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She managed to finish the assignments in a week, which made Shining Saotome called her a monster LOL. Otoya accepted, and Haruka asked if theres anything she can do. Create a free website or blog at A musical talent actually; her voice could draw people in, leave them mesmerized. ^^; oh!!!! Otoya suddenly raised his voice and said he doesnt want to lie to his own feelings, saying that hes in love with Haruka. One day she is seen performing by Shining Saotome. The story was so-so for me. Youre very creative. She heard Otoya called her by her given name before jumping in to rescue her, but he returned to Nanami again after that.. so she thought it must be her imagination. Two weeks passed and they retook the test. LOL Do you remember what he did during orientation?! Otoya fell down a lot of times and Haruka noticed his body was full of scratches, but he didnt give up. Haruka noticed that some students were missing, and Ringo-sensei explained there were those who quit school after breaking the no-love rule. Have you played the fandisks, Hazuki? although I only see him as a best friend or brother. One night, they met Tokiya who came to the recording room. Otoyas performance that day was so wonderful, with Haruka providing support while playing the synthesizer. Haruka answered she would, because nobody could sing her songs except Otoya. is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), In the World of Gaming & Anime With Falcon. Haruka first met Otoya on the train to school. I think Otoya is cute with his warm and friendly personality. Otoya found his place on the stage, and he wants to entertain the world with their love. Proceed with caution. Except when hes screaming, that is. Do Not Sell My Personal Information He was about to confess when suddenly Shining Saotome came to interrupt again. "he" can compose AND singing. Shining Saotome didnt give them the answer easily. Most of them were caught kissing in the garden.

