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Youre backing up all files on your Macs desktop and documents folders to iCloud Drive. Sometimes you may not be able to fix the causes of this problem. Enter your password when prompted and then connect to your Wi-Fi networks again before attempting to backup WhatsApp. Continue reading to find out how to do that. 6 Other Fixes for WhatsApp Backup Stuck on iPhone. This is a third-party software tailored specifically to back up, restore, and transfer WhatsApp chat. There may be compatibility issues with WhatsApp. To better under what is taking up your iCloud space, tap Manage Storage. To do this, follow these simple steps. 8 effective ways to free up iCloud storage on iPhone and Mac, Notes have lots of media like sketches, images, How to see the amount of iCloud storage each family member is using, share it to collaborate with friends and colleagues, How to access photos on iCloud using iPhone, iPad, Mac, and a web browser, back up your iPhone or iPad to a Mac or PC, Choose only essential apps to backup to iCloud, add your Google or other account and store notes in them, even 4 TB with Apple One and Family Sharing, temporary iCloud backups in iOS 15 and later, How to sign out of iCloud or Apple ID and sign in again, How to get iCloud on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows PC, Steps to use Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., in Files app on iPhone and iPad, Subscribers have two weeks more to play leaving Apple Arcade games. Tap iCloud Storage and then select Backup. syncios transfer error recognize sd card data support In most cases, this isnt enough, and due to Apples practices (like enabling iCloud Photos and Mac Desktop and Documents folders in iCloud Drive by default), you will fill it up in a few days or weeks. If iCloud Drive takes up a lot of space on Mac, you can turn it off from System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud and uncheck iCloud Drive. As long as your computer has free storage, you can make backups. You can use it to transfer WhatsApp backups from Android to iPhone and vice versa, something that is impossible using WhatsApps official backup methods. iCloud Drive only offers 5GB of free space, and most of that is taken by Apple Photos and Phone backups. Due to the sheer amount of communications that go through our WhatsApp, the amount of data we have in the form of WhatsApp backups is too much to be accommodated by iCloud Drive or Google Drive. You can use it to backup WhatsApp data from an Android or iOS device to your computer. Click on the three dots in the top-right corner of WhatsApp. Delete unwanted attachments from iCloud Mail, 6. Normal folks dont have much idea about it and dont think about turning it off. You store lots of PDFs, documents, Excel sheets, and such in iCloud Drive. To use Mobitrix to backup WhatsApp to your computer for free, download and install the program on your computer and then follow these simple steps. 2022 iDownloadBlog.com This website is not affiliated with Apple. smartphone user experience. Next, check Optimize iPhone Storage to have only smaller versions of photos and videos on the device while the full-quality version is saved in iCloud. Follow these simple steps to do it. Once you do that, all your WhatsApp data is backed up on iCloud Drive, and you can restore it to a new iPhone whenever you want. So, heres how to disable it: After following all or some of the recommendations above, you should have freed up significant iCloud space. If you do not free your iCloud space, itll lead to the following issues: Several features, despite being a part of iCloud, do not count against your iCloud Storage and will continue to work normally even when your iCloud space is full. iOS 16 and other OS updates bring support for AVIF images to the Apple platforms. To do this, go to https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus and search for iCloud Backup. What will happen if you dont manage iCloud storage? If youre on the 5 GB plan, this will fill it up almost instantly. This means that every file you have on your Macs desktop and documents folder will be uploaded to iCloud Drive for safekeeping. Must see: How to access photos on iCloud using iPhone, iPad, Mac, and a web browser. Keep the device connected until the backup process is complete and you can see the backup location. You cannot shift the data to an iPhone, but there is a way to do that, which Ill tell you in a minute. Make sure you remove them from the Recently Deleted section too. icloud mengatasi akun penuh wondershare Next, transfer valuable photos and videos to a computer, external hard disk, Google Drive, Google Photos, etc. If you have an Android device, you have to turn on Google Drive backup, and once you do that, all your WhatsApp data will be backed up to your Google account, and you can restore it to a new Android phone. But not everyone wants that.

You get 5 GB of free iCloud space when you create an Apple ID.

