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As established by the Town Hall of Buol the payment of a fee is required in order to gain access to the 2022 Tomatina perimeter. We had 2 guides, 2 buses from Barcelona. Estara bien un espacio para cambiarse, unos vestidores. 1) The departure point was in the real far and not tourist-friendly part of Barcelona, to where I had to walk around 1 hour. Podran haber informado un poco ms en la web, las carencias, los gastos extras y las precauciones necesarias. El viaje en el autobus. Copiamos literalmente el prrafo de la descripcin del paquete en el cual indicamos los gastos extra, os rogamos que antes de comprar leis la informacin: La organizacion misma en el dia del evento. Tomatina 2022 Ticket + Bus from Valencia + Party, Tomatina 2022 Ticket from Madrid + Bus + Tour Guide + T-Shirt, Aparthotel + Tomatina ticket 2022 + Bus + Tour Guide + T-Shirt, Hostel close to Buol + Tomatina 2022 Ticket, Tomatina 2022 Ticket from Valencia VIP + Bus + Tour Guide + T-Shirt, Tomatina Ticket 2022 + Paella + Drink + Party, Tomatina Ticket 2022 + Battle accessories + Party. Consequently and ONCE PURCHASED NO REFUND FOR ADMISSION CANCELLATION WILL BE ADMITTED IN ANY CASE.The fee of cancellation, change or modification for the rest of services is 15. Cozy bus, friendly guide and good driver. Unforgettable. Se pueden adquirir comprando los correspondientes tickets en el mismo punto de encuentro en Buol, en nuestro punto de change en Valencia o en el autobs de ida a la Tomatina. The shower service relied on the Buol city council but we will report your comment. Tour guide was nice and very friendly. The inconvenient is that the time is strictly limited, with that amount of people coming ,30 min for shower is not enough. We would have liked to been informed prior to the festival that there was not going to be any proper showers facilities as such. It delayed our descent from the bus. The attention we received in buol was great because they helped us at all times to solve a couple of personal problems we had, so it's time to say thank you. Congratullations to all staff. 2) We departed with delay and had to orient towards announcements of the guides (which were not loud), to which group of people we should join. Do you want to come to 2022 Tomatina from Madrid? On the other hand the organization of the event was good and the lockers were great to keep your things and not worry about them. elton dorado kingsman mayer cerchio pelisplus movidy sourcemovies soolide trakt vraie lad camino Carrying on with the navigation, we understand you accept our cookies policy. The way you brand your tours, the bus quality. Adems esto forma parte de la cultura y tradicin de la Tomatina y nos parece importe mantener la autenticidad de esta fiesta. If cancellation is requested after the 6th of August a fee of 100% of the package price will apply. Tambin algn lugar para sentarse para comer la paella. Tour operator needs to give clear guideline about the start point. We use cookies to improve our services And with statistics purposes. vile People gathered around one possible spot and were asking each other but no one sure. It is not well organized when you get on place , because of the guide our group arrived among the last. While you could just ask people to hop to the right bus and check the lists. Nothing.. Bad journey.. No proper information given, boarding the bus was bad. Location of starting of the bus in Barcelona was not clear. I will never book with you guys again. We were partying in Barcelona all afternoon-night and we slept in the bus, on the way back too, after La Tomatina we were exhausted. Nice arrangements by Tour operators. No provision for food at the end of festival. Plus the departure point was on the opposite side from the bus depot and there were no guides or signs pointing to where I should go. Tambin tenis un apartado con informacin y reglas generales de la Tomatina: Well organised trip. Gracias por tus cometarios que nos ayudan a mejorar. Created byQuafys, S.L. After the Tomatina, our Tour Guide will take you to the municipal. Y para el ao que viene tenemos previsto ampliar el espacio de duchas. Las duchas las proporciona el ayuntamiento de Buol, pero aun as, hemos instalado unas duchas en la Fun Zone para nuestros clientes. Thank you for your feedback. we are registered as an official tourism agency of the Valenciana Community with registration number: All rights reserved. The trip was a bit long and boring, but it's worthwhile. Consequently and ONCE PURCHASED NO REFUND FOR ADMISSION CANCELLATION WILL BE ADMITTED IN ANY CASE. Lockers or the place to take bath or in anyway. The bus was also not comfortable. Gracias por tus cometarios que nos ayudan a mejorar. The payment terms and conditions are subject to the provisions in accordance with the Decree 20/1997 of the 11th February, the Government of Valencia states as well as in compliance with the legislation on the package tours relating to the articles 160 and SS of the Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16th November whereby the restated text of The General Law for the Protection of the Consumers and Users and other additional legislation are approved. las medidas oportunas. Brief but intense. Definitely recommend!! The best festival I've been to this year. In the table below, choose the bus schedule that you prefer: Do you want to come to the 2022 Tomatina from. My friends got a cheaper deal with clear and easy navigation to where hop on the bus at the Placa de Catalunya. Las duchas las proporciona el ayuntamiento de buol, trasladamos su queja para que tome Tomatina 2022 Ticket from Barcelona + Bus + Tour Guide + T-Shirt. Thanks Andrea!!!! These are the only problems I found in what was otherwise one of the best experiences in my time in Spain. Do you want to come to 2022 Tomatina from Barcelona? Everything else was perfect. Tener en cuenta que a la Tomatina vienen 22.000 personas y la poblacin no dispone de ningn lugar donde se pueda montar vestidores tan grandes. Gave correct information which was easy to follow. The ease of finding the established points of departure and arrival of buses, You degree of satisfaction with the service bus, The advice and information provided by the tour guide, The ease to buy tickets through our website, In general, services, advice and information provided by, In which extent you would return to buy in The party atmosphere was great, our guide was very nice also. I would recommend everyone to use their services. One knowing everything the other nothing. 3) The list of people who bought tickets were lost, so we had to write our names on piece of paper, so we could register once again. En lugar de undj y una pista de baile unos vestidores hubieran sido ms tiles y un mejor servicio de duchas. Los guas amables pero un poco caos la entrega de pulseras y camisetas. As established by the Town Hall of Buol the payment of a fee is required in order to gain access to the 2022 Tomatina perimeter. So after the SIESTA-bus we and other trippers went to the Barceloneta beach to continue the party. For further information about the Contracting Terms and Conditions, you can contact us at El gua no nos explic bien lo de las duchas. Video shown were perfect for preparation. Los autobuses fueron puntuales, los conductores muy amables. Dormimos y nos despertamos en Buol, A la vuelta salimos con algo de retraso, pero llegamos bien a Barcelona, The service is very much needed as I would not have been able to get to Bunol if it isn't of tour services such as tomatinatickets. Since bus start time is at midnight, there was no one to ask about the location. The bus left on time, which is great, but I have to admit that is difficult for many to get around at the new place when there are a lot of people, so one of our neighbors in the bus were left in Buol because there didnt arrive on time. Festival was amazing. La bebida, comida y taquillas guardarropa NO est incluido en este paquete.
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