thunderbird all calendars are currently disabled

Not sure whether its Provider or Thunderbird. If you deleted Thunderbird together with the database files, simply log into your accounts again. It appears that you have Javascript disabled or your browser does not support Javascript. On Friday afternoon (~2 days ago) switched the add-on off then back on. Thanks ! Is something wrong with your Yahoo account? Hope you all have a good one. Select Server Settings in the left-hand tab. Lets take six common Thunderbird email problems and their solutions into consideration. Granted, that doesnt help the frustration when you experience Thunderbird email problems. This defaults to the Monospace font but the size is still inherited from original system fontconfig settings. But other common issues on the client side are relatively easy to fix. These issues can be quickly resolved in the following ways. (These do work with google provider, though, since one does not have to add new events to other people's calendars.) Is Your AOL Mail Not Working? Be aware that without Javascript, this website may not behave as expected. Some key features include: Get Mailbird, the Best Email Client for Business., Did the second problem the initial post mentioned get solved, that is, the mouse cursor starting to spin every time a new event is made in a Google calendar, and not stopping until the calendar tab is closed? There is a bug report for this issue that includes workarounds with varying effects. Make sure the MDaemon email address is selected in the E-Mail drop down list. But Mozilla brought back support for Thunderbird in 2017.

David . Before you start with Importing or Exporting tasks, backup your complete ~/.thunderbird profile: With migration you just copy your current Thunderbird profile to another PC or a new Thunderbird installation: If your accounts are broken or you want to join two different Thunderbird installations, you can install ImportExportTools NG add-on for both Thunderbird installations and following this just export and import all your data to the new installation. As per the Litmus Email Analytics data, the email client only captured 0.5 percent of the opened email across various devices for the first quarter of 2019. See Firefox/Tweaks#General user interface CSS settings and Mozillazine's userchrome page. Thank you! In your current version, go to the menu > Preferences and scroll down to Updates, Turn off automatic updates by switching your preference to Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them.. If you cant send emails, then switching to another port is recommended. Provider 78.0.1. Anybody else having these issues? For some reasons it is automatically hidden at each startup. After clicking the Mailbird menu button from the top left, click the Settings option. Change the authentication method to Normal password.. Press the Alt (Option) key and click on the Thunderbird icon to launch it. How am I supposed to disable the add-on when calendar is no longer an add-on. Multiple resources are still being hosted by Mozilla. Quite often, an outdated Thunderbird version causes issues, and Thunderbird may freeze on Windows 11. Once Configuration Dialog pops up, change the maximum number of server connections to cache value to three or less. Note that app-wide errors need developers for a proper solution. A version overview, both past and future, can be read on MozillaWiki:Releases. :). OOPS! For some reasons it is automatically hidden at each startup. Maybe that was a mistake. The tbkeys-lite extension provides a means of editing and deleting such bindings and is available for Thunderbird 68.0 onwards.

If this happens, first try to log into your account through a web browser. Users may face Mozilla Thunderbird freezing, not responding, crashing, or hanging due to configurations or other systematic issues. To achieve ISO-8601-formatted dates in Thunderbird and a week beginning on Monday, use LC_TIME=lt_LT thunderbird. Have you tried deleting the calender and adding it again? You can fix your Thunderbird email issues by adequately setting up an email account, choosing the appropriate provider, looking into incoming and outgoing email issues, disabling add-ons, solving freezing issues, and solving IMAP server errors.

Yet, it also fails. we will notify you with updates about Mailbird for Mac, Try Mailbird, the Best Email App to Manage Multiple Accounts. Click Outgoing server in the left-hand tab. Select Restart Thunderbird to update once updates are ready to install. Also, sometimes Thunderbird may freeze when deleting messages in this case, try relaunching the app. Seems to have fixed the problem. Really appreciate the help! Same here. No app is safe from downtime and tech hiccups. A once-in-a-while issue is fine, but what if youre constantly troubleshooting Thunderbird? Refer to: Enable SMTP AUTH for specific mailboxes. You need IMAP to receive messages. As a final step, Restart the Thunderbird app on your system. To enable external GnuPG support in Thunderbird: This page was last edited on 25 June 2022, at 18:32. I tried to restart, update thunderbird, disable the provider, reinstall the provider, but did not find anything that works so far. This can be overridden with network.protocol-handler.warn-external in the #Config editor. Version 78.5.0 buildID: 20201116161136. Remember that specific registry entries or files can be left behind by applications despite uninstalling.

In my version of TB the add-on shows up as "Provider for Google Calendar". Remove all your data by deleting your current Thunderbird folder rm -R ~/.thunderbird/. Click on the Open Folder option from the Application Basics section. I only know that I had to go back to 78.5 to make it go away permanently. 4. 6. Massimo. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. Remember to run fc-cache -fv to update system font cache. Follow these steps to resolve the issue: Thats it! Thunderbird is an open source email, news, and chat client previously developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird should use the LC_TIME environment variable for localization, but it might not do so in all contexts. You basically have to set the following preference in the #Config editor: Some limitations up to at least 31.4.0-1: only the "tmp" and "cur" directories are supported. Upgraded to latest version of thunderbird, lightning, and provider.

