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How would you rate SG-1's "Metamorphosis? When Jonas is taken away he tries to free himself, but Wodan stops him and brings him to Nirrti. [Nirrti], Originally we came here to rescue you, but as you can see we've run into a bit of a snag. Later, Nirrti tries to seduce Jonas into helping him, but he rejects this proposal to the anger of the goa'uld.. Jonas is then taken back to the basement, where the rest try to convince Wodan that Nirrti is not a goddess, and they even goad Eggar to use his abilities to read Nirrti's mind. They have also developed superhuman abilities - telekinesis and telepathy in particular - and have SG-1 and Col. Ivanov of the Russian team locked up in short order. Elle a invent une machine qui modifierait l'ADN dans le but de crer une race humaine suprieure. The Russian SG team returns through the gate with a captive from the planet they have been visiting. So, if any of you can bend steel with your bare hands, or happen to be more powerful than a locomotive, just raise your hand. One at a time, Nirrti plugs the captured team members in to her DNA scanning machine and futzes with their biology. Directed by: Peter DeLuise, Guest Starring: Jacqueline Samuda as Nirrti, Alex Zahara as Eggar, Dion Johnstone as Wodan, Raoul Ganeev as Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Evanov, Gary Jones as Technician, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser, Alex Rae as Alebran, Jacquie Janzen as Lieutenant Rush, Dan Payne as Jaffa Commander, Reference: Le gnral Hammond dpche sur les lieux l'quipe du SG-1, mais celle-ci se heurte rapidement l'aveuglement des Oktars, qui voient en Nirrti une desse vnre A CSK-1 csatlakozik egy orosz csapathoz, s megprblnak megmenteni egy idegen civilizcit egy furcsa Goa'uld vizsglattl. Nirrti subjects Jonas to the DNA device, however, she discovers that his genetic structure is already highly advanced, and she tries instead to seduce him with promises of power. He trades his usual banter with Nirrti for a while, and again tries to get the locals to look into her mind. One of them, Wodan, says that their goddess Nirrti is helping them because they are "sick" and also shows them the machine he is using for it, a DNA resequencer . Nirrti has been the villain interested in genetic engineering, and this time shes been posing as a god and promising to heal or cure a small village from a plague, while actually giving them telekinetic and telepathic powers but leaving them in deformed and mutated bodies. [Carter], I'm sure you're aware that a second shot from this weapon will kill. Sergei Evanov, If you'd like to get the additional items you've selected to qualify for this offer. (LogOut/ His name is Alebran and he claims that his people are being experimented on by the Goa'uld Nirrti. Nirrti's DNA device may have been built by the Ancients, and SG-1 must capture her alive in order to force her to reverse the effects of her experimentation. SG-1 , ' . Alebran, There they find that Nirrti's treatments have left the inhabitants profoundly disfigured, but also with formidable side effects. Soon after, as few Jaffa appear to protect Nirrti, SG-1 and SG-R go to the planet. O'Neill then arrives in the room where Nirrti is holding Carter hostage. For her final outing, it was actually the actress Jacqueline Samuda who developed and co-wrote the story with James Tichenor, one of the production crew. Colonel Evanov leads the team to the fortress, where, after defeating the guards, they enter. This never really goes anywhere, however. I wonder whether there have been many other examples of a recurring guest star writing themselves out of their series? Sergei Evanovin johtama ryhm palaa Maahan. El SG-1 se une a un equipo ruso para intentar salvar a los habitantes de un planeta de un extrao experimento de Nirrti. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. SG-1 se spolen s ruskm tmem vydv na planetu, aby zastavila Nirrti, kter na mstnch obyvatelch provd genetick pokusy ve snaze vytvoit dokonalho lovka - hok'tara. Jacqueline SamudaTeryl RotheryAlex ZaharaDion JohnstoneRaoul GaneevAlex RaeJaquie JanzenDan PayneGary Jones, Metamorphosis ( Metamorphosis ) is the sixteenth episode of the sixth season of the television series of science fiction Stargate SG-1 , and No. Wodan uses his telekinetic abilities to snap Nirrti's neck, killing her. They ignore him and drag him off to have his DNA manipulated. However, Eggar had also been able to retrieve from Nirrti's mind the knowledge necessary to reverse the effects of the DNA device, and he is able to safely heal Carter and the rest of his people. A peine Oktar leur a-t-il expos la situation qu'il meurt, victime d'une explosion cellulaire commande distance par Nirrti. Fortunately, they also managed to steal Nirrti's knowledge of how to operate the machine. Copyright 1995-2022 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Invisibility, There, Jack asks her to heal Carter and let her team go, but she refuses. [O'Neill], Hail Dorothy!

