sports cars that start with the letter c

Its usually done because C stands for Class or Compact. That means you can get yourself a good car without compromising on quality. Central Motors was a Japanese car manufacturer under Toyota. Cagiva is an Italian producer of motorcycles established in 1978. They primarily made race cars for motorsport, but some were also repurposed for urban driving. Your email address will not be published. Dont worry! This car comes with a sophisticated, high-performance engine. Changan is a China-based automaker or more precisely, a state-owned entity well known for its production of economy cars. All of their cars 3 models were based off cars from other brands. What's been recalled and why. Although it originated in Italy, its current headquarters are in California.

A perfect example can be found in the Corvette. [Specs and Guide].

Nowadays, they mostly produce SUVs. Well, mainly this is a French racing car company. Cisitalia was an Italy-based racing and sports car brand. Not only does it set a new standard of performance and handling, but also it has unveiled many opportunities in motorsports worldwide. Looking for tips on how to carry or travel with your family? Chrysler has adopted General Motors strategy of brand identification and hierarchy. Chery is a Chinese automobile manufacturer whose headquarters are in Anhui province in China. For the first time ever, a road car exceeded 1000bhp per tonne. A full aluminum car made to comply with all US regulations. Chevy is among the top-selling brands in America. Whether you are looking for the most expensive cars in the world or an affordable regular car, you have to put an equal amount of effort into finding the one that suits you. Together with their insane speed, they are fantastic to drive.

However, experts improved this model over the years. Lincoln is a subsidiary of Ford. The Chery models hold high quality making them an ideal choice for you. Are you affected? Their contemporary logo is a checkered black-and-white shield with wide proportions. On this list, we can find numerous car brands that start with C. A total of 15 automobile manufacturers and brands that start with C are provided in this list.

Since then, theyve built many prize-winning motorsport models. If you are a car geek and love to know about car company names, we know how you feel. The Chrysler brand is today associated with sedans & minivans. Callaway has earned a solid reputation as a manufacturer of sophisticated and advanced cars based on the Corvette. This feature makes this car stand out in the market. In addition to the currently available brands, we have included those that contributed significantly to automotive history.

Their products included passenger cars (including many racing vehicles), trucks and vans. Their main car model, Claveau Descartes, was an unorthodox design that was interesting but not commercially successful. You can look for cars that start with c without getting eye-rolls from others. Cars are one of the much-needed necessities of todays times. Callaway is mainly an American sports car company. However, they are a symbol of your status. The company is based in the UK. Connaught Engineering was a British car manufacturer in the 50s that made cars specifically for F1 and other races tracks. Cars were my first love, my strongest passion, and favorite hobby.

Chevrolet is a versatile American car manufacturer operating since 1911. Besides a variant of a V6 car, they didnt do much else. Cisitalia 202 SMM Nuvolari Spider, Cisitalia-Abarth 204 A, Alemano Berlinetta are some of the cars which got immense popularity after World War II. They produced a few touring and luxury cars that sold with some success. This car comes with a highly flexible interior. Besides, the car also looks very classy on the road. Centenari was a motorsport-oriented car manufacturer from Italy between 1997 and 2006. Comet (aka Mercury Comet) was a family of passenger cars produced between 1960 and 1977 by Mercury, a subsidiary of Ford. This is why I decided to start writing honest and dependable articles on how to improve or fix cars, and review auto-related products. Luxurious cars are not that great in terms of support. season john st college cruises charleston past start harrison angelo toward move basket makes newsday detroit opening nov win during Here is a list of their luxury car series: Chrysler is a family brand from Sedan and minivans. Commuter Cars Tango is a project of an electric microcar developed in America by Commuter Cars. You can say this is an expensive car that starts with C. Koenigsegg CCX is a supercar made by Koenigsegg. Chrysler cars come with a highly flexible interior, advanced technology, and many top safety features. Callaway Cars is an Americane automotive brand active since 1977. For more than 55 years, the Continental series has been produced. CCX is a very expensive car in the market. If you are looking for a car that starts with the letter C, then the above list could help you get just what you want. Their history dates back to the mid-19th century, when they made guns. We have a few lists of luxury car brands that names start with c at the beginning. They were founded in 1919 and still today they are making the best models. At first, they were making cars in partnership with Nissan, Porche. They are known for creating custom accessories for vehicles based entirely on the wishes of their customers.

