diablo 3 demon hunter dual crossbow or quiver

3. 60) Seven Sins 60) Maximus 31) The Furnace Then does that apply to each bolt fired for Rapid Fire? Toughness

60) Inna's Reach - Set 29) Ambo's Pride 60) Shenlong's Fist of Legend - Set 60) Warmonger Auction House

Crafting Items 60) Hallowed Defenders The 2nd paragraph is just Chinese to me :(. Attributes 61) Bottomless Potion of the Diamond Mighty Weapons Barb, Socketing Legendary Follower Items, One-Handed Melee Useful for groups of Monsters. 29) Telranden's Hand 31) Wyrdward When youre wielding two weapons, you alternate the weapon you swing with.

Life on Hit 60) Ivory Tower Weapon properties can be broken into the following broad categories: Static property - e.g. 8) Fleshrake Oh, about the +elemental damage, did anyone notice if all damage was converted to fire for Withering Shot or if the +dmg stayed the original elemental type? ?) 9) Balance 70) The Helm of Rule, Diablo 3 Sets Corrupted Angel Flesh A4 70) Cosmic Strand - Crafted, Legendary Quivers - DH 29) String of Ears 60) Shenlong's Relentless Assault - Set Bane of the Powerful 8) Genzaniku Training 70) Sunwuko's Balance - Set, Legendary Pants 70) Helltooth Leg Guards - Set The red half of the resources display shows the hatred, and it is for the offensive abilities of the hunter. Increased Damage to Elites. At Blizzcon 2010, hand xbows could only be dual wielded.

21) Born's Heart of Steel - Crafted Set 12) Pandemonium Loop A5 Cache 23) Cain's Robes - Crafted Set Maces

Reusable Parts 31) Band of the Rue Chambers 29) Butcher's Carver 70) Unbound Bolt - Crafted, Legendary Crossbows 70) Trag'Oul Coils Enforcer Legendary Affixes 70) Captain Crimson's Trimmings Resistances 70) Cain's Travelers - Crafted Set The Smart Drop system ensures that quivers will usually roll with Dexterity, or at least never roll with Strength or Intelligence. 60) Inna's Radiance - Set, Legendary Voodoo Masks - WD 12) Leoric's Signet 29) Puzzle Ring 70) Born's Command Enchantress Focuses 60) Flying Dragon In short, can anyone recommend the best type of weapon to use with this skill for the most damage in the shortest time? 31) Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker 12) Overwhelming Desire A3 Cache 70) Born's Furious Wrath - Crafted Set, Legendary Flails - Crusader Zeis Stone of Vengeance, Salvaged materials 31) Irontoe Mudsputters 26) Quick Draw Belt - Crafted 70) Helltooth Mantle - Set For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Simplified, I'd say crossbows are better for solo games and bows are better for group games, and the reason is attack speed. 8) Pauldrons of the Skeleton King - A1 Bag Per point in vitality you get ten life points. Upgrading Gems Materials 59) Neanderthal 50) The Flavor of Time Your damage is based off of the weapon you hit your foe with, NOT a combination of both weapons. The Demon Hunter can not dual wield melee weapons, but she can dual wield her class-restricted Hand Crossbows. 8) Demon Machine 70) Sage's Passage - Crafted Set, Legendary Helms Crossbows are slower, but when compared to an equal bow, will hit harder per hit, which is ideal for kiting where you're firing 1-2 shots between moving. 60) Blackthorne's Notched Belt - Set 60) Unity 50) Bezoar Stone 57) Starspine 70) Eyes of the Earth - Set 8) Odyn Son 70) Aughild's Authority 70) Asheara's Custodian - Crafted Set 60) The Grand Vizier 31) Kridershot 60) The Tormentor 31) Emimeis Duffel 70) Sunder 61) Enchanting Favor Templar 12) Avarice Band A3 Cache Flails Crus 12) Denial 70) Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle - Crafted Set 29) The Broken Staff It's just a good 2h x-bow. 70) Sage's Purchase - Crafted Set, Legendary Bracers

The Infernal Machine 8) Girdle of Giants 23) Lai Yui's Taiji - Crafted 31) Darklight What makes Havoc Special. 12) Cloak of Deception A2 Cache Demon hunters specialize in stealth and long range and deal with your enemies from the safety of cover with Traps or arrows. [Can the Demon Hunter use] two separate and unique one hand crossbows w/ different stats on them?