I think you can use CalDAV for any Google Calendar that you have permission to access. Mailbird is an email client for Windows that can easily use functionality for effectively managing multiple email accounts. For example, if you have a Gmail account: If your password is correct or you set a new one and problems persist, go to Thunderbird and launch the Server Settings. @johnk860 So you did the steps below and it works properly now? Lets check each case. I had to disable and enable the provider addon (but not removing calendars), after that, the calendars are back visible, even on next startup. One potential choice can be Mailbird. Running on Windows 10 Pro 1909 Access the troubleshooting information for the Profile Folder from the Help section of the menu button. Simple enough :). I have to hide and dehide every google calendar in TB to get the calendar items on overview. Go to the Add an exclusion option via Add or remove exclusions and select Thunderbird. Use the Microsoft 365 admin center to enable it. Now I have to unhide all google calendars each time I start Calendars in TB. Whitelisting the email tool also fixes the issue for many users.

Since its inception, Thunderbird has been managed by Mozilla Messaging and the Mozilla Corporation. There are various quality alternatives (e.g., Mailbird) present in the online sphere. Once the add-on is installed, follow the steps below to sync an MDaemon calendar. Sign in I disabled then enabled Provider for Google Calendar.

Select the Allow an app through the firewall option. @David-R6719 it's the provider for google calendar add on your disabling/enabling, not the thunderbird lightning add on. So, with Thunderbird email not working correctly, the primary reason may be that your service provider does not support the newer TLS network encryption protocols. The following example will overwrite this with Ubuntu Mono of 10 pixels (available in: ttf-ubuntu-font-family). Despite the simple and highly efficient nature of Thunderbird, users may occasionally face a few performance issues and errors. To check SMTP settings: Make sure youre using the 587 port, None in connection security, and Normal password. I am having the same issue with the Google calendar hiding after close. Set these preferences in the #Config editor: The default message store format is mbox. It will offer you to migrate your existing Enigmail keys into Thunderbird upon the first start after the update. TB 78.4.3 I just had Thunderbird update to 78.2.2 and the calendar shows up despite my having removed the add-on as I do not use Thunderbird as my calendar. Thanks everyone! Make sure Provider is in your Add-Ons, if not reinstall again. Well occasionally send you account related emails. Try These Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix Common AOL Problems. It can be fixed with setting general.useragent.compatMode.firefox setting to true in #Config editor and then passing authentication stage again. The best solution is usually the easiest solutionand I should have taken my own advice before I posted. If an issue is not listed above, you can also search for a solution by visiting the FAQ section at Mozilla support. Remember to open the folder with an incoming mail server name like or First and foremost, users can fix the freezing or slow running issues by updating Thunderbird. Is Thunderbird acting strange on your system? However, two tweaks are desirable for full consistency. Mailbird uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. Yep @starwarsfan same issue. Save yourself the annoyance and try a new email client. Unified Inbox Connect all your email accounts and use them as one. I have to do this on every startup of Thunderbird since a few versions now. Our Procrastinator Me and Productivity Me are fighting for our attention, then the guilt settles in as we stare at, 7 Simple Tricks to Cut Email Communication Time in Half, Im not the first one nor the last to acknowledge that the email overload problem is getting out of hand. Further customization can be attained by creating and editing a userchrome.css. Thunderbird IMAP problems usually occur due to the configuration of the IMAP server (such as Courier-IMAP), which may be configured to only allow a certain number of connections per IP address.

To migrate keys from Enigmail to Thunderbird, as well as learn what is currently supported, see Thunderbird OpenPGP FAQ. Thunderbird 78 and higher versions need enhanced TLS security standards. But, before delving into the common Thunderbird issues, lets consider a brief history of Thunderbird and why it might be acting up. #2 if I add a new event (or modify a new event), i get the spinning windows 10 "thinking" cursor animation until I switch to a thunderbird fullscreen calendar tab, and then switch back. Mailbird helps migrate all your accounts onto one platform without signing up for a new array of services and new accounts. Sometimes Thunderbird fails to log in to G Suite with Authentication failure while connecting to server error. Unfortunately, if you get this error you can now only clean reinstall Thunderbird: 1. Thanx for support, writing is now possible again after detleting an adding. Change the security connection to SSL/TLS. Next, select the Accounts tab. No idea why I did not just think about inserting the other person's email (calendar ID). Make a backup of your current profile: 2. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. This option means that extensions (such as Gnome Integration) are not needed for these newer versions of Thunderbird. mozillaZine is an independent Mozilla community and advocacy site. Linux Desktop - AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 455 3.3GHz | 8.0GB RAM | GeForce GT 630. If modifying the settings does not solve the issue, you can also choose a different email provider that will offer a more secure connection. Win10 Ver 2004. We're committed to your privacy. I have several calenders configured (some public ones) and non of them is visible after startup. If you want to import all your accounts to Mailbird, then follow the simple steps listed below: There you go! Best, That fix mentioned above only seems to work temporarily. Select the Trash.msf and Trash files and then delete them. But, for me, these issues aren't effecting performance of TB or the calendar add-on. To enable the use of Maildir, see MozillaWiki:Thunderbird/Maildir. The simple solution is to create a new trash folder after deleting the old corrupted one. Before migration, make sure that a strong passphrase is used for the master password. People still use chats, feeds, and newsgroups? On the other hand, for the public URL in iCal format, Google says "Warning: The address won't work unless this calendar is public." (I go into lightning calendar tab and toggle eyeballs) I am not sure if it is to do with the add-on or the Calendar feature in TB, but please make sure that the calendar viewing preferences are stored at closing TB. At least, it worked for me, read and write. Uninstall Thunderbird without deleting any profiles and databases. The first step is to make sure you are trying to import the account not yet added to the Mailbird platform. This is especially useful if you send meeting invitations from different accounts.

