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Dr. Daniel Jackson, who has been steadily falling in love with Ke'ra, finds her and stops her in time, suggesting a different way to destroy Linea. again. Production Orner: Then you could have not been here at the time of the Vorlix. Additionally, there are no children or "elders" although they have pictures of the "elders.". October 15, 1999 That one. Did a few nasty things back then? To start with the compliments, I was very happy to see the return of Linea. Ke'ra: No, Daniel.

Memory is very complicated; it's possible the memory she needed to assist in the research wasn't in the area of the brain, but it's also possible that what made her Linea was also in the unaffected section of her memory, or not part of memory at all. Picking up past threads and integrating the episodes season-to-season is one of the greatest strengths of Stargate SG-1. Jackson: You won't hurt me, because there's another way, Ke'ra. SG-1 journeys to the planet Vyus, where they find a society in chaos. Decent acting and storyline resolution.

She almost seemed familiar with it: she did not instinctively take a deep breath,as most are prone to do their first time through the gate ("Prisoners"). One tip of Ke'ra's possible true identity came when she traveled through the Stargate to Earth. In addition, I felt that placing this episode directly after "Forever In a Day" was a little tacky, due to Daniel's romantic involvement with Kera so soon after the death of Sha're. I wonder why Dr. Fraiser or Sam weren't more worried about Kera's ability to remember "latent" scientific information -- would that not also mean that she might remember, or have latent tendencies toward, her more sinister behavior?

This episode is the first set in an alien industrial setting and the first to show an alien modern society. Jackson: We don't have any papers. mypresentpast But there is this other part of me that would gladly watch you die! She wants to kill herself, but Daniel has a better idea: she agrees to take the youth treatment again, and again loses her memory. She calls herself Linea. She determines that the catastrophic event was related to an insecticide called "Dargol," which had built up in the planet's food chain and prevented conception in the human population, which explains the lack of children. Sarason, Abnormal Pyschology: The Problem of Maladaptive Behavior (Prentice Hall, 1993) in preparation for this review.

Episode O'Neill: Sure. ", Carter states that a person could stand at the, The actress who played Ke'ra, Megan Leitch, will be familiar to science fiction fans who have seen her play the part of Mulder's missing sister in several episodes of. Ke'ra: The bodies of an elder woman and man were discovered some days later in a building destroyed by explosion. She is brilliant, inquisitive and a scientist. 's computer screen when she escaped.

SG-1 travels to the planet Vyus, where an event known as the Vorlix has left the entire population suffering from a case of mass amnesia. I would have thought that either Dr. Fraiser or another member of the medical staff might have thought to question that solution.

The team discovers an early industrial world with suffering from collective amnesia and has no elderly people. SG-1 discovers a planet of people with amnesia, and a familiar enemy returns to the S.G.C. A chemical once used as a pesticide on Vyus, called Dargol, has built up in the brains of the people.

Jackson: A question. Orner: Who would give you a name like Teal'c? She is not the same person. Where Can I Watch Stargate Online in 2022? Carter: What can you tell us about her? Horrified by the memories and heartless personality she has thus released, Ke'ra attempts to commit suicide. "Prisoners" was one of my favorite episodes of Season Two, and it would have been disappointing if the S.G.C. Jackson: Actually I meant your people. Is there anyone around here who might be considered in charge? The S.G.C. Stargate SG-1 311 Dr. Daniel Jackson: Let me ask you a question. O'Neill: Variety being the spice of life and all. Don't worry, I won't be offended if you don't pick me. That doesn't ring a bell. Even if the Dargol were able to block the memory of Linea and the factors that cause antisocial personality disorder, Kera is a curious person by nature. Having suspected her true identity, Ke'ra steals a small amount of the antidote and regains her memories. had not visited before, but would probably get around to eventually. Jackson: (referring to Linea) No, you don't. had not had to deal with the repercussions of the mistakes made in that episode. Orner: To meet me? Kera says that industry on Vyus has come to a standstill, but all of the outdoor shots show factories working steadily and spewing out smoke. Original air date

Ke'ra:There's a part of me that cares for you, Daniel, more than I've cared for anyone I've ever known.