December Ringo-sensei soon asked the songwriters to pair up with the idols-to-be by drawing lots, since luck is also important in entertainment world lol. Haruka was so nervous that she forgot to breathe, but when she tried to call him Otoya.. suddenly they were interrupted by Shining Saotome on a jet. Star 3.) He said he wants to know her better. Not even to HAYATO, even though he knew shes a big fan of his. i see thanks a lot for explain me. As they hugged each other, Shining told them that hes going to prepare another trial for them. Otoya later apologized to her for what he did, erasing the awkwardness between them. Summer came and Saotome Gakuen held a water polo game between A class and S class. When Shining Saotome called Haruka a monster for finishing the homework in a week I wanted to tell him him that he cant say that since he isnt human himself! In order to do that, Otoya said he wants to change the no-love rule. Thank you so much-! Not anymore in Repeat. He felt better after Haruka and the others talked to him, and he started forcing himself to train hard ever since. However, it won't be so easy when (y/n) is surrounded by potential Ragings thirst to crush Shining Saotome still lingers even after the divisive concert, and he wonders if theres anything that can destroy Saotome Agency. He wants make their dreams come true as well, so he wont leave school. So romantic! anime otoya ittoki prince uta sama guitar guy starish boy character toma amnesia play wikia belong which fanpop answers instrument Haruka was bullied, but she didnt really care since they didnt do anything wrong. It says I, Ittoki Otoya swear that I will always love you, Nanami Haruka, and will always sing your song. Otoya then put curtains around them (so no one will see) and kissed her. A week later, Otoya came back to Himalaya safely. Love Ending Spin Off of No Way Out (Diabolik Lovers x Reader x UtaPri). May Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. At the Christmas Party, Otoya left Harukas side for a moment and Tokiya came to talk to her. Otoya Ittoki is one of the idols you can interact within Shining Live. On the day of the audition, Otoyas costume and accessories were gone. He regretted his decision back then, and he didnt want his students to be like him.. so he banned love. Shining Saotome then said he will accept their relationship on two conditions: they have to win the graduation audition, and Otoya will have to reach 1 million sales in a year after he debuts. Haruka was surprised, but she refused. The mini-games are fun. Well, my friend You might be right.. The teamwork between an idol and his songwriter is like a three-legged race, you have to move and work together. Kyakyakya! Otoya tried to argue and hit the table, causing a piece of paper to fall. Even though STRISH doesn't have a designated leader, it is sometimes implied that he has this role due to his tendency to push others forward in a positive way.Otoya is a 175 (5'9\") cm tall young man who weighs 60 kg (132 lbs). She tripped and he fell on top of her, which made him blush and turned his back on her. And then things will go on back and forth until Tokiya gives in or Otoya starts clinging to Tokiya's leg like a child an then Tokiya gives in. When Shining Saotome tells the boys that they'll be shadowed by a new group in the Masters Course, they're excited, but when the group turns out to be far more interesting then anyone could have imagined will sparks fly? As they walked home together, Otoya asked Haruka if shed stay as his partner if that wasnt a mistake. #weird. Will the others find out and help each other find the path to stardom and create change, or will they meet th Estelle (Stella) Tsuki had always had a talent. He allowed them to have such feelings, but he wont tolerate any relationships as a love too strong would only bring sadness. The trial continued, ranging from locking Otoya in a lions cage to hitchhiking in Hokkaido. !~Hayru Kirisaki, Donde viven las historias. The goal wasnt a finish line, but rather to find the idol license located somewhere inside the school. He has a scruffy, red hair and bright eyes of the same color.Even though you can change his clothes through the game, his initial casual outfit consists of a dark blue t-shirt, a white hoodie with cream-white sleeves and dark red accents, and a pair of blue jeans. He asked if she feels lonely without him and left a kiss mark on her neck. Any comments asking for download links will be deleted. He also told their friends what happened when they asked, so Masato warned him to be careful. WARNING: Strong Language. Advertising Otoya told her that theres something he wants to tell her if their performance is successful. xD, I agree with Robin, thse pictures are really cute and look like theyre from a shojo anime. He caught a glimpse of the fallen paper from earlier and wanted to tell her about it. Press Room Otoya eventually managed to climb all the way up. Otoya secretly likes it when Reiji or Tokiya strikes his hair to help him fall asleep. Notice at Collection Otoya said that Kotomi is his real mothers name. She kept sliding off, but she didnt give up. xD. January When she agreed, he told her to just call him Otoya instead of Ittoki-kun. They walked around and see the school by themselves. Theyre debuting with Haruka as their songwriter. Then he will get a lecture saying he brought it upon himself and then Otoya will reply with "but Nanami was there so I had to be a man!" It was a voice training for his stomach, but it was really dangerous as huge balls and sea slugs were falling from the top. Haruka said lately her heart starts beating faster whenever shes with him, though she doesnt know if its love. Sitemap. Nickname is Oto-kun. Their songs would lack the feeling of love if they dont know what love actually feels like. They arrived at the beach and spent a romantic evening together. Like a siren she drew people in, and those people could fall hopelessly for her, but it was all fake. Terms They managed to get across and found a melon pan on the table. Star 8.) Otoya will sometimes sleep in Tokiya's bed when Tokiya isn't back at the dorm on time. Otoya is a fantastic break dancer. otoya is the number one person i ship with haruka! But She Likes A Challenge, And Her Greatest Challenge Is Coming Her Way, New singer(uta no prince sama!various crossdresser!reader quartet night), Hold My Hand, Never Let Go [Uta No Prince-sama X Reader] (editing & hiatus), Querencia (Uta no Prince-Sama Fanfiction), Heartfelt Melody || Uta no Prince sama ||, UtaPri Is it Worth the Pain Again Ai Mikaze X OC Reader, It All Starts With A Message [Diabolik Lovers x Reader x UtaPri], Kara No Sekai!

He knew that such a person must know how it feels to be in love. Shining Saotome told them he used to love someone before he debuted, and she loved him too. He then took her to see Otoya, who was climbing the school building without a life rope. After they rode it, Otoya eventually told Haruka that hes actually scared of height. The agreement of having STRISH, QUARTET NIGHT and HEVENS (with Tsukimiya Ringo and Hyuga Ryuya) into having a certain "special vacation" in the island called "Querencia" where they met the prominent idol duo, th Kanzaki Hajime, an aspiring idol, longs to sing with her beloved idol group, The Symphony. i had confused because this story is very similar to the manga of uta no prince, and the others stories are too. Did i mention that "he" is a she. So Haruka worked hard, not sleeping for 30 hours straight. He received a lot of applause from the audience and eventually won the audition, gaining a place for both Haruka and him in Shining Agency. I wouldnt mind having him as my boyfriend. (*).

