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#WeTheNorth pic.twitter.com/qksWIIFlLe. Others? This jersey is absolutely amazing and is a great mix of retro and modern. The text is meant to replicate Los Angeles tattoo art, and looks pretty cool. Purple Rain inspired Minnesota Timberwolves uniforms as a nod to Prince pic.twitter.com/TAuZvBaJdR. For the second straight year, they've churned out a very boring and disappointing effort to do so. Carlos Sainz saw his Austrian Grand Prix run come to a fiery end, marking his fourth DNF in 11 races. Our summary Storytelling done right. The NBA and Nike have revealed the 'City Edition' jerseys for the 2019-20 season and we ranked them from worst to best. The 2019-2020 Oklahoma City Thunder City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey honors the memory of those lost and those whose lives were changed forever by the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. This is the first design on this list that didnt need a lot of fixing to be good. The 2019-2020 Indiana Pacers City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey connects the regions rich legacy of high-speed competition to the teams modern identity. It also has a stripe running down the side, which is supposed to represent the crack in the liberty bell. This is what fans want!! timberwolves Houston did this last year as well, but the new version is a massive upgrade. The blue and gold colors represent the citys flag and the checkered stripe is used to honor the citys racing background. The 2018-19 City Edition In Photos! It has neon green stripes, a light to dark blue gradient, and big graffiti letters. They feature stripes in warm colors running along the jersey and the citys name on the front. These are simple yet really good.

For the second straight year, the Suns are paying tribute to their Hispanic community in Arizona with their City look. We've already seen a wide variety of City unis that deviate from traditional looks, and many of them have been received quite well. These new Warriors jerseys are a recolor of their Statement uniforms from last year. The city theme is to draw fans closer to their home teams more ever than before. They should have kept it that way. The Hornets city jerseys this year are just boring. pic.twitter.com/2JFQhEy0Dk. Magic x @nike x CityOn Sale at Orlando Magic Team Shop: Nov. 9 On Court: Nov. 14 vs. @sixers pic.twitter.com/o64Y6vQfQP. This year's Raptors' City jersey is basically the same OVO collaboration as we saw last year, but with a white uniform instead of black. The New York Knicks City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey celebrates the Big Apple as seen from towering vantage points, with side panel graphics reflecting the citys impressive skyline. Our summary This is what the 'City Edition' uniforms are all about. The gold trim looks great, but the solid green neck and arm stripe makes the jersey look a little bland. The uniforms are in classic Laker purple & gold and has every number retired by the Lakers running down both sides. Nike's summary Brooklyns Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood holds a special place in hip-hop lore as the home of one of the boroughs most famous native sons. As we saw last year, the NBA City Edition uniforms act as a way for Nike and all 30 teams to pay tribute to the state or region represented by the team. It is Nikes third year as the NBAs official uniform supplier, which means there is a new set of City Edition uniforms for teams.

Its a powerful symbol that unites Chicagoans and reminds them that no matter what, they are a family. The racing stripes dont make it any better either. For the third year in a row, the Spurs are wearing this dark gray camo uniform. pic.twitter.com/3nVJZmwTyN. Nothing. The orange and blue reflects the team's color scheme from the 1980s-90s, while the wave pattern is a nod to Lake Erie and the jersey design that the team used in 1994 when they returned to downtown Cleveland. notoriety modern jerseys ranking nba edition Inspired by the regions natural hues, the 2019-2020 Denver Nuggets City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey refreshes the teams iconic rainbow skyline logo with a black base and white letters and numbers. pic.twitter.com/6t6Umsq53Z. Our summary These are not necessarily bad, but the nickname just throws everything off. Our summary Not sure if I like these or hate them but ehhh. The phrase embodies local pride in what makes Portland wonderfully weird and uniquefrom its culture and community to the streets and bridges that connect the City of Roses. The Nets are sticking with the Biggie Smalls-inspired designs with their City Jerseys this year. Plus, it looks a worse copycat of the Grizzlies' City jersey (further down on this list). Philadelphias City Jerseys are not only detailed but also have meaning. Bravo OKC. The jersey is vibrant, colorful and fun, which is exactly what you want in a Mardi Gras uniform. Here are the ones we did in 2017 and 2018. The only notable feature of this jersey is that it features the New York skyline on both sides. Comparison of Kings' City alternates. These uniforms are a black version of last years City Jerseys, which were a