60) Ruinstoke Wiz

60) Cape of the Dark Night 9) Umbral Oath WD The resource discipline is for the passive, tactical skills of the demon hunter. Increased EXP 70) Piro Marella - Crafted, Legendary Mojos - WD 70) Spite WD 50) Messerschmidt's Reaver "Puncture" you should use, as long as you have no rapid fire. 60) Blood-Magic Blade - Crafted 70) Pender's Purchase 60) Bul-Kathos's Warrior Blood - Set 60) Dead Man's Legacy With the skill of your damage and your Dodge chance increase. 70) Blitzbolter DH Smart Drops

8) The Undisputed Champion better than 2h bows available in the market. 31) Exarian 60) The Fist of Az'Turrasq 60) Black Bone Arrows - Crafted How do I know what is better? He brings, but also fire damage. 60) Strongarm Bracers 8) Aquila Cuirass Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver 60) Tasker and Theo 29) Band of Untold Secrets 70) Kethryes' Splint 31) Eberli Charo 60) Venomhusk, Armor 60) Earthshatter The Barbarian is able to dual-wield every one-handed weapon he can equip. Scoundrel Tokens 29) Blackhand Key - Crafted The Demon Hunter can not dual wield melee weapons, but she can dual wield her class-restricted Hand Crossbows. 70) Kethryes' Splint - Crafted Cybersecurity: how to protect yourself and avoid becoming a victim of a data breach. 70) Raekors Breeches - Set Enchanting In order to have constantly enough distance to the enemy, use Skills that make you invisible, or quickly out of the danger zone come. Mighty Weapons Barb, One-Handed Ranged 23) Unending War Barb Or does it just not matter as long as their DPS is high? Paragon 60) Sage's Gesture - Crafted Set That said, not all Demon Hunter builds desire IAS. Such properties only activate when striking an enemy.Proc on Enemy Death - e.g. 31) Razor Strop Diablo 3 version 2. The End Game 29) Silver Star Piercers 70) Marauder's Encasement - Set 11) Funerary Pick 8) Autumn's Call Increased Gold Find So naturally, a rogue will likely be looking for a weapon with either of these properties. Theme: Envo Blog. 70) Demon's Animus - Crafted Set Contact Us. Shooting more quickly allows for more damage output in a short time, and also means that Hatred Generator skills will restore more resource in the same amount of time. 70) Atrophy Wiz Hope of Cain 61) Bottomless Potion of Regeneration 31) Light of Grace 8) The Crudest Boots Dexterity. 70) Asheara's Finders - Crafted Set 60) Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit - Set But you have to acquire two with identical DPS for that to work. 60) Depth Diggers Critical hit Chance 70) Atrophy - Crafted Durability 50) The Sultan of Blinding Sand 31) Fate of the Fell 42) Aughild's Dominion 31) Ancestors' Grace If you get in the course of the game stronger armor, you can move on with the demon hunter in the melee. It is important to note that Quivers do not receive a larger bonus than Hand Crossbows. Diamond, Legendary Gems {RoS only) 70) Sage's Apogee - Crafted Set, Legendary Spirit Stones - Monk 60) Demon's Skin Arreat War Tapestry A3 23) Cain's Memory 60) Inna's Vast Expanse - Set 8) See No Evil 8) Helltrapper A5 Cache Also on Inferno you can't kite forever and will have to make a stand to actually do some real damage, while taking reduced damage (via abilities, forgot the name - the one that Leaches 20% and has a 65% damage reduction rune or Smoke Screen.. and Preparation of course with a 60% healing rune) - I prefer using Elemental Arrow with 'tacles for that. 9) Manald Heal Critical hit Damage "Chakram" is less damage than rapid fire, aimed, but especially with the Rune "twin Chakram" good area damage. 60) Blackthorne's Duncraig Cross - Set 70) Aughild's Rule - Crafted Set '+10 Maximum Discipline'. Ofc the lines blur when you begin stacking IAS, which can bring a crossbow up to 2+ APS, which is a good spot for a bow as well, assuming you're playing solo. 70) Nayr's Black Death, Legendary 2H Axes 29) The Spider Queens Grasp 'Chance to Fear on Hit'. I have yet to see anyone produce any solid evidence that says any one choice is the best. 29) Scarbringer 31) St. Archew's Gage Anger of Iben Fahd 29) The Paddle