Colonel Evanov and SG-4 return to the SGC with Alebran, an alien who claims that Nirrti has been using a device to experiment on his people. The kid also spotted that the series body count of dead Goauld System Lords continued to increase with Nirrti being killed by one of her creations. He wakes up in her personal quarters, where she reveals that he is far advanced in his evolution, and offers him unlimited power if he will join her. Heill on mukanaan muukalainen, joka tarvitsee lkrin apua. Nirrti returns and continues her experiments, first taking Colonel Evanov. While Jonas was away refusing to be seduced, O'Neill has been trying to convince the mutants that Nirrti is bad news.

Staff Cannon, the preview below. Stargate SG-1 6.21 Prophecy Fire Breathing Dimetrodon Time. The original device may have been of Ancient design. I figured it must be nine or ten; the Stargate Wiki at says shes the ninth, but shes got another trick left behind to screw with things from beyond the grave, as well see in a couple of weeks. He finally breaks her neck, much to the anger of O'Neill, who wished Nirrti would help Carter. By analyzing your DNA, she realizes that she is different from other human beings. The restore Carter in short order, and then themselves, saying they will destroy the machine once they are done., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 November 2020, at 15:23. With their telekinetic powers, they rescue O'Neill and kill Nirrti - which is bad, because Carter is going to melt into a pile of goo any minute now. DNA Resequencer, Nirrti, Hok'tar, While O'Neill contacts Evanov, Jonas and Teal'c are taken to the basement where the rest of the "mutants" live. Teleplay by: James Tichenor Create a free website or blog at They plan to help them, but another mutant, Eggar, who can read minds, learns that they plan to kill Nirrti. - Top Rated Plus - opens in a new window or tab, - eBay Return policy - opens in a new tab or window, - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new tab or window. All the better for Nirrti to experiment on. Inside they find several deformed people. He begs the SGC for help against her, and then dissolves into a puddle of water because of a failsafe Nirrti built into his very DNA. SG-1 otkriva da je Nirrti nastavila svoje eksperimente za stvaranje savenog ovjeka (poznatog kao hok'taur). After O'Neill and General Hammond both yell at them for a bit for violating procedure, they agree to listen to the man's story. Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Evanov was the commanding officer of SG-4, the Russian SG team. Watching classic adventure TV with my kid. Right at the end, our son, who really enjoyed this one, suddenly spotted that one of the villagers has a third eye on the side of his head. Meanwhile, Carter is studying the resequencer when two Jaffa appear wearing transport rings, but Carter manages to stun them with a Zat. In doing so, Eggar realizes the truth behind Nirrti's experiments. Meanwhile, in prison, Carter and Evanov's condition worsens. 126 episode ofentire series. 2004 Stargate SG-1 Season Six Non-Sport Card #49 Metamorphosis, Add to cart to save with this special offer. We're continuously trying to improve TheTVDB, and the best way we can do that is to get feedback from you. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from However, the inhabitants are convinced that Nirrti is a god who is helping to heal them, and when Eggar reads O'Neill's mind and fears he has come to kill their god, the inhabitants turn against the team and imprison them in the dungeon. This time, they do - and realize that she's an evil monster, just as O'Neill has been saying this whole time. Figuring that she is continuing her experiments to advance human evolution and thereby create the perfect host, SG-1 decides to investigate. At that moment, a jaffa awakens, but when Jack shoots him, Wodan stops the bullet using telekinesis. Eggar, If you Buy It Now, you'll only be purchasing this item. There Wodan takes away their weapons using telekinesis and imprisons them. Something went wrong. O'Neill is forced to lower his gun, and Nirrti then shoots him with his Zat. Airdate: February 7, 2003. View cart for details. Together with Carter, they are taken to the basement and imprisoned. SG-1 and SG-4 return to the planet and enter Nirrti's fortress. (LogOut/ Carter is later taken away as well, and can see how Nirrti uses his device to alter her DNA. When they get there, however, they find that Alebran's horribly mutated and hideous people do not want to be liberated. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); All text on these pages is the copyright of Grant Goggans. The latter eventually dies in the same way as Alebran. The villain Nirrti only appeared in a handful of prior Stargate episodes, but shes been mentioned much more often, making her seem like a greater presence in the show than she actually was. Ivanov is first, followed by Carter. Nirrti turns next to O'Neill, who makes one final attempt to convince Eggar to look into Nirrti's mind. [ 1 ]. Nirrti is using the DNA resequencer to directly alter human DNA in real time, as part of her experiments in genetic manipulation to create a hok'tar, or advanced human. Vichni jsou vak mstmi zajati a po nvratu Nirrti jsou podrobeni experimentm SG-1 versucht die Bewohner eines Planeten vor Nirrti's genetischen Experimenten zu retten und erkennen, dass sie die nchsten Laborratten sind. Hazmat, Where Can I Watch Stargate Online in 2022? Stargate Watch Order: Three Ways To Enjoy The Entire Franchise, Jewel Staite's New Legal Drama Is Coming, Stargate's Original Audio Dramas Are Coming Back, Here's Proof That Brad Wright's New Stargate, Producer reveals alternate ending for SGU finale, "There is actually a shot where the mutant literally explodes on the hospital gurney but it was considered too icky and didn't make the final cut. However, Eggar assures O'Neill that he managed to gain the necessary knowledge before killing her. [O'Neill], Carter: zatted by Nirrti, subjected to DNA resequencer. This is pretty interesting. Please contact me for reprint permission at It needs to be quickly too, because Carter is beginning to look pretty moist. Sumpshe is later brought in and Eggar reverses Nirrti's manipulation. