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It was stage 3 when I began steroid and chemo treatment and he responded very well initially. I was able to locate multiple Doberman owners who said their dogs made it to 14 years of age, and the oldest I found was 16 years of age. Below, we will take you through the average Dobermans life cycle. We returned immediately and saw her regular vet the next day. One european bred big boy came down with wobblers and then DCM and died at 8 years old. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I hope you really do! Bodie is brown and tan and docked tailed which he still wiggles madly with happiness and comes into our bedroom at 8am. He is small for a male, only 65 pounds, and we keep him trim good quality kibble and practically no people food. He is a neutered (at about 20 weeks as soon as he was able to reproduce) I wanted a pet. He just wants to be with you all the time even if your in the loo (toilet) Doberman Planet editors pick the products and services we write about. She is getting wobbly, and falls a lot but wee have nightlights for her built ramps ramps to go in and out of the house. Subscribe to our e-mail list so youll be notified when these big changes come! Was asking when they will die. I brought two doberman puppies home three years ago that are her nieces since I thought she would not last much longer.

doberman pinscher profile breed dog dobermann devil dogs pinschers weight temperament marines famous brigade pacific war ii during dobermanpinscher dogbreed I think he will! She tries to keep up with the younger dobermans and it is surprising how well she is able to do it. We want an active dog that's able to run/walk and not going to leave us too soon or be plagued with a lot of nasty health conditions that will affect his quality of life. She has definitely slowed down but still has a good zest for life and a twinkle in her eye. We did everything John recommends and Mia had daily supplements. As agile and fearless as the Doberman is, this breed suffers from some health conditions that may affect its lifespan. For more information about health issues that affect Dobermans, including additional information about the breed, see my article The Doberman Pinscher: A Complete Breed Overview.

They will be 12 in January. My 8 year old who is extremely attached to our girls. Big dog!!

I had him exactly 1 year and had to put him down on Easter Weekend, also due to congestive heart failure. I have always given her marrow bones throughout her life. I certainly plan to get another Doberman. Probably the most exciting thing is called the coefficient of inbreeding (or COI) test. The first one was a pedigree pup and died at 7 due blood cancer. I read somewhere the only bad thing about a doberman is it doesnt live as long as its owner. My doberman Angine will be 13 years old in two months. Unfortunately, Dobermans are also prone to a number of ailments in addition to their large size. This period occurs when your Doberman is between the ages of 6 and 18 months. I would have never imagined that I would love this breed as much as I do. We miss her every day. I took into account male, female, and unknown sex dogs. This usually occurs in the form of prostate cancer in Dobermans. Wow, 21 years old?! I lost my Doberman, Toby, at Christmas 2018 to b cell lymphoma. Thank you again. I hope this helps with any future surveys for you. On the dot .licks my husband ear to get up and barks if he does not wake up!.job done! I am from Cumbria, in the UK. The one thing that has not been mentioned on this thread: Doberman Forum : Doberman Breed Dog Forums. I will send go thoughts to you and him (and your family)! They died at 8 caused by stomach torsion and 9 caused by wobbler. You are certainly doing something right! He has been the best dog even to the point of being called The Ambassador for the breed. They rely heavily on their mothers to survive and must be nursed every 2 hours. I live in the Edmonton Alberta area. The sex of the dogs wasnt specified in this poll. My dobes: Back in the day Vic Monteleon of Montwood Kennels in San Diego county started a longevity group because the long life was being bred out of Dobes by backyard breeders. So sorry to hear about Cuba. The only health issues is non cancerous bumps and hurt her ACL which took us 6 months to get back into shape. He loved everyone and never barked at another dog while walking.

