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AC Very disappointed with this company. When I called after a tech was here and described the person, they had no clue who I was talking about! Moreover, he has been paying his solar electric **** for the last 7 years without complaint or notice about not receiving the original agreement. I never had that oppertunity Upon reading the contract i had reservations to ok the deal. No and if I could I wouldn't either. I read that i had 7 days to revue the contract to decide the deal.

They did say they would give us a quote to install the snow guards. So, moral of the review, solar power is greatbut Trinity Solar truthfully believes that the safety of your family and integrity of your home's roof have absolutely no meaning to them. Not only was she rude, but she was condescending. The solar panels are south facing and get high exposure to the sun. We have a glass sunroom below that runs the length of the house. | 11/15/2021. We are working with her to resolve these concerns and believe we have come up with a satisfactory offer. Calls not returned. It looks very clean on the house and look forward to a fixed rate every month. We purchased a Trinity Solar System for my home in Woodland Park. I paid the utility, PSE&g $13 / month. Based on feedback from ****************, we have reviewed our process again with the sales presentative to ensure they are followed as intended and completed in an ethical and responsible manner. All they need to do is provide proof of an email was sent to me of the contract. Trinity's leasing company's name is Sunovo and my bill is $66 / month. I started April 7. We installed solar panels from Trinity about a year ago leased through Sunova. If he solely paid the electric company for all his energy needs, it would be at their higher rate rather than his lower locked in solar rate, resulting in even higher bills than he is currently expressing concern over. dale tons THEY LIED! I am just not equiped to handle such a monumental task. 2012 - 2022 She is very apathetic as is my wife but proceeds to tell me Mr Kelly is on VACATION for the next couple of days. Hi there hoping you can help out and make sure something like this experience does not happen to another person. Please feel free to call in to our Client Resources department at (732) 780-3779 X6138 with any questions you may have. The electric **** ************************** provided at his initial consultation showed a monthly average budget payment of over $100 a month, not around $60 as he stated, with some individual monthly charges showing closer to $200. | 08/09/2021, Trinity Solar will not monitor my system to catch outages. To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit, Backed by the National Science Foundation, He also claimed we were currently paying 24 cents to, Trinity Solar uses Sunnova - You will pay twice as much for your energy, Signed 69 year old disabled women to a 25 year lease. They apologized for the mix-up. What I signed up for is an automatic monitoring system and automatically report the problem or the production number without human intervention. I have been completely duped, and ripped off by Trinity to say the least, despite this being the second solar system they install for me. Now we are claiming a repair on insurance and when I called for a quote, it's $6400 and I found out we'd need a voucher for a flat fee (cheapest $1500) that the rep never mentioned. The monitoring service they provide supposed to be on daily basis. I ain't paying it. Installation to begin end of March, they were on time. Do you have any paint? So, moral of the review, solar power is great but Trinity Solar truthfully believes that the safety of your family and integrity of your home's roof have absolutely no meaning to them. We would like this rectified before Winter. Trinity solar just found the problem. We remain available for any further questions or concerns he may have. Thank you Spencer Flint and Trinity Solar! We didnt have this problem before the solar panels were installed. Now Trinity wants me to pick up their cost of modification to system to meet Massachusetts requirement. We will remain available in the meantime if ************** has any questions. They have nothing but excuses exclamation, Cathy Baker Spencer Flint is a great salesman--ready with all the facts and figures.

This was the professional opinion of 7 different roofing companies we had come out to give us an estimate. NONE! Were sorry to hear about your experience, Chris, but the feedback is appreciated. The installation crew arrived EXACTLY when Mr. Tyson said they would AND went forward without a hitch! When I bought my solar panels in 2016, the customer service was terrible. When the Electrical Inspector came to checkout the installation, HE ASKED who had done all the electrical work because driving up the hill to the house he could readily see that our installation stood out from all the others, AND the electrical work was perfect! After the 1 year of usage i found no savings and actualy was paying more than i was paying for then i was paying without solar. But after every visit, they tell me the same thing, which is "the solar system is not communicating with *************." Not Trinity's fault. TRINITY SAID IT WOULD BR OK.