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Then when Nirrti starts scanning O'Neill, Eggar tells him to stop, because he has read her mind and verified what O'Neill was saying. Effects include telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Eggar has developed psychic abilities, and Wodan has remarkable telekinetic powers. Ivanov and later O'Neill himself both bring up the fact that, At the beginning of the episode, the team worry that Nirrti might have intended to use Alebran as a Trojan Horse, the same way she did with. 06.16 Episode 126 (#P656) SG-1 attempts to save a planet's inhabitants from Nirrti's genetic experimentation, but find themselves to be her next victims. Enter the type and id of the record that this record is a duplicate of and confirm using SG-1 attempts to save a planet's inhabitants from Nirrti's genetic experimentation, but find themselves to be her next victims. Thank you. Jonas, you are such a chickenshit. ", "And the award for Most Awkward Seduction scene in an episode of. (LogOut/ Please consider taking this quick survey to let us know how we're doing and what we can do better. La squadra russa scopre che Nirrti sta conducendo esperimenti genetici su una popolazione umana; dopo essere ritornata sul pianeta insieme all'SG-1, entrambe le squadre vengono catturate, e i nativi, resi deformi ma dotati di poteri paranormali, non si lasciano convincere che la goa'uld sia una da. SG-1 fears that Nirrti has continued her genetic experiments to alter DNA in an attempt to create a hok'tar, an advanced human host, and their fears are realized when Alebran's body suddenly dissolves into liquid. Story by: Jacqueline Samuda and James Tichenor L'quipe du SG-1 doit, nouveau, affronter la terrible Nirrti. So, if any of you can bend steel with your bare hands, or happen to be more powerful than a locomotive, just raise your hand, identify yourselves, let us know where you are. Alternate Dimension, Goa'uld Nirrti on jlleen ruvennut harrastamaan geenimanipulaatiota.

With SG-1 released, Eggar says that they will destroy the machine after curing his people, starting with Wodan. Jonas Quinn, This is critical information for downstream systems. The Russian SG team returns to SGC with a guy named Alebran who says that Nirrti has experimented with his people and many have died. ", Stargates Original Audio Dramas Are Coming Back, Episode Guides for your favorite shows at:, All images are the property of MGM Television Entertainment, Big Finishs Stargate Audio Dramas Are Up For Pre-order, Five Stargate Actors Who Are Coming To Dragon Con This Year, Report: Stargate and Star Trek Model Maker Eaglemoss Is In Financial Trouble. Wodan. Change). They consider Nirrti to be their savior (from a plague that ravaged their civilization) and worship her as a God. He eventually dissolves in the same horrible death as Alebran, and Carter is taken as the next victim for Nirrti's machine. The wicked witch is dead. Wodan then kills the guards and begins to strangle Nirrti. However, she herself is stunned by a shot from the invisible Nirrti. However, they do not believe them and take O'Neill to Nirrti. Jonas's ancestors of Kelowna were taken from Earth by the Goa'uld thousands of years ago as slaves. He argues that if they just read her mind (which happens to be forbidden) it will confirm everything he's said. The makeup team did appropriately gruesome work on the villagers, but I most appreciated that Nirrti, as befits a character who ruled some region of India centuries before, has a light show in her machine that evokes the brilliant colors that we might have expected from a tapestry woven in those times. Images may be screen captures from episodes that I have created, the Amazon photo of the DVD set, an official promotional photo from the production whose copyright should be noted in the images properties, or, if sourced from someplace else, credited to the original author. Soon after, Wodan and Eggar bring in Colonel Evanov, who reveals that Nirrti used the machine on him. P3X-367, SG-1 tries to convince them of what Nirrti is really doing to them, and of what happened to Alebran, Wodan's brother. When it comes around to Jonas's turn, however, Nirrti apparently sees something she likes. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Les Russes ont introduit dans la base un Oktar qui implore leur aide : Nirrti a emprisonn ses compatriotes malades dans une forteresse et les utilise comme cobayes. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In those thousands of years on Kelowna, genetic evolution resulted in advanced abilities. VOTE! Russians, However, while being taken to the infirmary, Alebran begins to have seizures and his body ends up turning into water, much to everyone's surprise. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. When he systematically refuses to put out, she tosses him back into his cell, just in time to see Col. Ivanov dissolve into a puddle of water.
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