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Information about this document as published in the Federal Register. This feature is not available for this document. BBNEP December 2009 protected open space coverage: (factored into the parcel coverage with some modifications). should verify the contents of the documents against a final, official Road construction is not allowed from November 15th to April 15th. EOT Road Impervious: Visit for more information. Read the Hurricane Plan for Recreational Boaters. MassGIS 2005 Landuse: (used to by the BBNEP calculate golf, and agriculture, except cranberry) In this table we used actually used a 85% capture rate assumption which eliminates about 75% of the nitrogen that would normally be presumed to originate from stormwater in the lower estuary. 2. The NBPA has planning, developing, and financing authority for city properties within the Port. on Counts are subject to sampling, reprocessing and revision (up or down) throughout the day. This section will be effective from 8 a.m. June 1, 2022 through 6 p.m. June 5, 2022. Our water comes from the water treated at the Quittacas Water Treatment Plant for the City of New Bedford which comes from a surface supply comprised of five ponds. To address these uncertainties, different water use values are used in the graph below to show how septic loading in the watershed changes with different assumptions. Subwatersheds: (includes draft attenuation coefficients) Stormwater discharges from Acushnet, Fairhaven, and other areas are unaffected by these assumptions. Sat: 7am-5pm 70034 (previously 33 U.S.C. For the reasons above, the Captain of the Port, Sector Southeastern New England (COTP) is establishing a temporary safety zone within a 150-yard radius near the hurricane barrier in New Bedford, Massachusetts, approximate position, 41 37.460 N, 070 54.350 W. No vessel or person will be permitted to enter the safety zone from 8 a.m. June 1, 2022 through 6 p.m. June 5, 2022. section to coordinate protest activities so that your message can be received without jeopardizing the safety or safety of people, places or vessels.

(1) Under the general safety zone regulations in subpart D of this part, you may not enter the safety zone described in paragraph (a) of this section unless authorized by the COTP or the COTP's designated representative. The Regulatory Flexibility Act of 1980, 5 U.S.C. The term small entities comprises small businesses, not-for-profit organizations that are independently owned and operated and are not dominant in their fields, and governmental jurisdictions with populations of less than 50,000. BBNEP Cranberry Bog Coverage: a simplified SE Mass cranberry bog growing area coverage derived from DEPs MassGIS WCP coverage. The Port serves as the citys greatest natural resource and most critical asset, stimulating investment, attracting new industry, creating jobs and developing a healthy economy. Home port to more than 500 commercial scallopers and fishermen, the Port of New Bedford is a thriving working waterfront home to dozens of shoreside support businesses and services. Buzzards Bay Coalition Baywatchers 1992-2005 Water Quality Atlas documents in the last year, 110 documents in the last year, 264 1503 & 1507. In particular, the Act addresses actions that may result in the expenditure by a State, local, or tribal government, in the aggregate, or by the private sector of $100,000,000 (adjusted for inflation) or more in any one year.