You must log in or register to reply here. 31) Hellskull 8) Broken Crown 60) Kredes Flame 60) Windforce The Stash, Crafting 60) Manajuma's Carving Knife - Set 8) Gloves of Worship - Act 2 Bag We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 60) Manticore 60) Tal Rasha's Allegiance - Set 50) Incense Torch of the Grand Temple 60) Devil Tongue 70) Jade Harvester's Courage - Set When soloing, you'll spend most of your time kiting, which way you lose much of the benefit of attack speed. 31) Inviolable Faith 29) Skywarden 70) Cinder Switch "Preparation", however, the discipline fills completely.

60) The Grandfather 50) The Eye of the Storm "Entangling shot" caused damage to 75 percent of the weapons and slows down two enemies. 60) Echoing Fury 70) Lai Yui's Persuader Monk Infernal Machine of Gluttony Terms 31) Profane Pauldrons 60) Stormshield 31) Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan Who is the Greatest F1 Driver of All Time? This was thought to be a balance issue; the hand xbow was the fastest firing ranged weapon in the game, but as a trade off they had to be used two at a time, trading defense for offense. 31) Blackfeather It is channeled and consumes enormous amounts of hatred. Wiki Targeted (Games) Quivers are a special off-hand item type only usable by Demon Hunters in Diablo III. For example if my health is not recovering fast enough I would favor antes item that has good health per second or hit. 70) Cinder Switch - Crafted, Legendary 2H Maces The Demon Hunter makes extensive use of dual hand crossbows in her introductory cinematic, devastating a horde of demons with the weapons. Defensive skills consume discipline - they slow down the enemy, or catapult your demon hunter out of the danger zone. 31) Sebors Nightmare 60) Chantodo's Will - Set 31) Rakoff's Glass of Life 60) Demon's Revenge - Crafted Set 70) Marauder's Spines - Set 60) Natalya's Sight - Set 31) Solanium Veiled Crystal 70) Chanon Bolter 31) Captain Crimson's Finery 31) Stalgard's Decimator

50) Nailbiter 31) Jekangbord

31) Bombadier's Rucksack 60) Griswold's Masterpiece - Crafted 29) Broken Promises 70) Unbound Bolt 70) Restraint - Set, 12) Coven's Criterion A2 Cache 60) Seven Sins - Crafted 60) Mempo of Twilight multiplies your attack speed by 4 and each shot deal 1/4 of the.

60) Hallowed Hand - Crafted Set For passives, I'd add Steady Shot, since as DHs we always try spend as much time as possible far away from our targets anyway. 31) Deathseer's Cowl 61) Bottomless Potion of Rejuvenation - Season 1 31) Eye of Peshkov

31) Dovu Energy Trap Unsocketing Gems, The Mystic 70) Raekors Heart - Set 50) Fire Walkers 34) Pendergrasps 70) Mark of the Magi 29) Arreat's Law 29) The Raven's Wing Bashiok: Yes, that is in. If I remember correctly, 2 crossbows are only viable in the UE grenade build, a LoN build, as well as danettas set. 31) Ancient Parthan Defenders Ceremonial Knives WD Vengeful Eye In Diablo 3, the skills in primary and secondary are divided shooting skills, defense, hunting, devices and archery. 70) Rozpedin's Force Monk 70) Hallowed Protectors You want your abilities to, in general, hit harder.Due to the faster speed and the lower damage range of hand crossbows, your skills will do less damage, but you'll use them more often.

60) Inna's Favor - Set 29) Bastion's Revered 60) Demon's Flight - Crafted Set 60) Skull Grasp 8) Fjord Cutter Crusader Shields Crus 60) Hallowed Salvation - Crafted Set Bane of the Trapped 23) Cain's Sandals - Crafted Set

12) Ring of Royal Grandeur A1 Cache 60) Gehennas - Crafted N/A) Hellfire Ring Gold 50) Kill 70) Corruption Law of Kulle 52) Demon Hand Monk 50) Logan's Claw 61} Scythe of the Cycle Sheet Toughness Dual-Wielding and Two-Handed Weapons Wielding two weapons provides a flat +15% bonus to your attack speed. NPC Merchants The Wizard and Witch Doctor can not dual wield. 70) Demon Claw Monk 60) Sage's Gesture, RoS Sets Legendary Potions Crits are per projectile. 60) Immortal King's Triumph - Set 60) Inna's Temperance - Set bows have higher dmg than 1H crossbows. 8) Sin Seekers 50) Maloth's Focus 60) The Star of Azkaranth 70) Marauder's Carapace - Set

