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That one features acts like Usher, Ludacris & Lil Jon, Lauryn Hill, TLC, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Akon, T-Pain, Lil Kim, Ginuwine and many, many more. The singer has always enjoyed a special bond with his SoCal fans. To that end, Bauhaus epitomized the spirit of Cruel World. That lineup includes a whopping 40+ acts all crammed into one single day (demand was so high that two more days have since been added), including My Chemical Romance, Paramore, AFI, Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, Sleeping With Sirens, Taking Back Sunday, and a whole gaggle of other bands you might not have even thought about since your middle school days. @IMPOSEMAGAZINE. We are highly honored and thrilled to join so many of the artists that inspired us for Cruel World, Blaqk Audios Davey Havok said in a statement to Rolling Stone. Had Coachella been held in the early 1980s, its lineup likely would have included many of the artists performing at this weekends Cruel World music festival in Pasadena. The lineup for the 2022 Cruel World Festival largely keeps the artists tabbed for the inaugural 2020 fest which was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic intact; only Gary Numan and Marc Almond have dropped off the bill and punk pioneers the Damned have been added to the lineup. Why do you come here? wonders a lovelorn Morrissey to open, before accusing an obsessed ex-lover of stalking him. Its opening couplets set a mysterious, Chandler-esque tone: A man in my shoes runs a light / And all the papers lied tonight / But falling over you / Is the news of the day., Morrissey, SuedeheadOh Morrissey. Thousands of your peers have already signed up. That means zeroing in on specific music tastes and giving those listeners exactly what they want. And Coachella could be relied upon for musical diversity old and new, popular and alternative, with plenty of rock, hip-hop and dance offerings. Rolling Stone is a part of Penske Media Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Heres hoping Cruel World stays undead and returns for an encore. Im sure Third Eye Blind, Matchbox Twenty, Everclear, Lifehouse and Goo Goo Dolls are itching to play that bash. From a fans perspective, why spend thousands of dollars on tickets, travel, and accommodations for a festival where you dont even recognize 75% of the acts on the bill? southern palmsprings Covid-19 unleashed a world of pain and put their bucket list line-up of influential artists on ice. In addition to Pretty in Pink, the band hit with songs including Love My Way, Heaven and The Ghost in You, the latter a sublimely inscrutable song about the helplessness of desire and the pain of fading love. Of all the bands on the Cruel World lineup, The Church are perhaps the most demonstrative of all its many stylistic facets. The music festival bubble has burst numerous times in the last decade, with only the gigantic, major destination festivals (Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, ACL, etc.) enduring through multiple recessions and pandemic-related pauses. If youre a die-hard old school R&B fan, for instance, how could you not go to Lovers & Friends? This weekend, live music fans will finally take in Goldenvoices long-awaited goth/new wave nostalgia-baiting festival Cruel World taking place on the Rose Bowls Brookside golf course and featuring acts like Bauhuas, Devo, Blondie, The Church, Violent Femmes, and controversial headliner Morrissey. As time goes on, youre gonna see more boutique festivals like these pop up, with lineups that will become increasingly specific. (For The Times, this reporter and Suzy Exposito will be in attendance, sans hairspray, to liveblog the Saturday concert.). Variety is a part of Penske Media Corporation. He had served various roles since arriving at The Times in 2010, including music editor and pop music critic. Public Image Ltd. (PIL) frontman John Lydon is another contentious character, and a bit too screechy for some. Meanwhile, genre-specific festivals like