Until the ACFR grants it official status, the XML

USACE officials decide when the gates will be closed (i.e., when hurricanes threaten or for other severe weather, including coastal storms or strong high tides) and reopened. Note that the estimated number septic systems is slightly higher than the number of parcels with septic systems because a few parcels with multiple buildings are presumed to have two or more septic systems, and because a few parcels have not been updated with new subdivisions of land. The average water user for single family homes for both septic and sewer users combined, is 142 gpd. It is not an official legal edition of the Federal Learn more here. Similarly, the number of units served by septics is yet higher because there are some properties that have more than one unit on the property with a single septic system (e.g. The Hurricane Barrier stretches across the water from the south end of New Bedford to the Town of Fairhaven. documents in the last year, 32 documents in the last year, 1445 For septic loading, a water use of 166.7 gpd (x 90% to adjust for non-wastewater use as per MEP methodology) was used in the calculation. A designated representative is a commissioned, warrant, or petty officer of the U.S. Coast Guard assigned to units under the operational control of U.S. Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England. New Bedford is the number one value fishing port in the nation generating economic activity in excess of $11 billion and related employment of more than 40,000 people (. In our analysis, we have used attenuation coefficients contained in a draft Massachusetts Estuaries Project TMDL report. rendition of the daily Federal Register on does not Please include thePayment Stubof the bill with your payment for fast and accurate credit to your account. This information is not part of the official Federal Register document. A two-family dwelling may consist of two units (condos or apartments) in one structure. In the 2009 draft MEP report, the MEP estimated that circa 2006, the New Bedford CSOs annually discharged 21,392 lbs of nitrogen (9,706 kg), but by 2030, the MEP assumed they would discharge only 14,295 lbs (6,486 kg). Parcels (joined to assessors, sewer account, and water account data): (6.2 MB). Similarly, there is uncertainty about the percent of stormwater in New Bedford captured by the citys Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) system. 46 U.S.C. L. 104-121), we want to assist small entities in understanding this rule. The wastewater facility loading is somewhat higher than the MEP estimate for in their 2009 draft report, which was the average loading for the 2004-2006 period, and which had an average annual total of 86,476 lbs (39,236 kg). For our analysis on this page, we have used an average water use of 166.7 GPD (with 90% discharged via septics), which is slightly higher than some other watersheds, but intermediate in water use between all water users and septic users only in the watershed as explained in the septic loading section below. The Public Inspection page Two problems exist when attempting to characterize stormwater related nitrogen loading for the Acushnet River estuary. documents in the last year, 922 Buzzards Bay landfill sites 2007 DEP MassGIS data as a Google Earth File; click on polygon for more info. Information broadcasts. 1, associated implementing instructions, and Environmental Planning COMDTINST 5090.1 (series), which guides the Coast Guard in complying with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. On this page we present summary statistics of land use and wastewater characteristics prepared by the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program for this watershed, and from these features we have estimated nitrogen loading using Massachusetts Estuaries Project nitrogen loading coefficients. documents in the last year, by the Transportation Department documents in the last year, by the Consumer Product Safety Commission 553(d)(3), the Coast Guard finds that good cause exists for making this rule effective less than 30 days after publication in the There are more units in a watershed than buildings because a building may have multiple residential or business units. Safety zone; Movie Production; Buzzards Bay, New Bedford, Massachusetts. Register documents. First, like some other heavily urbanized watersheds around Buzzards Bay, simplified assumptions of impervious area per building will not effectively characterize stormwater. The department diligently monitors the public water supply for quality. Properties on septic have, on average, larger lot sizes. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT It has secondary effluent treatment and currently has no discharge limits for nitrogen, but the town is required to monitor nitrogen concentrations (shown below), flow, and report loading as pounds per day. The Port is approximately nine nautical miles from the Cape Cod shipping canal, 83 miles south of Boston, and 166 miles north of New York.

Persons and vessels permitted to enter these safety zone must transit at their slowest safe speed and comply with all lawful directions issued by the COTP or the designated representative. teen past community than head history river cute buddies voters election local away november documents in the last year, by the Fish and Wildlife Service More information and documentation can be found in our In other words, most stormwater from New Bedford impervious areas, during small rainfalls, flows to the Citys sewage treatment facility outside the harbor. Evaluating watershed nitrogen loading is just one part of the process for establishing nitrogen TMDLs for impaired coastal waters. Amenities include: YMCA SOUTHCOAST conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. Visit, The Port serves as the citys greatest natural resource and most critical asset, stimulating investment, attracting new industry, creating jobs and developing a healthy economy. Actual CSO discharges from the MEPs loading analysis