redesign on the Nuggets old rainbow skyline jersey. The Clippers are all business and these uniforms represent that. Above the jock tag, Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler appearsNew Orleans unofficial motto meaning let the good times roll.. The Raptors never disappoint, and the same goes with their jerseys. Nike's summary Continuing with the Lore Series, the 2019-2020 Los Angeles Lakers City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey honors the larger-than-life player at the center of the teams early 21st-Century dominance. As Durant tries to get out of Brooklyn, Golden State general manager Bob Myers assesses his roster: I like our team.. The neckline and armhole details reference the Knickerbocker era, uniting the team's classic and modern identities. Now the only thing left for the Heat to do is make the set their full-time primaries. These jerseys have stripes on the side that replicate Biggies famous Coogi sweater, and the front of the jersey features the term Bed-Stuy in graffiti letters. The Knicks, like the Celtics, also dont have a lot of different designs over the years, and it would have been great to see the team do something special this year. The 2019-2020 Chicago Bulls City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey celebrates that homegrown affection with red and white stripes trimming a cool blue backgroundvivid colors inspired by Chicagos iconic city flag. nba It's called the OVO City Jersey. The Toronto Raptors have unveiled their 4th uniform also known as their "City Edition" Nike jerseys. These look great and would have looked good on LeBron. The bird feathering design down the side of these unis is a pretty unique and cool feature, but the rest of the jersey isn't all that exciting. This design was a great choice by the Thunder and it is a great way to honor the community they play for. Last season on left, this season on right. 9:50 pm ET, Myers suggests Warriors won't trade for Durant, NBA offseason winners, losers: Lakers still maneuvering, 76ers unveil plans for new arena set to be ready by '31, Report: Lacob fined $500K for luxury tax comments, Why Harden's new 2-year deal is ideal for him, 76ers, Report: Harden agrees to two-year deal with Sixers, Hornets' Bridges pleads not guilty to domestic violence, Report: Durant's talks with Nets have been 'sparse', Report: Lakers re-engage Pacers on Hield trade talks. Like the Knicks, the Pelicans are also recyling last year's uniforms. I don't know how they are going to top this next season but I am fine with them bringing it back. After using last year's City jersey to honor Kobe Bryant, the Lakers have chosen to use this year's to honor another team legend in Magic Johnson. They are not bad but would have loved to see a new theme this year. It also pays tribute to heroic first responders and the resilience of the community. This uniform isn't terrible, but it's rather boring, unspectacular and safe. The Bulls approached their City look with a minimalistic approach and came away with a pretty surprising winner. I did not know that Milwaukee was nicknamed the Cream City and I never needed to know that. -> https://t.co/pOI0li8VGS#doitBIG pic.twitter.com/i5Fv1RvcgZ. Our City Edition uniform represents your stories, languages, neighborhoods and ambitions. They did a good job incorporating a lot of elements from Warriors uniforms past and present while also mixing in elements of Chinese culture. Nike's summary Utahs time-etched landscape proves that patience truly is a virtue. The jerseys have a Mardi Gras pattern and have the citys nickname on the front. For the culture. It feels like they would have been better off trying to work in their usual striping. Available at the MSG Team Store. Nike's summary Minnesota is known for being nice. However, there's no denying that the skyline striping going down the side of the uniform is incredible. Graphic interpretations of I-15 and I-70 run down the sides, representing the highways that lead from Salt Lake City to Utahs renowned parks. Between the dark jersey and the non-arched wordmark, this doesn't really feel like a Knicks jersey -- even if it is a loose throwback to what the team wore in the 1950s. New York City is the most iconic, revered metropolis in American historywith a skyline you have to see to believe. I like these in a weird way.

The 2019-2020 Boston Celtics City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey honors the citys roots with a green background emblazoned with Gaelic-inspired lettering and numbering and trimmed with Celtic knot-inspired details. Our summary If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Out of tragedy came hope, and a commitment Oklahomans made to come together as one in the spirit of service, honor and kindness. More info here: https://t.co/4gMVG1sqM6 pic.twitter.com/yhsoyynMqI. The uniform has a black and gold colorway and has the citys name in large block text on the front. The Thunder have the worst uniform set in the league and, frankly, it's rather staggering that their primary look has survived for so long. Nike's summary From the intensity of the Sonoran Desert to the singular vastness of the Grand Canyon, Arizona is a land of beautiful extremes.