I feel like throwing a lot of hair accessories onto her head today. Both Haruka and Otoya know that they wont be able to spend relaxing time easily like now after they become a pro, but theyre ready to take anything as long as theyre together. He later gathered their friends to discuss about the no-love rule. He decides to fund her to become Starish created a revolution in the music industry. Please read the FAQ first! The idol license was probably the whole teamwork to get that far, not the pan itself lol. She asked him why he did that since itll cause a problem, but Otoya said he couldnt give her to anyone else. He only partner is Otoya, because hes the only one who can sing her songs to their maximum level. Haruka noticed somethings wrong with Otoya when said she wants to ride the Ferris wheel, but he insisted hes fine. Otoya asked why he didnt look for her, and he said he tried. True Love Ending Ringo-sensei soon announced that Otoya and Haruka were chosen to go watch Song Station, a famous TV show, live from the studio. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Luckily they found all the stolen stuff there, so Otoya can perform as planned. Otoya likes to think of Reiji as a big brother rather than a senpai.

He didnt get why they arent allowed to experience love, since they have to sing many love songs as idols. She accepted and was so nervous she came to the rendezvous point one hour early. Friend Ending Haruka didnt know how to face Otoya, but somehow he was totally okay with it. She ran away, though she actually felt happy. You'd think chaos? He looks exactly like HAYATO and has top-notch vocal techniques. This made him really happy and said he couldnt wait anymore. Deep down she started to feel scared at the thought of losing him. Otoya stopped Haruka after everyone left.

He told Haruka to create a song, the same song, for both Otoya and Tokiya. Otoya thinks shooting stars are the stars that rise the next night to grant your wish. Star 2.) Just too bad about the bubbly / sparkly backgrounds. When they reached the roof, Otoya sang his heart out. At the party, Shining Saotome warned everyone not to fall in love as usual. Bon Apptit! Also, i think its very nice that in this route, they outwardly declare their love-! It turns out that there are absolutely no information about him, except for a rumor that Shining Saotome sends a large sum of money to someone. Haruka let him borrow her shoulders, and she noticed his rosario. He was impressed with Otoya and Haruka, who made him realize that theres always a third choice: keeping both your dreams and love. Otoya saw this and helped her by shooing the pervert away, but soon she was swept all the way out of the train by the crowd. That way the voices would overlap and the secrets wouldnt be heard. Hes going to show Shining Saotome the proof that love is important. ), Star 11.) I know right, Shining Saotome is awesome in a monster-like way lol. But that meant that female idols became less popular. Haruka asked Otoya why he seems to be so curious about Shining Saotome. (Y/n) was invited by shining saotome to join starish. March June Star 1.) Upon her arrival, Hajime soon learns that everyone on staff, including the hea Mistuki Kotobuki and her sisters struggle to make money to support themselves after their mother doesn't come home for a month. He doesnt know anything about his father, but he knew that theres someone whos always supporting him. Since you can only get to A class on your first run, I went after Otoya. If successful there, she'll be able to go in the Shining Agency after graduation. Star 6.) :), Ahaha, thanks~ Support Otoyas skill wasnt enough, but his song has more emotions than Tokiya. When March comes, both of them won the graduation audition. If Otoya someday quit being an idol, he'd become a teacher or work at the orphanage. (LogOut/ Haruka gave him a chocolate since it was Valentines Day. If successful there, youll be able to join the Shining Agency after graduation. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Shining Saotome visited several schools and created a super female band to combat and work with Starish. Otoya is warm like a sun and has a positive personality, which makes him popular among everyone. =) anyway, I really like Ittoki-kuns character. Your name is Sunny Nishiyama, and you just came to Saotome Acadamy, a prestigious performing arts school. Cookie They were chased down by a big rolling ball and eventually ended up in the land mine field, where youll get to hear everyones embarrassing secrets if you stepped on the mines. Im not used to the art style at first, but now I think its okay. April Oh! :3, AhahaI loved Otoya too! Otoya sang wonderfully, surprising both Hyuuga-sensei and Tokiya. Otoya told her that his mother was a Christian, but thats not his real mother. He wanted them to stand on stage together, and Haruka arranged the song so they can perform a duet. Too bad about the massive overuse of sparkles or bubbles for the backgrounds.. it makes the CGs look weird. Despite people knowing he has a girlfriend, Otoyas performance was so wonderful. Otoya and Haruka carefully walked across the field. Theyre utterly adorable, and i think their personalities complement best! After theyre done, she finally called him Otoya-kun backstage. It was to mark that shes his so that other guys wont approach her. and will run to Tokiya in fear after a scary movie. They met again at school and found out that theyre classmates from now on. As the post title says, this is the original Uta no Prince-sama. Change). (LogOut/ Star 4.) FAQ Before going to Himalaya (to fight a bigfoot) the next day, Otoya hugged Haruka during practice. Shining Saotome erased the no-love rule and gave them a ticket for a trip. a detailed review of the game! After eavesdropping on their conversation, Shining Saotome decided to hold a three-legged race for his students. He told Haruka to take a look at the mark when shes lonely. His debut song Ai yue ni was written by her and he sang it for her. Theyre graduating and entering the Shining Agency, continuing to tell love through their songs. Not Repeat. I loved your reviews! Privacy Otoya secretly watches Tokiya's old performances as Hayato in his free time. July After they left the recording room, Otoya was still feeling down. Star 9.) But if they failed, they have to quit the entertainment world entirely. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Rin's otome & visual novel blog #quartetnight But can these teenage girls get a balance between work and love? He really loves music, even more that he loves sports, and hes really confident about his passion for music. November September

