chromebook connected to printer but won t print

HP and Brother printers work very well. After trying all the help info HP gave with no results working this method worked perfectly in only a few minutes. Found this post and followed the directions. I then went into the network settings of the Chromebook and chose Googles DNS and it worked! Thank you. But I am still having same problem that I also have with usb conneciton. Hopefully this will work for awhile. Months of trying, and finally got my Acer Chromebook 15 to recognize my HP Officejet Pro 8025e printer. You can have them connect directly to the printer by using the IP address or ask your IT team to connect the printer through the admin console so that it is available for everyone. Did you follow the steps outlined in this post? Any ideas? I have a Canon Pixma 2920 and it is not on the list. Setup of printer was seamless but when document is sent to the printer, the samsung ML202W printer flashes but doesnt print the document. The workaround offered by the author might work for some users and, as reported here, not for lots of other users depending on the printer type used. 2. Disconnected everything reconnected everything, took off printer and added it as a new printer does same thing says its connected but wont print and says cannot connect to printer and yet it says its connected. Now my Chromebook ( which has a different Google gmail It has worked well for a couple of years. ", Next to the name of your printer, select More. It turned out that 802.11r amendment makes Canon wireless detection go crazy and see WPA2 network as unencrypted. I found nothing I knew to be similar in the drop down for model in the set up. As I mentioned, this has worked until now. My HP printer was available in the printer settings, but when tried to print anything it would hang on the print properties box. We have three Acer Chromebooks. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Then print.

If you need help, follow your printer manufacturers instructions. Printers are the worst. I tried adding the printer manually, with the network settings I got off the printer itself. Yes, without success. I can print to this printer from my phone when using the same wifi. Hi- I am trying to connect a canon mx492 to a chromebook with usb. This 2.4 and 5.0 frequency may be an issue for other peoples problems???? Hi, I have a Samsung SL-M2022w mono laser printer, works ok from Windows or Android tablet and phone via wifi. The printer is a canon mg3120 and I can print from my phone to it but I cant get the install on the Chromebook. Your cable ISP can probably set it up remotely. I installed the Brother printer app from the play store. I also have an HP Envy PRO 6400 wifi printer, which has performed flawlessly until 2 weeks ago. Uninstall / reinstall the printer using IPP instead of HTTPS Wheat should I do to configure? I current have the printer connected to my Asus ZenWifi router which lets me print via LPD print service, but since Chrome OS doesnt have the driver for this printer, I tried various generic drivers and similar Samsung printer models for days without success. Nothing Ive tried works . I can add it to saved printers, but it is not found in print destinations and therefore, I cannot print to it. Piece of crap. I hope it works for you. If you're using a USB cable, you can go to Step 2. Nothing comes up in the printer selection box except the eternal circling icon. * We can print from an iPhone using AirPrint.

I hope my journey give others looking for a solution to their Chromebook printing woes some ideas on what they can do to get it to work. We have an HP J4680 office jet and an HP chromebook. Both printer and Chromebook are on the same Wi-fi network but error msg says the two can not connect. No luck so far. (previously my PC was using a WSD Port.) Finally so close to getting this blasted set up to work. The uri is not editable. You can leave the printer PPD field empty. It worked great with Google Cloud Print and I use it with my Dell desktop computer and my Android phone also. It doesnt work in all circumstances, but its certainly worth a shot! So, following advice that someone said worked, I tried some of the models on the drop down, like ml2150 and others, none work. On the Web Services tab, make note of the IP Address. Finally I thought it was working. Heres the link: Make sure your Chromebook and your printer are on the SAME wifi network, Double check the IP address that you entereddont use the subnet mask or IP gateway. Search for printer like you did previously.

when i go to add printer, i put in ip address, but it cant find the printer. You can also scan documents with your Chromebooks camera. If you look through the comments on this post, the majority of those having issues are trying to print to a Canon printer. Everything prints in B&W no matter how I try to do it. There are lots of devices that will only work on 2.4ghz networks. Any suggestions? B Chromebooks support Android apps. To fix it, I had to remove all of my printers and reinstall them. I used the home user IO print resource from Chrome web store to help. The Chromebook options are not as easy to use but it will suffice since I dont need to print from them that often anyways. It sounds like the printer was been disconnected from two of your Chromebooks. Other issues or problems? I can print from my Android phone easily. To get this to work you need the IP address of the printer. Sending feedback to them is very easy. Canon Imageclass printers do not support the new Google print method, printer not found by the chrome setup software and other Canon substitutes didnt work. Glad you are able to print again! Someone suggested Safari? That did not fail and still works fine as the Chromebook used to until it quit. Thank you so much! and when the container is started after reboot, it doesnt work anymore and show the printer as not being accessible Ill check if I can find a solution to make it permanent maybe a problem with the IP given to the container when it starts Ill check that out and will let you know. * Resetting the printer and reconnecting (multiple times).

