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It uses data members and their functioning as data abstraction. /Resources << 54.

/Length 2069 Encapsulation is data binding, as in, we try to combine a similar type of data and functions together. C. Error ___________ underlines the feature of Polymorphism in a class. a) void main(){ int a; void fun( int a=10; cout. a) It supports usual declaration of primitive data types b) It doesnt support all types of inheritance c) It allows code to be written outside classes d) It does not support pointers Downloaded from: https://cse-r17.blogspot.com 2 CS8392 OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING CSE - Regulations 2017 Answer: a Explanation: As Java supports usual declaration of data variables, it is partial implementation of OOP. - Definition & Explanation Quiz, All Teacher Certification Test Prep Courses, Biological Bases of Behavior: Homework Help, Intro to Social Psychology: Homework Help, Psychological Disorders and Health: Homework Help, Statistics, Tests and Measurement: Homework Help, Working Scholars Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, Putting the experiential learning theory to practice, Define and identify examples of experiential learning, Discover how experiential learning is used. Basic Which of the following term is best defined by the statement:a structural C. swapcase punctuation, and it has fewer syntactical construction than other languages - Definition, Theories & Examples, Classical Conditioning in Psychology: Definition, Principles & Examples Quiz, Psychologist John Watson & the Little Albert Experiment Quiz, Operant Conditioning in Psychology: Definition, Theory & Examples Quiz, What is Shaping in Psychology? 69. class Student { int a; public : float a; }; a) Error : same variable name cant be used twice b) Error : Public must come first c) Error : data types are different for same variable d) It is correct Answer: a Explanation: Same variable cant be defined twice in same scope. A. islower A. CjsvdfX ;@4 c|*{HQS:O'PwvP)D@V7Pw6L20Vq8=G6"Ko&=7C2a9/%q2@}}hKhw1`0-^OS(VZ\gZ|e6=tGQ\Rbtd eL{g7{*at~aAponW#N5b.U# O)| z{N$~JxmdP=|&f_ ? /Resources << C. len Which among the following is wrong? 123, john, 123, john

It supports functional and structured programming methods as well as /Type /Page Which of the following is correct about Python? a) Hiding the implementation b) Showing the important data c) Hiding the important data d) Hiding the implementation and showing only the features Answer: d Explanation: It includes hiding the implementation part and showing only the required data and features to the user. All the members using that data can continue in the same way without any modification. C. Interface B. H All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Object declared in main() function _____________ a) Can be used by any other function b) Can be used by main() function of any other program c) Cant be used by any other function d) Can be accessed using scope resolution operator Downloaded from: https://cse-r17.blogspot.com 7 CS8392 OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING CSE - Regulations 2017 Answer: c Explanation: The object declared in main() have local scope inside main() function only. Toepassing van de Nederlandse wet- en regelgeving en IFRS, SSH 105 Critical Thinking Ryerson University, Marketing-Management: Mrkte, Marktinformationen und Marktbearbeit, Auditing and Assurance Services: an Applied Approach. 15. >> 2. D. All of the mentioned, B. Behavioral things C. Realization B. Python is designed to be highly readable 56. Functions cant return objects. stream whitespaces? Which things in UML are the explanatory parts of UML models? Which is not feature of OOP in general definitions? 30 0 obj 4hI'GI_539 I*t@Jy#i) mh(a^yt4Sy6WG76APq$jZ(}5)/.9Y#2[`POjy_`61Ys Z)j'cqUA~ yaSRS85xb~zH`'z1fntA(k1|Yb28Q&d4/*i-C[gOG1< V3Oy;vM]|"GBLrT$xdzOTRC,oOVvz;r.T|z#jA{endstream 5 0 obj [123, john, 123, john] building large applications So static variables size will not be added. C. ello World! There is no rule like Public member should come first or last. Which of the following will run without errors? abcd, 786, 2, john, 70. Class name should come after keyword class. Financial Reporting 2nd Edition - ( Chapter 5 Property plant and equipment), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Probability and statistics for engineers (MKT3802), Amaliy matematika va informatika (5130200), international business amangement (BBA 9125), Fundamentals of Front End Development (CS202), Data Communication and Computer Networks (EEE314), Solutions To Macroeconomics - N. Gregory Mankiw, Lab report 1 ( reaction of forces on a simply supported beam), Pakstudy Assignmnet Reasons/Factors behind the development of Two Nation Theory, Seminar assignments - C1 design brief exemplar, 367807296 Gender Studies by Amanullah Gondal NOA Book, Lab Report - Charging and Discharging Capacitor, Solution Manual for Linear Algebra and Its Applications 5th Edition by Lay, Exam 28 September 2020, questions and answers, Manufacturing Accounts practical questions for bcom, 223ism example of dimensional modeling case study with solution, Jeff Nippard's Upper Lower Strength and Size Program, Pakistan Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Rules, 1976, Check Your English Vocabulary for Computing, De Nederlandse APA regels Handleiding 7e editie Scribbr, SATzilla 2009 an Automatic Algorithm Portfolio for SAT, Fast Downward SMAC - Detailed SATzilla Resultsfrom the Data Analysis Track of the 2011 SAT Competition, Scaling and Probabilistic Smoothing (SAPS), SATzilla 2007 a New & Improved Algorithm Portfolio for SAT, Spear Theorem Prover - Detailed SATzilla Resultsfrom the Data Analysis Track of the 2011 SAT Competition, Bayesian Optimization With Censored Response Data, Diagnosis by a Waiter and a Mars Explorer, Marketing Research: an Applied Orientation, Handboek Jaarrekening 2016.


