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For being an Azeri cafe, Araz has some of the best Plov I ever had. This is where you can savor the delicious meals and experience the ambiance Araz Cafe offers: This restaurant is also located near fountain square close to the old city. One of the most famous tourist places of the eternal flame in Azerbaijan is the mountain of Yanar. See it as a small donation to keep this blog going. How to get to Ateshgah Temple from Baku by public transport: Take the metro to Koroghlu. There are two main metro lines in Baku, one going around the city center and another roughly in a northwest-southeast axis. Maiden Tower. If you want some amazing pictures of the bazaar, try getting there in the early morning when the light is just perfect. You can also buy separate tickets for the other exhibitions that are held. The best time to watch it is in the evening when the sight of the blazing hill is most effective. Azerbaijan. Pay the driver 0.40 AZN once you get off the bus. Learn more about how you can collaborate with us. If you use Yandex in Baku, the taxi rides become extremely cheap. Maiden Tower or also know as Qiz Qalasi located in Baku, Azerbaijan. The view from the roof takes in the alleys and minarets of the Old City, the Baku Boulevard, the De Gaulle house and a wide vista of the Baku Bay. Baku old downtown with the Maiden Tower visible in the Walled City. Follow that sign up the hill and youll suddenly see the hidden mud volcanoes appear. Can I use the photos of your site by mentioning the source on my Instagram page? Maiden Tower or Qız Qalası, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Baku, Azerbaijan, Middle East. The journey from the mall to Alat is about 55 minutes and costs 0.80 AZN which you pay to the driver once you get off the bus. But do not fear, you wont get bored here as there are plenty of other (free) things to do in and around Azerbaijans metropolis. Its the place where ancient Baku was founded and has a history of thousands of years. That starts first with a big explosion, then a huge flame but instead of magma, there will be a big eruption of mud. The three flame-shaped towers are set in a triangular shape and each tower has a different function. One of the exhibition halls demonstrates all the periods of the history of Azerbaijan and displays items related to different areas of Azerbaijani culture. If you want to swim and spend some time working on your tan, Bilgah Beach is the perfect place to do so. Baku has a very good city bus system. It was also nominated for the List of World Heritage Sites in 1998. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The National Park of Qobustan is cut up with numerous ravines (in Azerbaijani Qobu), so its clear where the park got its name from. The many oil rigs on the coast are visual proof of that. shirvanshahs socialism If youre on a tight budget and want to explore Baku without breaking your piggy bank, here is a list of the cheapest and most fun activities to do in Baku. As in Russia its quite common to flag down private cars and agree on a price for the ride, this might seem strange, but youll see plenty of locals doing it. This is where you can find the bus at the beginning of its loop: The bus runs from 10 AM to 7 PM daily and the ticket is valid for 24 hours. There are about 1000 mud volcanoes in the world and Azerbaijan is home to one-third of them because the country is a big source of oil and natural gas. Araz Cafe is also a great location to smoke shisha while listening to some live music. Consequent to the receding of the sea shore line of the Caspian Sea, a strip of land emerged. Maiden Tower, a 12th-centry monument in the Old City, UNESCO World Heritage site, Baku, Azerbaijan, The Maiden Tower (Qiz Qalasi), a 12th century monument in the Old City, and a 19th century building. Bus fee: 20 AZN but the ticket is valid for 24 hours. Another theory is that this tower used to be a Zoroastrian temple of fire worship and that with the changing times in the Middle Ages later functioned as a defense tower. When we were there, the receptionist helped us get our ferry ticket to cross the Caspian sea and they showed us tons of cool activities we could do in the city. The facades of the three Flame Towers function as large display screens which uses more than 10.000 high-power LED lights! It creates a unique atmosphere and your camera will love it! While youre wandering through the narrow lanes of the Old City, youll suddenly come across a psychedelic looking wall. Walk towards the big walled complex. The towers provide a spectacular light show once the sun goes down. In some places a match dropped accidentally can ignite the gas, which will keep on burning until it fully exhausts. If you just arrived in Baku and want to get a quick tour of the city for cheap, why not try a hop on hop off bus? Qobustan is home to thousands of rock engravings spread over 100km. The museum presents the history of Azerbaijan and different stages of Heydar Aliyevs life and work. If you dont travel with a phone or cant download Yandex, getting a taxi in Baku might be a bit more complicated. Baku, Azerbaijan, June 2, 2020 Cafe at the Maidens Tower, View of Maiden Tower and turkish baths in Baku old town, Azerbaijan.

