reliability. By the end of the course, you will have outlined what a successful PdM program can look like at your organization. This course is designed for maintenance supervisors, managers, PM leads, CMMS managers, planners, Our virtual instructor-led training option allows students to connect to a live classroom seminar via a web link, with the ability to participate fully in the classroom dialogue, exercises, and Q&A throughout the 2-day live course. ", "Terrific customer service, easy to use, and at a great value. Please keep it up! "Nate Rife, P&H Mining Equipment, "This course will be very valuable in helping us set up our new maintenance program. PM techs can also benefit from this training. Fail to achieve one of them and your maintenance efforts will not get the big pay-offs that they should. electromechanical duty Site Map. They are also given the opportunity to practice how to communicate results to different stakeholders. This understanding will lead to reduced breakdowns, reduced interruptions and improved The Predictive MaintenanceStrategy course, offered by the Lifecycle Institute focuses on establishing, administering, and maintaining results associated with a high-functioning PdM program. In 2015, Georges global team won the Uptime Award for Best Maintenance and Reliability Program.

He has earned certifications in vibration analysis, infrared thermography, ultrasound, motion amplification, and plant maintenance management. This course is best for individuals who already have experience in the maintenance field and want to specialize in predictive maintenance techniques. Virtual students receive all classroom materials electronically, full technical support during the event, a certificate of completion, and the same No-Risk Registration and Money-Back Guarantee as our classroom students. Using the P-F curve to choose inspection frequencies, 2-day PPM (Preventive and Predictive Maintenance), 3-day PPM (Preventive and Predictive Maintenance), 5-day PPM (Preventive and Predictive Maintenance), Purchase here and get this book signed by the Author, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Courses. This training program is ideal for junior professionals who need a broad spectrum of knowledge in the maintenance field, with a focus on predictive maintenance. system can be the core of your proactive effort for maintaining your enduring assets. Want this training at your facility instead? This training course is available in-person across 11 different states in the US, and online for the entire world. Maintenance Manager HQ is a world-class development center for professionals in the maintenance management industry. George is the founder and CEO of ReliabilityX. This advanced course teaches how to manage predictive maintenance as a component of a larger assetmanagement strategy to diagnose and prevent equipment failures. Start from scratch with an unbiased analysis of your companys training needs. We had a minor feature request that was deployed within 24 hours - which is unheard of. A few important tips to help you avoid common pitfalls when creating a PM plan. Cost Controls, Success in American (late-1970s Ford Motor Company), Scheduled Repair/Parts Replacement/On-Condition Inspections, Applying Reliability Centered Maintenance, How to Make Recommendations for Maintenance/Repair, Facility-Wide Inputs; Gather your Subject Matter Experts, Final Maintenance Schedule Recommendation. Take the management stress away from preventative maintenance. Our old Maintenance software was very difficult to use and was very expensive.". maintenance, including how to set them up, design task lists and implement the systems in your He was dynamic, enthusiastic and humorous. the best method for preserving assets. During this three-day course, you will learn the theory and application of multiple PdM technologies. From high productivity tools and techniques to specific program structures, including real world examples, implementation strategies and what to look for in staffing your own effort, this will guide you to another level of smooth-running organizational efficiency. With new maintenance techniques, regulations, and tools, being developed continuously, maintenance professionals must be able to keep evolving along with the profession. When done well your Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Program will contain the correct predictive maintenance strategies and plant maintenance schedule to deliver the six purposes of maintenance equipment reliability, failure avoidance, defect elimination, least operating costs, risk