@DomiMooser Is the CalDAV bidirectional? Thunderbird is an open-source app, but its no longer upgraded and supported by Mozilla.

These files may be named Deleted or Bin in some accounts. Do the same actions as in the previous step, but in the dialog, check Disable all add-ons and press the Make Changes and Restart button. No more spinning thinking mouse pointer? By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Mozilla Thunderbird supports CalDAV with a specific add-on called Ligntning that will need to be added. Good to know this worked. If you need some Thunderbird troubleshooting assistance, then stay tuned for some quick fixes to the most common issues. It's an ICS format. However, I removed the calendars and re subscribed to them, instead of just disabling the Provider FGC. Thunderbird can be extensively configured by clicking the Thunderbird Menu > Preferences > General and looking for the Config Editor button at the bottom of the page. One of the primary causes may be antivirus or firewall software preventing Thunderbird from delivering your valuable messages.

No need to worry. Otherwise the private key will not be properly protected. With all the uncertainty coupled with performance issues, the apps development has been unstable. Same problem Different Thread. Get notified when we release new articles. Users may face some common Thunderbird email problems due to the inability to power up or issues in email sending.

did you already tried to remove the add-on? Still Experiencing Troubles with Thunderbird? An IMAP server error can be quickly resolved by reducing the number of connections. The read state of mails are stored in a separate ".msf" file, so initially all local mail using Maildir will be marked as unread even when located in the "cur" directory. Download a version that came earlier than Thunderbird 78. Thunderbird UI freezes when receiving a new message, LC_TIME environment variable not respected, Outlook 365 SMTP fails to authenticate with OAuth2 authentication,, how to set the default spell checking language, Firefox/Tweaks#General user interface CSS settings, MozillaWiki:Thunderbird:OpenPGP:Smartcards,, GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or later, Thunderbird sends your system's internal IP address to the configured SMTP server as an argument to the HELO/ELHO SMTP command. Some problems can be mitigated by setting Menu > Preferences > Preferences > Advanced > Date and Time Formatting to Regional settings locale, a setting which was introduced in Thunderbird 56. Since 2 days I use this way my Google calendar: The "new" directory is completely ignored. From Thunderbird 78.2.1 onwards, this functionality is integrated into Thunderbird.

Email tracking Make sure that all recipients have opened your email and youre all on the same page about its contents. Its important to note that the Thunderbird email problems discussed above often lead to functionality and performance inefficiencies. Found a subsequent problem tho, the day after my solution worked and I thought the problem resolved. AddOn 78.0.1 Enable your Calendars if they indicate disabled, Close and restart Thunderbird. Still a problem. It no longer shows up as Lightning in add-ons. You can also ask a question or look for similar queries already posted on the support forum of the Thunderbird community. I did. Thunderbird might stop sending or receiving messages for several reasons. CalDAV did everything I want it to do, except I haven't found any way to import a task list from Google Calendars. Plain Text mode lets you view all your emails without HTML rendering and is available in View > Message Body As. Thunderbird uses the default browser as defined by the XDG MIME Applications. #159, CalDAV can be used to add a Google Calendar directly to Thunderbird, no need for add-on. And even if you reboot thunderbird the changes stick (you don't have to re-enable your calendar each time?). Is is also possible to subscribe to other people's calendars via CalDAV? Same problem Different Thread. If your Thunderbird installation is corrupted, then Thunderbird issues may occur. Also, when adding a new event, once the event is added, the "thinking" spinning mouse cursor starts going and doesn't stop spinning until I switch to a tab with lightning, and then back to main thunderbird mail layout. Make sure Port is 993 for IMAP or 995 for POP. Type your email address and then your password. Thunderbird (up to at least 31.4.0-1) sorts mail by date with the oldest on top without any threading. The problem is you still pay the resource cost of having Lightning embedded in the core code even if you hide its existence. If the following is all set to false (default), set them to true and Thunderbird will ask you which application to use when you click on a link (remember to also check "Remember my choice for .. links"). Am 14.11.2020 um 14:44 schrieb chad-exc: I can confirm it too See [3] for details. To disable this click, JavaScript is disabled for message content but not for RSS news feeds. Thunderbird should conform to GTK#Themes as defined on your system. These are most beneficial for dark themes. Considering that Thunderbird development has been unstable for a few years now, you should expect to experience issues regularly.
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