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(We'll save you looking: none. PCloud is another service vying for the title of Best cloud storage provider, thanks to features like its built-in players, powerful file sharing tools and great value lifetime plans. Prices are higher than many at 41.88 Euros for a one-year, 200GB plan, or 107.88 Euros for 2TB. And security features such as two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption keep your data and transfers safe. $175 one time payment, Monthly price for 3 years of use, $350 one time payment, Monthly price for 3 years of use. It has its faults, but it also has a lot to offer, starting off with 15GB of storage and unlimited access to other core Google Workspace products, including Gmail, Google Docs and more. ), Worried about lengthy download times if you need to restore everything? ), All this looks costly at first glance, with pCloud asking 42.99 a year for just 500GB storage, or 85.99 for 2TB. Public cloud: a network of computers which offers cloud services to the public via the internet. A Google account? For your $8, you gain 2TB of storage space, making it one of the best cloud storage for documents, especially for families who need the storage capacity to store important documents and cherished digital mementos. A 10GB free plan gives you an easy way to get started, although with some restrictions (no client-side encryption, a 3GB/ day bandwidth limit.) There was a problem. If you're a cloud storage newbie then we'll point you in the right direction by explaining what cloud storage is, how cloud storage benefits you and how to choose your perfect provider. While youre more likely to see cloud storage deals around Black Friday, theres nothing stopping you from switching to a new cloud storage provider right now. We begin our cloud storage reviews with a close inspection of the service's key features.

As you'll probably guess from the name, Sync is a straightforward file syncing service: install the app across all your hardware, drop a file into the Sync folder on one device, and it'll quickly appear on all the others.

Even if an attacker can intercept your communications, they won't be able to read your files. Edit a file on one of your devices, for instance, and a cloud storage service which supports syncing will quickly upload the new version to all the others. But wait: choose pCloud's lifetime plans and you could get 500GB, forever, for a one-off 149, or 2TB for 299 (that won't even get you three years of protection with some providers 2TB accounts.).

Finding the best cloud storage provider can look like a challenge, with all kinds of factors and issues to consider. It's built in. Amazon is widely credited with launching the first true cloud storage. Youll find few cloud storage services offering such generous free storage. Private encryption key: a method of encryption which means only you can access your encrypted files. Like pCloud for Family, this gives you unlimited and indefinite access to the storage youve purchased.

Backblaze is a comprehensive backup tool which offers unlimited storage, and right now you can get one Backblaze year for free when purchased with ExpressVPN. Although its not meant to be used as a personal cloud storage solution, its the cheapest unlimited storage option, starting at just $30 per month. However much you've got to spend, the real advantage of a free plan is it gives you time to try out different platforms before you commit. Facebook and Twitter provide free cloud storage when they allow users to store photos and videos on their servers, for instance, while even the most basic free Google account gets you 15GB of cloud storage space via the Google Drive app. How to Access the Deep Web and the Dark Net, How to Securely Store Passwords in 2022: Best Secure Password Storage, How to Create a Strong Password in 2022: Secure Password Generator & 6 Tips for Strong Passwords, MP4 Repair: How to Fix Corrupted Video Files in 2019, Quick Guide: The Cheapest Cloud Storage Deals, What to Look For in the Cheapest Cloud Storage Deals. Simple Storage Service or S3 was unveiled in March 2006, almost 16 years ago. pCloud is cheap cloud storage but it has all the features youd expect from its position as a top-tier cloud storage service. Ingress: the transfer of data into a network, such as uploading a file to a cloud storage account. Like the free plan, though, Icedrive comes with bandwidth caps, which may make it a less appealing option than some of the other providers on this list.