reduction and maximum production. What's the right PdM training program for you? Please enable Javascript in your browser's settings. Enhance your maintenance skills while earning a recognized credential. Whether you are a maintenance manager with experience leading assets performance in large organizations or you never had any direct involvement in a predictive maintenance program, enrolling in the right course will help you to grow in your maintenance career. Facilitators Make The Difference: Featuring Mike Smith, Learn more about the Maintenance Management Certification Program, Learn more about the Reliability Engineering Certification Program, Self-paced five-minute Predictive Maintenance Strategy Lesson. There are multiple ways to learn the best practices in predictive maintenance. Get our email address from the Contact Us webpage. I was impressed with how the course stressed the importance of planning and scheduling. "Joe Adam, Exide Technologies. Predictive maintenance (PdM) is not a tool, technique or certification. Predictive maintenance (PdM) is not a tool, technique or certification. environment. If you would like to register with TPC Trainco click here or contact us on 877 987 7246. Managing a predictive maintenance program requires a deep understanding of assets lifecycle. All rights reserved. A culmination of 20 years of research, teaching, and consulting, this book shares the best practices, mistakes, victories, and key steps for success gleaned from organizations around the world. The Predictive Maintenance Strategy course considers predictive maintenance as a component of a larger asset management strategy to diagnose, prevent and postpone failures. While many organizations still rely heavily on time-based, preventive maintenance, its a proven fact that condition-based monitoring increases personnel productivity, reduces equipment downtime and saves money. Looking for Additional Plant Management Training Courses? Understanding how to intentionally make your business processes and production equipment more and more reliable turns average organisations into world-class organisations. Available in both virtual and in-person, instructor-led formats, this course provides the fundamentals of Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring applicable to facilities and manufacturing production lines. If we cancel a course, participants will be notified via email or phone and will be given the option for a full refund or to transfer their registration and any fees paid to another course. If it is easier for your company to process a single payment for the entire course, rather than handle separate payments you can buy the entire course at once.

As we fully integrate Limble we expect to see more benefits and increase our response and completion times. Life Cycle InstituteLife Cycle Institutes approach to high impact learning integrates learning, leadership and change management competencies to produce documented, sustainable results. Draft a predictive maintenance strategy that incorporates critical success factors in the following areas: Compare your current PdM program to best practices and build a plan to meet your PdM goals. You review the module content then complete each assignment and send the assignment to your Tutor. Life Cycle Engineering provides engineering solutions that deliver lasting results for private industry, public entities, government organizations and the military. An example of the useful, action-oriented information you'll learn in this course. Well help you pinpoint opportunities and develop a smart program for your in-house talent. The plant maintenance PdM program development course materials are not available by postal mail. All students completing the class will receive a certificate of completion including the awarding CEU credits. Home Online Training Courses Teaching World Class Maintenance, EAM, and Reliability Improvement Tutored by Expert Practitioners Learn to Develop a Planned Predictive Maintenance Program and Predictive Maintenance Schedule for High Equipment Reliability and Uptime. If you want to remain competitive in the industry, you must continue to invest in education. By the end of the session, you will have outlined what a successful PdM program can look like at your organization. Discover the leading-edge practices and the best classic strategies that make equipment run stoppage-free for longer; produce at maximum sustainable capacity with first-pass quality throughput; and make industrial operations highly profitable. The customer support has been outstanding.