Linea began her experiments on Vyus immediately upon her arrival there.

"Jolinar's Memories".

It builds a rich and realistic world for fans to enjoy. For example, could Kera really have a latent or instinctive knowledge of science and medicine if her memory is blocked? Teal'c: Destroyer of Worlds. Although what she did might have been simple seduction, it could also have been manipulation -- by using the feelings of a man she knew to be vulnerable, she created a very strong ally for herself. future transportation past concept ships present futuristic sci fi fantasy aliens cars The only remains of our elders we have found. Is she a homicidal maniac because of her past experiences, now forgotten, or because of her personality? Orner: Where did you come from? It is likely that this choice was deliberate on her part, since she had full access to the S.G.C. Orner: Me. And the female matches what little description he gave in his notes of the visitor. Ke'ra: There are two people inside of me, and one of them is a monster. But, more likely, Ke'ra was trying to let him know who she was, hoping (at least subconsciously) that he might rescue her from what she was about to do. I was also confused as to how Kera managed to take the antidote. Layale: It was the day that all we know of ourselves was taken away. wearing an unfamiliar face. But it was. Stargate Watch Order: Three Ways To Enjoy The Entire Franchise, Jewel Staite's New Legal Drama Is Coming, Stargate's Original Audio Dramas Are Coming Back, Here's Proof That Brad Wright's New Stargate, Producer reveals alternate ending for SGU finale. Who would you trust with your life more than anyone else in the world? Could it be Teal'c? SG-1 discovers a planet of people with amnesia, and a familiar enemy returns to the S.G.C. Ke'ra: There are still so many questions. Jackson: Right. Show me your papers. wearing an unfamiliar face. VOTE! All you have to do is forget At the beginning of the episode we see and hear the. Directed by ", Stargates Original Audio Dramas Are Coming Back, Episode Guides for your favorite shows at:, All images are the property of MGM Television Entertainment, Big Finishs Stargate Audio Dramas Are Up For Pre-order, Five Stargate Actors Who Are Coming To Dragon Con This Year, Report: Stargate and Star Trek Model Maker Eaglemoss Is In Financial Trouble. After Linea escaped through the Earth Stargate ("Prisoners"), she ended up on Vyus. Doesn't quite track with Linea's nickname. I mean Ke'ra said herself that their society was on the verge of collapse despite their efforts.

There were no children found on Vyus because of their previous use of Dargol, a pesticide. How would you rate SG-1's "Past and Present?

Orner takes SG-1 to meet an important member of the "Transitional Government" named Ke'ra, who shows them the main library and explains that their society is unstable and badly compromised because of the Vorlix.

The visitor was "something of an apothecary" and was called "Linea" (see "Prisoners"). Linea had discovered a derivative of Dargol that had the potential to prevent aging, and/or restore youththe elders are not missing because the young people leftare the elders. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from O'Neill: Anybody gets the feeling these folks don't do a lot of traveling? Production # Amnesia was an unintended side effect. How'd you get in here?

