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Ask a question about this product. That was probably the last time a monocle was at all cool, maybe the last time it ever will be. The rugged tactical monocles, available in black or urban camo, are engineered for extreme conditions, making them a hit among outdoor enthusiasts. Typically, orders of $35 USD or more (within the same shop) qualify for free standard shipping from participating Etsy sellers. Monocles were the sign of a man hoping to appear to be what he was not: the young hoping to seem mature; the vulgar hoping to seem tasteful; the petty longing for higher status. Find another one of their fine products, but this should be removed from their offerings. By the start of the 20th century, the monocle gag was already tired. The secret is in the design. By Jove! As a rule, monocles were a male accessory: If in need of an aid to vision, a woman would use spectacles or a lorgnette, a pair of glasses on a handle. Stylish and practical with a masculine design. If you want to look like a classy gent who keeps mustache oil in his suit pocket and wears white gloves, this monocle is a must. Good news! Monocles returned to use in the early 20th century as a must-have accessory among the military officers of World War I. Even riding an electric scooter or wearing Google Glass eyewear would seem more stylish. They are ideal for any situation or activity where reading glasses are too cumbersome. For the first two minutes, Fincher plays things relatively straightin a Fritz Lang noir world, men wear monocles and Madonna wears glamour couture. In Little Dorrit, Charles Dickens lampooned a character unable to hold one, because he had such flat orbits to his eyes and such limp little eyelids that it wouldnt stick in when he put it up, but kept tumbling out against his waistcoat buttons.. Maybe its better this way. Yes, they let us drive safely and read a powerpoint in class. I will be buying more to add to my collection.   United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD). More like this: All Monocles|Gold Monocles. Our monocles include a gallery, which is an extension to the inner frame to make it easier to wear. The experts at NearSights have brought back artisanal craftsmanship with an inviting selection of quality monocles that are comfortable, durable and easy to wear. We believe that costumes have the power to create some of life's best moments. If you're looking for monocles for your leisure, stage production, filming, or anything else really, I would recommend these 110%. And for once in our life, won't someone call us Govna'? That is where Reading Glass World comes in. The natural muscle tension keeps the monocle securely in place, letting you move or shake your head without the monocle slipping out. The smallest bit smaller would be much better. Msg & data rates may apply. This monocle, while good looking and nicely priced, is so overly large it is unusable. Older aristocrats wore monocles; younger and poorer men copied them. The Monopoly Man, Rich Uncle Pennybags, ought to have one but doesnt. Trust us, you'll catch on the ways of the gentleman once you've got this monocle in your suit pocket. New Yorker readers were supposed to see that this guy is a poser, making them feel like the real sophisticates.

With powerful tools and services, along with expert support and education, we help creative entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their businesses. Ad from shop ByWendra I attempted to bend the eyepieces but ended up breaking one of them. It was even useful for looking at things. It is a costume monocle Slightly too large to stay in the eye. Yes! The villainous Penguin fights the Batman wearing a monocle. By the early 17th, Galileo had his telescope. In 2020 alone, purchases on Etsy generated nearly $4 billion in income for small businesses. We get it. So did Woodrow Wilson and Otto von Bismarck. ad by AtticRaiders There is no way a normal human can keep this in position without resorting to spirit gum or some other adhesive. cart reminders) from Halloween Costumes at the cell number used when signing up. Spandifilous. Captcha failed to load. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. From shop RedPandaDoodles, ad by NauticalPlace This period, the Regency era, was ground zero for British dandyism. Read: Unfortunately, the electric scooters are fantastic. I have directed friends and coworkers to this site to buy their own. Fill out the requested information. I had to order several items on short notice, and they came through for me every time. Just for you. I got exactly w, Distinguished Gent Theatrical Monocle - Gold Tone. the guy in the high collar looking at a butterfly. FaerieNursery It is attached to a string or chain. Looks like you already have an account! Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Why would anyone want this? Monocles are much more than a cool fashion statement; they are practical, functional eyewear and are completely portable. And fancy-factor is so important! Costume suggestions: Victorian Gentleman, Steampunk. No matter how much time it takes, our goal has always remained the sameto create products that inspire your life's best momentsthe big, the small, the funny, the spooky, and the sweet. The popularity of the monocle has piggybacked the resurgent hipster revolution but apart from these wonderfully cool dudes who else wears a monocle? You'll get one lens on a string that goes around your neck. That image became the progenitor for all the monocle-wearing villains of the 20th century, from Colonel Klink in Hogans Heroes to the Marvel Comics scoundrel Wolfgang von Strucker. Stays installed just fine due to the little added helper frame. Imported, ships with a velvet storage bag. From shop AlaskaShinyThings, $85.00 Trend pieces of the period treated it as a fadWhat have those flappers done now?but it was also taken up by the lesbian community in Montmartre, Paris. The joke (which doesnt land as well today as it used to) is that the overrefined urbanite preens in curious contemplation of the butterfly, his affectation thrown into relief by natures unpretentious beauty. We want our lenses to insinuate that we ride a penny farthing bicycle on a regular basis. It's certainly well made, just too large. Sometimes one pair of eyes isnt enough when it comes to enjoying a good book. Try using a different browser or disabling ad blockers. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. By providing a phone number and submitting this form, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized marketing text messages (e.g. It showed an earnest young man with a full beard, waxed mustache, period clothing, and the anachronistic piece of eyewear. Recently, a Facebook ad tried to sell me a monocle. It is exactly what I wanted: A basic monocle with which to express surprise and make snide remarks. The sextant sailors used in the 18th century for celestial navigation had a telescopic attachment (which gave Popeye the Sailor his characteristic squint). We do this with marketing and advertising partners (who may have their own information theyve collected). Unlike other trappings of the aristocracy, the monocle has mostly been a joke since its invention. An echo of the Montmartre monocle reverberates in Madonnas 1989 Express Yourself music video.

