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Im just now getting in so I shouldnt expect any airdrops Im guessing lll. As they mentioned in #3 "Evmos LP on Osmosis zone " mean we need to provide liquidity for Evmos pair? Randomness is taken from the last 64 bits of the block hash of the first Ethereum block on or after August 25, 2021 00:00:00 UTC. Press J to jump to the feed. While all projects have unique requirements, there seem to be a few that most have in common: Staking ATOM: Most Cosmos airdrops are distributed to ATOM stakers and/or holders. Another Airdrop Confirm and this one goes to OSMOSIS Token validators. Some of them are established chains like Terra LUNA. However, to maximize the number of airdrops you will receive, there are some things to keep in mind. Snapshots has not been done yet so there still might be some time for you to get your tokens staked. We all steer the ship together. A drops code, website, and social media may all provide information about it and its project. All accounts start out with 20% of their entire airdrop allocation. [Editors Note: This article does not represent financial advice. Great. Solana's composable DeFi yield aggregator. Thumbs up. The Cosmos-connected Osmosis blockchain has been halted following the discovery of a critical bug in the like-named decentralized exchange. Its estimated launch date will be Q1 of 2022, likely a few weeks from now. Based on the code above, this corresponds to a time 95.86587812332594% through the 2 week interval. But why exactly ATOM? Its next to undelegate. This is not financial advise. There is another airdrop coming soon, based on the same snapshot taken back in february. The calculations and airdrop amounts have been published on GitHub. Science begins with observation.

Many rumors say that they might do airdrop in the future, Awesome just did it . JUNO is another new chain launching, and we will get that airdrop also. Osmosis is the largest DEX on the Cosmos blockchain. Instead of accumulating all the time, it hits all in one go every 24 hours. Keplr Wallet Tutorial https://youtu.be/Sr-6YreZZTo, $250,000 Unsecured Business Credit No SSN http://tiny.cc/250k, $500,000 Funded Account (Forex) http://offers.topstepfx.com/SHP2, Trade Ideas Edge https://go.trade-ideas.com/SHK5, $500 Fiat With M1 Finance https://m1finance.8bxp97.net/500, Crypto Taxes https://koinly.io/?via=18645986, Insurance https://imp.i146998.net/Insurance. The fairdrop will be as follows: Fairdrop Breakdown:JUNO holders: 65,000,000 $OWLIESSTARGAZE holders: 40,000,000 $OWLIESATOM holders: 30,000,000 $OWLIESOSMO holders: 40,000,000 $OWLIESTBA: 40,000,000 $OWLIESOsmosis LPs: 25,000,000 $OWLIESJunoSwap LPs: 30,000,000 $OWLIES, $OWLIES Airdrop date: Early Q2 2022Genesis NFT Drop on Stargaze: Q2 2022Artist NFT Design contest: Early Q2 2022Airdrop to: Atom, Juno, Stargaze stakers, JunoSwap & Osmosis LPsMore details coming soon!. You doing good job with this movies. The good news is that all of the above options give you a passive income while you wait for your airdrops. Read More: Why I Am Investing In Cosmos In 2022, And Why An ATOMic Explosion Is Incoming, A whitepaper for Senatus $SPQRhttps://t.co/aG6RhQaJg1. Do your own research before you purchase cryptocurrencies.

But why exactly ATOM? And congrats on the OSMO as well - always a good day when you wake up to some free money :D. Do you happen to have a timeline for the JUNO airdrop? After IBC got introduced - approximately one year ago - almost 30 new chains have adopted it. However, I can give you a pattern that most projects use to reward Cosmos ecosystem members. Paradigm Leads DEX Token Sale Cosmos and Elrond are showing impressive upside potential after both tokens were able to keep vital support. Then DVPN at 15%. Osmosis is a decentralized exchange running on its own like-named blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK. We are looking for thinkers and doers, builders and blowers of bubbles. The mint for its genesis NFTs is on was 11 March, on Stargaze, with 1,000,000,000 $OWLIES being minted. There are 2 validators that if you stake your osmosis coins on atom cosmos ecosystem you will get an airdrop and the snapshot they say before end of month so dont miss out. I dont expect that to change anytime soon. Quote from the Governance vote to start liquidity mining rewards. There are other voting options aside the one you voted for in the tutorial. Second Exploit News in a Week Just days after the discovery that Mirror Mad Meerkat Finance, the largest ecosystem of DeFi applications on the Cronos blockchain, has been exploited for around $2 million. So check back once a day, claim and compound for best effect. Even if you do not receive the airdrop in the end, you still have the chance to make a living simply by staking and LPing your assets. In fact, it has become a trend for Cosmos projects to reward ATOM stakers with an airdrop when they launch. Sunny is conducting an airdrop to OSMO token holders! 