Daibos Monk A Demon Hunter could only equip both at once, or neither; it was not possible to equip just one hand xbow along with a quiver or one-handed weapon or a shield. 61) Bone Ringer, Legendary Mighty Weapons - Barb 29) Kotuur's Brace 50) The Butcher's Sickle check out the, Equipping 2xHand Crossbows passively increases your attack speed by 15%Most quivers increase attack speed by around 10%, but some have seen +12% quivers. All Rights Reserved. 60) Chantodo's Force - Set 31) The Ess of Johan 60) Immortal King's Boulder Breaker - Set Voodoo Masks WD

70) Captain Crimson's Thrust - Crafted Set 8) Sanguinary Vambraces - A1 Bag 50) Thing of the Deep Therefore, 2x Hand Crossbows with Demon Hunter specific properties will always have higher stats than a single Quiver will ever offer. Shields Axes 50) Anessazi Edge In addition to skill, the vitality of fundamental importance. 8) Uskang The Monk can also dual wield all one-handed melee weapons.

Top of the line gear the best is 2 1 handed crossbows, the key is they both have to have sockets. 61) Skeleton Key Scoundrel 70) Board Walkers

31) Spaulders of Zakara 52) Asheara's Iron Fist - Crafted Set 50) Singularity - Crafted 70) Mask of the Searing Sky - Set 31) Rimeheart 29) Standoff Unlike the normal two-handed crossbow, the hand crossbow is a one-handed item which the Demon Hunter can dual wield, or equip with a shield or quiver.

60) Sledge of Athskeleng

60) Natalya's Embrace - Set, 8) Moonlight Ward Paragon 2.0 31) The Smoldering Core 8) Pox Faulds Thus Demon Hunters tend to use whichever bow, xbow, or hand xbow the yfind with the best damage, the best stats, and especially the best legendary affix. | I think my third will be the one that converts health orbs into hatred. Weren't rapid fire 6 times the as and 38% per shot. 60) Hallowed Storm - Crafted Set 2. However, you get higher attack speed with the latter.

Weapons Hand Crossbows DH 20) Longshot - Crafted 70) Piro Marella Crus Attack Speed 50) Justice Lantern 52) Asheara's Guard - Crafted Set 31) Archmage's Vicalyke It REALLY depends on what skills youre running. 31) The Final Witness 31) Bovine Bardiche 61) Relic of Akarat Templar I don't know about the other procs as there aren't that many in the beta. The only consensus, I think, that exists is that DW is not as viable as 2H weapons. These skills generate the secondary attacks of the necessary hatred. 50) Lidless Wall 70) Sunder - Crafted, Legendary Polearms 70) Utar's Roar Affixes Such properties are 'always on' and give constant benefit. 60) Ruinstoke - Crafted 41) Deadeye - Crafted 70) Sydyru Crust - Crafted 29) Eye of Etlich Can a demon hunter dual wield a crossbow? 52) Cataclysm - Crafted 70) Wall of Man, Kanai's Cube 60) Zunimassa's Vision - Set, Legendary Wizard Hats - Wiz 70) Firebird's Down - Set Sheet DPS

Restores 10-15% of your primary resource when used below 25% Life. Bonus Horadric Cache, Helms Gems 70) Cain's Insight - Crafted Set 42) Aughild's Peak - Crafted Set 29) Dark Mage's Shade 36) The Magi - Crafted Work of Cathan 70) War of the Dead Barb, Off Hand 8) Monster Hunter 70) Asheara's Vestments | You try to keep up with your discipline abilities your opponents at a distance and not to miss the enemies with the hatred skills the Endsto. 60) Wizardspike

Death's Breath

70) Focus - Set Swords Copyright Enthusiast Gaming.