EDC, Ultra, CRSSD, Stagecoach, and others are still going strong because they target a specific audience who will show up no matter what. While singer Peter Murphy did not hang upside down like a bat during Bela Lugosis Dead, as he did at Coachella in 2005, he did prance and croon like the beloved melodious vampire he is. Every Day Is Like Sunday is another. It was also heartening to see so many young ghouls done up to the nines in corsets, sky-high creepers and kabuki-esque face paint SoCal sizzle be damned. Later on this summer, Live Nation will throw their hat in the ring with Lovers & Friends, a lineup heavy on acts from the late 90s and early 00s golden age of R&B and hip-hop. Except a dazzling and emotional set to take hold as day turns into night. Its a lot. The single-day fest will also feature Psychedelic Furs, Violent Femmes, Echo & the Bunnymen, English Beat, Public Image Ltd., Berlin, Missing Persons, Christian Death, the Damned, the Church, and more. Blondies Dreaming, Berlins Masquerade, Missing Persons Walking in L.A., Psychedelic Furs Love My Way these are timeless songs, even if they do mark a specific, and relatively short-lived, era. How Soon Is Now? is one reason. Its a tale of survivors: the men and women whose then-fresh faces typified early MTV, upended classic-rock dominance and offered hope to weird kids throughout rural and suburban America. There will absolutely be many more to follow. For Goldenvoice, Cruel World marks the first of two back-to-back weekends of genre and era-specific music festivals, the other being Just Like Heaven the late 00s-early 10s indie and blog rock-leaning fest featuring a lineup of Interpol, Modest Mouse, The Shins, M.I.A., Bloc Party, Cut Copy and many others. (On Saturday, the singer took a minor tumble during the bands cover of Ziggy Stardust, but got right back up.) You had to sneak into my room / Just to read my diary / It was just to see, just to see / All the things you knew Id written about you.. Five days passed before his body was found, 7 best bets for your L.A. weekend: iPalpiti Festival, Shakespeares Tempest and more, Podcast: Musicians for abortion rights redux, Beyonc is just like us: She started a countdown for her Renaissance album, Live Nation says that fatal backstage stabbing of rapper Drakeo the Ruler was unforseeable, Theres just no throat: Pearl Jam scraps gig after Eddie Vedder injures vocal cords. The band members donned their iconic yellow jumpsuits and red dome hats during the set, but it was the charisma of Mark Mothersbaugh (pictured above), Jerry Casale and company that made for an immersive sonic experience. Devo conjure a stage spectacle like no other. Bauhaus, Blondie, Devo, live music, Morrissey, Music Festival. Expect a career-spanning set of greatest hits, from Whip It! to Girl You Want to Satisfaction and so many others. Produced by Coachella promoter Goldenvoice, Cruel World time-travels back to that moment when synthesizers were supplanting guitars and rebel teens born into Baby Boomer hegemony and nostalgia were hungrily seeking new sounds and ideas. It didnt hurt attendance that Coachella has consciously pivoted toward pop stars and influencer-friendly acts in recent years, and away from the band reunions and retro-rock act bookings of its early days. Are you a 90s adult contemporary alt-rock and alt-pop fan? Under a nearly full moon appropriately, a lunar eclipse coincided with the festival but often in shadow, Bauhaus potent set had moments of sheer macabre magic. Over the past ten years, Alfons has turned TR/ST into one of the best and most popular synthpop acts in the game. The question on ticket buyers minds as the day progressed: how will the elders sound? Indeed, if there was an underlying theme to the weekend, it might be the dedication of those in attendance to the soundtrack of their youth.

All Rights Reserved. Theyve only played a small handful of shows since reuniting a couple years ago, so this set has to be considered the most anticipated. Theres a reason why Danny Elfman got so much attention for his Coachella set this year.