2021 has been an amazing year for the crypto community as a whole. We strongly recommend that you consult a licensed investment advisor or other qualified financial professional if you are seeking investment advice on an ICO, IEO, or other investment. Being a guy that just got in in Octoberthis is depressing. With the knowledge that some airdropped tokens might be malicious and to always do your research, lets take a look at some of the upcoming airdrops on Cosmos: If you have not gotten tokens staked in the Cosmos ecosystem, you might still be eligible to do so for Diffusion Finance. Thanks in advance. Doe we need to provide luiquidity though appart from staking because it seems we have to for extra juice. Not much liquidity has arrived for IRIS or CRO, so we set them to 4% of the allocation points each. On the other hand, Cosmos airdrops are allocated to all (or most) Cosmos users. BTW, thanks for the share about the JUNO article - looks like we will be getting a 1:1 based on staked ATOM during the Stargate snapshot, I'm curious how much each token will be worth. Basically lets effin go, tatata. That is because most Cosmos projects start - as a fact - with an airdrop in the beginning. They have an end goal of creating a full-fledged governance system eliminating the existing form of government. GameFi Asia 2022: Heres What The Next Big Web3 Game Needs, Token 2049 Singapore Why You Cant Afford To Miss Asias Largest Crypto Conference, We Reached Out To Mark Cuban Heres What He Has To Say About Crypto, Why I Am Investing In Cosmos In 2022, And Why An ATOMic Explosio, The Case For Osmosis: Why Im Bullish On The Top DEX In The Cosmos Ecosystem, Coverage on the Latest Crypto Projects and Events. Learn the basics of cryptocurrency and how to protect yourself from crypto scams with this 6-part beginner-friendly course, created in collaboration with Luno Discover. If you have the option of receiving airdropped tokens, you should first investigate the project that is delivering them to determine if it offers a legitimate offering. Learn about the Osmosis ecosystem, meet others, and become an active voice in the space. Did you like your staking rewards so far for OSMO? Listen to the end of this video Soon, this woman (and thousands of others) will no longer have to walk miles for water because of the AquaDAO More soon$Aqua $Juno $Atom pic.twitter.com/aLdgpXlbB2. There are 4 types of actions, each of which release another 20% of the airdrop allocation. Part 1/ Were beginning to receive video from on the ground in Zambia. Well, ATOM is the base currency for the Cosmos network - just like ETH is the native currency of Ethereum. Some or all of the information on this website may become outdated, or it may be or become incomplete or inaccurate. Dig into charts and data on assets and liquidity. In fact, Cosmos airdrops are much smaller than Ethereum airdrops. ATOM/OSMO has the most liquidity, so we have it at 25%. If the developers had not halted the chain, malicious users couldve continued using the exploit to drain the exchanges entire liquidity. Hey awesome video. They are also airdropping 8,000,000 AQUA to the JUNO and ATOM community for their support of our project. I had no idea about JUNO either. Join us on July 29~31 in Seoul to meet the Core Teams & hack for USD $500k in tokens at HackATOM! I was dropped 1 Ion and 98 Osmo and too many more to name. The exact airdrop amount is proportional to the total weight of all Osmosis accounts. One thing to note is that you should always stake your assets with validators that are not exchanges. There will be two snapshots taken between 6 March to 28 March, of those who have a minimum of five $ATOM, five $JUNO and five OSMO staked. Airdrops can come as a great incentive, but may go south if you choose ignore doing your research and the red flags. This site requires JavaScript to run correctly. The Osmosis claims module has users begin with a portion of their total airdrop allocation, Per data from DeFi Llama, Osmosis is the second-largest Cosmos-based blockchain by total value locked, despite hosting only a single decentralized application. boom. But before we do, here are few pointers you should take note before delving into chasing new and the next airdrops on Cosmos. Also, if you want to take from one validator to another, click the down arrow along the side of the delegator you want to leave, in manage. For the remaining pools, we split the incentives evenly between the ATOM and OSMO pools. Finally, we allocated 2% to these ION things Whatever they are, Osmosis has capabilites for incentivizing passive liquidity. Crypto and blockchain have changed one of the most important aspects of the world: money. Any cryptocurrency can go down in value. It's a shame we didn't see it earlier, a lot of airdrops have passed but it's sure that it has a lot of future and it wouldn't surprise me if it becomes a big one in the cryptosphere because the more it grows, the more it makes its community grow. The fact that ATOM stakers receive airdrops, has pushed the percentage of staked ATOM to an all-time high. Wish I had pulled the trigger before ION, OSMOS, and JUNO snapshots. Staking rewards drop once a day, which is interesting. Cronus aims to be the premier decentralized exchange on EVMOS (EVM on Cosmos). Keep your assets on non-custodial wallets, ATOM/OSMO stakers are eligible for most airdrops, Dont expect to make a fortune per airdrop, If you consider these steps, 2022 will be an awesome year for you going forward! This is probably the safest bet to be eligible for most airdrops. The airdrop dates are intentionally in the future to give farmers an opportunity to provide liquidity on Osmosis. Please do your own research before investing. // Time that marks the beginning of the airdrop disbursal. In fact, it has become a trend for Cosmos projects to reward ATOM stakers with an airdrop when they launch. Every action must be performed to claim the full amount. Osmosis was one of the first Cosmos airdrops and is a major reason why the Cosmos space has grown so much in the past couple of months. I'll probably spit up in my mouth a little bit knowing what the number is, as I hold several thousand Atom. Furthermore, these claimable assets 'expire' if not claimed. Holding cryptocurrencies is risky. This article's content solely reflects the opinion of the writer, who is not a financial advisor. Right