are presented in the summary table and pie chart at the bottom of this page. that agencies use to create their documents. Compare our maps of wastewater and water service in the Fairhaven portion of the watershed to the map on the right prepared by a consultant in 2007. In these instances, it is best to use a modification of the MassGIS Impervious data as we describe on our Using MassGIS Impervious data for Stormwater Planning web page. WATER DEPARTMENT RECOGNIZED BY THE MASSDEP: The Town of Acushnet Water Department has beenawarded the 2022Public System Award for Outstanding Performance and Achievement by the Department of Environmental Protection. The fishing fleet of 500 lands over 122 million pounds of product annually leveraging $322 million in direct sales. Contact the water department if there are any questions regarding water pressure problems both too high or too low or if you are about to undertake major construction to determine the location of water lines. the official SGML-based PDF version on, those relying on it for Though this rule will not result in such an expenditure, we do discuss the effects of this rule elsewhere in this preamble. DPAs are subject to specific provisions, including land use restrictions, under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 91, which is administered by the states Department of Environmental Protection. The Verizon Settlement 2022 | Sewer Project Phase II | Comprehensive Plan| Mapping Bedford | How Do I | Nixle Alerts | Sign Up For E-News, The DPW Water Division accepts credit card payments for water bills. developer tools pages. More information about this effort can be found on the MEP site, UMass Dartmouth SMAST site, and this DEP TMDL page. Background Information and Regulatory History, D. Federalism and Indian Tribal Governments, PART 165REGULATED NAVIGATION AREAS AND LIMITED ACCESS AREAS,, MODS: Government Publishing Office metadata. If you wish to comment on actions by employees of the Coast Guard, call 1-888-REG-FAIR (1-888-734-3247). If you are using public inspection listings for legal research, you

In their draft study, the Massachusetts Estuaries Project used a 2006 analysis by the firm Camp Dresser and McKee that estimated annual CSO overflow volumes. New Bedfords rich history and location in beautiful Buzzards Bay also attracts hundreds of tourists and recreational boaters throughout the spring, summer, and fall., The graph below suggests the Town of Fairhaven has improved the nitrogen removal capacity of the plant somewhat after 2007. Make your checks payable to: Town of Bedford Water Districts, include yourCustomer Numberon your check or money order and allow enough time for mailing. If the rule would affect your small business, organization, or governmental jurisdiction and you have questions concerning its provisions or options for compliance, please contact the person listed in the Although the TMDL report is in draft form and not released to the public, the US EPA is using the draft report to set a nitrogen limit for the Fairhaven wastewater treatment facility, so we are posting these watershed attenuations from the draft MEP report. The OFR/GPO partnership is committed to presenting accurate and reliable Click on wastewater service map for a larger image or open one of these files: sewer-septic-acushnet.kmz (5.5 MB Google Earth file). To this end, it is the goal of the New Bedford Port Authority to keep New Bedford on top as the #1 U.S. fishing port, expand existing businesses and capitalize on new opportunities that will maximize The Ports potential as an economic engine to create jobs and strengthen the New Bedford economy. We used this impervious cover for our estimates on this webpage. documents in the last year, 674 section. This rule will not call for a new collection of information under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. Sewered properties in New Bedford and Acushnet are principally served by the New Bedford wastewater facility. Please contact the Bedford DPW Water Division at 914-666-7855 if you have questions or require additional information. The President of the United States communicates information on holidays, commemorations, special observances, trade, and policy through Proclamations. [FR Doc. (c) The nitrogen loading from the wastewater facility has declined somewhat in the past two years. . 4321-4370f), and have determined that this action is one of a category of actions that do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the human environment. The fishing fleet of 500 lands over 122 million pounds of product annually leveraging $322 million in direct sales. Based on this value annual loading could be construed as 93,148 lbs (42,263 kg). The DPA classification encourages the creation or expansion of water-dependent industrial facilities, such as fish processing plants, in developed harbor areas. The maps for this watershed are still in draft form. To Pay Online:Paying your bill through your banks On-Line Bill Payment Service, please update the billing information and include your customer number on your check for fast and accurate credit to your account. It is categorically excluded from further review under paragraph L60(a) of Appendix A, Table 1 of DHS Instruction Manual 023-01-001-01, Rev. 07/21/2022, 328 on 1. This rule will only be subject to enforcement from 8 a.m. through 6 p.m. on one of these dates dependent on weather conditions. This designation gives a competitive advantage to foreign businesses looking to trade in US markets. There are different ways to evaluate the facilitys loading because there is a weak correlation between average flow and average concentration, but for the purpose of this loading analysis, the 93,148 lbs value was used because the towns methodology can be reasonably extrapolated to annual loading, and this period coincides with the MEP loading analysis. The Massachusetts DEP and EPA are setting these TMDLs based on studies being conducted by the Massachusetts Estuaries Project. on 00170.1, Revision No.

