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Otherwise, you need a secure storage location probably the same place you keep your trailer. When you need to tow a big load, a hauler is a must. Medium-duty trucks are generally considered to fall into Class 4, 5 or 6 (sometimes Class 3 or Class 7 trucks can qualify, too) with a general hauling capacity between 14,000 and 26,000 pounds. Auto Trans. UT in Sublette , KS, Truck for sale near Provo, Trucks are classified by the Department of Transportation into eight different classes. We not only carry an excellent inventory of vehicles, but we also work with you to customize your options. Doors: 4 For most RVers, the cost of medium duty trucks (MDT), even used ones, are hardly affordable. Go to Used Trucks, We have professional grade parts, supplies and equipment for towing, hauling and waste removal. I've only found two used ones so far.

This truck is the King Ranch model and is set up to haul all your toys. All rights reserved. These truck classes range from one to eight, based upon the maximum operating weight of the v For those who operate a trucking and transportation business, one of the most important operational tasks is to hire an adequate number of drivers. | There is another option - buy a retired semi truck and convert it for RV use! Stability: When you are hauling heavy items, you need a vehicle that will handle the task with stability. Tow Hooks A major issue with converting an HDT for RV use is that there are few "turnkey" upfitters. We are a dealership for the towing, auto transport and waste collection industries. Our sales teams are trained to efficiently walk you through your options and match your specific needs to the ideal vehicle. Still love the idea, but Shipshe told me that the frame wouldn't be strong enough to run a stinger hitch with a 35' trailer. Standard automatic transmission All Rights Reserved, Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. But its advantages outweigh the disadvantages for many people.

Trailer-sway control. New Platinum trim Copyright2022 Dealer Spike don't have an click to call app installed, the phone number to Shop our inventory and give us a call. Tow Hitch UT in Brighton, CO, Truck for sale near Provo,

They found me a customized hauler to meet my specific needs. Medium-duty hauler trucks are those that are class 6 to 7. Shop our huge selection of items. An HDT is designed for a 60,000 80,000+ gross combined weight, and has brakes and power for that weight class.

Need extra water storage? That could lead to breakdowns and lost revenue in the future - not to mention used trucks are generally pretty pricey as we've seen! Search Trailers | Buying used units are like finding needles in haystacks as there just aren't that many in operation out there to begin with. Because HDTs are designed for heavy loads, their use for hauling deck cargo is hard to beat. I liked the thought of 4x4 as I could have the advantage of running the NW territories of Canada without concern for getting stuck - something that not all haul and tow trucks could say. Throw in some DVD's and LCD screens, and everyone is happy! Generally speaking, you wont need to get a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) in order to operate a medium-duty truck, but its important to note that this requirement may vary by state. We also offer a huge selection of competitively priced American made car hauling straps and car hauling chains. There are only two doors, and there are typically no windows in the rear sleeper. Cert. information. If you opt to purchase a used truck, make sure to work with a reputable dealer. Privacy | HDTs have the brakes and power to haul heavy loads. Truck drivers are responsible for keeping rigs on th Over the course of 2021, the trucking industry continued to play a foundational role in the countrys supply chain operation. 2012 Volvo 780 with hauler bed, I-shift transmission, 1999 International 4900 Toter Truck and 53ft Rail Trailer, $27,500.00 obo, possible trade for newer model 4 door dually diesel. Bedliner, rear sliding window and COLD A/C. Depending on the deck design (size), and the original wheelbase of the tractor, you can carry anything from multiple dirt bikes, a Jeep, multiple ATV's or even design a stacker system with ATV's on the bottom, and dirt bikes on the top. Whether you need a hauler to tow a large 5th wheel RV or one for your business, we are here to help. Most people remove one rear axle and build a deck of some sort. More than 25 Years serving Towing, Auto Transport & Waste Collection Industries. These trucks are what allow delivery schedules to be met, All trucks, from pickup trucks to eighteen-wheelers, fall into classes based upon the weight they can tow. The big frames and powerful engines on these trucks allow them to haul much heavier and bulkier loads, but they also wont slow down traffic since they arent the massive behemoths that heavy-duty trucks are. The gross vehicle weight range of a medium-duty truck is 19,501-33,000 lbs. Copyright 2005-2022 These trucks can be customized to meet any job or purpose. Terms | If you do, a new hauler is probably the best way to go. We sell medium-duty RV truck haulers specifically to our standards to tow fifth wheels and larger horse trailers with living quarters. Fog Lamps We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We have your next pre-owned workhorse on the lot. First to 2 Years or 250,000 Miles or 6250 Hours Go to Warranties. For this reason, fleet All pre-owned trucks complete a rigorous inspection process to ensure the absolute best in quality and customer satisfaction. In the end, it comes down to a few important factors. Copyright2022, East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales, Inc.All Rights Reserved. Shows a bit of hail on hood. Stock #: 2008 Isuzu NPR HD Landscape Truck, Truck for sale near Provo, Please enter your contact information and one of our representatives will get back to you with more UT in Wildomar, CA, Truck for sale near Provo, 1998 International 4700 4-door Camper Hauler DT466E auto, 2004 Ford F550 TOTER, 4 Door, air ride, etc, 2012 dodge ram 5500, 6.7 cummings with hs tuner,225000 miles, 11" 4" bed sl, 1998 Volvo 400 HP w/ 4 seats, 500 + Gal Freah water, 330 + Gal Diesel, 8 KW, 2015 Chevy 3500HD LTZ Crew Cab 4x4 Duramax, Price reduction! You are limited only by your imagination, ability to build things, and your pocketbook. 2007 Isuzu NPR Crew Cab Landscaper 16' Box Truck, 12' flat + 4' Dovetail, dovetail is enclosedOnly 87,358 miles - Pre-Emissions Diesel with Engine Brake! UT in Cumming, GA, Truck for sale near Provo, I've considered a haul an tow in the past . If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The Truth about Altering Vehicle Wt. Air suspension, cab's with air ride, and air ride seats are standard features. You may be able to title the HDT as a motorhome if you meet the requirements of your state. At Transwest, we focus on providing quality solutions throughout the entire process of purchasing or renting commercial trucks. All Rights Reserved. Rear Window Defogger Dealer Login We always put our clients first and will work with you to find the best commercial truck for your situation. FEATURES A specail thanks to John "Jack" Mayer for allowing me to publish his article. RacingJunk. This gives you the ability to design your hauler for whatever application you want. Shop our large selection and give us a call. Read on to learn more about what medium-duty trucks are and how they can benefit you in your work. Trucks These Warranties Are Available To Purchase:Cottrell Trailers 2 Year Warranty*. Copyright 2007-2016 John Mayer. We offer authentic Cottrell valves, pumps, loading jump skids, ratchet heads, Loxall pins, cylinders, straps, chains and even height sticks. Site map. Hauler trucks are a popular choice due to their many benefits. So I looked at spending $20k to get a good used dually to continue doing single pulls and semi truck driveaway.