They went to the amusement park that day. Star 10.) But Ill probably follow the order and get the A class guys first before moving to the S class. Shining Saotome gave her a mountain of hard assignments, banning her of meeting Otoya until shes finished doing them. He took her hand and they ran out of the studio. She stepped on a mine, but Otoya told her to step at as many mines as possible. Otoya walked Haruka back to her room that day. Otoya then called Harukas name again and asked her if he can call her name from now on. Otoya said he caught a glimpse of the person whos always supporting him before, and he looked really similar to Shining Saotome. February Otoya does look like a great ball of sunshine. He asked her to always stay as his partner forever, as he cant let go of her no matter what. Haruka wondered why love is so strictly forbidden. Please read this and previous comments. As he stood on the stage, he announced his resolution to the audience, which was for the school to accept love. Tokiya asked Sho to distract Natsuki during the game, which eventually resulted in his glasses getting knocked out and he went berserk. Otoya revealed that he did it on purpose to prove that he can be a successful idol even when people knows he has a girlfriend. They head for Shining Agencies and were met by the most famous idols and school idols that they had ever seen. The strange habits Uta no prince sama characters have but dont care to admit themselves so I will!, #habits People said that it might be his lover or hidden child, but it doesnt make sense since Shining Saotome is still single. Otoya answered he wants to make her heart beat even faster, but later added that its only a joke. Syo Kurusu x Reader, Uta No Prince Sama ~fanfiction (STARISH x OC), Just For Love (A Uta No Prince Sama Fanfic). Otoya later shared the melon pan and ate it with Haruka. :D The CGs looks like it came from an anime and look kind of different from the menu. He warned them about the no-love rule and flew away. [uta no prince-sama x reader] Kotomi. From fondant to icing, here is a collection of 25 of the most beautiful (and most delicious) anime cake creations in existence. October Hearing this, Otoya said he couldnt let go of her after all. is this game only on the psp and japanese ? Otoya's dad is Shining Saotome. He also joked and said he wants Haruka to write a song for him. But what about cakes inspired by anime? They both passed the test, but Otoya won this competition since he put his heart and emotions into his song. Amazed by their determination to be together, Shining Saotome made a bet with them. A Girl That Happens To Be Shining's Niece Came To Saotome Academy To Fulfill Her Dreams In Becoming The First Official Composer AND Idol. Determined to accomplish this goal, she enrolls into Saotome Academy, a highly regarded vocational school for the performing arts. Hes willing to let them date if they win the graduation audition in March, plus Otoya will have to undergo his training hell. That gave him the courage to face the exam that day, even though hes not good at studying. 2022 All Rights Reserved. (World Of Colour!) Otoya decided that he wont give up. Hes so CUTE when he blushed too. And thats a mistake since hes 100% healthy LOL. Haruka stayed with Otoya for a little bit longer that night.