If you want to increase the usefulness of your Google Drive storage, you can add one of thousands of third-party Google Drive apps to your account. This one-off payment can cost as much as $1,400 for a lifetime Family plan. You'll want to consider a provider's cost and capacity, too, but be careful. There are no bandwidth limitations applied to this storage, so youre free to use it however you like (as long as it doesnt violate Googles privacy policy). (See Egress. Whichever provider you choose, youll be guaranteed good storage and quality features at a decent price that wont break the bank. That resource is usually located in a server housed in a data center (but not always) alongside potentially hundreds of others. $50 off Sync's yearly plans (opens in new tab). Given the number of cloud storage providers on the market today - from tech giants like Google to smaller, more niche players - choosing the solution thats right for you isnt easy. You can often restore any previous version of the document from the last 30 days, and sometimes more - a real life-saver. End-to-end and zero-knowledge encryption prevents anyone accessing your data, and once your files are uploaded, they're split into parts and spread around a peer-to-peer network. Sign up to theTechRadar Pro newsletter to get all the top news, opinion, features and guidance your business needs to succeed! The other thing youll probably want to consider is cost. Theres also a 30-day money-back guarantee if youre not satisfied with the service initially. IDrive (opens in new tab), the cloud storage veteran, delivers tons of storage online for an incredibly small outlay, across a wide range of platforms. There's more to a great cloud storage provider than the length of their feature list, though. IDrive tops our best cloud storage charts with its appealing mix of easy-to-use apps, excellent backup tools, strong security and great value. Longtime readers will already be aware that were big fans of, which offers an impressive set of features at an affordable price. Sync: the process of keeping a set of files up-to-date across two or more devices. Maximum security data centers ensure no unauthorized person gets access to their servers, and even if someone did break in, leading-edge encryption prevents an attacker viewing your data. And comprehensive backup tools allow protecting everything from individual files and folders, to creating a complete image of your device, for easy recovery after a disaster. (IDrive can even send you a physical drive with all your data, a big plus if you've a slow internet connection and itll take an age to download.). Don't simply opt for a high-capacity plan just because it seeks better value: think about whether you really need that much space.

For just $19.99 a year (an equivalent $1.67 a month), you gain 150GB of storage, which is more than enough for files and a modest photo and video collection. Yes, MEGA has a confusing history, with concerns about its founder Kim Dotcom putting some users off, not to mention some concerns about potential Chinese government ownership. Most cloud storage keeps previous versions of your files for up to 30 days, for instance, but that's not always the case. Plus, as the name suggests, Microsoft 365 is the all-inclusive subscription service for Microsoft productivity services. We've got the key terms you need to know. Heres why you can trust us. Bandwidth caps range from 250GB a month for the 150GB Lite plan and up to 8TB a month for the 5TB Pro+ plan. - Writer, Former Chief Editor.

Other than the apps included (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, OneNote and PowerPoint), you get AI-powered creative tools and 60 minutes of Skype calling per month. Most users will want to try out MEGAs impressive free storage, which offers 20GB for free. If you need to share your files, but youre worried about your privacy and file security, then you can use Icedrives share timeout feature, which can also be password-protected to provide even more limited access. You control your encryption keys, and it saves your access times only temporarily. Our Dropbox vs MEGA comparison will tell you more, as will our earlier Dropbox review. Microsoft 365 (opens in new tab) users who store their documents on OneDrive get auto saving to the cloud, and collaboration options including the ability to work on documents simultaneously with others, direct from the Office apps or web interface. Perhaps the best thing to do when choosing a cloud storage provider is simply to shop around. Of course, if 2TB is far too much storage for your needs, you can cut the price tag almost in half and take advantage of Sync.coms 200GB Personal plan for $5 a month. Almost everyone who has a smartphone or an email address has a cloud storage account of some sort. Be sure to check your cloud contract carefully to ensure you dont receive an unexpectedly large bill. Fortunately, the company does this very well. Do you have your own thoughts or an amazing deal youd love to share with us? Zero-knowledge encryption: a guarantee that no-one else, not even your cloud provider, has the password necessary to protect your data. How much storage space do you get? You will receive a verification email shortly. If youre still not convinced, then Icedrive or MEGA might be good alternative options, even if they lack the reputation of the bigger providers on our list. Get unlimited BackBlaze Cloud Backup FREE (opens in new tab)

A list of uploaded files in the Google Drive web interface. Microsoft 365 Family | $99.99 for 1-year (opens in new tab) What to consider when choosing cloud storage services, How we chose the best cloud storage providers, If you want to learn more about cloud storage. The MEGA web interface, displayed in a web browser. You wont have to look far to find your nearest cloud storage service, though, because theres a very good chance you have access to one already. OneDrive offers just one subscription plan under its own name, matching Google Drives own Google One offering. Look for a cloud storage provider that can boast the certifications that promise an SLA you can rely on - and safeguards that protect your data. Normally, it runs to $224, but you can pick up this plan for $149 now, which is a third off. Youll also gain access to mobile apps for Android and iPhone devices, as well as a desktop client thats easy to use and navigate.