We specialize in Car Haulers, Wreckers, Roll-off Dumpster Trucks, Rollbacks, and Tow Trucks. FEATURES You are high above the traffic and the ability to see far ahead contributes to your safety. Adding some RV windows is typically easy, as well. Haulers can be purchased with varying towing capabilities and also be customized to meet other needs. TrailerTrader Classifieds has a huge selection of Trucks for sale . Save your car or truck for commuting and lighter tasks and put your medium-duty truck to work. Click the button below to call. They enjoy doing "truck projects". Hauling heavy cargo can take a huge toll on smaller passenger cars and trucks. I will also purchase a VW Golf TDI to be able to run some trucks as needed for slow times and short run weeks. If you have been towing a heavy fifth wheel trailer for any length of time, I'll bet you've had one or more "white knuckle" experiences. So, the next time your trailer pushes you into that intersection, or you are crawling up that mountain, think about what life would be like cruising in an HDT. Here at Transwest, we can assist you in picking the perfect hauler for your needs. 2008 Dodge Ram 5500 qclb, 84" CA, Aisin, 2wd, 4.10 rear diff, towing a 50 ft low pro wedge. You can control your speed by selecting which level of Jake brake to use, along with gear selection. Click Now! Our Cottrell car haulers and Cottrell parts are made in America. Need space for a big generator? UT in North Tonawanda, NY, Truck for sale near Provo, Or gone down that mountain "slightly" out of control? Plus, they do turn much better than a pickup truck because they have more front wheel "cut". Price seems high but I'll admit I'm not in touch with the hdt market. Contact Converting from tandem axles to a single rear axle is typically done by a "frame shop". In fact, an HDT hauling a heavy 5er down a mountain will not have to use the service brakes at all. Go to Service, Protect your investment! Overall height ranges from 10'10" to 13'3", depending on the model, so they aren't going into your typical suburban garage. These trucks are constructed for towing large loads. Go to Finance, We service a variety of popular commercial truck types including Peterbilt, Western Star, Hino, Ford, and more. These are easy to find in most areas in fact, you will be surprised about how many "big truck" service locations there are. Laws - Trailer Speed, Details About Your Tires & Recalls (Offsite), Scale Accuracy - A Weighty Issue Revealed, Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions of Use. Texas and California are two such states, but there are others. Offered by dealer, Schrecks Auto, Price plus tax, no dealer fees, Advertised price includes a cash discount. Comfort: A hauler can be designed to be as luxurious as you like. The classes are determined primarily by the trucks gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Don't know what brand you're interested in. Sounds like a plan! No one understands your Cottrell car hauling equipment likeEast Coast. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions of Use. Visit one of our locations in Chandler, Arizona, or Fontana, California, today to take a look at our vast inventory of new and used medium-duty trucks for sale. 2 years or 250,000 miles. And a very nice example with only 150,000 miles. There are some distinct advantages to towing with a Heavy Duty Truck (HDT), which is a class 7 or class 8 tractor. V-6 or V-8 power Or maybe you just want to go up the mountain faster than 35 mph. Our industry experts are ready to answer your questions. A note from Dave, founder of FWS: In recent years, the big three truck makers have really made waves with the extremely high payload and towing capacities. In fact, fuel is one of the highest costs of managing a fleet of commercial trucks. Three cab styles For those who own or manage a construction business, one of the keys to successful day-to-day operations is acquiring the right trucks for your fleet. Ours Is. If you are lucky, you have space at your home for it. A good dealer should carefully vet any trade-ins and ensure that the truck they are selling you is ready for the road. (Reprinted by permisson.) Next, are you concerned about any specific customizations? My line of credit has been approved so I'm looking to buy or build a haul & tow by the end of the year. In some states this requires a CDL, but many states offer a non-CDL Class A license. trucks truck rig peterbilt diesel coal rolling pickup rv kings road lifted needle nose 1951 duplex Talk to our team about what you need today. They will have between 450,000 and 700,000 miles on them (most trucks average 8-12,000 miles a month). If you want to make a great investment in a reliable and rugged vehicle, a medium-duty truck is an ideal solution. trucks rig rigs haul peterbilt transportation duty semi heavy trailer storage cool custom

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