However, that is falling on deaf ears at Trinity. I was then told this in fact is a standard practice for all cash payers. I dont even know i fall in to this trap. I have had the solar installed and haven't seen any savings the sales person said I would. I interview all of the major solar company's. ********************** is basing his assessment on his bills today vs 7 years ago, as well as anecdotal information from other people he knows with solar but who have different homes and energy needs. Want us to sign waiver that we were responsible for the leaks. Fast forward 2 months we are solicited by a Trinity sales rep, Mark Lomas (who I believe has since quit the company) and told that "SolarCity is an Elon Musk company out in a Cali, they don't care, we do thousands of homes in NJ. We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. Trinity Solar has a consumer rating of 2.9 stars from 31 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. I signed the ipad. I said i never signed any contracts rep went and brought a contract to show me, Turns out the sales person used the ipad to put my signature on the contract stating i had reviewed the contract and agreed to its content. provider). I've been fighting with Trinity and Sunova over the repairs for months. I was told by my salesman that I would be up and running in four weeks after installation. After calling Sunnova for weeks, I still have no recourse on when this will be repaired. I would not recommend them to anyone!

We believe solar energy is the most practical form of power on the planet and seek to make it accessible to as many people as possible. The sliding snow is ripping off our gutter and our sunroom now has several leaks from the snow and ice landing on it.I reached out to Trinity Solar for the first time on September 17 and told them of our problem and that we felt that their engineers should have installed snow guards.

They left me with a roof leak that destroyed my dining room ceiling. Would you like to know what Trinity Solar's response was when we called them and asked for the panels to be removed? The date he claimed was not one I was even available. I prefer honest well informed folks who keep their commitments. As of today, November 3 we still havent received one.We would like Trinity or Sunnova to provide and install snow guards and replace the gutter under the panels at their cost. Was lied to from being was told I only needed 25 panels instead of 30 which only generates 75% of the energy I need told no holes in roof they drilled holes to run metal pipe told they couldn't lock in payment amount until the contract was signed and at first I was told they don't lock in payment amounts SOLAR PANELS are great for the environment but the companies that are pushing them are ROTTEN and screwing people.

What we found was that Mr. Tyson and THIS COMPANY, while installing the latest technology, had an "old school" way of doing business - EVERYTHING was true, straightforward, and EVERYTHING proceeded exactly JUST as Mr. Tyson explained to us! 1994. That's no behavior i expect from a top company. When I expressed that I had been told it would be free, the individual reached out to the salesman that we spoke to, who denied ever saying that to me. Solar install did not look like what I was told it was going to. | Babylon, New York It turns out my system is not communication and I am forced to pay both PS&G and my "loan amount:" of $185. I am simply filling out this complain as he bragged about being the best on the Better Business Bureau but then goes ahead and forges someone's signature to run a credit check. International Association of Better Business Bureaus. It is their fault and believe me they will pay. Guess so. In April an individual knocked on our door to set up a consultation, which we had soon after to discuss getting solar panels.

I am glad I listened! Paid in full. The last call I was directed to leave a message, AGAIN, and the system hung up on me. She advised that they would charge $250 to have someone come out to check my system. Trinity Solar tells me they do not monitor purchased systems routinely and do not set up alerts to automatically monitor it. We look forward to hearing back from her to address her concerns. We were ordered to go before the commission last night.

The system was installed May 29. After numerous phone calls, voicemails, and emails to Trinity, they finally sent a technician to service my solar system in November 2021. | 08/19/2021. Does trinity insure my roof? He kept insisting we would be saving as much as 85% off our electric bill. The salesman, never came back a week later. | 01/11/2022, Horrible customer service! The company does not have any review for this year. We were able to explain why his installation incentive check was delayed and happy to report that's been resolved.