Getting started is easy. Smart security touches include two-factor verification to protect your account, while a private encryption key ensures no-one (not even Backblaze) can access your files online. Great read. Thats not to say that Google Drive is the best cloud storage provider out there, because as this list proves, there are better options. If privacy is important, there are certainly better options on this list, from to our honorable mention further down, MEGA. If youre curious to know more, dont forget to take a look at our pCloud review. The Icedrive web interface, showing a list of encrypted files. Super-tight security sees your files protected by industry-standard AES-256 and xChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption algorithms. This is all part of Microsofts recent drive to become a service-based company, where users subscribe and tie themselves into Microsoft products. IDrive 10TB cloud storage - $95.99 $3.98 for 1-year (opens in new tab) Syncing isn't as simple as some competitors, and there's no end-to-end encryption; in theory, Google could see your files. Many providers sell themselves on their own custom features - clever photo and media management tools, smarter and more secure ways to share files - and we drill down into the details of everything a provider offers. While the capital expenditure for cloud storage is usually very low (or nonexistent), the operational expenditure can add up when you factor in additional storage requirements and premium features. Access it from your browser. Credentials around services and security standards are also key. How many devices does the plan support? However, pCloud and Icedrive also provide excellent cheap cloud storage, and OneDrive and Google Drive arent far behind. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). 1TB costs an annual $49.99, $5TB just $179.99, and lifetime options are priced from a one-off $99 for 150GB, to $599 for 5TB. There is a 10GB free plan, but getting the full allowance is a hassle (you have to subscribe to the newsletter, invite four friends and more.).

Read our full Internxtcloud storage review (opens in new tab). Google offers One as a membership, a quasi-lifetime commitment that's not unlike Amazon Prime. 365 Family costs only $99.99 per year and provides you with 6TB of secure cloud storage in all, spread across six separate users. We appreciate the heads up. PS: Amazon also offers a 1TB plan, which is just $60 a month I think you meant a year. It's an extra login hassle, but also makes it much more difficult for anyone to hack your account. You can often collaborate on files with others, perhaps with two people editing a document at the time. This old dog still has a lot of new tricks to offer, especially to those with digital storage needs, thanks to its OneDrive storage service. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The big names will fight over pricing, but youre the one who can take advantage of the spoils. Interestingly, Icedrive uses Twofish encryption, which is considered to be more secure than the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption used elsewhere. Unlike providers like Icedrive, though, Google Drive comes with built-in productivity tools that make it arguably one of the best cloud storage for collaboration available. That's great for security, but beware: if you forget your password, the provider can't remind you, and your files will be locked away forever. The Lite plan gives you 150GB for only $19.99 a year, for example. Hi Adrian, thank you for your kind words and the month/year thing has been fixed. It boasts an easy setup process, unlimited devices per account, and a paid version costing only $3.98 for 10TB for the first year. At-rest encryption: encrypts your data while stored on a device, protecting it from snoopers. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. Sign up for the #1 rated VPN provider - ExpressVPN (opens in new tab) - for $6.67 per month and get your first year of BackBlaze completely free, a freebie worth $72. Made a big mistake in the last few edits? Theyll upload and download files via a secure encrypted connection, for instance. Unfortunately, pCloud charges extra for zero-knowledge encryption (which ensures you have control of your decryption keys) with its pCloud Crypto add-on, which costs $3.99 extra. AES-256: one of the strongest encryption algorithms around, AES-256 is often used to protect cloud storage and ensure no-one else can access your data. As with most industries, prices in the cloud storage market are determined by market forces. For more detailed coverage, read: Cloud storage reviews: how we tested them (opens in new tab). They may offer great features and impressive storage plans, but if the pricing isnt great, then you (and many other customers like you) wont want to pay. Thankfully, pCloud offers large discounts on this price as much as 65 percent or more. Standard prices are better than most, with personal plans starting at $59.62 at year ($79.50) for 5TB storage, rising to $74.62 ($99.50 on renewal) for 10TB, or $149.25 ($199 on renewal) for 10TB over two years. Seasoned techies can check out how we test cloud storage providers, or maybe browse the extensive list of 50+ cloud storage services we've reviewed to date. The Cheapest Cloud Storage Deals in 2022: How to Get More For Less. There isnt a lot of originality in the cloud storage market when it comes to pricing, so youll see plenty of similar products at similar prices. Most of the providers we mention at have been around for years, but that isnt the case with Icedrive. As Icedrive is only a few years old, this might be a riskier prospect, but if youre inclined to spend the cash, you can grab storage for a one-off cost of between $99 and $599. There's no free tier, but a 15-day trial gives you a chance to check out the service for yourself.

