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After the Coach Carter movie came out, Ken Carter became a motivational speaker and is the founder of the Coach Ken Carter Foundation which, just like in the movie, focuses on improving the lives of BIPOC students through education, training, and mentoring. He played basketball for the same Richmond High School program he would later coach, earning all-league honors after averaging 23.3 points a game his senior season. He continued to coach at Richmond High School until 2002, at which point he left to coach the LA Rumble, a professional SlamBall team. Yesterday, after reviewing last week's reports from teachers with principal Haidee Foust-Whitmore, Carter said all 45 players met the criteria and the season would resume without forfeiting this week's games. The team finished with a 19-5 record and lost in the state playoffssomething Carter insisted be accurately represented in Coach Carter, over the objections of studio executives who wanted to give the film a storybook ending. Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus, AL), June 15, 2005. We planted ideas in their heads. "Dr. Crabbs helped me develop a different way of thinking, and once you change someones vision of the world, he is never the same.". He had seven sisters and one brother. They walked into the library expecting one thing, and they got something else.". They also pledged to keep perfect class attendance records, sitting in the front row at all times, to address men and women as "sir" and "madam," to study for ten hours a week, to turn in homework on time, and to wear shirts and ties on days when games were scheduled. He also went on to carry the Olympic torch in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, which he considered to be a great honor. There's a real small chance any of us will play in the NBA. It features pop star Ashanti as the girlfriend of one of the basketball players and was the film debut of Channing Tatum, who has gone on to be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Samuel L. Jackson plays a dad in this movie but the focus is really in how he mentors the young men on the basketball team to rise up beyond their circumstances and work towards a greater future. Violations by the players, some of whom were top varsity players, included tardiness for classes, not turning in homework assignments and earning less than the 2.3 grade- point average Carter set as the minimum. In the movie, there is no reference to any player doing poorly academically after the lockout ends. And it can be seen in his son, Damien, who was accepted to West Point Academy upon graduation. However, when he discovers that his players are sitting at desks in the unlocked gym still working with their teachers to improve their grades Carter decides to continue as coach. Hell be joining Carter on the motivational speaking circuit. But this time, Richmond High School's basketball players did not have their faces buried in textbooks and certainly did not heed the posted signs urging quiet. Oliver is a shining example of Carters lessons on the basketball court. "Here was a coach making a stand, telling his athletes they needed to keep their grades up.".

His decision to lock the gym and forfeit games until the players raised their GPAs was unpopular with the community, but when it made national news, then California Governor Gray Davis called him a hero and came to the Oilers first game after improving their grades. carter ken coach wikipedia interview Carter insists that his players must agree to all of these stipulations by signing contracts, which causes several students to walk off the team, including Timo Cruz (Rick Gonzalez), who has an altercation with Carter. Samuel L. Jackson's portrayal of Carter "captures me perfectly" the coach says. And, remarkably, he says he never had to ante up money for another of his contracts stipulations: If a player didnt receive an athletic or academic college scholarship offer, Carter would pay his way though college. Coach Carter was produced by MTV Films in 2005, hitting the top spot at the box office. The high school is in a crime-ridden area and has such a high dropout rate that many of its students, including the basketball team members, see criminal activity as the only way of life. According to the actual Carter, the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity teams were all 13-0, which was the best start in school history. We need to work on education. Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book Movie Adaptation Gets New Director, Fantastic Beasts 3's Dumbledore Retcons Luckily Avoided 1 Fatal Mistake, Leonardo DiCaprio Will Get Massive Payday For Scorsese's Next Movie, The Batman Turned A Big Costume Problem Of Previous Movies Into A Strength, Denzel Washington Was Right To Turn Down Terminator 2 Role, Bizarre Marvel Studios Rule Says Bucky Was A Cameo In Civil War, Not Okay Trailer: Dylan OBrien & Zoey Deutch Are Delusional Influencers, Dungeons & Dragons Movie Reveals First Look At Cast In Costume at Comic-Con, No Time To Die Paid Off The Biggest James Bond Title Obsession, Insidious 5 Release Date Officially Announced, Oppenheimer Poster: Christopher Nolan's Next Movie Is Explosive & Tragic, Why Ironheart's MCU Costume Looks So Much Like Iron Man's Mark 1 Armor, The Real Hidden Key To Indiana Jones' "Indy Did Nothing" Theory. The team reaches the regional high school playoffs and faces St. Francis (the private school that Carters son left) in the opening round. He decides to lock the doors to the gym with a padlock and chain and announces that the team will not play until their grades improve.