But due to this company is NJ based and unfamiliar with Massachusetts state solar production requirement & regulation, they failed to follow the MA state regulation and installed the monitoring system connected with the inverter. We are very pleased with Trinity and their install. We had solar panels installed on our house in March 2016 by Trinity Solar. They have admitted to knowingly installing product on a compromised structure and then shifting the blame to the consumer. We have had neighbors from around our complex who just knocked on the door and asked who our solar, because it just "looked" better than theirs! He also claimed we were currently paying 24 cents to National Grid. They changed their name because they were sued by a ton of people in Ocean County and part of the court order was that Solar Heaven was not allowed to conduct ANY business whatsoever in Ocean County for life. Trinity Solar installed a system on ****************************** roof on 12/1/2014. I feel trinity violated the contract and it should be nullified and i should be refunded my payments and any payments such as me paying off the ppa agreement as i plan to do. Two claims pending. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH. Once the service was completed (and the team left their debris and trash all over my yard), my wife and I respectfully requested to Brian to at least be forgiven the reinstall fee, since it was realistically the fault of the solar company that our roof failed. I have recommended Trinity Solar and Mr. Cruz to a few friends already. | Rockaway, New Jersey Spencer Flint knocked on my door to discuss installing solar panels on my roof. who's responsible if my roof should cave in? Upon hearing their name he remarked that we had been "installed" by the best electrical outfit in the area, and he had seen their work many times! The problem with my panels has been resolved, due to Rachel's diligence and caring. I called trinity and the financer sunnova and i was told they have no record of an email being sent to me. Theyve been keeping in contact with me throughout this whole process. Well, here we are at the end of summer 2021' and my wife and I had to have our entire roof replaced due to severe structural damage and leakage caused directly from the solar panels that were not properly rated to be installed on our roof. | 06/30/2022, Trinity Solar was excellent to work with on this project. I was recommended to the company by my cousin who had had his solar installation done by Mr. Tyson. Thanks Brian!

I have to submit that quote to insurance who would be stuck paying it. As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business. We did provide details of how much he is saving with solar, even with the change in his increased energy usage. 9/10 for sure!! Buyer Beware! We remain available for any questions or concerns he may have.

My wife and I bought our home in 2017 and wanted to have solar installed in 2018. He was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the value of solar panels. A ucc finding was placed on my home due to my applying for a Equity line of credit to pay off the amount owed on the ppa agreement. I believe its time for legal action. We also determined the information he provided regarding what he was paying before solar was not accurate. We appreciate your patience as we work through these unusual set of circumstances and hope that you were pleased with all other aspects of your solar process and installation. Trinity did so to accommodate me and said I would be fine! Why did he not explain the details the first time we spoke. 20 Patterson Brook Road Unit #10, West Wareham MA, 02576, 4 Open Square Way Suite 410, Holyoke MA, 01040, 7 McKee Place, Cheshire, Cheshire CT, 06410, 2180 5th Avenue Unit #1, Ronkonkoma NY, 11779, 62 Leone Lane Chester Industrial Park, Chester NY, 10918, 7455 New Ridge Road Suite E, Hanover MD, 21076, 170 Corporate Drive Building 1, Suite 170, Reading PA, 19605, Electrical: 34EB01547400 | NJ HIC: 13VH01244300, ELC.0195559-E1 CT, Home Improvement Contractor # HIC.0635520, Master Electric Contractor # 11834 MD, Home Improvement Contractor # 132333, Master Electric Contractor # 4434 A1 MA, Home Improvement Contractor # 170355, Home Improvement Contractor #H2409780000 Suffolk County Home Improvement Contractor #H-52821, Rhode Island Contractors Registration and Licensing Board Registration No. Please help me!Thank you,*******. She knew this decided us on going solar as the roof was 15+ years old at the time and we expected to sell the house in the next 10 yrs. We look forward to performing that analysis as soon as we received the bills. Sunnova waiting for Trinity's report so they can remove panels from claim filed one month ago. We were told they would pull all the permits with the town and go before the commission.