It gets stuck after a couple of lines of print. It was working OK but now every document has multi-coloured lines running down the length of the document. Thank you kindly; Any suggestions would be appreciated ! AT&T handled it quite well except for several calls prior to the technician arriving warning that they cant find anything wrong on their end and would charge us $100 if the problems were our fault. I had the same problem with my Canon MG3600 printer. I can get the printer and the Chromebook to see each other and connect on the wi-fi network but when I send something to print it just spools for a few minutes and comes up with an error message. Hi John, Thank you for clear instructions and this info packed post! Mysteries. morning On the chromebook it showed up as a printer, I clicked add and it just worked. I tried rolling back restore points on personal laptop and it worked, for about an hour so there is some update attached to this nonsense that eventually kicks in from a spot buried deep within your PC files. Your email address will not be published. I fear the lists I am able to find are too old and assume Cloud Print for their compatibility. I will keep trying. The HP Samsung Mobile Print app I installed detected the printer right away and I was printing in no time via Wifi Direct. Printer does show as listed on settings page ! Any ideas? I input the IP address and change the protocol from HTTP to HTTPS. On the first page of the Network Status Sheet from the Epson you will find about 2/3 down the page IP Address; it will look like I am pretty sure these were the steps. I have both my chromebook and printer on the same wifi network. You may need to look up instructions on how to find the IP address for your specific model. Am I just out of luck? Do I need to buy a new printer? * Setting the printer to connect to just 2.4GHz and just to 5GHz. Ive tried every setting, Ive removed and added the printer again and again. The destination dropbox shows a spinning circle; the printer doesnt show, and no choice for saving to PDF shows either. Tried everything to fix. I just got this chromebook and I hate to think I have to return it. Everything worked gloriously when i used google cloud print (bad google) I cannot find any resource to solve the error of the spinning and get it to print.

On my Lenovo Windows10 when clicking Contro+P the window for printing pops up. When I try to print , I can hear the printer click and wake up, a message comes on Chromebook screen saying its printed but nothing comes out of the printer. Printing is far from standard, which is one reason why it is such a pain! Printer now recognized, doc in queue but not printing. Hi there, Im a teacher with about 17 students who cant print now. Brand new Canon TR4520 printer, which appears on the Canon list of Chromebook compatible printers. The funniest thing is that the scanner is recognized out of the box by the Chromebooks scanning app without the use of the Linux container. I am able to print from my phone to this printer via same wifi. Ive registered the printer with Epson but when I open the Epson Connect facility in a browser window there isnt a scan option. Used to work in the past but not now. Its easy to say, get a supported printer, but from what I can see even that is not guaranteed to work! Not sure this will work for all but it worked for me. Bruce I have mine set up with the USB and nothing happens except the circling icon and cancel button. Couldnt use the chrome web app or extension because it said it was incompatable. Print out a test page to make sure it works! Thanks, It appears under Printers in Settings and I can Save it without issue. HP high end Chromebook from which I can print to a Brother 2750 but not to my HL2280dw to which I could print up until yesterday, even after no Cloud Print. When you use a cable, a notification appears. After much research this is how I got the CB to print in B/W and Color to the Epson ET-2720. I am having the same problem as the last entry. This is my 3rd and FINAL Chromebook I will ever own. The only catch is that you need to launch the Linux container every time you want to print something, but its not that a big deal. I found the app and added it to my HP Chromebook but the app couldnt find my printer which is a Brother MFC-J985DW. Anyone on this forum (which is the most accurate one Ive seen on this situation) have any ideas as to whats left to do? Printers are also temperamental. IT recommended Firefox No, nothing, wrong answer. Not happy, Google and Canon are a real sick joke over this one.