Send us a tip using our anonymous form. But could hateful remarks about immigrants spoil that? They are older now, but so are their faithful fans, and nostalgic allure cant be overstated. Festival organizers Goldenvoice clearly know the signposts for this audience, as evidenced by everything from the stage names (Sad Girls and Lost Boys) to the concession stands (Tears for Beers), as well as the bookings, which included newer acts like Automatic, Soft Kill, Sextile, Drab Majesty and Blaqk Audio. Former staff writer Randall Roberts covered Los Angeles music culture for the Los Angeles Times. For this goth girl who listened to Richard Blade and Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ religiously, and went to clubs like Scream and Marilyns (not far from the fest grounds in Pasadena) donning excessive eyeliner, fishnets and black finery Cruel World represented a return to the grim yet glam energy that made L.A. nightlife so exciting in the 80s and 90s, and continues to this day. And so it goes this weekend with Cruel World, a lineup that appealed so much to one subset of music fans that they even added a second day. As a result, the Goth Code of Conduct prohibiting cargo shorts or tank tops likely will not be enforced this weekend. Devos best known for Whip It, a kinda-sorta novelty hit powered by a ridiculous music video. It was also a reminder that the U.S., and specifically Los Angeles, has long served as a welcoming home for gloomy post-punk maybe even more so than the U.K. Saturday and Sundays festivities highlighted the legacy of Gen-Xs dark side with a dynamic and defiant bill full of enigmatic weirdos and erstwhile rock heroes, most in their sixties or older. greyson theatre Bauhaus, Bela Lugosis DeadThere would be no goth movement without Bela Lugosis Dead, a frenetic, cavernous post-punk masterpiece that, at nearly 10 minutes, was a dance-floor staple in darkened clubs. The fest accomplished that and then some. Copyright 2020, Impose Magazine. Devo, Gates of SteelFew bands were as strikingly, deliberately disruptive as Devo, founded in Akron, Ohio, by two sets of brothers and led by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale. Their sets were exuberant flashbacks, with fans singing along to every word. Indeed, all of the headliners Morrissey, Bauhaus, Devo, Blondie, Psychedelic Furs, Violent Femmes, the Damned have had extensive, storied careers as outsider artists who managed to break through with some mainstream hits, mainly via MTV and movie soundtracks. His 2020 project on the early Southern California phonograph industry helped identify the first-ever commercial recording made in Los Angeles. The site of the festival has also changed, from Los Angeles Grounds at Dignity Health Sports Park to the Pasadena venue. An incredibly versatile new wave group, the Australian legends have incorporated goth, dream pop, neo-psychedelic, jangle pop, and more into their impressive body of work over the past 40 years. 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The wily, funky-hatted new wave magicians are still going strong after 40 years together. You get the idea. Are you a fan of country music specifically circa 1995-2005? After inaugural 2020 fest canceled, majority of lineup including Psychedelic Furs, Violent Femmes and Echo & the Bunnymen return for rescheduled Pasadena, California fest, Mark Horton/Getty Images; Anna Webber/Getty Images; KGC-138/STAR MAX/IPx/AP, Morrissey, Blondie, Bauhaus and Devo are among the artists that will perform at Pasadena, Californias rescheduled Cruel World Festival, now set for May 14th, 2022 at Brookside at the Rose Bowl. An elder statesman of the scene (via L.A.s Oingo Boingo and Tim Burton film scores), he delivered a performance in grandiose fashion, looking and sounding as magnetic as ever. ), With a forecast high of 90 degrees on Saturday, expect to sweat away your hairspray and makeup by the time L.A.'s Christian Death concludes its 2 p.m. set. Why dont fans care? If Woodstock-era classic rock exemplifies anti-establishment ethos and coming of age for the boomer set, new wave and dark wave embodies a different kind of self expression and view of the (cruel) world that came after it. 2022 Variety Media, LLC. Get Screen Gab for weekly recommendations, analysis, interviews and irreverent discussion of the TV and streaming movies everyones talking about. Tweets by And then youve got the mother of all these festivals, When We Were Young, which debuts in the fall and dives full throttle into the 00s era of Hot Topic emo, pop-punk and hardcore. But drop the needle on Gates of Steel, a seriously inspiring song about escaping the cage of groupthink: Twist away the gates of steel / Unlock the secret voice / Give in to ancient noise / Take a chance, a brand new dance. Few songs speak more deliberately to the generation responsible for birthing rap, house, techno and synth pop. All Rights Reserved. 