She renewed my faith in customer service! A year later, March 2017, I was told by my SREC company that Trinity did not connect the remote monitoring system directly to the production meter. I called *************; they sent someone on two different occasions to make sure that everything was working correctly on their part. We were told, quite literally, "Trinity Solar does not believe the integrity of a roof has anything to do with their product." The SolarEdge app can set up automated alerts to monitor for outages (there are online videos that explain the set up), however, they tell me that only an installer (like Trinity) can do that, and Me as a "system owner" cannot do it. I kept trying to point out that his numbers didnt seem to add up but he insisted hed explain it better at the next meeting so Id understand. word is trinas have poor quality and will not lasr, Sitejabbers sole mission is to increase online transparency for consumers and businesses, Sitejabber has helped over 100M consumers make better purchasing decisions online, Suspicious reviews are flagged by our algorithms, moderators, and community members. We live in a development where many of the homes have solar, so asking neighbors about how they found the companies they used, we got answers that really weren't comforting - from leaks, to electrical problems, to scheduling, to shoddy workmanship!

| 08/31/2021, Signed a contract back in April, havenot heard any updates from them ever since called them last two weeks and was not able to get any response..somewhat they don't seem to care.. Installed 2018. What are the pros and cons of solar energy? We were told that unless we find a way to hide the panels from the street. The usage has been reduced but the bill is more. My panels have been installed and I am looking forward to saving money on my energy bills. Jamieson C. I went to thier company hdqs to complain I was told that i signed a contract . For example, after the system finally be inspected and is producing electricity, the company did not set up an automatic monitoring service for our system which is different from the term of the contract. No, I'm not. The contract should have been emailed to me for revue. TOLD US WE WOULD OWN THE SYSTEM AFTER PUTTING MONEY DOWN AND WAIT AFTER A FEW YEARS. My Eversource bill is just the connection fee and I never have to worry about my system. Now, it's five stars! After he was gone i checked my email and low and behold was a DocuSign document with a credit check application all completed in my name. Trinity installed a solar system on this home for the previous homeowner in 2018. Anyone but trinity Not correct. They sold me on the service and resiliency of the system. Well come to find out they didn't. When I asked price to only remove I was told that was not an option. Trinity solar sold me solar panels and told me that I would lower my electric ****. I would never refer Trinity and am calling the BBB. Fast forward 2 months we are solicited by a Trinity sales rep, Mark Lomas (who I believe has since quit the company) and told that "SolarCity is an Elon Musk company out in a Cali, they don't care, we do thousands of homes in NJ.

We confirmed more than once that R&R of the panels would not cost us anything as it otherwise would not make financial sense for us to put up the panels. BBB Business Profiles generally cover a three-year reporting period. I would like R&R completed without cost as promised. Based on our conversation, we believe we resolved ******************** concerns as there was no hard credit check to reverse. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE. Today I was contacted by Trinity Monitoring department and told me my solar system communication was down and I checked on my phone APP and found my system has been down 2-3 weeks ago. You want to deal with a company like this? We explained that his belief of not saving money is based on incorrect comparisons. Vernon M Byron Jr. Trinity Solar called and emailed **************** on 10/25, 10/27 and 10/29/21 to discuss his concerns and work to resolve them. 00 Even though they said our roof was fine it needed replaced due to issues caused by previous roof installer. I live in Massachusetts. Everything was going fine until early December when we got a violation in the mail from the Old Kings Highway Commission. The employees were neat, and courteous. We requested ************** sends us his electric bills so we can do a thorough analysis and compare his electrical usage and his solar production. | New York, NY She refused to help in any way. They pass the buck and could have come out at any point on property to see what the problem was! We live in ************* and get a lot of snow and ice during the winter. Ive just had my solar installed about 8 months ago after purchasing our new house and it took our electrical bill down from $250+ to around $50-60 monthly.

Even more luckily, I discovered they now have a department of Customer Experience, run by a woman named Rachel. System is running for about a week and producing solar. I don't understand there total negligence, as I have been very patient with them with covid and all. By using Sitejabber, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. But the principle of the thing was the quote she told us versus actual cost that we could be paying that decided us to install solar when we sure wouldn't have if we knew this real cost. Installing solar since

Luckily, I didn't have any issues with the panels until recently. What options do I have as a private citizen to go up against such a large corporation like this? After the second time, I was told it would be taken care of. I mentioned the roof concerns, he shrugged them off and said it would be no issue. We also emailed her on 2/9/22 and 2/14/22 but received no response. Please help us spread the word of solar and recommend us to your family and friends! They have been diligent about communication and keeping us informed. As a result, the SREC company could not get the solar protection number from the SolarEdge automatic reporting system. So please be very careful if you are planning to use them. This is a commission that oversees historic areas here on the Cape. After my first month, I received a $200 bill from PS&G, the previous bill was $17 for the service delivery.