Melano and other students plan to attend tonight's game against St. Elizabeth. We encouraged them to think big and dream big.". Career: Operated sporting goods store, barbershop, and salon, Richmond, CA, late 1970s-; Richmond High School, head boys' basketball coach, 1997-2002; Prime Time Publishing and Prime Time Sports, founder and CEO, 2001-; The Rumble (SlamBall team), Los Angeles, CA, head coach, 2002-; Coach Ken Carter Foundation, founder and chairman, 2002-; consultant for film Coach Carter, starring Samuel L. Jackson, released 2005. (His son Damien later broke the assists and steals records.) Praise for Carter crossed the liberal-conservative divide, with both Democratic California governor Gray Davis and right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh weighing in with commendations for his stance. He took them on field trips to the offices of high-tech firms in the Silicon Valley, across San Francisco Bay 60 miles from Richmond, trying to impress on them that despite all the headlines that came with sports stardom, education was a surer route to success. "Things have gotten really out of kilter for African Americans in our society," said Brown, who is African American. Ken Carter is a real person who actually was the basketball coach of Richmond High School inNorthern California. In one of the most notable movie mistakes, a character in the movie refers to a player as The next LeBron James. The film is set in 1998-1999 when James was an Ohio 8th grader and hardly a nationally-known player, nor would it have made sense for a player actually older than James to be described as the next LeBron James.. The film, a Paramount Pictures/MTV Films production directed by Thomas Carter (Swing Kids, Save the Last Dance), stars Jackson as the coach. When he was a teenager, he recalled, his classmates might try to steal sodas from a neighborhood shop, but he was more likely to find the store's owner and ask whether he could sweep the floor or do something else to earn the soda.

Today, Carter works primarily as an in-demand motivational speaker. "Dr. Crabbs told us, You can make a living working for someone else, but you can create a lifestyle if you own your own business," Carter says. We exposed them to the real world of business, taking them on trips to Silicon Valley. "When I was a little boy ," he was quoted as saying in the Seattle Times, "I was in the kitchen with my mama, and I took this big wooden spoon she was using to stir some cake batter and talked into it like it was a microphone and said 'Someday they're going to make my life into a movie.'". I need you to go to school and get your education so you can help me get my Social Security check," Carter said. Coach Carter True Story: How Much Is Real & What Happened Next, Every Upcoming Samuel L Jackson Movie & TV Show, cliche happy ending where the team wins the championship, Hustle: Every NBA Player In Adam Sandler's Netflix Movie, Why Michael Jordan Didn't Make A Cameo In Space Jam 2, You Can Watch The New Christopher Nolan Movie Trailer Today, SDCC Adds Mandatory Mask Mandate & Health Pass Checks For Attendance, The Munsters DVD Trailer Reveals New Footage of Rob Zombie Reboot. Cruz also quits the team for a second time. Terms of Use,, Robert L. Carter Biography - Prompted To Activism By Pool Ban, Forged Legal Fighting For Civil Rights, Laid Groundwork For Brown V. The Board Of Education, David A. Carter (1957) Biography - Personal, Career, Writings, Sidelights. The Oilers were 13-0 at the time of the lockout, and Carters decision cost the program two forfeits and the possibility of an unbeaten season. They figured I had cancelled practice to reward them for a job well done. Related:Every Upcoming Samuel L Jackson Movie & TV Show. "Ive played in Japan, China, Dubai, Egypt, Canada, Mexico," he said. Memberships: Scholar-Athletes Organization. Cruz later approaches Carter about rejoining the team, and Carter tests Cruzs commitment by ordering him to do a grueling number of exercises.