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Psychedelic Furs, The Ghost in YouThe Furs Richard Butler is an underrated songwriter, and the evidence is in every line of The Ghost in You, Best known for Pretty in Pink, the song that inspired the title of the movie, the Furs started out as a grim, cavernous goth-punk band before gradually, gracefully moving toward the commercial center. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Legions of young Gen X new wavers, goths and miscellaneous square pegs would already be queued up outside Brookside at the Rose Bowl, tickets in hand, waiting for innovative headliners including Blondie, Morrisseys then-band the Smiths, Bauhaus, Public Image Ltd, Devo, Violent Femmes and the Damned to offer shock-of-the-new sounds while sporting unprecedented hairstyles. Never has a festival boasted a greater lineup. Fans of goth, new wave and post-punk will be mainlining this lineup directly into their veins, and thats exactly what Goldenvoice loves to see. Still, that scorching sun was no fun, especially seeing as walking felt endless at times like Coachella, youre exhausted from the trek just to get in. The bats have left the bell tower / The victims have been bled, moans singer Peter Murphy. It might be more cynical but its also more theatrical. Inspired as much by Jamaican dub as by the underground punk scene, the slow-building, minimalist track focuses on the great horror actors work. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, June 11th at 12:00 PM PST; check out the festivals site for more ticket information. Tags: Cruel World, just like heaven, Lovers & Friends, When We Were Young, Updates sent straight to your inbox, YOU DONT HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER. Morrissey was technically the headliner and Moz diehards were representing for sure, but many left before he even started, due either to exhaustion from the day or distaste for his politics. The only true cruelty will be having to miss who performs during our same time slot., Morrisseys planned gig at the 2020 Cruel World was to mark the singers only U.S. performance in support of his then-new album I Am Not a Dog on a Chain; instead, Morrissey will likely perform tracks from his upcoming LP Bonfire of Teenagers, which he dubbed the best album of my life., In This Article: Discovering new music is a thrilling experience of course, but so is going to a festival that exactly lines up with your personal music tastes, and where you can recognize every single act on the lineup.

In addition to the 80s legends that make up the bulk of the lineup, Cruel World also included several contemporary acts continuing the new wave legacy. Goldenvoice smartly saw this niche between Coachella and 2016s Desert Trip (Oldchella) and, like many L.A. residents, we were excited to see them fill it when the festival was first announced a couple years ago. Blondie, One Way or AnotherWhere the 60s emphasized peace and love and opened its decade with girl-group boy-crush hits, music of the late 1970s and early 80s used similar Brill Building song structures to tackle opposing themes: revenge, isolation, depression and nihilism. A sprawling all-day springtime event celebrating the darker edge of 80s music held under a brutal Southern California sun? We want to hear from you! Expect a calamitous sea of strobe lights, thunderously dark post-punk riffs, and frontman Peter Murphys chilling, mercurial presence steering the ship. Frontman Steve Kilbey is the only remaining original member, and he continues to impressively steer the ship; his voice still sounds the exact same after all these years! Below, the songs we never tire of and that wed better hear by five acts appearing at Cruel World. Other highlights included Devo, which doled out a vibrant, kooky and perfectly devolutionary set of hits, including Girl You Want and Whip It, along with their robotic but strangely groovy take on the Rolling Stones Satisfaction, all backdropped by vivid and wonderfully strange visuals. There will inevitably be a festival bill in the future that features Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Tobey Kieth, Brooks & Dunn, Shania Twain, et al. For those who started going to the desert fest in the early 2000s, this gradual shift was fine because it allowed for the best of both worlds watching acts of your youth and catching new artists creating buzz. Lets take you through a handful of our most anticipated sets: Easily the most crucial band on the Cruel World lineup. Equally captivating and multifaceted, they provided the perfect balance to older gothfather / gothmother bands such as London After Midnight, 45 Grave and Gene Loves Jezebel. Debbie Harry, Terri Nunn, Dale Bozzio and Richard Butler dont exactly bear the vocals of their heydays, but they came pretty close. (Organizers announced a second