But, if you decide to turn it off, make sure you back up your iPhone or iPad to a Mac or PC or an external drive. US disrupts North Korean hackers that targeted Instagram will allow users to shop directly in chats, Bilawal for enhanced Pakistan-Germany bilateral relations, National Curriculum of Pakistan as new name of curriculum reforms: Rana, Chairman NDMA visits flood affected areas, Alvi for online education, industry experts inclusion in advisory boards of varsities, Sweeping changes remake Facebook app in TikToks image. You only get 5GB of free iCloud storage space, and its easy to run out of storage space without realizing it. However, a user has now identified a solution that solves the problem and it appears to be working on the latest version of WhatsApp. Follow these simple steps to reset the network. the backup process to get stuck. The following are the most common causes of this problem. This will also delete them from iCloud. Select the service from the left sidebar to delete its files. I then searched the internet and discovered a WhatsApp feature called Backup that stores WhatsApp chats so that you can retrieve them if your phone is lost or if you get a new phone. Your network connection could be faulty, unavailable, or not working. Go to System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud to manage your iCloud storage on Mac. Feel free to skip those recommendations that are essential to you and not worth disabling. Delete such emails. I mean, its easy: If you do not wish to delete photos, files, and backups from iCloud and still want no popups and a seamless experience, the only solution is to pay for iCloud+. Finally, we will also briefly tell you how to manage iCloud storage and keep it free to ensure a good experience. The following are some of the things you can do to fix WhatsApp backup stuck on iPhone. After that, they pay for iCloud+, and you basically get to use it for free. Google Drive only offers 15GB of storage. Best Alternative to iCloud to Backup iPhone WhatsApp for Free. Heres how to be sure. CALIFORNIA: WhatsApp backup locked is a problem familiar to several users, where the quality of the chat backup in the famous encrypted messaging app is exactly 100 percent locked and not complete. Before looking for the best solutions for this particular problem, it is important to understand some of the reasons why it may be happening. They use the iPhone camera to shoot pictures, and all these are backed up, quickly filling up the iCloud storage. iCloud is Apples online service responsible for wirelessly syncing your data across your various Apple devices and the web. You can restore the data back to your device in one simple step without even needing to uninstall WhatsApp or reset the device. Regular text-only emails are tiny in size, and deleting them wont free much iCloud space. The main reasons your iCloud storage may be filled up are: When your iCloud space is about to fill up, youll be constantly reminded via popups saying Not Enough Storage, iCloud Storage Full, Upgrade Storage, etc. Copyright 2022. Related: How to see the amount of iCloud storage each family member is using. 2) Choose only essential apps to backup to iCloud: I strongly recommend selective app backup as I do this on my iPhone to manage 5 GB iCloud plan. You can also click Manage for more options. Open Settings on your device and tap on your name. Open Settings and tap General> Reset> Reset Network Settings. Your backup will also crash when you dont have adequate storage space. Since iCloud Drive and iCloud space are the same, youll no longer be able to add new files to iCloud Drive and. Heres how: You can also prevent unnecessary apps from storing data to your iCloud Drive from the previous screen (Settings > your name > iCloud > scroll to the bottom to see third-party apps and turn them off.). Most notably, the bug has been around for more than a year, according to reports. In this case, there is very little you can do other than wait until the servers are back up to full power. And done! Just like iCloud Photos, when you set up your new or erased Mac and enable iCloud Drive, Desktop & Documents Folders is checked by default. But when you set up your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it automatically enables iCloud Photos. And smaller versions too occupy space. ICloud Drive can be turned off or enabled on other devices with the same Apple ID. But if you dont wish to pay, ask someone in your family to add you to their Family Sharing. Once you have removed unnecessary images and secured the meaningful ones, follow these steps one by one on all your Apple devices to turn off iCloud Photos: Since your photos are no longer backed up automatically to iCloud, make sure you use something like Google Drive or transfer them often to your computer. You cant sync iMovie projects or files in Numbers, Keynote, Pages, etc. So, if you have images and clips on your iPhone, they will take up some space (unless you delete them). In this tutorial, we will go over how to clear up iCloud storage, and we will see what happens when iCloud is full. - Make sure that iCloud Drive is enabled on your iPhone. If an email has a paper clip icon, that means there is an attachment. I dug deep into the matter and found this: Backing up WhatsApp to a cloud server is never the best option. The best way to create a backup of all your WhatsApp data and keep it safe on your computer is by using Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer. Your new device backups will remain incomplete.

Mobitrix is dedicated to providing cost-effective, high-quality products to enhance the To free iCloud space, open the Photos app and delete unnecessary pictures. For personal plans, the maximum you can go is 2 TB. Open Settings on the device and then tap on your name at the top. In that case, you can free up iCloud space to keep syncing and storing new content. Once you subscribe to iCloud+, go to Settings > Photos and enable iCloud Photos. And with Apple One and Family Sharing, you can get up to 4 TB. There you can set up the frequency of automatic backups or click the green Back Up button to manually backup WhatsApp chats. You have lots of free space. Another solution is to add your Google or other account and store notes in them. How to delete iCloud storage and free online space, 5. Whether or not you have turned on WhatsApp iCloud or Google Drive backup, a copy of all your WhatsApp data is always stored on your phones internal storage.