Wow. If Shining Saotome knew his mother, then maybe he also knew something about his father. I wonder why so many people get confused over this lol. Shining Saotome decided that the loser team will have to spend an entire day dressing up as girls lol. The writing on the paper says: Please fulfill your dreams and be a pro. Haruka was impressed by his love for music and decided to work hard from now on. Since they won the audition, Shining Saotome gave them permission to date. She k An Idol group named Star Idols was invited by Shining Saotome. Tokiya felt better after talking to her, and suddenly he asked her to go on a date. Otoyan's turn to be possibly embarrassed!!! Star 7.) Id probably watch it if it were~, Good for you then since Utapri is getting its own anime. Otoyas mother loved Shining Saotome as an idol, and Otoya feels that his songs are brimming with love. With Tokiya, she can definitely be a pro songwriter. I usually love Terashima Takumas characters and Otoya was no exception. **Syo Kurusu is from Uta No Prince Sama. She was groped by a pervert and couldnt really do anything.. or more like didnt know how to react in such situations. They soon got shooed out of the principals office though. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Uta noPrince-sama Maji Love 2000%: Shining Star Xmas, Uta noPrince-sama Maji Love Revolutions, Uta noPrince-sama Maji Love Legend Star, Uta noPrince-sama Movie: Maji Love Kingdom, Uta noPrince-sama Movie: Maji Love STRISH Tours, Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic. Suddenly Otoya came up to the stage and told HAYATO not to touch Haruka because shes his. cool! ( *) Haruka was hit by the ball and fell to the pool. Before the test, they met Ichinose Tokiya Otoyas roommate and rival, in the recording room. How will that genetic fact coke in as Otoya gets older? However, all th Meiko, is a seemingly shy girl who shares her musical talents between Shining Saotome and Raging Ootori, switching every few months or so. As expected, they were called by Shining Saotome the next day. The cheerful and innocent sportsman of A class. With Otoya playing guitar and Haruka on the piano, they played a duet in the classroom for the last time. He was in the A-class during his time at Saotome Academy and is now a member of STRISH. That is until he came across a cover of a song sung by a young woman fresh out of high school by the name of Koharu Minagawa. Otoya and Haruka then went to ask Shining Saotome directly, while the others asked the teachers or did research in the library.

However, Hyuuga-sensei said that Tokiyas song wasnt entirely perfect either as he doesnt put his heart into the song. Shining Saotome congratulated them for winning and let them debut as an idol and songwriter. LOL so cute. Haruka told him to be more confident since he has something important: the emotions in his song. We've all seen the delicious art of pastries in anime, especially the cakes. Star 5.) He apologized to her for the pool incident and danced with her, inviting her to come to S class since its more appropriate for her talent. The art quality looks promising. xD. I will NOT answer questions regarding BROTHERS CONFLICT anymore. And then Tokiya will give him the 'look' and say "You aren't being much of a man now, are you?"

I cant wait until summer. Im really sorry. This story is based on the anime "Uta no Prince-Sama" We fast forward a few years into the future, QUARTET NIGHT and STARISH are all still going strong as music groups and members of Shining and Entertainment and HEAVENS have joined Shining Saotome's crew in the meantime. Outside, Otoya confessed to Haruka. He never felt this way before, and he cant sing without her by his side. However, it wont be so easy when you are already surrounded by potentia STARISH just came back home from the 2000% concert, its been a week and Shining Saotome said they have a special guest arriving tomorro. With dreams of becoming an idol and composer, (y/n) enters Saotome Academy, a prestigious performing arts school. Otoya felt his skills are nothing compared to Tokiyas, and he was shocked when he knew that Haruka is a fan of HAYATOs. He bursts through windows, jumped and breaks his head.. only to get up like nothing happened, gets inside a statue and breaks out of it, sticks to the ceiling and many more LOL. He moved closer and was about to kiss her, but she suddenly remembered the no-love rule and pushed him away. It was the day of the physical examination, where the students had to attend in their swimsuits lol. They searched around the school and eventually meet Tokiya, who told them that they saw the thieves taking Otoyas costume to the rooftop. (It actually makes sense when you think about it), I noticed the original video I had here stopped existing so here's a link to a sweet ass song remix thing my friend made (becuz she accepts my obsession) that has sexy Otoya front and center so enjoy that *wink wink*, next time!! If Haruka isnt okay with that Otoya told her to refuse, but she wants to stay with him as well. Apparently HAYATO was also there that day, singing the song Haruka made for her entrance exam. Not that I hate it though. After hearing the Shining Saotome and Raging Otori somehow got into a certain agreement. #utanoprincesama This is an otome game blog, which means I write reviews / plot summaries from the game.. not fanfictions or stories made up from delusions. Ever since she was little she dreamed of being an Idol and Composer as her brother. Back in the dorm, everyone reported what they found about Shining Saotome. #utapri He fell of a tree when he was small and that traumatized him. (LogOut/ 25 Anime Cake Masterpieces: Beautiful and Delicious, About The first half was funny and adorable, but the second half was too much like a shoujo manga.

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