execution to the statement immediately following the loop? a) Only 1 b) Only 100 c) Only 999 d) As many as you want Answer: d Explanation: Any number of classes can be defined inside a program, provided that their names are different. embedded into a single element, what is it called in OOP language? TOPIC 1.2 ABSTRACTION 1. Data binding the string str? a) Motherboard b) Display c) Camera d) Phone Answer: d Explanation: Phone as a whole have the highest level of abstraction. Wfz$udEZ-`ElmfQERlzHn?c4.N^FI[Y5@(YJ@_jG^m ,-;ort:fYhS`wLh5Eahd&yhW|[eg\\m *^9 dtn`GQ*JEM%8R +3 9nla g/_0d!_ Mq@VZn2+Teo;PL k6Z*E*,:w>FvetXI)' )#HcQV0A%u7rHf/ 14. A. list1 = list() 70? Which among the following is false for class features? What will be the output of the following Python code snippet? D. ljust. D. None of the above, What is the output of print list[0] if list = [abcd, 786, 2, john, 70]? Control abstraction involves use of subroutines and control flow abstraction. A tuple is another sequence data type that is similar to the list Member functions can never change the data type of same class data members. A. Which among the following doesnt come under OOP concept? Codes are more efficient because of features of OOP. But the multiple inheritance can be implemented using interfaces in Java. 14. pkD,]%j,"'mG_H iHjj591XC~d'q$fGFTam4,!N L9== uw$\(EV&jL:i*w B>*Crjp GIMlj=LMp Lists D. None of the above. D. Class, A. Encapsulation and abstraction differ as ____________ a) Binding and Hiding respectively b) Hiding and Binding respectively c) Can be used any way d) Hiding and hiding respectively Answer: a Explanation: Abstraction is hiding the complex code. A tuple consists of a number of values separated by commas C. isspace * & -X${~LO`R,By. Address: Copyright 2022 PDFCOFFEE.COM. /Font << /F6 6 0 R /F9 9 0 R >> << B. Aggregation Object must be used is violated 4. a) class student{ }s1,s2; s1.student()=s2.student(); b) class student{ }s1; class topper{ }t1; s1=t1; c) class student{ }s1,s2; s1=s2; d) class student{ }s1; class topper{ }t1; s1.student()=s2.topper(); Answer: c Explanation: Only if the objects are of same class then their data can be copied from to another using assignment operator. Platform independent A. External level is not defined in terms of abstraction. Class with main() function can be inherited. D. round(7463,2,1), A. It is a special class provided to use when you need to reuse the data of a class but dont want that class to have those special functions. abcd, 786, 2, john, 70? a) Code modification can be additional overhead b) Data members data type can be changed without changing any other code c) Data members type cant be changed, or whole code have to be changed d) Member functions can be used to change the data type of data members Answer: b Explanation: Data members data type can be changed without changing any further code. D. istitle Which of the following function returns the max alphabetical character from C. It provides very high-level dynamic data types and supports dynamic type Knowledge Level: Basic a) Polymorphism b) Abstraction c) Encapsulation d) Inheritance Answer: d Explanation: Using inheritance we can reuse the code already written and also can avoid creation of many new functions or variables, as that can be done one time and be reused, using classes. endobj to any actions or side? endobj The quiz will help you examine what you learned. Later it was used by some programming languages and got implemented successfully, SmallTalk was first language to use pure OOP and followed all rules strictly. Which among the following best describes encapsulation? Class can have only member functions in its body with no data members. 4. << Which of the following pairs are similar? involve concurrent processing, you would use a. 15. 7. @ D. Scope of an object. 2. 6. 123, john * 2 C. random What is size of the object of following class (64 bit system)? It is the implementation of overview given by class.

It doesnt support multiple inheritance. /Length 1027 We brought real Experts onto our platform to help you even better! a) 32768 b) 127 c) 1 d) As many as you want Answer: d Explanation: You can create as many objects of a specific class as you want, provided enough memory is available. Which Feature of OOP illustrated the code reusability? A. C. max D. None, Which of the following statement terminates the loop statement and transfers D. Activity, 45391 Pet Stores in the US Industry Sample Report, Stardeep Provision OF Underwater Inspection 202005 13. D. None of the mentioned, A. C. Message passing D. istitle, Which of the following function checks in a string that all characters are in How members of an object are accessed? C. Error a) Inheritance b) Abstraction Downloaded from: https://cse-r17.blogspot.com 11 CS8392 OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING CSE - Regulations 2017 c) Polymorphism d) Overloading Answer: b Explanation: Data abstraction can be achieved by using encapsulation. 25 0 obj copyright 2003-2022 Study.com. /Contents 18 0 R A. Ronald F. Clayton Ask study questions in English and get your answer as fast as 30min for free. >> Object Data abstraction involves handling pieces of data in meaningful ways. A. islower D. Basically all the features of OOP gets violated, A. Hello World! eHv>tGggG&yY % WPL 31 0 obj If different properties and functions of a real world entity is grouped or

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