rman 05501 rman 07536

An rman command requests a specific channel, but the requested channel has not been allocated.

Action: Either the FROM SPARSE or FROM NONSPARSE option was specified for restoring a non data file. The data file name corresponding to the specified data file number was not found in the control file or recovery catalog.

The PIPE option obtains its input from, and writes its output to, an Oracle database pipe in the target database. An error occurred while trying to print the error message stack.


Action: See alert log for more information. a SPOOL LOG TO command was issued, Cause: A DELETE SCRIPT command was executed.

RESETLOGS CHANGE# and/or time of the target database doesn't match any database incarnation in the recovery catalog. Value for NUMWIDTH option was out of the specified range.

Use FULL, or INCREMENTAL LEVEL 0. No action is required. Cause: 1. Cross-platform backup modifier was specified and ARCHIVELOG clause was also requested.

Do not include data file copies in cross-platform backup or remove cross-platform backup modifiers. Data Pump could not perform export of tablespace metadata. Cause:


Action: Action:

Make sure that the tempfile name is correct and retry. Action:

A recovery catalog database connection has been made, but the recovery catalog tables and views have not been installed. Action: We have completed successfully cloned the pluggable database from source PDB DBSGURU_PDB to target PDB DBS_PDB1 using Active Duplicate in Oracle. Cause:


Remove the SPARSE or NONSPARSE option or modify the BACKUP command and device configuration.

Action: Cause: The UPGRADE CATALOG command can be used to upgrade the recovery catalog tables and packages to the most current version. Starting Duplicate Db at 25-JUL-2017 17:44, RMAN-00571: ===========================================================, RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============, RMAN-03002: failure of Duplicate Db command at 07/25/2017 17:44:46, RMAN-05501: aborting duplication of target database, RMAN-06403: could not obtain a fully authorized session, RMAN-04006: error from auxiliary database: ORA-01034: ORACLE not available, ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist, Linux-x86_64 Error: 2: No such file or directory, /u01/app/oracle/product/, /u01/app/oracle/product/, Starting Duplicate Db at 26-JUL-2017 11:38, channel ORA_AUX_DISK_1: SID=515 device type=DISK, channel ORA_AUX_DISK_2: SID=1475 device type=DISK, channel ORA_AUX_DISK_3: SID=643 device type=DISK, channel ORA_AUX_DISK_4: SID=835 device type=DISK, RMAN-06403: could not obtain a fully authorizedsession, Follow Zed DBA's Oracle Blog on WordPress.com, Creating a Read Only Database User Account in an Oracle Database, How to use Oracle Exadata Database Machine Exa Check (exachk), How to fix queries on DBA_FREE_SPACE that are slow, Disabling Microsoft's Hyper-V to use Oracle's VirtualBox, How to use the Oracle Exadata Diagnostics Collection Tool (sundiag.sh).

No archive logs or backups were found.

I followed this article How to Enable Local UNDO Mode in CDB-PDB Multitenant in Oracle to resolve this error and then execute the duplicate command.



Remove "current control file" or "standby control file" from backup specification.

break the line up into shorter lines, Cause: An error occurred while trying to read from STDIN or from the CMDFILE.

Cause: The media management software used by the target database indicated that it cannot restore the specified file from the specified backup handle. activedatabase;

Use this option only for data file and control file restores. Action: Action:

Cause: Cause: A data file, tablespace, or database restore could not proceed because the backup of the indicated file exists on a device type that was not allocated for restore. The PREPLUGIN option was specified, but the database was not opened. Cause: This is not permitted because there is no time associated with a database incarnation. Cause:

Cause: If this is an attempt to grant or revoke access to a database that is not yet registered, then re-issue the command using the database ID of the desired database. Action:

Cause: Do not include SPFILE in cross-platform backup or remove cross-platform backup modifiers. The reconcile code at the Recovery Appliance expected online redo log records, but they were not sent by the recovery catalog. This error is accompanied by other errors describing the reason for the failure. Action: An incomplete recovery session was started, but the file is in newer than the UNTIL TIME clause. This message should be accompanied by other error message(s) indicating the cause of the error. This error is accompanied by other errors describing the reason for the failure.