Maiden Tower, Word Heritage Site, Unesco, Old City, Baku City, Azerbaijan, Middle East. Take bus 217 towards Yanardag qorugu. Thats why I put together this guide with things to do and places to stay in Baku so you wont feel as lost as me and you wont need to break your piggy bank. I always feel lost whenever I enter a huge city, especially during the first days. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines in the metro stations and costs 0.50 AZN. Dont pay more than 20 AZN and maybe you can make a deal to include a visit to the mud volcanoes for this price (see the section above). The pool of tower's epics and legends is a part of Azerbaijan's culture and national heritage. Maiden Tower in the old town of Baku, Azerbaijan. [kt_box opacity=1 background=#eded57]. Its a tiny little bus station near a small village. Flame Towers, Maiden Tower, Word Heritage Site, Unesco, Old City, Baku City, Azerbaijan, Middle East.

This museum, located in Icheri Sheher, is the only one in the world that is dedicated to miniature versions of books. Kind of a crazy mix but it works. * Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The park summarizes the architecture in Baku a blend of Ottoman, Soviet and ultramodern architecture. HIKING IN KYRGYZSTAN - THE COMPLETE TREKKING GUIDE, HOW TO MAKE MONEY WHILE TRAVELING - THE BEST TRAVEL JOBS.

Blooming tree with pink flowers and Qz qalas medieval Maiden tower, old town, Baku, Azerbaijan. Baku, it sounds like a species of parrot but in reality, its the name of the bustling capital city of Azerbaijan. If you dont like meat, there are different good options for vegetarians in this restaurant. The Lonely Planet describes it as the love child of Paris and Dubai and once you visited the city, youll understand why. There you will climb up the stairs , while seeing the exhibits from the ancient Azerbaijan, and finally on the top of the tower, great city view will be greeting you! What are the top things to do in Baku? Click to check out rates and availability for Mr. The Taza Bazaar is one of the largest markets of Baku and was opened more than 70 years ago. There are options for all kinds of travel budget. The Maiden Tower located in the Old City of Baku is an ancient tower built in the 12th century. View of Maiden Tower in Baku with foot bridge and the entrance, View at Maiden Tower in down town of Baku. document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon and affiliated sites. Get lost in the streets and get surprised, 14. Another great option is to travel with a slash-resistant and lockable anti-theft bag. Not valid for redemption at attraction!TES TOUR Sabir str. Interesting enough the mud is cold so you can touch it without hurting yourself. If youre staying in a hostel and you feel like cooking, you can buy fresh vegetables, herbs, oriental spices and Caspian sea fish there. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Entrance fee: 2 AZN if you take the funicular, free if you walk. The oldest petroglyphs are 12.000 years old! An old house next to the Maiden Tower. Please complete the form below. The light show makes the towers look like they are burning as it depicts a beautiful array of red flames going towards the sky. The Maiden Tower, Baku (or Qz Qalas), Azerbaijan 2010. In case you have to wait multiple days to catch the boat to Kazakhstan, and have some time to kill, youll know what to do in Baku! Its always a fun thing to do, especially while sipping on a coffee. Baku metro station, as well as the subway station, are not far and can be reached in a few minutes. Aerial view of Baku, Azerbaijan in the Caucasus Region. some of the sunrise scenes I captured in this video are from that location. Im impressed, this is a wonderful place! Last but not least on this list of cool things to do in Baku: Enjoying a beautiful sunrise from the pier of Baku. After a big clean-up and a huge renovation and reconstruction work, the boulevard became a popular place for locals and tourists to stroll and relax. No wonder that Azerbaijan became a pilgrimage destination for fire-worshippers, followers of the Zoroastrian religion. Dont worry about finding a taxi, the taxi drivers will definitely find you! This trip costs 0.50 AZN and you can buy the bus ticket in the ticket machine at the bus stop. One of the things we love to do while we travel is to visit local bazaars. The living room of this hostel reminded us more of a luxurious home than a budget accommodation. Baku is a city that is worth taking the time to discover, so you will want to stay there at least a night or two. The second tower is a hotel and consists of 318 rooms spread over 36 floors. The journey takes about 30 minutes from Koroghlu and you pay 0.45 AZN to the driver when getting off the bus. I would also describe it as the big brother of Batumi, an odd but beautiful Georgian city on the coast of the Black Sea. Youll also see a lot of taxis but you can ignore the drivers who will call out to you. Spring Festival at the Maiden Tower. Cross it and keep walking. Start walking away and they will lower their price. Everything you need to know about traveling independently in Azerbaijan (visa, how to get to and around Azerbaijan, where to stay,): Visas and border crossings in Azerbaijan. Yanar Dag is declared a state-protected conservation area since 2007. Only your group will participate, Location : Baku, AzerbaijanCity : BakuCountry : AzerbaijanDeparture Point : Ticket Pick Up Points -This voucher must be exchanged for a ticket at theTES TOUR office before entry is permitted. This flame went out in 1969, after the exploitation of petroleum and gas in the area but its now lit by gas pipes from the nearby city. Evening time view of Baku Boulevard. The architectural style is very exquisite and it emphasizes the art of medieval Islamic civilization. Baku has a really wide range of restaurants.