Bought HP Envy Pro 6400 and they assured me it would work. Anyway, what is happening do you think? I just updated to the newest version (90) on the Chromebook and then manually added the printer (HTTP) and finally got it to print!! mine is doing the same! I can not get anything to work. That model isnt listed, but MFC-L2700DW is, which is close enough! I have also on a couple of occasions, managed to print but cant remember how I did it. I used the http, the IP addressetc., from your directions and nothing worked. But the printer does still work if I dont use a Chromebook or a remote desktop on my Chromebook. What do I do? (it is what it is) Other computers in the house using windows can print just fine via wifi. Then for the fun of it, since I have a old Samsung GS7 around, I figure it would be easy to get it to connect and send print jobs to the printer and I was right. Recommend rebooting the Chromebook (not sure if this is necessary but does not hurt). When I try to print the printer name shows up on the print menu, but when I click on print nothing happens. For Name I entered Epson ET-2720 (I think this could have been anything like Her printer.) For Address enter the IP Address from the printer status sheet. I have also tried this on an older Samsung Chromebook, and it also will not recognize the Canon printer. I have followed all the instructions but there is not an Epson close to my Epson ET-3750 printer. I probably spent 200 hours trying to connect as of course it is not a listed printer only to get various responses but usually just the printer will not connect together with rapidly flashing lights. Thank you!! Auto-configure or manual configure, results are the same, just B&W. Make sure all your printer information is correct, with no typos or misspellings. I had to download the Canon print service app and the Canon Selphie app to my phone, then, finally, Direct Print. The printer works fine with our iphones and my wifes Mac, but didnt list our printer as an option, and entering info manually didnt work either after multiple tries. Finally, an answer that worked for me! In the same camp as every other Canon PIXMA (MX495) and HP Chromebook owner, its a total nogo, all advanced manual setup workarounds tried, printer not listed in manufacturers Chromebook OK list either so forget it. Well, I finally got it to work! And still I kept trying to set up with Chromebook but it just wont. I fail to see why it doesnt work ok especially as some web sites quote this printer as compatible. I keep selecting Save for said printer, but after, it says that the printer is no longer available. I add canon iR-ADV C5540i to my Chromebook. Why not just continue Google Cloud Print? So I had to download the WiFi printer driver for Chromebooks app, then connect to the printer (note: need to confirm, but it seems like I can only connect one computer to the printer at a time) manually via Wifi, and then the printer driver app did the rest by adding the printer to the available printer list. The page will have a LOT of numbers on it and look something like this: Once you have the summary report, visit the settings page on your Chromebook. WiFi printer driver for Chromebooks does not work for my Canon G3000. Before you do that I would try following the steps outlined in this post to connect your CB to your printer (no need for iPrint). You can connect your printer to your Chromebook with a USB cable. It used to connect with no problems via Cloud Print but I cannot get it to connect via CUPS. I have followed the directions and can get my sons chromebook (Acer Chromebook Spin 311) to see my Canon MX472 printer and can even get it to say that it printed, but nothing comes out of the printer. Now that GCP is gone, it appears that this printer will not work with Print. Hate to purchase a new printer, this one works great from my other devices. I would try to connect your printer manually using IPP. Finally am able to print. Im sorry for your frustration. There must be 50 Canon printers which work with a Chromebook but not the MX922. There is no work around in most cases especially with Cannon printer. I have never connected a Ricoh printer to a Chromebook. Now I dont have to send the printer back to New York and thats a good thing. If your printer didnt show up automatically, you will need to add it manually. This is very important, because Cloud Print will stop working on January 1, 2020. Problem: printer consistently using this method prints blank pages. . Take the defaults for Protocol (IPP) and Queue (ipp/print). AT&T says that router can not be issue. I managed to find work a rounds until this evening and then the way you add printers changed. I have a chromebook and have tried everything I can find to get it to print including your procedure but having no joy.

The status on the Chromebook just kept saying it was printing. The Chromebook sees the printer, but is unable to autoconfigure, so I go to advanced settings and no MG6620 is listed. It is not included with the Canon printers that will work with my Chromebook. If I re install the printer it works for another few days. correctly.

I have been having printing issues with my Chromebook after I added the safe connect by McAfee on. Whats the best way to get the WF-3520 connecting and printing again? It does show up on Chromebook, I had it printing but its now stopped. I have tried a multitude of settings and this is the closest I have gotten to a solution. I used to print from my Toshiba Chromebook with no issue. Please I could use some advice. Awesome! or If Im really lucky, the very 1st thing that I try to print may print me out the 1st page. This is the first time Ive needed to print something since Google Cloud Print disappeared and I now have my printer connected to my chromebook and it shows as printing and then printed on the print jobs section but nothing is happening on the printer! You can print from your Chromebook using most printers that connect to Wi-Fi or a wired network. And it showed no print job on my printer either. Next, visit the settings for your Chromebook and search for printer. This will bring you to the printer configuration page. I moved from window to chrome, now I will be moving to a Linux system and will look to replace android with some alternative because goggle are determined to cause their users pain because some genius had a thought bubble. Can this user license agreement be updated? $260 gone. No luck. I have reinstalled the printer several times with no avail. The additional numbers at the end of the IP address are fine; thats the local extension. Is your printer connected to your Wifi network? I have a perfectly fine Epson WF-3640 in the room where I work and and an equally fine Epson WF-3720, I think is the number. If a printer was designed to use google cloud print, it will no longer work. Ipad. l delete it and it comes back. It works from a remote desktop, another printer works from my Chromebook, so the printer, computer and wifi connection all work. The printer receives the file and then NOTHING. Thanks. Are my only options to use USB cables to connect physically or purchase new ChromeOS compatible printer? PATHETIC The only WF series in the list is the WF-C17590 but when I use this as the closest alternative it doesnt work. Like others the CB quit working to my Brother HL-L2395DW. This worked for my 7 year old chromebook and MFC J625DW printer. It connects to iphone7 and Fire Tablet 10. I have read in the instructions the printer will not work if there is a cloud address connected to the Canon Printer. Im also going to call a computer repair shop to see if I can get help. I believe the Pixma model is mentioned frequently. Thanks for sharing your experience which may very well help someone else! Do you know why? Tip: Scanned files are saved to the location you specified in the "Scan to" option. Right click on the printer again and select Printer Properties (not Properties). 4. We tried everything and gave up. My phone gmail is: (pagliachristine1@ It could be powered off, out of paper, in sleep mode, or disconnected from wifi. Hopefully going back to Microsoft will prove less frustrating and expensive. I can print in Epson Iprint in Cloud Print thru Google Drive. I have spoken to HP and they cant help. I have tried various other models and nothing will allow me to print. So relieved.