The 2019-2020 LA Clippers City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey honors the diversity and vitality of the City of Angels with an ornate Los Angeles wordmark inspired by L.A. tattoo art. From the teams name, logo and colors to its beloved mascot, Boston and Irish heritage are inseparably woven together like threads in a Celtic knot. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The 2018-19 #Hornets City Uniforms. Theyre trying to do a throwback but the Kings have never had a jersey that red. Loss for words. It features Portland's typical black and red but mixes in some gray and has a sleek, minimalistic take on the Blazers' jersey sash. Drake's influence still reigns supreme in Toronto. The state's friendly reputation comes from its people, but 'nice' means beautiful, too. I like the incorporation of pinstripes to honor Magic's business side, but the front looks a little too busy with the full "Los Angeles" included in the Lakers' wordmark. Perfect uniforms. Our summaryA tribute done right. Everything about this uniform is a mess. Theres nothing special about these jerseys, and its disappointing because the Lakers are one of the best in the league. (Rip) City Edition pic.twitter.com/N9TgiKFejq. All Rights Reserved. Our summary No to roadlines on jerseys. First game is Friday. Nike summary Situated in the heart of the California gold rush country, Sacramento has a history of sudden transformations. Sorry Mavericks fans. Comparison of Suns City Edition alternates. The checkered stripe symbolizes not only the citys deep ties to auto racing but the Pacers tireless pursuit of victory. The design and font choice is fine but Cream City is not. Not so much. Sanders is taking exception at the decision by a SWAC foe to move the game to a nearby NFL stadium. These jerseys were designed by Shaq because why wouldnt they be. The colors of this design and the Peachtree nickname make this one of the best City Jerseys this year. The Magic want to honor Orlandos citrus-based background with these orange-colored jerseys. The jerseys are good but could use more flair. All for a Bad Boys theme in the future. The Clips' usual number style doesn't seem to fit great with the vibe of the jersey, but otherwise it's an awesome uniform. Toronto across the chest references the Raptors word mark from the teams original jerseya brilliant blending of past and future. Creative like the people known for taking what theyve got and making something special. Cleveland will mark the 25-year-olds fifth NFL destination since being drafted in 2018. Our summary"Sweeetttt like PEACHTREEEEEEE". Here are the highlights and the lowlights of the new uniforms. The Hornets have one of the best color schemes in the NBA but the grey is just boring. It is a great effort and I love the storytelling, but the jersey should have been black. Like the 49ers who came and staked a claim in the hopes of striking it rich, the Kings are hungry for championship gold. The 2019-2020 Atlanta Hawks City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey embodies the citys influence, creativity and infectious confidence, brought to life with colors and graphics inspired by the peach trees that line the streets. The black is a tad bit superior, but this is still a pretty sleek and attractive jersey. Over the past week, every NBA team has released their new City Edition jerseys for this year. They look good and honor the city. Our summaryWould have easily been in the top five but wish they kept "Brooklyn" on the jersey instead of "BED-STUY". The 2019-2020 New Orleans Pelicans City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey brings back the Mardi Gras-inspired look, with the Carnivalesque purple, green and gold bands symbolizing justice, faith and power. The front of the uniform has the teams alternate logo, which is a nice touch. It features the Rip City nickname on the front and has modern design accents that complement its retro coloring. pic.twitter.com/sHaghoDCBm. With this year's crop starting to trickle out one-by-one in recent weeks, we're going to highlight (and rank) them all here. I just wish they had gone with literally any other base color. The color scheme comes from Chicagos flag, which is a good choice, but the logo on the front should have been replaced with Chicago or Bulls. They could have also just done the same jerseys from last year but made it white instead of black. pic.twitter.com/Sh0dJ2X04C, #Rockets Auspicious Clouds City Edition jerseys. Just expected more especially when your owner is Michael Jordan. Nike's summary Cream City represents everything Milwaukee stands for, and the 2019-2020 Milwaukee Bucks City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey embodies it. It was going to take a lot to top their uniforms from last year, but the Timberwolves did a good job. Flush with Laker gold, the jersey features vintage drop-shadow graphics, a wishbone collar, and vortex-like panels inspired by his impossible-to-defend spin move. @Hornets | #BuzzCity | #Hornets30 pic.twitter.com/jQgFyzkK6P. Overall, this is a very different and very cool uni for the Cavs. Instead, we have a uniform that falls disappointingly short of its potential.