Colonial Motors was a short-lived Canadian car company in 1921-1922. Wondering how much air to put in your tyres? The cars designed by Caterham were sold worldwide. An initial bankruptcy filing occurred in 1995 against the company. But now they are more focused on making electric racing cars. A Citroen is a car model that many people worldwide know and respect. The brand first started their journey in 1911, and even to this day; they are making the best cars in the market. Castagna, or Carrozzeria Castagna, is an Italian company that designs and builds coaches for cars. Cord cars had been pioneering technology at the time with their streamlined designs and advancement in innovative technology. Back in the day, Chryslers original 350 and the Chrysler Imperial were the talk of the town. They are a subsidiary of General Motors since 1917. Other than that, we dont find any logic behind that. Colin manufactured the car for use in a short period. However, the price is very expensive. It was formed in 1985 specifically to build high-performance sports cars for SEAT. It was produced between 1900 and 1902 and didnt leave much of an impact on the market.

It was established in 1978 and went on to create several generations of light, durable sports vehicles. We've listed all relevant models here. Started in Italy, the brand extended to many different parts of the world.

The brand was established in 2009. For this reason, if you are looking for either of these, then Chevrolet is an ideal choice for you. Off-road for beginners and the experienced, plus camper trailers, caravans and motorhomes, We make it easy to compare design, practicality, value and more, Buying used? Cizeta is a car company created in 1988 by a car designer C. Zampolli. But not all of the cars from Cadillac is a luxury car. They mostly made trucks and vans, but there were also a handful of passenger cars and touring cars. If you want a sports car that comes with high quality, has good strength, and can serve you in the best way possible, Cisitalia is probably one of the best choices out there. Campagna Motors is a Canadian vehicle manufacturer founded in 1988. Cooper Type 49 Monaco Mk1, Cooper Type 61 Monaco King Cobra, Cooper Type 49 Monaco Mk1 are famous cars manufactured by this company. Later on, Chrysler became a brand name owned by the family of Sedans and Minivans. Castagna is an old Italian company that used to make carriages in 19th century. Continental was a short-lived American luxury car manufacturer in 1907-1908. Thus if you are looking for sports cars that start with c, Caterham can be a good choice to consider. Caterham is also great for making luxury cars. Changhe is a Chinese car manufacturer founded in 1970. Paulo Crete was the designer for the Courage-Oreca LC70 car. The car is of high quality and has so much strength. Photo by: This list includes all types of motor vehicles. Their main Leopaard brand is a brand of copies of Japanese cars and original designs. Csonka is a name given to several vehicles designed by a Hungarian engineer J. Csonka in 1909-1912. The brand was established in 1980 and counts 3 models now. The usual examples include Mercedes (C-Class, C-180, C-200), Citroen (C-2, C-3, C-4), Chevrolet (C-10, C/K). Their primary focus as a brand is luxury cars, although there are also a handful of car brands owned by Chrysler, including Dodge, Jeep and Mopar. Through its run, the Cizeta-Moroder V16T was the only product developed by the company. To help you, in this article, we have listed some of the top car brands that start with the letter c along with some models that go by the same initial. Moreover, Cadillac cars will serve you for the years. American cars that start with the letter C: Citroen is also a mass-market car manufacturer. Among all sports cars worldwide, Chevy provides some of the best value for your money. Though first introduced in Italy, the use of Cisitalia continues in many parts of the world today. So, let users find out some of the best luxurious car brands in the market. To keep up with the competition, they have also kept on upgrading these models each day. Also, the car has a maximum speed of 330 km/h. If you are someone who is all about classy cars, then this automotive brand is for you. Calthrope Motor Company was a British car manufacturer active between 1904 and 1934. Costin is a low-volume sports car built in 1983-1987 by the Irish carmaker called Thompson Manufacturing Company. Cadillac was one of the first car brands that came into the market. During 1929-1932 and between 1936-1937, Cord manufactured these luxury cars. We have also provided a short description of every car brand that starts with c. Now lets jump right into the listing. It wasnt always like that. Chavrolet mainly takes technological details into the matter and comes up with a modern design. The automobile market is flooded with numerous brands of cars. So, here is some popular sports car brand that has a C on the start. They are known for several sports car models they made in that time. Learn how your comment data is processed. It was a high performance car that could turn into a light truck whenever necessary. Caterham has developed well over the years & presently is one of the best affordable options for sports car lovers. These vehicles are exclusively race cars designed for motorsport and built by hand. CT&T United is a South Korean brand of electric cars established in 2002. Since its launch, the company has developed many racing and sports cars. Caterham is a British producer of sports cars. 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Cisitalia is an Italian sports car brand that was first got its name in 1946. Many car names start with the letter C. For instance, Cannon, Captiva, Cayenne, Calais, Camaro, Carnival and more. When Cooper competed in the Indianapolis 500 and Formula One championship during the late 1950 and 1960s, the company gained popularity. In the 1930s, they started making cars, and the brand is surprisingly still alive. Canadian Motor was an early battery-charged electric car from Canada. Ever since its foundation, the company has developed many racing and sports cars of the Cisitalia type. In 1925 Walter Chrysler founded Chrysler. With this list, you will get a clear understanding of the many car brands starting with the letter C. Our aim is to educate you and enhance your knowledge of vehicles by creating a list of, This list includes all types of motor vehicles. The next car brand that is on our list of cars that start with C is Chrysler. The name of a vehicle holds a big place in its sales. In this list of car brands that start with C, we have attempted to include every car model that starts with the letter C. Please let us know if any models are missing from this list.