When they fail to honor the contract, he keeps them off of the court despite the teams winning record. Oliver retired a couple of years ago, and Thursday night, he launched the second chapter of his career. "We're going to show the world, now that the world's seen us, what Richmond High can do in the classroom and on the court.". Richmond's young basketballers would have a famous coachthe film Coach Carter grossed over $29 million in its first week of release in 2005 and topped American box-office listsbut it didn't seem likely that his tough philosophy would change. He also established the Coach Ken Carter Foundation. Opinions among students milling around the quad after school were split. The graduation rate for student-athletes in Richmond was low, and Carters basketball players all graduated during his time as coach from 1997 to 2002. Carter hopes the film, which also stars Robert Richard, Rob Brown, and singer Ashanti, sends a message to student-athletes around the world. He set all-time school records for scoring, assists, and steals, all of which remained standing when he took over as Richmond's coach 20 years after graduating. "Listen, I dont need a 15-year-old friend. Starring movie icon Samuel L. Jackson as high school basketball coach Ken Carter, it tells the story of how one coach helped change the lives of the student-athletes on the basketball team at an inner-city high school in Northern California. "I support Kenny's move all the way. Related:Hustle: Every NBA Player In Adam Sandler's Netflix Movie. But all was not well from Carter's point of view. In fact, it was the national news coverage of the story that inspired the movie. In the movie, Ken Carter returns to his former high school, Richmond High, to become the school's basketball coach. His students, he added, "do the math real quick." Coach Carter is based on events that actually happened. The coach didnt allow access to the gym for one week; during a second week, the team was permitted to play its two scheduled games (both victories) but not practice. The 1999 team did get locked out of the gym for poor academic performance during the 1998-1999 season. Carter once again demonstrated his commitment to education in 2000 when he rode a human-powered kick scooter 90 miles from Richmond to Sacramento during a state school funding debate. ", Copyright 2022 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. The team ultimately lost in the second round of their district playoffs instead of the first round of the state tournament. Long before Samuel L. Jackson played him on the big screen, the real "Coach Carter" was teaching his students the value of hard work and discipline at Richmond High School. The players insist that they will not play until their grades reach Carters standards, with Damien telling his father, Weve decided were going to finish what youve started, sir. Shortly afterward Cruz rejoins the team after seeing his drug-dealing cousin shot down in the streets and realizing that he wants to avoid a similar fate in his life. The movie is based on the 1998-1999 season lockout, which made national news. In real life, Carter locked the gym and kept his undefeated basketball team from competing because they did not honor the academic and behavioral contracts that he had them sign at the beginning of the season. and its Licensors But his family later moved to the troubled city of Richmond, north of Oakland, California. "At the time, all three levels of our program - the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity - were undefeated. The players, however, after talking to Carter, honored the lockout. Longtime high school sports observers in California said they cannot remember an instance in which a coach benched the entire team for academic, problems. His stand triggered an outcry from parents and the community. Among the speakers were NBA player Brian Shaw, who graduated from Bishop O'Dowd High in Oakland, and business leaders such as Robert Brown, owner of Sportsvisions, a sports marketing firm in Oakland. ", "This definitely is an anomaly," said Frank Anderson, president of the North Coast Section of the California Interscholastic Federation, which governs high school sports. Even before the Richmond lockout put him much in demand as a motivational speaker, he had begun taking seminars and giving talks on the path to success. "They can say anything they like. On the basketball court, Carter teaches the players a disciplined style of play that relies more on teamwork than showboating. Diana Easton, president of the West Contra Costa Unified School District board of trustees, said she has not received any telephone calls from Richmond High parents or students complaining about the lockout. George Fox alum Ken Carter wasnt looking for fame or even attention. One of Carters assistant coaches Darryl Robinson told The Daily Californian that none of their athletes were troublemakers and that the film embellished their involvement with violence and criminal activities. The real-life Ken Carter was extremely supportive of the film and praised its veracity, telling the Chicago Sun-Times that 98.5 percent of what you see is true to my own life and what happened to me. With educational goals in mind, Carter had all his players sign a contract in which they promised to maintain a 2.3 grade-point average, higher than the state-required minimum of 2.0. 