I live 35 years with a Dobermann around me in Europe because I can not imagine a life without one. Thanks so much for the comment Darren! Longevity and mortality of owned dogs in England, Methods and mortality results of a health survey of purebred dogs in the UK, The Size-Life Span Trade-Off Decomposed: Why Large Dogs Die Young, Bloat and the Risk Factors Breeding Better Dogs, Prevalence of Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Doberman Pinschers in Various Age Groups, Epidemiologic features of von Willebrands disease in Doberman pinschers, Scottish terriers, and Shetland sheepdogs: 260 cases (1984-1988), Pomeranian Grooming Tips, Tricks and Rules. I've read on different sites 10-12 years is a reasonable life for a Dobe. I'm sure we won't be disappointed whichever breed we choose but anymore insight on health and life expectancy would be greatly appreciated. I spent hours scouring all the forums, facebook groups, and other meeting places for Doberman owners who had posted messages of their Dobermans passing away to see what they reported as their age at death. It is so important to gently caress the whole body Any chance you could have her contact me through the contact form on my site? Dobermans are born with tails, and after about three to five days, the tails may be docked by a vet. Enjoy these days together with him. Please come back and share once he hits 17+!! There are rumors of a documented case of a Doberman Pinscher in Berlin, Germany living to the ripe old age of 22 years old. I just had to put my 21 year old girl to sleep because of stomach bloatmy heart is broken. Vader lived to be 13.5 years old. Ill be thinking about him and sending him good thoughts. He has slowed down considerably in the last few years but still happy and seemingly enjoying his life. The video was also great. Doberman Planet LLC6366 Commerce Blvd # 194Rohnert Park, CA 94928, Join our team | Submit media | Terms of submission, PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS AND CONDITIONS | REFUND POLICY. Especially never ever feed ANY commercial dog food organic or otherwise. Its worth mentioning that there is something fascinating that happens when someone posts a question like how old was your Doberman when they died? on social media. He enjoyed his walks but it became too difficult. Thats a GREAT long lifespan she had though and Im sure she had a great life thanks to you. Make all the good memories you can with him in the meantime! Other interesting facts are that on average, females tend to live 2 years longer than males and spayed or neutered dogs live 1.5 years longer. The more inbred your dog is, statistically the shorter their lifespan. You may even enter them in obedience or agility classes. My dobermann whos called Marty is 15 yrs and 2months hes had some passed health issues and has arthritis in his back legs hes still full of life he enjoys his walks which are short ones he loves his toys his brother whos a Labrador called Georgie I take Marty regular to the vets every 3/4 months for health checks I keep him on a strict diet to maintain the correct weight which varies between 29 /32 kg the most important thing is love your dog I hope to have himlonger God willing. Such a big dog though! So they dont have to stay as long. This is based on a University of Georgia study. In january she will be 16yrs old. The Elkhound was to show my husband how awesome puppy parentage was and the GP was to help socialize our terrified Elkhound without her feeling threatened by size. So sorry to hear this Vikki! But not many into the 17s. All of these comments are very helpful. Its not that I dont trust the official life expectancy numbers, its just that I am more of a hands-on type and I wanted to conduct this research myself. You should consider neutering your puppy and ensuring that it has all of its immunizations at this age. I think that the marrow works like glucosamine, as she does not have any issues with her joints at her advanced age. Doberman DNA Health Testing: The Complete Guide, The Doberman Pinscher: A Complete Breed Overview. At only 8 years old I feel thats just too young. I love everyday that he is here I was looking at this web site for a gauge of how long Dobermans live. For example, the Great Dane has a lifespan of 8 to 10 years. In keeping up with your research we just lost our 15 year old girl Shelby. Brinks lived to be 13 and we were amazed. A genetic mutation present in the Doberman breed makes them susceptible to developing Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) which causes an enlarged heart, erratic heartbeats, and weakness of the heart muscle. However, it appears a bit short when comparing their lifespan to all dog breeds. 2 years ago I remember thinking he only had about a year or so to go so who knows! She is blind, cant hear, cant smell. His age (10 yo) is the factor and I decided not to do it anyway I just forgot to asked them how long he could still go on without too much pain I am devastated but I will help him to go the best way I can . She had hip displaysia so walks weren't her thing and they are a lovable but stubborn breed. She loves when we have company over the house. Any idea what the heart problems Ozzy is having are? The next two Dobies came from shelters and came in underweight and mistreated at the age of 1-2 yrs. I have two females. She loves to run and play with the other dogs in the family. You can find more information about this study here.