Linea is a fascinating character. Notes: I used I.G. They have no memories beyond the past year, when "the Vorlix" occurred. Can the people of Vyus have children again, now that they are young, considering their exposure to Dargol. The two samples match, confirming they are the same person. Unfortunately, the episode's occasional plot holes left me unsatisfied. Jackson: No, you're not. Well this gets a few stars for some subtle and yet awesome plot twists. She may have said this out of habit, not knowing he would recognize the phrase. Ke'ra: That she was somewhat of an apothecary. "Forever in a Day" Ke'ra: (screaming) I'm not her! The conversation between Sam, Jack and Teal'c in the library sums up how their previous actions not only permitted Linea to continue to be a threat, but magnified the threat and inadvertently assisted Linea in causing the crisis on Vyus. Jackson: Teal'c, just refresh my memory. Tor Alexander Valenza However, Dr. Frasier is unable to synthesize an antidote without Ke'ra's expertise. When Ke'ra discovers they have traveled via the Stargate she produces a notebook made by a scientist before the Vorlix which mentions a "visitor" who came to the planet by the same means. Jackson: Vorlix? (slowly realizing) Because, if you saw disaster coming, you would have left yourselves a note? Their elders and children are missing, and the entire population has amnesia. Evidence suggests that the skills -- like dressing, drawing, or riding a bicycle -- are separate from "declarative" memory functions like remembering facts and figures -- what Kera might have needed to know to help. Seeing our heroes make mistakes, such as being so utterly nave in their relationship with this woman that they met in prison and who had evidently done something to earn the fear of the tough types that populate Hadante, makes the characters and the show seem more real. We've come to meet you. Their suspicions aroused, the SGC runs a DNA test on Ke'ra, comparing it with DNA taken from Linea. SG-1 arrives on the planet Vyus and finds the inhabitants have all lost their memories after a disaster they refer to as the Vorlix. Carter: Well actually in a sick way it sort of does. Stargate Watch Order: Three Ways To Enjoy The Entire Franchise, Jewel Staite's New Legal Drama Is Coming, Stargate's Original Audio Dramas Are Coming Back, Here's Proof That Brad Wright's New Stargate, Producer reveals alternate ending for SGU finale. 3.11 O'Neill: I was just thinking about amnesia. The Vyans agree to offer the new Ke'ra a home on their planet, and a new life. She volunteers to return to Earth, along with two other citizens, in the hopes of finding a cure for the people and restoring their memories. A leader among the people is Ke'ra, a beautiful young woman with intuitive abilities in science and medicine. It is quite conceivable that the chemical did not have the desired affect, and was used by Linea as a ploy to escape the S.G.C. How long will it be before she begins to ask questions about the Vorlix and her history that Orner and Layale are unable to answer, or until she attempts to find a cure for her amnesia? We're travelers. Whatever happened happened quickly, without warning. See production, box office & company info.

And that she did not survive the Vorlix. Daniel was tipped off to the fact that Ke'ra had taken the cure and regained her memory when she said to him, "All debts have now been paid" the same statement Linea left on the S.G.C. Through your Stargate, perhaps. "Past and Present" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Stargate SG-1. But you can be her again. Your mileage may vary.

Will Ke'ra's amnesia hold out, or will Linea again surface? Dr. Fraiser seems disconcerted when Kera is so anxious to begin again after Orner is nearly killed by their first attempt at developing an antidote, but goes along with Daniel's plan to administer dargol and re-block Linea's memory. Although I enjoyed the premise and the performances, I found some of the plot elements less than believable and feel it would have been better received if presented slightly later in the season. Why are there no images of children Where have our elders gone? Although "Past and Present" has its shortcomings, it is not a bad episode. Did a few nasty things back then? It seems the entire population of the planet is suffering from some form of amnesia and have no recollection prior to a date "at least a year ago." Orner: We can only remember the days since the Vorlix. After the team begins investigating the records from prior to the Vorlix, they soon discover that the culprit is someone they've had dealings with in the past. (Daniel's emotions and actions seemed much more aggressive and angry than normal, which could have been the result of manipulation, although they could also be attributed to normal grief.). Teal'c: For as long as I draw breath. Layale: Not you! We deduced the male must have been Dr. Zervis. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Chronology Where Can I Watch Stargate Online in 2022? (Upon arriving at the alien storage facility) Reasoning that Ke'ra without her memories isn't really the same person as Linea, Major General George S. Hammond allows Ke'ra to continue assisting Frasier. Surely she can find a cure on her own eventually, and would not buy and advice along the lines of "you're better of this way.

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