show set for May 15th due to popular demand, with tickets on sale June 30th at noon.). Its also a tale of great songs that have come to define the era while inspiring younger acts such as Cruel World performers Cold Cave, Drab Majesty and Automatic on their own journey toward musical disruption. Devos Gerald Casale said in a statement to Rolling Stone, The promoters of Cruel World 2020 were indeed prescient with their festivals title. As pioneers of the genre, Bauhaus has done more for goth culture than any other band in history. Want more Rolling Stone? Sign up for our newsletter. (Note: Echo and the Bunnymen were slated to perform but canceled due to visa issues. Blondies Debbie Harry captured the tension of the time in One Way or Another. Featuring lyrics that might have been written by a serial killer I will drive past your house / And if the lights are all down / Ill see whos around / One way, or another, Im gonna find you the songs tension is fueled by a catchy girl-group melody totally at odds with the lyrical vindictiveness. Its not exactly clear what is driving this new craze, but its easy to see why the major concert promotion companies are taking such wild programming swings. It might sound antithetical, but the Cruel World Festival, which took over Pasadenas Brookside golf course at the Rose Bowl this weekend, was a fitting, full-circle moment for music, celebrating and validating an often misunderstood and even mocked subculture. Why cant we quit you? The best of those bands is TR/ST, the electronic-tinged band led by Toronto musician Robert Alfons. Morrissey headlines this weekends Cruel World festival at Brookside at the Rose Bowl. Sunday was a little bit breezier and better organized all-around, but for those who attended both, there was lots of chatter about feeling ones age.. Still, he was fun to watch on the main Outsiders stage, thanks to the more spacious and shady surroundings of the VIP area. If this sort of nostalgic, stylized festival programming feels like an emerging trend, its because it is! Jane Does sexual assault and sex-trafficking lawsuit comes back to haunt Snoop Dogg, Listen to two new dark and dazzling Billie Eilish songs, Ricky Martin says he needs time to heal after nephew drops incest, harassment claims, U2, George Clooney, Amy Grant, Gladys Knight among 2022 Kennedy Center honorees, Inside the battle for control of a legendary music club and the soul of a high desert town, How two L.A. COVID swindlers dodged the FBI and joined the European jet set, USC researchers identify symptoms associated with increased risk for long COVID, Coronavirus cases are soaring in L.A. County, but this wave is different, Column One: He worked from home and died suddenly. His latest albums The Destroyer (Parts I and II) are excellent. Saturday is sold out, but tickets remains for Sunday. The biggest grump of his generation is also its most charismatic singer and lyricist, a walking contradiction beloved and embraced by generations of Southern Californians and tolerated, if that, by meat eaters and immigrant-rights activists. Red velvet lines the black box / Bela Lugosis dead / Im dead, Im dead, Im dead.. In addition to their prolific body of recorded work, Devo have always been renowned for their entertaining live shows. In the post-COVID live music era, we are seeing a rise in the genre/era-specific music festival. The smaller, broader genre-spanning city festivals like Treasure Island and Bumbershoot have thinned out a bit. As a staff writer, he explored the layered history of L.A. music, from Rosecrans and Sunset to Ventura Boulevard and beyond. This is an afternoon set youll want to get in early for. A bucket list set for sure. Theyve opened themselves up to an entirely new formula for music festival success, and this weekend just might be the harbinger.

On Saturday, temperatures hit the 90s, and all the SPF, big hats and fanciful parasols in the world could not save you from melting. In May of 2022 that ice will finally thaw and Devo will be honored to be part of it all., In addition to the New Wave and post-punk legends on the bill, newer artists like Cold Cave, TR/ST and Blaqk Audio will also perform during the fest. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. 2022 Rolling Stone, LLC. Festival organizers have clearly taken note of this, and have lately poured more energy into targeting crowds who wouldnt normally attend a massive, genre-spanning fest. Like One Way or Another, Morrisseys Suedehead regards desperate, all-consuming and downright creepy behavior. Morrissey is anti-immigrant and backs a white nationalist political party. The promoters had to postpone both Cruel World and Coachella in 2021 due to the pandemic, and after two successful weekends with the latter in Indio last month, anticipation for Cruel World hit a fever pitch.
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