Cause: Ask the catalog administrator to grant permission for you to share this catalog. Cause: Cause:

Connect to the catalog owner userid and retry the global script operation. Cause: The data file was missing.

AT ANY SCN option was not used with DATAFILE COPY.

This is an informational message to indicate the RMAN could not successfully restore the files using the specified backups.

The Recovery Manager (RMAN) LIST command can be used to display all backup sets that RMAN knows about.

Otherwise, verify the name of the tablespace and/or the point-in-time and resubmit the command.


- Enable change tracking.

BACKUP BACKUPSET and VALIDATE were specified in the same backup command. DBMS_PDB.CHECK_PLUG_COMPATIBILITY did not pass. TO NEW was specified for a RESTORE BACKUPPIECE command but DB_FILE_CREATE_DEST was not set for the target database.

This error message can follow one or more RMAN-5017 or RMAN-5019 error messages. DB_UNIQUE_NAME: db_unique_name value for the database. A SECTION SIZE clause was specified for the command. The parser package initialization routine returned an error. The specified repair was not compatible with this version of Recovery Manager (RMAN). Do not use the NOFILENAMECHECK option, unless you are sure that the target data file name using the given location is not accessible from the auxiliary database instance. Recovery Manager (RMAN) attempted to use the specified file name as a restore destination in the auxiliary database, but this name was already in use by the target database.

LIST COPY OF SPFILE was used, which is not supported because SPFILE cannot have a copy. One of the following events on target database may have caused this error: 1) database role was changed 2) new database site was found.

Cause: Cause:

No archived logs found that match specification in the recovery catalog or target database control file.

Cause: Action:

Ensure that the XML file has a valid format. This usually happens because a Point-in-Time Recovery was done.


Connection to a TARGET database was not specified. Action:

This attempt failed. You can use the LIST FAILURE ALL command in Recovery Manager to display all failures known to RMAN. Cause: Cause: Cause: Action: Action: Duplication of database performs over the network copying database files to the auxiliary instance from the live source database which should be either mount or open mode, the preferably open state with zero downtime. Cause:

Remove UNTIL clause and reattempt duplication. An attempt was made to use LIST RECOVERABLE .. with OF CONTROLFILE or OF ARCHIVELOG. If the log was not restored, or was restored but no record of the log exists in V$ARCHIVED_LOG, then contact Oracle Support Services.

Cause: Cause: One of the following could have caused this error: 1) The MAXSIZE option is used but is not large enough to restore files.

Multiple channels can still be allocated, but they will not run work concurrently.


Cause: The following RMAN commands can be used to do this: SET UNTIL SCN x; (where x is the SCN displayed in the message) RESTORE CONTROLFILE; Cause: Cause:

Action: Action: This is an informational message only. Cause: Cause:

Double check the listener.ora and tnsnames.ora for correctness.. A RECOVER command was issued, but the target database is not mounted.

A command was attempted that is only allowed by CDB$ROOT. The UNDO TABLESPACE clause was specified for non-Tablespace or Table Point-in-Time Recovery.

Cause: Cause:


Action: Action: Perform Active Duplicate Pluggable Database connected to RMAN session.

The specified pluggable database (PDB) did not have a preplugin repository. No action is required, this is an informational message only. The CHANGE BACKUP KEEP command was entered. No action need be taken - this is an informational message only.

IMPORT CATALOG command was issued which requires the source recovery catalog to be open. The specified option was not supported for foreign archived log.

Use the USING clause along with the FILE_NAME_CONVERT clause. Action:

The Recovery Manager (RMAN) LIST command can be used to display all archived logs that RMAN knows about. Specify the correct database name or avoid specifying the database name when connected to the target database.