If you dont want to disable it altogether, click Options next to iCloud Drive and uncheck most options keeping only the crucial ones. Even after you enable iCloud Photos and enable Optimize iPhone Storage, it will replace the full-size images and videos with smaller versions when your iPhone is low on storage. For the backup process to work as expected, you need to make sure WhatsApp is enabled in iCloud.

If you use an iPhone, you need to turn on iCloud Drive on your phone to backup WhatsApp data. The user found that after following a specific procedure, the chat backups on Google Drive worked as intended, and users can now perform the same steps on their devices to recover this WhatsApp backup functionality. WhatsApp stuck backup issue has plagued users for quite some time, but Reddit user projector found that any user can solve this problem with a little effort, as discovered by the WABetaInfo function, which has more leaks. After seeing which apps and services occupy the most space, you can turn them off or delete unwanted files from them. It makes a clone of the whole iPhone. 3) Delete old device backups: You must do this as there is no substantial point in keeping backup files of devices you no longer have, use, or care about. iCloud Photos will no longer save your media to the cloud. Have the determination to get rid of those items (old emails, messages, files, backups, app-data, or whatever it is). Several apps like WhatsApp, photo editing ones, notes, expense reports, etc., store their data or backup files in iCloud. Once the device appears on the screen, simply click Backup to begin the process. Large backups can take a long time to complete and when the frequency of backups is set daily, a backup can start before the last backup completes, creating a kind of backlog that you can do. Thats all about backing up WhatsApp to a computer. Ill guide you about this feature in detail. Open WhatsApp and then tap on Settings. Even when you have iCloud or a high-tier paid iCloud+ plan, your offline storage can be full if you have tons of apps, media, video downloads in TV+/Netflix/Prime Vide, photos, etc., saved locally on your iPhone. The best way to backup WhatsApp is by using Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer as it has no storage limits, is safe and secure, and can allow you to transfer your WhatsApp chat to any device regardless of the operating system, make, and model of the device. Most of my iCloud is occupied by WhatsApp backup, iPhone backup, iCloud email, iCloud Drive, Voice Memos, Notes, Messages, Books, and third-party apps like Over. I have been using WhatsApp as my primary messaging service for four years now, and it occurred to me just the last night, what will happen to the thousands of messages on my WhatsApp if I lose the phone? Another great way to fix this WhatsApp backup problem is to delete the last backup and then try to backup WhatsApp again. Your device may be having trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi network and you may not be able to fix the problem for a few days. The best way to solve this problem is to change the backup frequency setting to weekly or monthly instead of daily. ICloud server is known to crash from time to time and when it does, you will not be able to backup WhatsApp. It also offers storage options for your photos, videos, files, device backups, third-party app data, and more. But if there are apps that you no longer use, you can delete their data from your iCloud. Reasons for WhatsApp Backup on iPhone Stuck. iCloud Photos is the number one reason why your iCloud space is full. Delete Notes, Messages, iMovie projects, etc. Heres how you can back up all your WhatsApp data using Mobitrix: This method does not make a backup of just the WhatsApp data. Here are some of the most effective ways to clean up iCloud storage. This is just a temporary backup to allow you to update your iPhone operating system.

Sweeping changes remake Facebook app in TikToks YouTube to remove certain abortion-related content. Therefore, it is important to check the iCloud server-status just to be safe. See whats filling up your iCloud space the most. Click Backup Now to manually back up your WhatsApp data. There is no way to increase iCloud storage for free. Third-party apps wont be able to backup or store data to iCloud. In this case, the first thing you should do is change the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. 7. This can lead to loss of chat history if users phone is stolen, lost, or data is corrupted due to a reset or software problem. You can also select Automatic Backup and set the frequency of backups as per your desire. If your WhatsApp data exceeds that you cannot backup to Google.