We are uncertain as to whether a 85% or 90% capture assumption is realistic for the CSO network in New Bedford. Register (ACFR) issues a regulation granting it official legal status. Watershed Google Earth file: acush_riv_1shed_16jul10.kmz. The 2006-2007 wastewater facility nitrogen discharge estimates and graphs are based on the calculations in this BBNEP spreadsheet. With its waterfront warehouse capacity, Maritime International has one of the largest USDA-approved cold treatment centers on the East Coast for the use of restricted imported fruit. You can learn all about the rich history of New Bedford and its longstanding relationship with the sea at the National Park Service. documents in the last year, by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Text by Dr. Joe Costa and Buzzards Bay NEP staff. Barge operations move aggregate and break-bulk cargo to the Islands of Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket. Sewered properties in Fairhaven are served by the Fairhaven wastewater facility, and there has been relatively modest expansion of sewering in the watershed between 2005 and 2010. . are not part of the published document itself. The Public Inspection page may also 553(b)(B), the Coast Guard finds that good cause exists for not publishing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) with respect to this rule because the safety zone must be established by June 1, 2022. 07/21/2022, 249 Mon-Fri: 5am-9pm The City of New Bedford is the grantee and holder of FTZ #28 and the Port, Regional Airport, and adjacent areas make up the FTZ. This provision authorizes an agency to issue a rule without prior notice and opportunity to comment when the agency for good cause finds that those procedures are impracticable, unnecessary, or contrary to the public interest. Under 5 U.S.C. As of September 2010, the Massachusetts Estuaries Project used the subwatersheds with the net nitrogen transmission coefficients specified in the table below and map to the right. Port calls vary between one and two days per discharge. You can learn all about the rich history of New Bedford and its longstanding relationship with the sea at the, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is a federal agency responsible for the operation and maintenance of the New Bedford Hurricane Barrier, including the opening and closing of the two hurricane doors that guard the main shipping channel leading into the Harbor. Interactive Calculator for WWTF Nitrogen Loading, Interactive Residential Lot Nitrogen Loading Calculator, Wareham Board of Health Nitrogen Calculator, Nitrogen Loading Assumptions + Coefficients, Incorporating Vegetated Wetlands into Nitrogen Loads, Municipal Populations, Water Use, and Occupancy Statistics, Parcel Level Nitrogen Loading Analysis Techniques, Joining Assessors Records to GIS Parcel Data for Nitrogen Loading, Part 1: Parcel Loading Analysis Wareham Estuary, Part 2: Parcel Loading Analysis Wareham Estuary, Part 3: Parcel Loading Analysis Wareham Estuary, Part 4: Parcel Loading Analysis Wareham Estuary, Subwatershed Land Use and Nitrogen Loading, Little River Subwatershed Land Use and Nitrogen Loading, New Bedford Harbor Subwatershed Land Use & Nitrogen Loading, Slocums River Subwatershed Land Use and Nitrogen Loading, Wareham River Subwatershed Land Use and Nitrogen Loading, US Census Data for Southeast Massachusetts Coastal Watersheds, Development of construction ready stormwater management plans, Pathogen TMDLs in the Buzzards Bay watershed, Stormwater Education Information & Resources, Potential Wetland Restoration at Bridge St., Fairhaven, 1995 letter to Falmouth, MA Wastewater Facilities Manager, 1995 Report on West Falmouth Harbor Nitrogen Management, 1996 report on West Falmouth, MA Wastewater Facility, 1997 BBP Report Falmouth Wastewater Facility Nitrogen Loading, Eel Pond Mattapoisett, MA Restoration Project, 1998 Comments on Wareham Wastewater Facility, 2002 Comments on Makepeace Tihonet Subdivision, Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program, Using & Georeferencing Historical Aerials, Tidal Datums and the HTL for Massachusetts, Salt Marsh Lower Boundary LiDAR Elevations, Calculating Geometric Means (with online calculator), 2022 Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment, Protecting and Restoring