He developed problems just the other day. Thats so great to hear that shes still going and the vet says that shes fine. The people who vote in it cant type out a long description of what happened to their dog, they can only click an age to vote. He is ancient by dobie standards. Her ashes will be buried with me. Your once-vigorous adult Doberman may begin to slow down and suffer from arthritis and other joint issues. My guess is yours is pretty healthy genetically! He's been quoted in Doberman Network Magazine, Bark Magazine, Doberman Dispatch, and he's the founder of Doberman Planet. So one never knows how long our Dobes will be with us. May you and your Doberman have many long years still together! Im sure he has been loved so much in his life so far. Because she was bit by another dog at a young age we dont socialize her with other dogs now other then other family pets. How trainable/obedient does the dog need to be? He was gaining weight and had been on thioridazine pills for 3 years . She was skinny, shy, distrustful of me but loved her human papa. This seems like a long list of disorders but keep in mind that these are just possible issues that can crop up in a Doberman and issues they are more susceptible to than the average dog.

We got our female chocolate coloured doberman, Mia, on the 8th August 1988. Absolutely no health problems. If only id had that lump on his leg checked, wed still be together. Oh you have come to the right placegive us some details regarding what your goals are with your pup and the general area that you reside. 10 to 12 years would be considered a long lived dog for a Doberman. Its a nasty disorder that can be detected in many different ways. I love that you are doing such great things for the breed by rescuing your Dobermans though! She dosent have worms or parasites! Please keep them coming. She likes it here. And exercise was never a problem. He had two bladder issues, one with stones in 2018 which required bladder surgery to remove them. He was 10yrs 9months. A professionally trained Doberman will reach its full potential, allowing it to defend you with honor. I love to read everyones stories. I consider myself very lucky. Nelly the puppy died at 10 frome the same thing that storm had. Here is a list of a few health problems a Doberman may experience: There are several things you can do to be proactive in prolonging your Dobermans life and guaranteeing its long and healthy future. Now, remember that these numbers were pulled from forums, facebook groups, and other social media platforms. However, Jinkas sibling died with heart issues in December. I discovered a tiny lump on her neck. They also benefit from other easier activities that do not put as much pressure on their body. Dobermans are prone to some problems such as bloat and Von Willebrandss disease, however, their size is a big factor on the length of their life., President of veterinary medicine at Newton Veterinary Hospital in Newton, NJ. The earlier you detect these health issues the better chances youll have at being able to mitigate the disorder so your dog can live a long and happy life. So much so that I may raise another. Below is a list of actions you can take now to set you and your Doberman up for success down the line: How about the fastest dogs, the largest dogs and those that are -- quite frankly -- just the kindest dogs on the planet? Our Printz, a fawn colored Dobie is in good health at 16 years and 7 months old. They are also drastically different in size. So this is my own, un-official study to see what the average lifespan of a Doberman Pinscher is. Here it is three years later and she is still going strong, even with a lyphoma the size of half of a basketball on her back hip. Im sure you have many years left! The other two males lived to 12 years and 6 months (DCM) and last male passed away last July from primary lung cancer at 9 years 9 months. I my husband and children do love and have loved them all and the breed they are a wonder of nature. Thank you so much for the comment! I would definitely get another one. A Tough consideration I know but I value your opinion. Two years later after reading about health issues and accidentally came across a breeder that was expecting a litter, the studs mother was our six years old mother, years deceased and the bitch of this litter great grandfather was our five and six years dad, After doing some checking, this was to be the last litter from this pair and then this breeder decided to devote her time to her horses and never bred any of her dogs again. He is 10 years old. How much exercise should your dog require? He is 8. All but one have been rescues. So I guess by your research and what I have been able to find he seems to be one of the older ones around. Their obedient and intelligent natures may be misinterpreted as unrestrained violence if they are not taught how to behave at an early age. I am curious about your thoughts of raising or adopting a dob after researching your longevity study. My Doberman will turn 7 in December. He still walks and loves to run no problems. Ive had many dogs in my life and was really enamored by my pup. Several years ago, I read here / but don't remember, DT thread source. She does require more rest during the day than the younger dogs but she is still really enjoying herself and has a great quality of life. Ive owned 5 Dobermans and one male lived to 15 years and 11 months and another male lived to 14 years. Thank you so much for sharing. He was studying the lineage of the healthiest and longest lived dogs. Thanks for the great site! Volia Nikaci is a copywriter and content editor with a passion and expertise in SEO content creation, branding, and marketing. She is taking Turmeric/Chondroitin Glucosamine supplements. Thank you to the fireman that raised him as a pup. My only female is currently 7 years old we think because she was rescued from people who left her in a cage 15 hours a day. I have an interview with a lady in Massachusetts to complete but she has proof hers lived to be 22! Thank you for your kind words. The most important thing to do is have regular checkups and get your dog (or your dogs parents, since its genetic) tested for Von Willebrand Disease. I wonder how much longer he can keep going at this good quality of life level. After writing this article I have been contacted by so many people with Dobermans who lived VERY long lives. All Dobermans are inbred to some extent, but some are worse than others. Two long walks each day, a little over a mile each. He did well. Discover them all for FREE, Australian Shepherd vs Australian Cattle Dog: What, English vs American Golden Retriever: 5 Differences, Catahoula Leopard Dog vs Blue Heeler: What, The Best Wet Food for Senior Dogs for 2022, Victor High Pro Plus Dog Food: Reviewed, Pros, Cons, & Recalls, Dog Quiz - 1,958 People Couldn't Ace This Quiz. Skip that cheap Walmart brand dog food and go for something a bit higher quality with more protein. I find some comfort in the fact he had a fantastic life, and his suffering was mercifully short . We've had a Norwegian Elkhound from a backyard breeder (didn't know any better at the time). We learned a lot from her. Probably, an injury from jumping. My 26 inch female Doberman is turning 14.1/2 yrs in December. We were so lucky to have Mia for so long and we cherish our memories of her. I have 11 acres and she is able to run free since they are fenced. And the best part? Haaaa haaa. It's like watching a giant version of our GP. In general, the larger the dog, the shorter the lifespan. If it were not for these meds and supplements, she would have been gone a long time ago. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. doberman boxer I like to be honest and wanted to give her facts.