Cisitalia is an Italian racing and sports car founded in 1946. Among them, some people get picky about cars. Clinton was one of the first Canadian car designs, produced in 1911-12. Chevrolet has developed models like Chevrolet Corvette, Nomad, Biscayne, EX87, Chevrolet Corvette SR. It was produced in several variations between 1896 and 1931. Since 1989, Carlsson Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH has been providing vehicle tuning services. The make and model of a car are what make them noticeable and attractive. In addition to the currently available brands, we have included those that contributed significantly to automotive history. The high quality of the Chery model makes it an ideal choice to go by. Automobiles Chatenet is a French carmaker established in 1984. Chariot Motors is an Israeli-Bulgarian producer of eco-friendly buses. This sophistication makes it one of the unique models in the market. Dont worry! Another car brand that starts with c that you should know about is Chery. If you want a vehicle that suits your level of affordability, exploring the products of this brand should not be a problem. A group of ex-Lamborghini employees was behind the production of this car. They are quite popular for the refinement of Mercedes Benz and Smart cars. If you are a lover of classy cars, then this will be the best deal for you. They are also famous for making luxury cars. Two flags one checkered, the other red is their usual emblem. Chiribiri was an Italian engineering company in 1910-29. The company manufactures automatic cars, SUVs, and trucks. Cooper is a British racing car company that started in 1947. But when you are searching for car details on Verizon media, things get messy. These cars are by design developed to be low-speed, eco-friendly microcars that dont take up much space. Only a handful was finalized. They primarily made parts for aircraft, but by 1913 the business also started making cars, including several touring and race variants. Some of the famous names of racing cars are Courage-Oreca LC70, C60.

Claveau was a French car manufacturer active from 1920s to 1950s. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Cadillac is one of the oldest car brands in the world, though there are many others. Its primary quality is that its supposed to be incredibly narrow and, thus, not space-consuming. So if you ever come across the thought of expensive cars that start with c, do not forget to take a look at Chrysler.

Cunningham auto was one of the first functioning cars in American history. Anyway, here is a full list of cars that start with C: There are many reliable sports car name that starts with C. Some of them are new and some of them are old.
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