View a Single Point Lesson on Spectrographic AnalysisAn example of the useful, action-oriented information you'll learn in this course. Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), also called Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a maintenance strategy used on operating plant and equipment. This predictive maintenance training course covers CBM and will deliver you new insights into how decision makers take full advantage of an optimized condition based maintenance programme to boost profits. lubrication sampling, temperature measurement, etc.). Describe the theory, application and safety considerations of 5 PdM technologies, Recognize visual inspection as a component of a PdM program. With full audio and video capabilities, you are equipped with the tools you need for maximum learning. For enrollee Course Cancellation, refer to notes on course page. Some courses offer stronger preparation on technical maintenance know-how while other courses are more focused on maintenance leadership. FREE RESOURCES FOR PROFESSIONALS AND STUDENTS, [Tool: Work Ticket + Root Cause Analysis Worksheet], Work ticket + root cause analysis worksheet, Best Predictive Maintenance TrainingCourses, 3) Lifecycle Institute -- Predictive Maintenance Strategy. Additionally, my eyes were opened to the importance of specific and repeatable documented maintenance tasks. Please use your work or .edu email address. How can we adopt Planned Component Replacement? power use verses throughput), or you can introduce periodic inspections of equipment condition through observation and data measurement (e.g. You will review critical success factors of results-producing PdM programs. What are the basics of predictive maintenance? Regardless of where you are in your maintenance career, theres a course that can help you to take your career to the next level. Reliability-Centered and Other Maintenance Management Best Practices, Developing a High-Performance Maintenance and Reliability Organization, Planning and Scheduling Maintenance Operations, Using FMEA and RCM to Reduce Equipment Failures, Effectively Managing Your Maintenance Team, Maintenance and Reliability Management Certificate, Maintenance, industrial, and manufacturing engineers. Copyright 2022 Limble CMMS. This is done in order to predict machine failures and to do restoration to avoid hazards which could otherwise occur. This training course teaches the following topics: application of vibration analysis, thermography, tribology (oil analysis), ultrasonics, motor circuit analysis, how to recognize visual inspection as a component of a PdM program, how to draft a successful predictive maintenancestrategy and use data to monitor results. The Maintenance-Operations Planning Meeting: Review of Seminar Goals and Addressing Remaining Questions. Provide the conference center registrations representative with: the course name, dates, and/or course number. Learn more about accessibility at UWMadison. safety considerations associated with maintenance systems, and more. Test drive Limble's CMMS and increase your profits today! Download the Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring brochure. This course will, in a short time, Add specialized topics and technology. The course features over 60 lectures delivered as short videos. Prepare a check, made payable to UW Madison. Take this course to learn how you can use a PdM program to stay on top of project deadlines by avoiding costly damage and unscheduled shutdowns.

Limble is quite intuitive and I love the ability to have assets nested within each other. Understands live implementation of CBM strategy avoiding failures and loss and optimal utilization of resources. If you have any questions about the online Predictive Maintenance Program Training Course by distance education please Contact Us by sending an email. Choose from our most popular topics. When you visit or interact with our sites, services or tools, we or our authorised service providers may use cookies for storing information to help provide you with a better, faster and safer experience and for marketing purposes. Even better when you consider our business is located in a completely different time zone (somewhere in Australia). Browse the catalog using the dates below. Individuals who complete TPCs predictive maintenance training will have all the necessary information necessary to decide which assets need condition monitoring, what tools are needed for each project, and how to measure the effectiveness of their decisions. There are also courses designed for industry newcomers. The community is used as a channel to share experiences, ask questions, and make connections. Maintenance Managers, PdM Managers, Maintenance professionals, continuing education students, and any person responsible for justifying or managing duties related to a PdM program. You will receive either a mailed document or an email to confirm successful enrollment payment. Lifetime Reliability Solutions | World Class Reliability All rights reserved. See the Results Red Hawk Enjoys With Limble, "I can track my inventory and it sends me emails when I'm running low on an item. Fee covers morning and afternoon breaks, scheduled lunches, course materials. Once you pass each modules assignments you then purchase the next module and continue with learning more best practice predictive maintenance strategy training. As you do a module you send the assignments to your Tutor who reviews the submission and gives you feedback and advice on how to complete them well. Each of the 2 modules cost $199.99. The successful completion of the course awards you the Maintenance Manager HQ certificate, which you can showcase in your LinkedIn profile and add to your resume. Powered By Axel The Limble team is very quick to respond to any questions and they are very open to suggestions. Learn how to develop the right Predictive Maintenance strategy that applies correct Condition Based Maintenance and condition monitoring technology to minimize your maintenance costs. Our resource library is available for free to professionlas and students. In addition to exposing students to the principles and options for a program, they will learn about real world applications that have benefited other successful maintenance programs. All Rights Reserved. Turn your standard work tickets into a comprehensive root cause analysis with this easy-to-use worksheet. ", Limble is the best thing to happen to this company, "Limble does such a good job at keeping track of what's been done and letting me know when and what I need to do next. ", "I like the price, the fact I can see it on my phone or the computer. All of our courses are backed by our No Risk Registration & Money Back Guarantee. This predictive maintenance training course shows and explains how to select and use the right predictive maintenance program and schedule that means your operation: You get a Predictive Maintenance Strategy Development training certificate upon successful completion of the whole course and all its assignments, including providing evidence that you applied your learning at work.