#MotorCityOur new black City Edition jerseys are based on inspiration from automotive culture and the hard-nosed mentality of Detroit.On-court debut November 23! H-Town across the chest salutes Houstons popular nickname. The Cavs created a throwback design this year, and it commemorates the teams past. It's an old school look that brings a touch of cutting-edge cool. Our city. But I hate that they completely abandoned their red, white and blue color scheme to go with a boring black alternate. The former MLB and NFL superstar revealed he made a previously anonymous donation to cover costs for grieving families. Showcasing elements of @MagicJohnsons life on-and-off court, from the scoop neck to the pinstripes pic.twitter.com/i9adbtc2zJ. It has a navy colorway, with multicolor stripes on the side. (Note: The Utah Jazzand San Antonio Spurs are not included in this list because they're using the same City uniform from last season.). NBA fans probably wont see much of this jersey though, because theres no good reason to be watching the Hornets this year. The Nuggets continue to amaze us, improving upon their jerseys from last year. Stars down the sides contain jersey numbers the team has retired. Not only is it gorgeous and vibrant, it's also the first turquoise NBA uniform to pay tribute to Native American culture. We are so used to the iconic green and white colorway scheme that this is just blasphemous. The Bucks have embraced the Mecca era a few times recently, most notably with the throwback court design. The 2019-2020 Minnesota Timberwolves City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey honors the Twin Cities beautiful blending of nature and culture while giving a nod to the history of Minnesota basketball. 2004-2022 CBS Interactive. Say hello to our 2018-19 City Edition. Our summary These should just be their regular uniforms. These jerseys are a good way to pay respects to the city that housed the Warriors for 47 years before they moved to San Francisco. The uniforms feature Philadelphia on the front, and the color is inspired by the Constitutions parchment paper. Nike's summary Built with commitment and sacrifice, Philadelphia became the foundation upon which an entire nation arose. Like the Warriors, the Rockets are embracing their Chinese market with their City uniform. Going with the Mardi Gras theme for the City jerseys was a no-brainer, and the execution is very solid here. The Grizzlies are the only team this year without a city edition uniform, but they did bring back these beloved retros. Nike's summary As mission control for Americas moonshot, Houston set a shining example of what a team could accomplish together. This is the Heats fourth version of the Miami Vice design, and it could be their best. The detailing and storytelling is ridiculous.

The uniforms feature the citys nickname H-Town on the front and have a spacesuit design. This jersey is simple, yet so effective. Can't win 'em all, I guess. Detroit's red, white and blue color scheme is great, so I wish they had incorporated it here or at least thrown it back to those weird teal jerseys from the 90s. These uniforms are in a beautiful gold and black colorway and feature Toronto in the same font as their old jerseys. Blue and gold colors represent the state flag as well as the teams uniform during their championship era. It's a shame because the Pacers' current primaries are some of the nicest in the league. Unless youre a Mavericks fan. THE SHORTS!! The Nuggets' skyline jerseys are their always their best, so it's a shame that they don't wear them full-time. Nike's summary April 19, 1995 forever changed Oklahoma and the nation. All for supporting the troops but wish the Spurs went in a different direction with these uniforms. The NBA had some pretty great jerseys this year, and most fans should be happy with their teams design. This is the Magics first time going orange, and it couldve been done better if they just recolored their old jerseys. The 2019-2020 Toronto Raptors City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey combines elements of the teams origins with a modern color scheme. I'm not overly crazy about the navy blue collar and no arm stripes, but overall I like these a lot. New Threads#ThisisCLE pic.twitter.com/AJ0DsjlcZm. These uniforms do succeed in being very orange. Our summary Shaq is an incredible marketing guru but this design falls flat. #WearNewYork pic.twitter.com/1yeyXaRuo0. They might be the best of the Grizzlies' current set, though. "The District of Columbia" on the front is a pretty badass alternative to the Wizards' typical wordmark on the front of their jerseys, and the Washington Monument running up the side of the uniform is pretty neat. The number 5280 above the jock tag represents the citys mile-high altitude. In sharp contrast to the navy background, it features multicolor stripes along the sides and a featherlike Cle wordmarkboth inspired by throwback Cavs uniforms. I included them in our best jerseys of all-time roundup last season. Thunder Unveils New Turquoise Uniform Honoring Oklahoma's Native American Heritage https://t.co/savSXku6JW pic.twitter.com/70Ob94B7rH. No but appreciate the effort. Why is it so red? The Clippers' City look brings a nod to the 1984 Olympics, which were held in Los Angeles and happened to coincide with the year of the Clippers' inaugural season. The