Attire became a language of status. Follow us @funcostumes and tag us with #yesfuncostumes for a chance to have your photo featured here. I replaced it with a length of thin black ribbon. Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. These are third party technologies used for things like interest based Etsy ads. It jumped to London around the turn of the 19th century, where it took hold among the aristocracy. Become part of the Mod Mon family on Instagram and show off your favorite monocle by using the hashtag: Join the Mod Mon fan club and be the first to know about sales, discount codes, new collections, and more! Custom made to our exacting specifications, this terrific period eyepiece features gold tone cast metal body, unmagnified "theatrical" lens of clear acrylic, and a retaining cord. Under Add your personalization, the text box will tell you what the seller needs to know. From shop NelsonStudio, $35.95 To view all the products shown, click here. But they were never cool. Theres even a waterproof monocle, especially designed for the active person, complete with a custom molded silicone casing.

The other end of the string is then connected to the wearer's clothing or looped around the wearer's neck to avoid misplacing or losing the monocle. The quality and genuine look are really something to take note of; they shipped very quickly as well. A monocle perches on the face, precariously unsupported, requiring effort and practice just to keep it in place. Joseph Conrad had one, as did Yeats and Auden. Be the first to write a review! It is used to primarily to correct reading vision in one eye for people that struggle with reading glasses. News, views, product development, promotions & more.