You'll usually find it in the Recycle Bin.

(See Public cloud.).

If you're also looking for a VPN to protect yourself online, though, you can currently get Backblaze completely free for a year when you sign up to our #1 favorite, ExpressVPN (and you get three extra months of ExpressVPN protection, too.). You can do it, but there aren't many options, and your recipients must have a NordLocker account and be using the app. may earn a small commission from some purchases made through our site. Be sure to check your cloud contract carefully to ensure you dont receive an unexpectedly large bill. Whatever you're doing, two-factor authentication protects your account, and end-to-end encryption ensures no-one will get the faintest sniff of your data. Last but certainly not least is the level of support that a cloud storage service will provide to its customers, whether it's 24x7 over the phone or web-based only.

Our top providers, and pCloud, will satisfy most users, so hit up our vs pCloud comparison review to help you decide which is best. There are standout features everywhere. You could pay full price, but when top-tier providers like are offering 2TB of storage for $8 a month, theres absolutely nothing stopping you from shopping around to get the most bang for your buck. And it tops our lists for Best free cloud storage, Best cloud backup, and Best cloud storage for photos, too. Accidentally deleted something? Affordable is the word, too, as can be grabbed for a steal of a price at just $8 a month for its Pro Solo Basic plan.

Because Icedrive is a British company, European GDPR regulations apply, which coupled with a pretty clear privacy policy ensures your data is safe and secure on Icedrive servers. If you compare these to the cost of an external hard drive, a lifetime deal from a provider like pCloud or Icedrive could be cost effective, especially if you grab a discounted deal on top. Solo professionals can access Sync cloud storage for just $24 a month (dropping to $20 when billed annually). No problem, the company can send you a hard drive with your data (up to 8TB.). Unlike, though, pCloud offers this on a pay-per-month basis, meaning you dont need to subscribe for a year to try the service out. IceDrive's subscriptions are so reasonably-priced, though, that we can forgive any free deficiencies. A number of backed up files in the Vault. You can take out plans with 2TB or more of storage for less than $10 a month, thanks to and pCloud (both offering 2TB for $8 per month). Other big names like OneDrive and Google Drive compete well on price, but its the storage that matters, with 100GB available at $1.99 a month from both providers. These marketplace apps will help you get the most out of a Google Drive subscription.

You can build slideshows of shared images, and even play audio or video files directly from your storage space (no need to download them, first. NordLocker only has one paid plan, which gives you 2TB of online storage. ), In-transit encryption: encrypts your data before transmission to another computer, and decrypts it at the destination. Big names like set the benchmark that other providers follow, which is why pCloud follows its competitor closely when it comes down to price. IDrive, the secure cloud storage veteran, delivers tons of storage online for an incredibly small outlay.

The downside to using Microsoft products is a lack of zero-knowledge encryption, and because its a U.S.-based company, youll need to be wary that your OneDrive usage doesnt fall afoul of its privacy policy or U.S. laws. Still,Internxt's security-first approach and quality apps give it a lot of appeal, and if that's what you're after, it more than deserves a place on your shortlist. Sometimes called 2FA or two-step authentication.