While attempting to apply a PARAMETER_VALUE_CONVERT to the specified parameter value, the resulting string exceeded the maximum length for a value. Provide target database password.

To re-create the package, run the files dbmsrman.sql and prvtrmns.plb. Action:


Action: Size(MB): The size of the file in mega bytes.

Grant the RECOVERY_CATALOG_OWNER role to the recovery catalog owner. Then try to duplicate the database again. Action:

UNTIL TIME was more than the last NEXT TIME of the last archived log. 4) This file fits none of the above scenarios and is not supported by the recovery area. Cause: Cause: SKIP PLUGGABLE DATABASE and DUPLICATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE were both specified in the same command. The next message identifies the archived log. Action: Action: The specified data file number was dropped and then reused. Specify a failure option and resubmit the command. Resolve the error conditions, and reissue the DUPLICATE command.

Invalid time was specified in the KEEP UNTIL clause.

Correct the format specifier and retry the command. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Cause: The indicated file was not included in the backup because it was deleted from the recovery area to reclaim disk space for other operations or deleted manually by another RMAN session. Cause: Check the name of restore point and retry the command. An attempt was made to grant or revoke catalog access to a pluggable database whose name was not unique in the recovery catalog.

This version of Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) was incompatible with either the indicated database or the DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE package installed in the indicated database. Value for LONG option was out of the specified range. Cause: This is an informational message to indicate the server found a corrupted block in a piece and had to switch to another copy of piece to get corresponding un-corrupted block.

Cause: The indicated data file copy was not included in the backup because it belonged to a dropped pluggable database (PDB).

Cause: Action: RMAN does not support DESCRIBE for procedures, functions, packages, sequences, or types.

Cause: Cause: Message 6439 indicates the minimum required version of recovery manager. The RECOVER STANDBY DATABASE command was attempted while the database was mounted on another instance.

This message should be accompanied by other error message(s) indicating the cause of the error. Cause: Starting the flashback log search for RECOVERBLOCK command. Cause:

Action: check the foreign archived log specifier. Cause: Cause:

DBsGuru is a group of experienced DBA professionals and serves databases and their related community by providing technical blogs, projects, training.

This is because the instance was not started with a SPFILE when the AUTOBACKUP was created.


Action: Action:

Connect to the root container and retry the command. Cause: Action: DB Name: The name of the database.

Add a SET NEWNAME command prior to the RESTORE command to specify the restore destination for this file. Message 6023, 6024, or 6025 is also issued to indicate which files could not be found. d) SHIPPED and APPLIED cannot be used together. An archived log that should have been deleted was not because it is required for guaranteed restore point. Provide auxiliary database password. Cause: If the backup piece is permanently gone, then issue the CHANGE BACKUPPIECE DELETE command for this backup piece.

Action: Standby recover can only be performed for the whole database.

Cause: Action: Issue Clarification:============RMAN duplicate fails with belowERROR:[]Skipping pluggable database PDB8Skipping pluggable database PDB9RMAN-00571: ===========================================================RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============RMAN-00571: ===========================================================RMAN-03002: failure of Duplicate Db command at 09/19/2016 11:27:55RMAN-05501: aborting duplication of target databaseRMAN-06813: could not translate pluggable database PDB10, 1) In 12c multitenant duplicate / single PDB duplicate fails with RMAN-068132) one or more pluggable databases were dropped recently and until time which we specify for duplicate is recent time, Example:We have 10 PDBs at time T1We have taken continuous backup of this CDB (including all PDBS and daily backups), say Last backup at T2We have dropped one PDB (PDB10), At time T4, We are doing duplicate of this CDB (single PDB --> example PDB5) until time T3 (which is the time between T$ and T2), here duplicate until time is (T4-x and T2+y)duplicate fails with RMAN-06813 and error pointing to dropped PDB (in our case PDB10).
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