To imagine the monocle as a symbol of upper-class sophistication just makes the device seem charming and innocent, which risks erasing the frequently un-charming, if not actively bloody, history of where great fortunes actually come from. They look strange, too. Ad from shop SteampunkWomble I love my dog tag. Its a visual shorthand for a stock character: a wealthy gentleman with the air of a Gilded Age aristocrat ready for a black-tie gala or a night at the opera. Hassle-Free Returns - EasilyExchange Or Return Items, Aria Gold Diamond - Magnifier Pendant Necklace, Jeziree Gold Lariat - Magnifier Pendant Necklace, Aria Silver Diamond- Magnifier Pendant Necklace, Jeziree Silver Lariat - Magnifier Pendant Necklace. While many of the items on Etsy are handmade, youll also find craft supplies, digital items, and more. FREE shipping, ad by RedPandaDoodles Some restaurants are even offering monocles to their customers, so they can better read the menu in dim lighting. Ill admit to owning a tweed blazer (or seven), but when it comes to retro mens fashion accessories, monocles are on another level of affectedness. Ad from shop AlaskaShinyThings Wartime propaganda picked up on the signature accessory, deploying it in caricatures of an archetypical German baddie. Etsy is powered by 100% renewable electricity. But the apparatuss last serious vogue, in the early 20th century, is almost entirely forgotten. Its advent is usually associated with Philipp von Stosch, an 18th-century German baron, who in his time was better known for writing the definitive work on carved gemstones and living an active, open life as a homosexual. We also created 2.6 million jobs in the U.S.enough to employ the entire city of Houston, TX! Found something you love but want to make it even more uniquely you? FREE shipping, ad by FaerieNursery Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Men cared how they dressed. They just sit there on our faces all day without adding anything to our fancy factor. Dapper and debonair are the qualities of a true gentleman in the 19th century. If so, that brief instant of Peak Monocle has been lost to history. Fun.A couple of times a month. AtticRaiders Id probably look like a twee jerk instead. Everything I ordered was of good quality and was delivered promptly. I absolutely love my monocle!! Made for a big skull. It is so chic, a statement piece, and a game changer in my life!! Those are just a few examples of how much craft and creativity we put into each and every product. Unlike like traditional reading glasses, monocles have little bulk or weight, so you wont even notice youre carrying them. It drops from his eye to mark astonishment at a breach of manners or an abrupt revelation. Msg frequency varies. This,friends, is where the good ol' monocle comes in! In their official portraits, members of the German High Command make monocles seem quite frightening. very good service and quality of item would not hesitate to by from them, The last time that I bought was 2014, the same Wahmaker, Your service was quick, professional and easy. I also concur that the lanyard looks pretty tacky. Ad from shop NauticalPlace From shop FaerieNursery. Ad from shop RedPandaDoodles You know when vision went downhill? Free domestic shipping and easy returns! The moments we all cherish. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. Grand. It's a miracle! Read: Galileo fought dirty with his fellow scientists. Subscribe to enjoy discounts and many more. In 1925, The New Yorker put a monocle on its mascotthe guy in the high collar looking at a butterfly, created for the magazines inaugural cover. I'm a +2.5 and I am now free to leave the house without my readers. Simply raise your eyebrow, put the gallery on the top of your cheekbone and then just below the brow. Once favored by 19th-century gentleman, the single-lensed eyepiece is slowly coming back as a must-have fashion accessory, and youll find the best selection of these hipster accouterments at Reading Glass World. In the center of a 1930 photograph of a Parisian nightclub crowd, a woman in tuxedo and cigarette holder flashes her monocle directly at the camera. Does shopping on Etsy help support small businesses? This diverse selection of costumes and accessories are all artfully designed and expertly crafted by our talented team of artists, designers, and developers. There are two galleries, or metal extensions, that fit horizontally between your cheekbone and brow. Because the monocle was so strongly gendered, it became a low-key mode of cross-dressing. The hat arrived ahead of schedule and was very good quality - we were very happy with it. News. That's better than two. This is high fashion, but it is also daring defiance. Aristocratic, yes, but cold and calculating, filled with menace. In its brief heyday the monocle was an attractive little object, round or octagonal, rimmed with silver or gold or horn, fixed to ones coat by a silken ribbon. Thanks, Historical Emporium! NearSights monocles are gaining popularity among multiple generations and professions. But by the middle of the century, monocles had already become a comic staple. It's time to class this 20/20 sight thing up! These lightweight eyepieces are perfect for travel, or outdoor excursions where you dont want to bring along expensive and delicate readers. The lens we use in our monocles works optimally for prescription strengths +1.0 to +3.5. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Whether you prefer the round or dog-tag style, these monocles are handy for reading product labels, wine lists or while texting. I actually couldn't have been any happier to have ordered them. Whether you only need reading magnification for short periods of time, want to spice up your look, or dont want to deal with fragile reading glasses, the monocle is a smart, affordable solution. A Monocle is an optical device consisting of a single lens. Finally a theatrical monocle worthy of the Emporium brand! The vampire muppet Count von Count wore one, and it added to the menacing look of Star Treks militant metaspecies the Borg. We promise to respect your inbox. Although the eyepieces were worn by soldiers on both sides, the German High Command played the biggest part in reviving them. The first spectacles appeared in Europe in the late 13th century. The monocle evokes not just wealth but a nostalgia for an imaginary Gilded Age. A man in a monocle is putting on airs: He wants to be taken seriously, elevated to a status that he might not hold, but that someone of his sex could. You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. They listen to rock bands, not string quartets. I held a holiday Soire for my break from school, and I bought my guests monocles as a "Thank You For Coming" gift. The biggest selection of costumes in the world! It took a little while to get used to but once you get the trick to holding it in, it is well worth the look; but eating is physically impossible while keeping it in. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. The billionaires in Silicon Valley (or at Sun Valley) wear jeans, polo shirts, and fleece vests. Something that'll make us feel like we can get away with walking around with a cane even though we don't have a limp. Website Designed & Managed by Aspen Consulting. A British Gent would not be caught without a "proper" monocle such as this. Madonna reminds the viewer that you dont have to accept what youre given: Dont go for second best, baby. This monocle is finished with a 14'' long brown cord but you could easily replace the cord with your own gold chain. If you arent keen on wearing the banners of middle age (drugstore readers) and fancy a distinguished look, we think youll love the bravura and hands-free vision correction of the monocle. Please.

Lets start by firstly looking at who Withthe hipster revolution in full swing, you may have noticed the monocle is making a comeback too, but apart from being a fashion statement, why do people wear them? Joseph Chamberlain wore one. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. The mixture of suits, tuxedos, and dresses with these monocles was spectacular. Our silver chain has turned to the dark side! Ad from shop FaerieNursery 1 5/8 inch (40 mm) diameter lens, with top and bottom "gallery" frames to securely seat between brow and cheek. Simply put it on your eye when you find something is dubious or scintillating. The magnifying properties of glass have been in use for millennia, and wearable since at least the Middle Ages. This little glass disk designed as corrective eyewear wound up as a comic prop, a universal metonym for wealth and snobbery. The Adult Small size fit our 11 year old son (the intended recipient) perfectly and he's small for his size so look at the sizing carefully. But that implies the monocle had a moment when it did look cool, leading so many people put their faith in it.

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