Although you get unlimited storage for your photos (terms and conditions apply), you "only" get 2TB to play with via Google Drive. The pCloud web interface, showing a list of uploaded files. These may not be deal-breaking issues, at least if your needs are simple, and you can do better with a little work. Swiss-based pCloud is a comprehensive cloud storage service which offers a stack of essential backup, sharing and file management features. This guarantees your security, but is also a little risky, because if you forget your password, the provider can't help you recover it, and your data is effectively lost. In cloud storage terms, it means your files can't be intercepted and accessed by anyone, even your provider. End-to-end encryption: a method of communicating data which ensures no-one but the sender and receiver can read or modify it. Versioning support allows you to restore file versions from up to the last 180 days, for instance (most providers stop at 30 days.) 2. pCloud provides a lifetime cloud storage subscription (opens in new tab) One might even consider Facebook to offer a limited version of cloud storage to its members as videos and photos can be uploaded free of charge to its servers. The downside to such affordable plans from is that most of them force you to lock yourself in with an annual subscription. 1. This would normally be enough to push pCloud ahead, especially as pCloud and offer a similar set of features. TechRadar is supported by its audience. The actual location of your files is usually in a data center somewhere, in a server, on a hard drive or solid-state drive. NY 10036. A custom Windows, Mac and Linux app goes further, allowing you to browse files, preview documents, and stream your media files with a built-in player without having to download them first. 10TB for $3.98 for the first year is unmatched, and so is the support for unlimited devices and the extensive file versioning system available. Google Drive is a cloud storage service that's very easy to access. Look for a cloud storage provider that can boast the certifications that promise an SLA you can rely on - and safeguards that protect your data. The ability to sync any folder keeps all your devices up-to-date, and you can easily share files via custom links. There are a host of business and team-friendly features. last updated 12 July 22, We've dissected and reviewed all the major best cloud storage services, looking at features, security, pricing, support and much more. If you have a Google account, then you already have access to 15GB of free Google storage that you can use for whatever you like.

Otherwise, give pClouds free 10GB plan a try, which allows you to easily unlock completely free storage by completing several easy tasks (like verifying your email address). There are dozens of services which are powered by some form of cloud storage. If you prefer an annual Pro subscription, itll set you back $4.17 per month (meaning that in three years, youll pay the same as the lifetime cost). It doesn't just preview Office documents; Google's Sheets, Docs and Slides can create, edit and share cloud files with others, without ever downloading anything. If you'd like to share a group of files - photos, say - across multiple devices, then you'll need quick and easy syncing abilities. Well-designed and intuitive apps mean uploading files can be as simple as a drag and drop. The free space offered by paid storage providers does differ, from a pretty limited 2GB from the well-known Dropbox to an incredibly generous 20GB from MEGA. While there are a lot of similarities between pClouds and Sync.coms offerings, there are some immediate differences. Unlike, though, there are fewer plans for you to try. Storing files in the cloud gives them real protection from damage, too. It's reasonably priced, too, at 7.24 a month per user for 1TB of storage space on the annual plan. Internxtis a security-focused provider which does way more than most to ensure that your files stay safe. At the end of the day, you are simply using someone else's resources (part of whole of a hard drive, a solid state drive, or even tape) to store your information. He dabbled in website builders and web hosting when DHTML and frames were in vogue and started narrating about the impact of technology on society just before the start of the Y2K hysteria at the turn of the last millennium. Weve decided these by looking at features, security concerns, overall storage and more. And as with IDrive, a 10GB free plan gives you a risk-free way to check out the service. OneDrive fits neatly into this, offering cloud storage that can be used for the presentations, documents and more that are created with Office products. And if you're looking for simplicity, IceDrive gives you easy access to your cloud files for a very low starting price. If your provider says it supports 'versioning', that's good, but check the details, see how it really compares to the competition. Saving your data to the cloud protects you from all kinds of data disasters. Google, Microsoft and Amazon are examples of public cloud providers. Many providers allow you to access files directly from your storage, without downloading them first. It can't match the advanced features you'll find with OneDrive or Dropbox. The best cloud storage encrypts your files from the moment they leave your device, then gives you a range of secure ways to share them with others. Amazon popularized the concept with its S3 (Simple Storage Service) launched in 2006 but the ability to upload and save files remotely on a service provider's disk drive can be traced back to 1983's Compuserve offer. Drive's integration with Google's other apps is a highlight. 3. That's why we also take the time to try out the service apps and web interface, find out how easy they are to use, and run our own comprehensive speed tests to check performance. That sometimes the files wont sync properly, or that there are a lot of conflicted files (Cubby used to have those also). This outshines almost anything else in the market, plus you can gain extra storage through achievements, like installing the desktop and mobile apps and inviting new friends to trial the service. However, it does have downsides. However, Icedrives paid plans are where things get a little more interesting. pCloud 2TB lifetime cloud storage - $350 (opens in new tab) has features that we think will satisfy most users, and although monthly payment options are scarce, youll save more through an annual subscription, which offers secure storage at a great price. How secure are your data transfers, and exactly how much is all this to cost?
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