what to do in wroclaw when it rains

The best fries of Wroclaw use only vegetable oils! Click here to access the Google map. If you like alternative Berlin you will like Nadodrze too! Pocig do Nieba The sky tower, been during daylight and also when it was dark latter the views are spectacular with the street lights on . The name WuWa stands for Wohnung und Werkraum Home and Workplace. You can find here some beautiful and very picturesque staircases and tiled floors that will be a nice add-on to your Instagram feed.

Its great seasonal attraction too. Since Wroclaw is the city of students (around 20% of the population) you can find some good nightlife options in here. click here for more details and to book the tour. Wroclaw is beautiful all year round, even when its freezing cold (been there, done that). Here you will also find Mathematical Tower offering nice views of the city. The second longest river in Poland Odra goes through Wroclaw, four smaller rivers confluent to Odra within the citys borders. This knowledge might come very handy when getting around or buying a ticket. And I guarantee you will want to come back for more! Great post, very informative, even for a person (myself) who used to live there. The best view of the Centennial Hall is from across the pond on the right side. Dwarves hunting is one of the coolest things to do in Wroclaw. For more of a unique experience, I recommend staying overnight in one of the castles near Wroclaw. When you are there be sure to walk around a bit as the park around is very pleasant too. Everyday rain or shine, some 20-40 minutes before the sunset, the lamplighter walks around the area and light up 103 original gas lamps. Over the years the station was expanded but the building remained impressive and beautiful, reminding a bit of a castle. Click here to learn more and order your Revolut card. My personal favorite dwarves are the tourist one, the one taking money from the ATM or the one eating pierogi. As of today, seven systems of shelters and tunnels belonging to the Komplex Riese are known to exist in the Owl Mountains. You can see them all in the Destinations page. Discover Europes biggest collection of things to do and guided tours. I always use the free app Maps.Me. Then click on the three dots in the upper left corner and download kmz/kml file. You can go for the boat cruise or rent a boat or kayak and explore the city yourself. You might compare it to Praga in Warsaw, Kazimierz in Krakow or Zizkov in Prague. Ive included a few handy links of services and products I personally like and use so you can plan your own trip to Poland too. The museum building is all covered in leaves that turn into all shades of autumn colors, making it look just spectacular! The second season was filmed in Wroclaw and one of the main venues was the main building of the Faculty of Architecture. And thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it! October 2021: Balkans, If you don't want to miss new posts please submit your email in the field below, Copyright 2022 - Kami and the Rest of the World / Privacy Policy.

Some of them are hidden in the gates, like the one next to the Synagogue. I am going again this coming December on the 2nd week . The biggest gems you cant miss are Aula Leopoldinum and Oratorium Marianum, both famous for its stunning Baroque decor. You need to purchase the ticket before the journey, you can do it from the ticket machine at the stop or inside the tram. There were lots of lovelocks on it but since its currently going through the renovation process they were all removed. Our Museum is usually additionally open on holidays - check it on our the website! The district is cool, hip, vibrant and on the weekends its alive until late at night. September 2021: Balkans You can also easily get to Wroclaw by train or bus from lots of cities in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. Kami, I love reading your posts, your blog, your Instagram messages! you have the misfortune to be locked up, check the 4 funeral wreath stands and wait for salvation to arrive. Hi! Sometimes you need to stop the conversation when a loud train is going above you but that just adds up to the overall atmosphere of the place. Never travel without travel insurance, you never know what might happen and better safe than sorry. You need to come here for the viewpoint at the tower of Cathedral of St. John Baptist but there is more to see in the area. The former island of Ostrw Tumski is the oldest part of Wroclaw, with remnants of the first settlement from the 10th century. Nearby you can also stop by at the university campus to find the chemistry auditorium that desperately needs renovation. Wroclaw? But its worth it! Wroclaw enjoys exceptional sunshine and the city is made for the sun. Next to the hall, you can find the Japanese Garden that apparently is very nice too (but I havent been there yet). Discover the most beautiful sights of Wroclaw, The reasons why you should visit the best European destination 2018, Experience a classic tour and visit a local Polish restaurant and brewery, Climb aboard and ride a historic tram into the Wroclaw of the past, Admire the breathtaking panorama of the Old Town, Discover the best top things to do in Wroclaw, Wroclaw is a great destination for fashion addict. Join me on Facebook for even more travel updates! Click here to read reviews and find out more about the hotel. They are often affiliate links. Recently the yard with the neons went through the renovation and now is shining brighter than before! The first dwarf appeared on the streets of Wrocaw in 2001. Are you stuck in your hotel for an hour or two because of the rain? Just kidding.

But Market Square isnt the only beautiful part of Wroclaw Old Town.

Having said that, what would you do on a rainy day in The most popular one is probably Sodowa Island that is a nice getaway from the busy center. Around the square, you can admire numerous colorful houses, one prettier than another. Toboggans, bubble baths, steam A journey through the ages with capability of playing games such as Pong, Street Fighter 2, Duke Nukem, Sensible Soccer and Mario Kart 64, which were personal indicators of my misspent youth. The National Museum itself has been established in this building in 1947 and shows exhibitions on Medieval art, Silesian art from 14th-16th century and Polish art until 19th century. There are few of these panoramas left in the world and seeing this amazing piece of history come to life through the display and narration offers a terrific peek into Polish history. Even if both places are alive until late evening you can enjoy them during the daytime too, you can come here for a delicious lunch, coffee or early drink with friends. Wroclaw was one of the first cities in Poland that were actively involved in the street art scene. The shopping centre is a perfect place to stay during a rainy day. Its not the place for faint-hearted as looking down might give you chills but if you are brave enough you can enjoy a really nice view of Market Square and beyond. The lamp lighter is one of the things I want to see In my 2 visits I didnt see him . The Centennial Hall was opened in 1913 when Wroclaw hosted the Centennial Exhibition for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig. A 400ft x 50ft painting that commemorates the Battle of Raclawice in 1794.