approach: take features from a teams city and incorporate them into the jersey designwhether that is famous architecture, landmarks, famous figures, mottos, art and other notable things. I feel like the entire purpose of the City uniforms is so that teams can really go for it and get creative, so I'm not a fan of this play. The Grizzlies decided to use their City jersey to pay tribute to Memphis' rich wrestling history. Nike's summary People around the world know of South Beach, but unless youre from Miami-Dade, you might not know that it's one of the most beautiful, culturally diverse cities in the world. Love podcasts or audiobooks? Nike's summary Celebrating the teams 50th anniversary, the 2019-2020 Cleveland Cavaliers City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey honors the big moments in club history while signaling to the world that this is the team for the future. This jersey is just ugly as hell. The city's script wordmark is a nice touch as well. This year the Trail Blazers are using a throwback design, and it was a great choice. FIRST LOOK: Grizzlies' new City alternate. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. One has to assume the hangover and regrets are sold separately. I cant lie though. Panthers head coach rips former assistant, now at Nebraska, for failure to run the ball effectively. The color scheme makes looks a bit more like a Cavs uniform than a Rockets uni, but it's a beauty regardless. For the up-and-coming Utah Jazz and their rabid fan base, that patience is poised to pay off. Just boring. The jersey has the same Motor City tagline on the front, which is fine, but the color of the jersey is just a no. The 2019-2020 Detroit Pistons City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey celebrates the citys toughness and gritty attitude through its deep connection to muscle car culture. Theyre not bad, but the throwback uniforms the team is using this year are way better. You could have had the regular color scheme work as an accent somewhere. section: | slug: ranking-nba-city-uniforms-for-2018-2019-heres-the-best-and-worst-jerseys-from-across-the-league | sport: basketball | route: article_single.us | The Suns are representing Phoenixs Hispanic community with their City Edition Jerseys this year. Nike's summary 'Salute the troops' is more than a sloganits an ethos woven into the fabric of San Antonios community. #TrueMaverick Shop the collection: https://t.co/BdAi10YPj7 pic.twitter.com/0b45ec4bkV. Highest Floor and Highest Upside in Each Round. Nike's summary To Portlanders, Rip City is more than a rallying cry. Paying tribute to Big Ds quirky quarter thats famous for its colorful murals and eclectic nightlife, the 2019-2020 Dallas Mavericks City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey features electric colors from the Dallas skyline, with Mavs lettering inspired by Deep Ellum art. !| https://t.co/7wxxVFZDhS pic.twitter.com/7O6W1JwU5M. 2022 ABG-SI LLC. Good thing the Spurs chose camo because this season, theyve disappeared on the court. Brings me back to the classic navy-blue uniforms LeBron used to wear. Proud to have officially launched our Y2 City Edition Jersey! The Cavs went with a bold City uni that deviates pretty far from their current look. The prominent "LA" wordmark across the front of the jersey is a strong tribute to the '84 Olympic logo, and the five stars running down the side are reminiscent of the uniforms that Team USA wore during those Games. And the everyday dedication Milwaukeeans show, not only for their beloved Bucks, but in building an inclusive future. It feels like the Celtics went with a really safe play here. Our summary Not sure why the team didn't hand the keys over to Travis Scott for this. If the Spurs chose to wear a fiesta-themed jersey like their fans wanted, they could easily have one of the best designs in the league. The jersey has a baby blue colorway and features MSP on the front, which is a reference to the MinneapolisSaint Paul International Airport. Celebrating all things Central Florida and its rich legacy, the 2019-2020 Orlando Magic City Edition Nike NBA Authentic Jersey honors the regions time-honored citrus connection with pops of vivid orange that double as a symbol of the citys role in space exploration. Great job to commemorate the teams 50 anniversary. X #THERETURNOFTHERAINBOW pic.twitter.com/V5TMXtAl9K. Flipping the colors from last seasons City Edition uniform, it features Motor City lettering and blue racing stripes engineered with a pattern inspired by carbon fiberan automotive theme that symbolizes the teams drive to win. Is it the best jersey they could have come up with? I Predicted Kohlis Slump: Science Can Explain Why? That being said, they might be better than the Lakers' other purple jerseys this year. with the Coogi sweater pattern in the trim is such a subtle but incredible move that turns their typical, somewhat-bland primary uniforms into a work of art. It's not a bold or daring alternate, but it's a sleek and solid look. The city of Indiana has a strong connection to auto racing, and it shows with this years City Edition Jerseys. These Pistons jerseys make it seem like theyre going to pick up Messi in free agency. This uniform represents its city and all of the 305, but it also has a vibrant design with distinct lettering.

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