The king built this tower to lock her up and the daughter became so desperate that she jumped from the tower and killed herself. Icheri Sheher or Old Town is the heart of the city and is located right in the center of Baku. There is also a nice terrace where Cynthia and I spent our evening relaxing in the setting sun. If youre very hungry, this is the place where you should eat, the portions are humongous and youll leave the place absolutely stuffed. You can also join our City Tours, where Maiden Tower is also included. You could always try to become friends with someone who lives in the residential tower or give your best smile at the security guards. This is where youll find Dolma Restaurant in Baku: This is the restaurant I recommend if youre looking for a quiet and romantic venue. Atesghah Temple of Baku or Fire Temple of Baku. People sent alarm signals from this tower to other towers, using smoke by day and fire by night. The town is surrounded by fortress walls and is a historical ensemble of numerous unique monuments such as the Shirvanshahs Palace complex, the Maiden Tower, mosques, minarets and the ruins of caravanserais (old inns where travelers could rest) and bathhouses. All you need to do is cross the train tracks. 03.25.2017 year. Thats why Azerbaijan is historically called the Land of Fire. Foreigners feel very comfortable in this city and the whole atmosphere of Baku is quite peaceful. It also has a gift shop. The bus stops at Bilgah Sanatorium. Shirvanshahs literally means the kings of Shirvan. Walk out the station and to the buses that go towards the suburbs (theres a sign that will tell you towards Baku and to suburbs). Its considered to be of outstanding universal value for the quality and density of the rock art engravings, for the substantial evidence the collection of rock art presents and for the cultural continuity between prehistoric and medieval times that the site reflects. Yandex works as a cab-hailing app meaning you wont have to negotiate directly with the driver and you can avoid being ripped off. Use common sense when traveling in crowded areas in the city center or late at night. It sounds clich but the best way to visit Baku is by picking a random street, start walking and getting lost. Find the right content for your market. Crime level there is extremely low compared to other big metropolises around the world. Your email address will not be published. The city also has many little parks where you can hide between the green bushes, an old historical city with the neo-Ottoman Shahidlar mosque, a museum of miniature books, incredible eye-catching architecture such as the Heydar Aliyev Center, and of course, the iconic Flame Towers towering above the city. 09.08.2018 year. Here is a map of all the bus stops in Baku. For example, the futuristic Flame Towers are placed right behind the centuries-old city walls. UNESCO World Heritage site. They attributed a mystical significance to the inextinguishable fire and came here to worship the relic and practice fire rituals. By the taxi: from Torgovy (Nizami street) + - 5AZN. The building is considered as one of the main attractions for tourists and became a symbol of modern Baku. Azerbaijan. The natural gas in Azerbaijans bowels is so much that it comes to the surface over and over again. Although this establishment is right in the city center of Baku, it feels really calm and quiet inside. Theres also a museum on the site that presents a lot of background information about the history of the area and the rock engravings. I would definitely recommend you to go there at sunrise or sunset as youll have a fantastic view of the harbor and the Caspian Sea. We cant recommend this place enough. Maiden Tower in the center of the old city. Of course not. The name Baku can be interpreted as city of winds. To avoid being a victim of pickpockets keep your wallet in your front pocket or carry a money belt. If you fly to Azerbaijan, youll be landing at Heydar Aliyev international airport in Baku. The staff speaks perfect English and will help you with your registration if needed. This land was developed between the 9th and 15th centuries, when the walls of the old city, the palace including the huge bastion of the Maiden Tower were built.The Maiden Tower houses a museum, which presents the story of historic evolution of the Baku city. Araz Cafe is a cozy place with fantastic food almost right next to the fountain square on Nizami street. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO AZERBAIJAN TRAVEL TIPS: Hello Maiden Tower seen from the Caspian sea, Baku, Azerbaijan. The temple altar is surrounded by a number of small cells, which accommodated the ascetic worshipers and pilgrims. This cultural center is named after Heydar Aliyev, the first secretary of Soviet Azerbaijan and later president of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2993 2003). The center received an award in 2014 for Design of the Year.

Azerbaijan, Baku. Nothing depicts history better than the pieces of history itself. My take on it is that Baku is a very safe city. Read more about the visa requirements and registration in Azerbaijan! You can get on board at any of the 15 stops along the circuit and buy a 24-hour ticket from the conductor for only 20 Manat. While many of Bakus beaches are spoiled because of oil pollution, Bilgah beach is a clean sandy beach and a great spot to enjoy the sea. KVK: 81898134. This hostel has some really cool features. Walking around in Bakus Acropolis feels like walking back in time.
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