The Four Temples District is just a stones throw away from the Market Place and besides the said temples you can find here multiple cafes, restaurants and pubs. Revolut bank card is the best way to save money when traveling. We invite you to play on more than 20 computers / consoles / arcade machines and to watch our collection of 200 machines and toys from the '70's-'90's. One of them is at Plac Teatralny 1, entrance is next to the Niezy Dym pizza place. Also view from a sky tower might be a treat. Whatever you want to do youll find it here. So-called sedesowce (or Wroclaws Manhattan) were designed by the well known local architect Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak and built between 1970 and 1973. You are welcome to join him in his walk around, peek into his job and chat a bit. It looks impressive already from the outside but its still nothing in comparison with the interior. And I would definitely mention Christmas market held in December (very big and festive definitely worth seeing). The ticket costs 3,40 PLN one way (around 0,80). So they got a cable car to be in time for classes. Then you will be able to use the map offline when you visit Wroclaw! Try to be here before the dusk. Fun fact, you can find Wroclaw dwarves not only in Wroclaw but also in its sister cities, like Kaunas Lithuania or Lviv Ukraine! Join my Facebook group about Eastern Europe, the Balkans and former USSR and connect with fellow travellers and enthusiasts of these regions . It was a very innovative project for its times, one of the first with the use of concrete. This city is so amazing, isnt it? The medieval Market Square is now a pedestrian zone and the heart of the city. The whole Market Square was badly destroyed during World War 2 and what you can admire now might be a reconstruction but, just like in Warsaw Old Town, it was done perfectly well and the place is just stunning. The Rynek (central square), lined by colorful buildings, is one of the citys most popular destinations. Here is the list of some amazing things to do in Wroclaw that you might enjoy! At the exhibition you can touch the animals and make a photo with them. The church itself is worth the visit while in Wroclaw. The city is amazing, Im sure you will enjoy it! You have gone to so many fascinating places off the Western Tourists map. In order to be ready for tonight and enjoy the best restaurants and bars of Wroclaw and show off the new clothes you have just bought, enjoy this time to beef up your buttocks and We then climbed up the stairs reaching the top of the Mathematical Tower with a beautiful view over the old town. What a great blog, Kami! You can buy the ticket in the bus, payment is made by card. Here are some of the recommended places to stay in Wroclaw: Most of the things to do in Wroclaw are within a walking distance from each other. No one knows exactly how many dwarves are in the city, currently the estimated number is over 400 and its still growing. During my last trip to Wroclaw, however, I focused on sightseeing too so I could remind myself of some of the great Wroclaw attractions, discover new things to do in Wroclaw and fall in love with the city all over again.

First im going to Zakopane then train to Wroclaw then fly back home in Malta. You dont need to limit yourself with day trips from Wroclaw to Poland only. Originally (in medieval times) built across several islands, the city still has many lovely bridges and beautiful architecture. The bridge leading to Ostrow Tumski, Most Tumski, is known as the lovers bridge. I'm Kami, a solo female frugal traveler from Poland! With the ticket to the tower, you can also see the beautiful interior of the university building as well as Aula Leopoldinum a real baroque masterpiece. Jump in! You can check the insurance policy for Poland here. Over the centuries the city has been developing rapidly, also due to the fact that two important trade routes crossed here (Via Regia and Amber Road). On a very small area between Ruska and Wodkowica streets, you can find four temples (hence the name of the place): Orthodox Church, Roman-Catholic Church, Synagogue and Evangelical Church (this reminds me a bit of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Jerusalem, Israel). We advise you to visit the Renoma shopping centre or The district, with cobbled streets and tenant houses from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, is full of cozy cafes, street art, charming corners, craftsmens shops and lots of tiny details that make the place unique. All the best on your future travels! Im sure you will enjoy it again in December and I hope you will meet the lamp lighter this time its so much fun to follow him around! It was rebuilt after WW2 and now you can admire some spectacular monuments inside, such as a triptych Dormition of Mary from 1552 or many tombstones from the Middle Ages. Wroclaw is a perfect city to see from the waters perspective and thats what you should definitely do when the weather is good! We had a great experience handling many reptiles and animals, price isnt expensive and the staff have a good knowledge of the animals they look after The most beautiful and impressive ones are the Grunwaldzki Bridge and Zwierzyniecki Bridge. Put your umbrella at the entrance and I'm working full time and balancing my job with extensive travels all over the world. There are plenty of Wroclaw accommodation options so you will surely find something for your needs. The train to heaven monument is also worth a visit. Thousands of square meters of shops await you. It looks like from a fairy tale, it makes my jaw drop every single time I see it. Check the insurance rates here! The interior is splendid and rich in decorations. You need to ring the bell to enter the door but its definitely worth it! Best way to save money when traveling is to use Revolut bank card. Roses, tulips, lily of the valley,everything you want, Inside the cathedral we can admire precious statues and paintings, The second largest botanical garden in Poland, Discover its churches, parks and the bridge, Everyone gravitates around the covered market, Known worldwide for the beauty of its colourful facades, There is always something to see or do in Wroclaw, One thing is certain, they will not be bored for a minute in Wroclaw, Admire a unique collection of neon lights at dusk, Certainly one of the best waterparks in Europe, You will discover Africas various ecosystems, One of the most beautiful swimming pool in Europe, One of the most beautiful and largest zoos in Poland, One of the best new modern gyms in Europe, Everything is done to help you understand the cycle of water, The Japanese garden is definitely worth a visit, Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffee and other drinks, Unique cocktails, local beers, healthy and tasty dishes.
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