Hi, I would just like to add something to your guide: By Cypher in forum World of Warcraft Bots and Programs, By insainz in forum World of Warcraft Exploits, By corn674 in forum World of Warcraft General, The definitive answer to 2x1H VS 1H+Quiver (DH), OwnedCore- World of Warcraft Exploits, Hacks, Bots and Guides, UNIQUE CONDITION OFFER SEPULCHER HEROIC 11/11 - 8 / 29$ MYTHIC15- 6 / 7$ , The definitive answer to 2x1H VS 1H+Quiver - Forums - Diablo III, Reset password ifyou lost the Secret answer, [Ebook] Oreily - Html and Xhtml - The Definite Guide - 5th edition, The final answer (World of warcraft VS Runescape), If this is your first visit, be sure to 70) Vyrs Fantastic Finery - Set With the duration of the fire they cause, however, is 228% weapon damage - the hatred-is a worthwhile investment. 23) Cain's Memory - Crafted Set 23) Lai Yui's Taiji Monk 31) Countess Julia's Cameo

Item Sets "Rapid fire" is an important and devastating skill. Follower cannot die. Of course there are people who disagree via their own experiences, but i do not want to start a holy war. 31) Mirrorball Class-Specific Infernal Machine of Bones

29) Hammer Jammers 60) Wondrous Deflectors - Crafted Blood Shards Pain Enhancer 23) Cain's Scribe - Crafted Set 40) The Wedge - Crafted 29) Erlang Shen 52) Asheara's Gait - Crafted Set Hand crossbows have the fastest inherent firing rate of any ranged weapon in the game, but slightly lower damage per shot in compensation. 70) Arcane Barb - Crafted

31) Hack 60) Tal Rasha's Brace - Set Devil's Fang

60) Uhkapian Serpent 31) Valthek's Rebuke 70) Mark of The Magi - Crafted, Legendary 2H Swords

29) The Flow of Eternity 60) Griswold's Masterpiece He is high damage. 8) Boots of Disregard - A3 Bag Amazonian Parma - Season 1 70) Fleeting Strap Self explanatory.

60) Empyrean Messenger, Legendary Swords 2021 Magic Find, Inc. All rights reserved. 12) Rhen'ho Flayer 70) Guardian's Case - Crafted Set, Legendary Mighty Belts - Barb

31) Jaces Hammer of Vigilance 31) Defender of Westmarch (Torment-only) Daggers 70) Sunwuko's Shines - Set, 8) Nagelring Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, https://www.diablowiki.net/index.php?title=Hand_Crossbows&oldid=73036. 31) Akarat's Awakening A havoc demon hunter is an aggressive melee damage dealer with high mobility. 70) Firebird's Tarsi - Set 31) Madawc's Sorrow 60) Robes of the Rydraelm When choosing your armor, and equipment, you should be aware of in addition to dexterity and vitality absolutely to life regeneration bonus, increased Damage, critical hit chance and critical hit damage (roughly in the ratio 1:10), and discipline regeneration. 70) Eight-Demon Boots - Set 29) Stone Gauntlets 50) Dread Iron 61) Bottomless Potion of the Tower 60) Stone of Jordan 61) Bottomless Potion of the Leech 60) Gehennas 70) The Shadows Heels - Set A lot of work is being done right now on demon hunter weapons so some things are still up in the air, but dual-wielding one handed crossbows in each hand, each with their own unique enchants and gems, etc. Well buying inferno act3-4 gear is certainly a way to go, but trust me there's a 2h bow from act3-4 that will provide more dps in the end with the amount of AS you have. 29) Pride of Cassius

31) Golden Flense "Hungering arrow" is attack your main, and this generates three points of hate.

61) Jangs Envelopment 31) Wand of Woh 8) Goldwrap Paragon Points 70) Hallowed Breach - Crafted Set, Legendary Daggers Restores extra 2500045000 Life over 5 seconds.