After talking to Spencer I changed my mind. I'm a new homeowner, and I would greatly appreciate some assistance in sorting this out as soon as possible.Thank you,****. I don't know what else I should do, short of retaining a attorney. How do you not know your employees? Can you please help? So im still paying JCPL 100plus per month and im paying Trinity 75 they told me my electric bill be will always be around 5 to 20 dollars because thy provide the service. She has been available, informative, extremely pleasant and helpful, has followed up on all things necessary, and generally made me feel supported and respected. Their guy, who "speced-out" the roof and job arrived precisely when and as Mr. Tyson said he would, and he was so thorough and exacting that we forgot he was on the roof of our 4400 sf house he was up there so long!!! Though we were very busy when he pulled into our driveway we invited him into our home to just take a look at our electric bill and get a picture of our electric panel after which he promised to make an appointment for another date to actually discuss the possibility of solar.

We were not in a rush to get solar panels due to this but were assured the following: there would be NO COST to ********************* of the solar panels if the roof needed to be replaced, short of "going up there and taking a ************************* to it" we would not be liable for damages to the panels, and we were "covered for 25 years", and we could get rid of the panels anytime we wanted. Please contact us at so we can work diligently to resolve this for you.

Moreover, we strictly follow our privacy policy (listed here: and do not sell or provide customer information to any 3rdparties. Brian was nice enough to inform my wife that Trinity Solar would be charging us $5000 to remove and reinstall their panels that destroyed our roof, but since they took 3 weeks to even acknowledge us, he would do us a favor and give us a 50% discount. | Milford, Connecticut I also had 3 other companies. Thank you.

I would not recommend them to anyone! On 2/26/22 we invited trinity solar our to my home. Transparency of Pricing and Sales Process, Frank Souza Tonight 15 minutes after he was scheduled to arrive I called his cell. Even if we were paying this much for all our electric, that would only amount to a 50% savings on up to 85% of the bill. The entire process was smooth, and FREE! I mentioned this to the lead and his response was. My solar system was installed by Trinity in 2015 on my 20 year old roof with 3 layers of shingles and damaged the roof in the process. ************************** accepted and signed his agreement 7 years ago. I was also told by my salesman I would receive a $1400 rebate upon my system completion. I am still in their system. When the issue was escalated, I made contact with a manager named ******. Original rep *********************************** told us a flat fee of $500 would be charged for removal and reinstallation of the system if we needed to replace the roof. We train our Sales representatives to discuss with our customers the requirements for a soft credit check, the necessary customer-related information we need to collect and provide the means with which the customer will digitally sign/initial consent for the credit check. | Gloucester City, New Jersey The system stopped working in June 2019 and till now (May 24th 2021) it is not repaired. An engineer reviews each system design to make sure the roofing system will support the installation according to proper structural engineering requirements and local building codes. As I never heard back after received a letter informing me that he "will jump right on it". My wife and I had been thinking about solar BUT none of the Sales Reps made us feel as comfortable as he did - he answered ALL our questions, was completely accessible by phone, and allayed ALL of our fears and trepidations by giving us facts and science NOT hype and salesmanship! Hi there. Worst company and customer service ever. Save yourselves tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and heartache by not dealing with this company! First, Natl Grids rates are tiered, we do not pay 24 cents for every KWH. Called Trinity to schedule R&R and was told it was $3,500 for the service. The install is beautiful and we are looking forward to the savings on our electric bill. Horrible Service Ever Encountere He made sure we were happy with the look of the system and the professionalism of the crew. Hi Richard, I'm sorry you're experiencing this situation. A Sr. ******** spoke with ******************** on 11/4 and presented him withanoffer we think will satisfy him. It turned out my solar panels didn't generate a a single watt of electricity for that entire year.

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