now, more than 60% of all ATOM are staked: Staking OSMO: Most Cosmos airdrops in the past have also rewarded OSMO stakers. But why is that so? ], Read More: The Case For Osmosis: Why Im Bullish On The Top DEX In The Cosmos Ecosystem. Wouldve been a game changed and I probably wouldnt have waited to get into Osmosis and LPs in December. Thank you for clarifying this! Thanks for this great video. The fact that ATOM stakers receive airdrops, has pushed the percentage of staked ATOM to an all-time high. One of these niches is the Cosmos ecosystem, which was in its infancy only a year ago. Celsius NETWORK FILES CHAPTER 11! I had just 11 atom staked at the time, got over 200 osmo. Sir can u also make JunoTools testnet sir ? Well, ATOM is the base currency for the Cosmos network - just like ETH is the native currency of Ethereum. The 4 actions are as follows: These actions are monitored by registring claim hooks to the governance, staking, gamm, and lockup modules. That means the number of airdrops will yield bigger gains in Cosmos than in Ethereum even though the dollar value of Ethereum airdrops is higher! Additionally, 49,711,750 SUNNY tokens (0.25% of total supply) will be distributed to users providing liquidity on the Osmosis DEX. Nice one, I landed a similar amount of OSMO to you. We hope to incentivize liquidity over the course of two weeks, and help grow the Osmosis community along with Sunnys. Even if the airdropped token is secure to claim, the projects goal may be to benefit a small group of founders or essential contributors. It will be very hard to be eligible for every single Cosmos airdrop that is coming. There will be two airdrops, the 1st will be Plebdrop and the 2nd will be the Senate drop. According to Etherscan, block #13091189 was the first block after August 25, 2021 00:00:00 UTC. 5:25 Stake & Validate for Airdrops The critical bug that led to the exploit was initially disclosed by a community member posting under the name Straight-Hat3855 on the Osmosis subreddit. Open-sourced code; open for decentralized contributions and discussions. Well, first of all, Cosmos airdrops have many more recipients than Ethereum airdrops. We are on our way to introduce new utilities to offer meaningful experience. With the rapidly expanding Cosmos ecosystem, I hope to bring you more airdrop updates on a regular basis so WAGMI! ), Cosmos-based airdrops are not as rewarding. AIRDROP UPDATE Here are some more details on the Diffusion Airdrop (All of this whale-capped). Sir, have the $RAW tokens been distributed? Its reasonable to assume that this trend will continue going forward this year. We saw many new niches inside crypto emerging and maturing. Latest updates on innovations, features, and community highlights. For example, consider providing liquidity with your Cosmos assets on Osmosis. However, there will be many more airdrops in the Cosmos ecosystem than in Ethereum. https://medium.com/osmosis/osmo-token-distribution-ae27ea2bb4db. I love what I see <3. I found out there is Kyber airdrop to claim. OSMO is the governance token for Osmosis, a DEX within the Cosmos Ecosystem. I bought in this summer when that was about $400 worth.after missing the airdrop by a few days. This is probably the safest bet to be eligible for most airdrops. If you redelegate the same the second time, you have to wait 14 days and dont receive staking rewards. The code is structured by separating out a segment of the tokens as "claimable", indexed by each action type. If she delegates again, there will not be additional tokens given, as the relevant action has already been performed. It contains an address, the initial claimable airdrop amount, and an array of bools representing

At mint, 300,000,000 (three hundred million) tokens will be minted.

The block hash was 0xea674fdde714fd979de3edf0f56aa9716b898ec8. You can do this first time instant! The AKT pools have the next most liquidity, so we add them at 25% total, split between the two 12.5% pools. I was in the r/cc sub all last January and February trying to get people to stake on the Feb 18th snapshot. https://www.mintscan.io/cosmos/validators. Damn, I missed out on staking on Cosmostation by probably about 2-3 weeks after the snapshot occurred. More details on the snapshot and claim dates are to be released soon. Skimmed through this article helped a bit, but not real sure what to expect from it yet. Also Read: All You Need To Know About Diffusion Finance And Its Latest Airdrop. For example, the top 5 validators on the Cosmos Hub are mostly exchange validators: Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken. Good deal, isnt it? This snapshot will include a users USD value of OSMO plus the total USD value of all liquidity in Osmosis.For example, if a user has $20 of OSMO in their wallet, and $100 inside OSMO-ATOM, they will have $20 + $50 + $100 = $170 of weighting (OSMO will be double counted). I dont expect that to change anytime soon. After that is the XPRT pools, so its 20%, split across both. There is one particular pattern that most of these newly created chains have in common: The fact that they distribute a part of the total supply to the Cosmos community -. There is a serious problem with osmosis, they said, asserting that adding liquidity on the decentralized exchange and instantly withdrawing it was causing users to receive back 50% more tokens than initially deposited. Looks like when you stake OSMO with avarage gas fees its free atm, thats a goddamn fair price I must say and it takes like 5 seconds to confirm for 0 cost fee. Other chains are completely new chains that decided to integrate IBC from the start.
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