Ponds and Streams, Using MassGIS Impervious data for Stormwater Planning, Mass Estuaries Project Page for New Bedford Harbor, Buzzards Bay Coalition: Interactive WQ Maps, Buzzards Bay Coalition Inner New Bedford harbor Water Quality Trends, 1993-2003, Buzzards Bay Coalition Baywatchers III poster, Buzzards Bay Coalition Baywatchers 1992-2005 Water Quality Atlas, Fourth summer field season of salt marsh studies has begun, BBNEP provides funds for municipal Stormwater and Wastewater Engineering Services, Subwatershed Landuse (values in acres unless specified). documents in the last year, 1041 Second, and more problematic, is the fact that a large portion of stormwater in the City of New Bedford is captured and conveyed by a Combined Sewer Overflow system. We also include, where available, other estimates of loading, as well as links to any current and historical reports on pollution in the watershed issued by the state, federal government, DEP, the Massachusetts Estuaries Project, non-profits, and independent scientists. 70034, 70051; 33 CFR 1.05-1, 6.04-1, 6.04-6, and 160.5; Department of Homeland Safety Delegation No. documents in the last year, 891 This rule involves a temporary safety zone effective from 8 a.m. June 1, 2022 through 6 p.m. June 5, 2022.

The following area is a safety zone: All navigable waters of the Buzzards Bay, MA, from surface to bottom, within a 150-yard radius around 41 37.460 N, 070 54.350 W, near the hurricane barrier in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The table below summarizes the contribution of these stormwater sources. For the purpose of the analysis presented here, we have arbitrarily assumed 90% of the rainfall on impervious areas in the four lowermost segments of the estuary that are within the City of New Bedford are captured by the CSO system and are accounted for by the CSO loading estimates of the MEP (or are conveyed to the wastewater facility at lesser volumes). Only for larger rainfalls do the CSOs discharge into the harbor. Federal Register provide legal notice to the public and judicial notice *Xd2syiODE|&8Vd4%C'YzY] l{T.h',P4d-R3A. Sun: 7am-1pm, Indoor Pool Hours The President of the United States manages the operations of the Executive branch of Government through Executive orders. Note that water use of single family homes on septic systems are considerably higher than properties on sewer. Small businesses may send comments on the actions of Federal employees who enforce, or otherwise determine compliance with, Federal regulations to the Small Business and Agriculture Regulatory Enforcement Ombudsman and the Regional Small Business Regulatory Fairness Boards. ADDRESSES Do frequent septic pumpouts reduce nitrogen loading? This difference may not be related to increased occupancy and higher wastewater output of properties on septic systems, but rather may be the result of increased water consumption associated with increased lawn size and swimming pool use. Delaying the effective date of this rule would be impracticable because immediate action is needed to protect the safety of life and property on the navigable waters from the hazards created by the movie production including people and equipment in the water and numerous support vessels. on 07/21/2022, 844 We have analyzed this rule under Department of Homeland Safety Directive 023-01, Rev. These tools are designed to help you understand the official document Without these properties included, single family homes averages 191.4 GPD. (b) documents in the last year, 18 documents in the last year, 53 Protesters are asked to contact the person listed in the Enforcement period. This process is not 100% perfect, so we also send these maps to municipalities for review. 553(b)). This designation gives a competitive advantage to foreign businesses looking to trade in US markets. This map includes water service information from New Bedford, Acushnet, and Fairhaven. Entry of vessels or persons into this zone is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Captain of the Port Sector Southeastern New England or a designated representative. Please report errors or send comments about this page to Joe Costa. The views or information contained here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the US EPA.

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