Meanwhile, a solution to the backup problem needs to be found while troubleshooting these issues with the device. The automatic backup feature of WhatsApp could be disabled. I also found ways to backup WhatsApp data to cloud storage. Delete them. Images and videos are backed-up to iCloud Photos. It works with all Android and iOS devices, even the ones running the latest Android 11 or iOS 14. Copyright 2011-2022 Mobitrix Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. There is little to no space for backing up WhatsApp. Plans start at $0.99 for 50 GB and can go all the way up to 2 TB (even 4 TB with Apple One and Family Sharing). If you are an Android user, you can back up your WhatsApp data to Google Drive using the following method: If you are an iPhone user, you can back up your WhatsApp data to iCloud using the following method: Youll get tired of constant alerts asking you to upgrade or free up space. WhatsApp does not support that, but I found an app that can make it possible for you. Once your iCloud storage is full, you have the option to buy more. You send and receive several emails with attachments using iCloud email (. Touch Automatic Backup to change the frequency to weekly or monthly. Whats an accelerometer sensor doing inside the M2 MacBook Air? It is logical to think about how can the WhatsApp backup data remain safe if you happen to lose your mobile? These are: And as always, the rest of the iPhone features like sending and receiving iMessage, FaceTime, normal calls, texts, app downloads, and everything else will stay as it is. If you want to switch to an Android phone in the future, you will not be able to restore the data. Mobitrix LockAway- Unlock iPhone Passcode, Mobitrix LockAway- Bypass iCloud Activation Lock. If you have several unnecessary notes with media, message conversations, or iMovie projects, consider deleting them to free iCloud space. Then there is the problem of cross-compatibility across these two services.

You have thousands of messages with attachments. Thanks to temporary iCloud backups in iOS 15 and later, you can backup your iPhone fully for free, even when you have no iCloud storage left! Irrespective of how many iPhones, iPads, and Macs you own, Apple gives you a mere 5 GB free iCloud storage with your Apple ID. This is a handy feature that I recommend using. As you can see in these screenshots, Im on the free 5 GB plan. What will continue to work normally even after iCloud storage is full? Select the most recent backup and then tap Delete Backup to delete the backup. Open the Mail app and delete such emails. Notes, Messages, Voice Memos will not save to iCloud and sync or update among your other Apple devices. You cant use your iCloud email to send and receive new emails. To check how much iCloud storage space is available, follow these simple steps. Delete them to free local space. Stop third-party apps from backing up to iCloud. You cannot restore it to an Android device using this method. Here youll see a bar graph. The best alternative is to keep a copy of your WhatsApp backup on your computer. Scroll down to activate iCloud Drive while making sure WhatsApp is also activated. Open the program and then connect the device to the computer using USB cables. Select Backup WhatsApp on Devices from the options on the left. It works for both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business. Have emails in your iCloud email with old receipts, PDFs, presentations, and such that you no longer need? All right reserved The Frontier Post, Lt-Gen Nauman hands over command of Peshawar Corps to Lt-Gen Faiz Hameed, South Africa arrests two Germans for trafficking reptiles. Enter your email address to subscribe to The Frontier Post and receive notifications of new stories by email. Heres how you can do it: This backup will have the WhatsApp data in it, and when you install it back on the same phone or a new iPhone all the WhatsApp data will also be restored. You may also have trouble backing up WhatsApp if there is a problem with your network connection. To manage this properly, you have the following options: 1) Turn off iCloud Backups: I dont recommend this as its essential to back up your data. And to be fair, this isnt your fault. There isnt a way to get unlimited iCloud storage. You can find out how much free space you have on iCloud by going to the Settings app > your name from the top > iCloud. Lets see how that works. This will eliminate any errors that may be causing the problem. If you were unable to connect to the new network, it may be a good idea to reset the network settings on your device.

The backup feature is free, and you dont have any limitations for storage space. Heres how to clear iCloud Drive to free up your iCloud storage: Heres how to prevent Safari from downloading content to iCloud Drive and occupying iCloud storage: Backups are another huge occupier of your iCloud space. If there is a green light next to it, then the problem is not the server, but if there is an orange light next to it, there could be a problem with the server. It backs up only data from essential apps and ignores unnecessary ones like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Tap on Manage Storage and you will see the available iCloud storage space along with detailed information on how the apps on your device are consuming your storage. As a lot of data transfer is required, this might take a bit of time. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Cookies Policy | Refund Policy | About Mobitrix. WhatsApp data backed up using Google Drive cannot be restored to an iPhone if you want to change your phone in the future. One of the most effective alternative ways to backup WhatsApp on your iPhone is Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer. If you find that you dont have adequate iCloud storage space for backup, you can choose to purchase an additional storage plan or delete some data to make room for backup. Third-party apps like WhatsApp are backing up tons of data to your iCloud. Youll see a banner at the top of apps like Notes saying you dont have free space. A veteran journalist, dedicated in reporting latest smartphone technology innovations.

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