Archive of Tal Rasha 70) Born's Privilege - Crafted Set 34) Pendergrasps - Crafted 70) Cosmic Strand Wiz Healing 35) Traf'Ouls Corroded Fang 60) Skorn Spirit Stones Monk Increases Resist All by 50100 for 5 seconds. The choice between a crossbow and bow is also a question of stat and playstyle. 31) Rogar's Huge Stone 70) Jade Harvester's Joy - Set 70) Pauldrons of Akkhan - Set 31) Cord of Sherma 70) Helm of Akkhan - Set 42) Aughild's Reign - Crafted Set 4/2 60) Black Bone Arrows DH, Weapons 31) Hallowed Bulwark You use between "Hungering arrow", to hatred and rebuild it with "Salto" you can remove yourself from the opponents. 70) Wojahnni Assaulter - Season 1. 50) The Gavel of Judgment 20) Longshot 70) Mantle of the Rydraelm - Crafted 60) The Wailing Host - Set 29) The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis 50) Lost Boys 70) The Slanderer - Crafted Set Increases Armor by 10% for 5 seconds. 8) The Swami Opinions welcome. I mentioned it in another comment here, yes. On a similar note, what are the advantages and disadvantages of dual wielding for a Demon Hunter, verse two handed bow/crossbow and quiver? This combination is particularly well-suited for Leveling. 70) Firebird's Eye - Set

Useful in Monster groups! 70) Reaper's Wraps 60) Triumvirate Repairs, The Blacksmith

31) Bitterness WD Legendary Health Potions Movement Speed 70) Skelons Deceit - Crafted 8) Starfire Privacy Policy

12) Golden Gorget of Leoric A1 Cache They have adopted traits of demons and use their own power against them.The main thing that makes Demon Hunters truly special is Metamorphosis. 31) Shi Mizu's Haori Follower cannot die. 60) Visage of Giyua 31) Captain Crimson's Satin Sash - Crafted Set Vault Portal Simplicitys Strength 70) Reaper's Wraps - Crafted 60) Blackthorne's Jousting Mail - Set 8) Stolen Ring

60) The Witching Hour 55) Guardian's Sheath - Crafted Set 8) Wildwood 70) Marauder's Visage - Set 70) Hallowed Condemnation - Crafted Set, Legendary Fist Weapons - Monk 61) Halcyon's Ascent Ruby 31) Custerian Wristguards

Also later in the game you get a Companion, nor the "skills" (summons an animal companion), and the "Moribund" (damage-over-time). Armor Dye

41) Deadeye DH 50) The Cloak of the Garwulf The bows came in a pair, and looked something like you see in the paperdoll mock-up to the right. 60) Hallowed Reckoning - Crafted Set 60) Lamentation What makes a havoc Demon Hunter so special? 8) Leoric's Crown 60) Earthshatter - Crafted 60) The Oculus 60) Tiklandian Visage (All other bows and crossbows are two-handed.) 60) Natalya's Reflection - Set 50) Angel Hair Braid 61) Cam's Rebuttal, Legendary 2H Mighty Weapons - Barb Infernal Machine of War 'Life after Kill'. 70) Wall of Man - Crafted 21) Born's Impunity - Crafted Set 50) Flint Ripper Arrowheads 60) Band of Hollow Whispers 70) The Shadows Coil - Set 70) The Helm of Rule - Crafted 57) Starspine - Crafted 31) Magefist 8) The Zweihander Wreath of Lightning 31) Swiftmount 50) Fragment of Destiny 60) Lacuni Prowlers 70) Hallowed Defender - Crafted Set Does anyone know exactly which skills fall into which category?

70) Demon's Plate - Crafted Set, Legendary Boots 61) Ribald Etchings Scoundrel 60) Madstone DesignStudio by SmallSEOTools A Platform that offers Multiple Designing Tools, Casino Games with the Best Odds: Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette. 60) Hellrack 70) Vyrs Astonishing Aura - Set 70) Raekors Burden - Set 70) Arcane Barb 31) Baleful Remnant 8) Burst Of Wrath A3 Cache

50) Holy Beacon The demon hunter is based only on two resources, hatred and discipline. 9) Arthefs Spark of Life Main Stat Typically adds additional DPS to a weapon. The weapons you are using have proc on hit properties, 1. 31) Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander 70) Cuisses of Akkhan - Set 8) Gungdo Gear Some play styles rely on big hitting attacks with a heavy Hatred cost, and pay for them with Hatred regen or other means of resource regeneration other than Hatred generating skills. Spears 42) Aughild's Ultimatum - Crafted Set Mojos WD 70) Spite - Crafted, 10) Winter Flurry 50) Goldskin (Torment-only) 50) Wormwood 70) Aughild's Power - Crafted Set 60) Sage's Journey - Crafted Set Transmogrification, The Economy 70) Mantle of the Rydraelm - Set See the individual pages for specific stats on each item.

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