I actually downloaded this app once, and couldnt get it to work. * We can print from a PC without issue. Once the printer is connected to the network, follow the steps in this blog post to finish connecting your Chromebook. It is based on the other properties. hopefully you can help. What a relief. Thanks. Tried the HP Print for Chrome extension, but the print area is only 25% of the page. Thanks. My printer used to work perfectly but just today it stopped receiving the orders it seems. By the way, I have never used Cloud Print. Ive recently bought a new Acer Chromebook and an Epson ET-7211 printer. Like your son suggested, I have two networks at homeone that runs at 2.4ghz and another at 5.0ghz. Ive reported the app crash (B) to them already. Brother HL-5450DN worked fine with cloud print, now set up with native printing it prints everything too big and half off the page. You may need to ask to see additional information (sorry forgot what CB says).

printer message says printing went through but no printout. Inserted new printer cartridge and low ink indicator in Chromebook print box no longer appeared. In Summary, having your Android printing app for your particular printer installed successfully and working properly on your Chromebook is the real solution, IMO. whatever i try to print from the Chromebook just spits out a blank piece of paper! 2. My cable provider told me switching is possible but wouldnt give any info until I speak with manufacturerIm not giving up! Right click the printer you are trying to setup and select Properties (not Printer Properties). Printer has paper, is turned on, is connected to wifi, and doesnt have a sleep mode. We can connect it manually. Does anyone have any thoughts about this possibility? l put in address and when l check it it shows :443 added to the address. The Chromebooks are set up on a school wifi network however, the printer is on a wired network within school. And yes, I attached a cable and it works perfectly. I can now print to the office printer from my Samsung Chromebook that Ive had for about 3 years. you might have and am awaiting your reply. Chromebooks will connect to either one. If not then someone should come up with a software patch to make this work. Help please. There may be others who had/have the same problem I was experiencing. the protocol is IPP, the queue is IPP/Print, and the URI reads ipp://, and below that, the specify the PPD reads Is there a setting on my chrome book that is causing the printers not to print? However, when I try to print something directly from the Chrome browser the print preview screen is unable to locate a location to print to. I have a printer and a TON of ink for it so it will be a hardship for me to get another printer. I tried adding it manually and that didnt work either. not a printer issue. I just wait and wait and wait an no destinations are found. Thank you so much. Switched HTTP to IPP and now all works.

I followed the steps exactly and the printer name shows up on the list, I click set up, then the printer shows up on your saved printers. I have a Canon MX922 printer which is less than 3 years old and which I like. HP, Brother, Epson, etc all seem to work fine. From other website discussion forums it seems that Googles recent Chrome OS update has caused a filter failure for users of various brands of Chromebooks and printers. Have a Canon Pixma MX492 that wont print from my Chromebook even using a USB cable. Have tried with multiple Chromebooks and none of them work, unless you use the remote desktop. Thank you Jonathon!. Well, sorry guys, it turns out the very moment the Chromebook is powered off, the link between the Linux container and the Chromebook somehow breaks. Thanks, Erin! SAME HERE! A how to setup video from Brother suggested it was important to make sure the Chromebook and printer were both connected to either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands. It worked for me.

There are a million pages that pop up when searching for a resolution and they all say the same, very basic stuff that unfortunately did not help me at all. Because google hate their users with a vengeance. Old Canon Pixma 3520. I have been going nuts reading and watching so much on how to print from Chromebook without Google Cloud Print. my printer says network is working correctly but a router/access channel conflict has been detected.
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