2022. "We'll still have biweekly academic assessments," he said. Carter parlayed his business knowledge into success back home in Richmond, where he owned four businesses at one time - a sporting goods store, a T-shirt business, a hair salon and a barbershop. District Attorney Clears San Jose Police in Shooting Death of David Tovar Jr. Flaring at Valero Refinery in Benicia Due to Mechanical Issue, Mega Millions Ticket Worth $629K Sold in Northern California, Police Investigating Grenade Found at Campbell Home, Bay Area Man Infected With COVID-19, Monkeypox at the Same Time, Firefighters Knock Down 2-Alarm Commercial Fire in San Jose. By January of 1999, perennial loser Richmond had amassed a 13-0 record and was regarded as a contender for the state championship. Born in tiny Fernwood, Mississippi (near McComb) around 1959, Carter grew up in a close-knit family and community.

Carter was flooded with letters of support from all over the country. Raven is a graduate of New York University and UNC Charlotte. Foust-Whitmore was unhappy with the depiction of the principal and later told the Contra Costa Times, It was explained to me that in Hollywood theres always forces of good and evil. Carter did have some pushback from the parents, his players, and the community for his actions, but his focus on academics proved successful in real life, as well. signs sprouted in the windows of businesses in the economically hard-hit town. Under Carter, Rumble won the 2002 Slamball Championship. "You don't see that problem with the girls' team.". Coach Ken Carter has moved on from being a teacher to being a motivational speaker. Pretty much the biggest change was simply the names of the players and the teachers, because we didnt want to embarrass anyone., However, some of Carters players disputed the facts of the movie, particularly regarding the negative portrayal of the personalities of the players pre-lockout. It can be found in Oakland, where Courtney Anderson, a member of that 1999 Richmond team, is suiting up for the Oakland Raiders of the NFL. Ive been all over. Wayne Oliver. Having grown up with both parents in the home, Carter often pointed out to interviewers that only seven of the 45 students in his basketball program at Richmond could say the same. Ken Carter was considered a hero in Richmond after the 1998-1999 season. I told these kids it's not a waste to get an MBA like I got. Calls came from Rush Limbaugh, CNN, Sports Illustrated, the Los Angeles Times, People magazine, USA Today, and "The Today Show." Carter attended George Fox University in Oregon on a scholarship. Selected awards: San Francisco Bay Area Entrepreneur of the Year, 2001; Torchbearer, 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Salt Lake City, UT; CityFlight magazine award as one of Ten Most Influential African Americans in the Bay Area; NAACP Impact Citizen of the Year; Leadership Award from San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown; California Unsung Heroes Award. Richmond went on to reach the state tournament and advance to the second round before getting beat, but the biggest victory wasnt won on the basketball court. However, Carter attended three colleges San Francisco State, Contra Costa College, and George Fox University but never George Mason. The character names and circumstances were made up, so as not to embarrass any of Carters real students. Since most of the players in the film are composite characters of the actual players, the players in the movie are not accurate depictions of the real Richmond team. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. He only did what he felt was right. However, several of Carters players from the 1998-1999 season went on to gain notoriety of their own: Overall, every student who played for Carter from 1997 to 2002 graduated from Richmond, which otherwise has a high dropout rate. Sports. "I respect you and love you guys," Ken Carter, coach of the 13-0 Oilers, told the team and members of the news media including from People Magazine to CNN.

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