"This course was very worthwhilethe instructor's depth of knowledge and communication skills were excellent. predictive maintenance principles and techniques, such as vibration monitoring or oil analysis, how conditional monitoring can be leveraged, how data analytics works in the predictive maintenance context. We will however only send you one module at a time following the successful completion of each module. In the predictive maintenance segment, students will be introduced to the various technologies. The Ohio State University College of Engineering, Shipyard Planning and Engineering Process Support, IT Development, Operations and Maintenance, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling eLearning, Reliability Centered Maintenance eLearning, Reliability Engineering Excellence eLearning, Onsite Training for Reliability and Maintenance, LCE Helps a Food Processing Plant Build a Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Program, A New Reliability Engineer Applies REC Knowledge to Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs, An Aluminum Cast House Throughput Study Identifies Strategies to Improve Output by 13%, Life Cycle Engineering Experts Propose an Innovative Solution for Reducing Greenhouse Emissions in the Maritime Industry, Even Small Wins Matter - Improving a Pulp-and-Paper Mills Sheet-Break Recovery Time, Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative: Transforming the Organization to Meet Performance Goals.

PM has always been Explain how a combination of predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and non-destructive testing mitigates risk and optimizes your asset maintenance plan. No refunds will be given after that time. Each module is purchased online one-at-a-time when you need it. You will receive an email to confirm successful enrollment and payment. Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding career with a stable, team-based and results-oriented organization? You do each module one at a time, including its assignments, until each module is complete. Whats more, some courses provide participants with a certificate of completion. Class hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday through Thursday. Through group activities and case studies, you will determine which predictive technologies to use, how to set goals for your program, track progress and practice how to communicate results to different stakeholders. Online courses tend to be the preferred approach. With around 80% of equipment failures being totally unpredictable based only on the equipment age, you must have a condition-based maintenance strategy and predictive maintenance program to deal with them. We reserve the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen events. Life Cycle Engineering made the list as one of the best places to work in South Carolina, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Don't see a date/location that works? Virtual course hours that run from 11am-5pm EST. Understands common pitfalls in your Condition maintenance techniques and improvise your own master plan for CBM. Each completed course will earn 2.1 CEUs with a total of 8.4 CEUs for the certificationprogram that are accepted and recognized by The Ohio State University, Life Cycle Institute and Certified Reliability Leaders. During this course, students are exposed to real-world case studies and access maintenance managementstrategies that have benefited other successful organizations. Well create a collaborative experience based on your class size and specifications. He is a certified maintenance and reliability professional and certified reliability leader. This program is offered through a partnership with theLife Cycle Engineering and Institute. Predictive Maintenance Training Course Content, Sample of Predictive Maintenance Course Modules 1 and 2 Slides. I tried an online learning platform, and will say yours is still the best out there. Planned Predictive Maintenance strategy that does not make you more production and profit is a poor sort of condition based maintenance program. He began his career working for his father in maintenance performing PMs on trucks and trailers while in high school. Once you are registered you buy Module 1 of the Planned Predictive Maintenance Strategy Development Training at the online store and download it. Connect online to a live classroom seminar on the date below, Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring brochure, Additional Plant Management Training Courses, No Risk Registration & Money Back Guarantee. customer service. We can deliver this course as an on-site learning experience tailored to your organizations specific training needs. During this three-day course, you will learn the theory and application of multiple PdM technologies.
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