Thank you so much for your article, it gives me hope for my 10 yo baby Dob . We got her at 7yrs. Hes still happy, walks outside, alert and can see. Hi Stephen, Hello, excellent article here. Roman Rottweiler vs German Rottweiler: 8 Differences. It is commonly known that the bigger a breed, the shorter their longevity. They are awesome in so many ways. She has a background in Broadcast Journalism & Political Science from CUNY Brooklyn College. He got bone cancer and died at 8 and we miss him every day. Wishing Chili and Coa many long years still to go with your family, theyre lucky to have such a loving family! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! He is nearly deaf loss of hearing started at 6. He is also a128 lb dog. For starters, they are a particularly massive breed of dog. Doberman Lifespan: How Long Do Dobermans Live. That is very helpful. As well if I'm looking for a healthy dog to choose another breed. The back leg was an enlarged node but I didnt react fast enough, I just didnt know that was a lymph node. collect doberman later I will send him good thoughts and prayers for a long life still left to live. Both especially by black and tan have large tumors but vet said its ok and seems non invasive. She is just so active even the vet said she is fine just she has a dry coat. Lots of lumps and bumps, a little raspy, but get him outside and you would think he is just a pup. We all wished they lived longer. Being loved by such a wonderful animal is an amazing blessing and I'd like that relationship to last as long as possible. He will be 6yrs old this Christmas eve nd thinks hes still a puppy. and waited for him and we named him Bodie we love the bones of him. Hes helped raised our 3 kids as much as we have! I was wondering how you tell who breeds for longevity. My Doberman is not dead but is geriatric.

Our Dobie friend who lives the last nine years with us came also from a shelter and has serious spine problems. I completely understand! What happens in this type of voting is the natural desire to win or be at the top of the list (think of your ex on Facebook againtheir life is just so great). The Doberman should have all of its permanent teeth and should have two meals every day, with occasional snacks in between. The average age of almost 9 years old is significantly lower than many would imagine for a Doberman to live likely because many people were looking for sympathy for the passing of their dog.

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