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Great info! You will need to account for this if you are hiking to Preikestolen in winter. Preikestolen is really spectacular and relatively easy to reach, so it will come as no surprise that the Preikestolen hike is the most popular hike in Norway! So make sure you have good waterproof hiking boots and - potentially - hiking poles. You are on your cruise voyage of Norway and one of your stops will be in the oil capital Stavanger. We made quite many photo stops on the way up, which is the main reason why it took us longer on the way up. The closest accommodation, right at the Pulpit Rock trailhead, is Preikestolen Base Camp.

Cannot handle OpenDirect push notification when iOS app is not launched, Cannot Get Optimal Solution with 16 nodes of VRP with Time Windows. The fee is even higher for campers. How can recreate this bubble wrap effect on my photos? Luckily we had a mobile with us to call for transport. Below, you can find an updated information for getting to Preikestolen. Thanks for contributing an answer to Travel Stack Exchange! 100 to Jrpeland (see the regional bus route planner here). Preikestolen is an experience of a lifetime, and one you will want to repeat at different times of the year or at different times of the day. If you dont want to organise your own way to the hike, you can purchase a tour from several companies operating in Stavanger. It was quite busy on and around the rock, but it didnt ruin the experience. So the total distance is almost 8 km (5 miles).

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They'll come in handy on the way back down as well. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Transport with: www.tide.noTransport with: For those just wanting to look at Pulpit Rock, without wanting to hike up it, there's a daily cruise from Stavanger through Lysefjorden which leaves around lunchtime. Hiking to Preikestolen is one of the best things to do near Stavanger and even in all of Norway. There are several signs to Pulpit Rock so keep a lookout. The ferry to Preikestolen leaves the Fiskepiren Terminal in Stavanger. Geometry Nodes: How to swap/change a material of a specific material slot? Both cost a fair bit though. The latter seems to have a few departures in the winter season as well. I am planning a trip for my family on this coming late October. This will be much more expensive and you will often need to hike in a group. We will take you safely to the start of the trail by bus. Once you get off the bus at the Mountain Lodge, it's a 2-2.5 hour well marked climb up to the top to Pulpit Rock, then 1.5-2 hours walk back down again. Try to make the best of it, no matter the weather! Remember that the ticket for the ferry from Stavanger to Tau is not included in The Pulpit Rock Bus price. ), then I recommend going with a guide. Are we crazy to try this? So in this article, we share our experience hiking to Pulpit Rock so that you know what to expect. You should ask at a local tourist office. The WikiVoyage "Go Next" section for Stavanger mentions ferries and/or buses to get there for those without cars, but is rather vague and lacking in key details. Are you on Pinterest? Hi, and thanks for stopping by! Here you can find all the best options for the guided hikes. But once we came closer and saw how wide it actually was, we decided to give it a go and even take a picture on the edge as well. How to get from downtown Los Angeles to Disneyland and back without a car?

How long does it take: Based on the official info, it should take about 4 hours to complete the Pulpit Rock hike: 2 hours each way. Use footwear suited for hiking, preferably mountain boots, and clothes suited to changing weather. You get a discount when booking online. The Pulpit Rock Bus provide a comfortable ride to the trailhead. The last kilometer before reaching Preikestolen has incredible views of the Lysefjord.

However, thats also the busiest time of the year. E-Bike Tour in Alpbachtal, Austrian Tyrol: What to Expect & Tips, How To See The Best of Amsterdam in One Day (+Map, Tips & Itinerary). Local guides will pick you up from your hotel in Stavanger, will bring you to the trailhead, guide you through the hike, and drive you back to the city after that. The same story here in the past, you could take a car ferry from Stavanger to Tau and from there, drive to the Pulpit Rock trailhead. Bringing a water bottle is also recommended. For someone wanting to hike up to Pulpit Rock in the summer, from Stavanger and without a car, how can you get there by public transport? Here, you can take the car ferry to Oanes. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I hope that it answered all your questions. But it really depends on why you ask - if it's for the weather, you can't plan it in advance anyway. but it's not like there are different 'viewpoints' where you get the same view of the rock further away. Another option is to do the Pulpit Rock hike in combination with the Lysefjord cruise. The entire trip to the start of the trail will take approximately 1-2 hours, so make sure that you account for this.

Thats what we did when we visited. We bring you there throughout the season, from March to October. But if you find all the practicalities too overwhelming and just want to enjoy your day without having to worry about anything, it might be worth it. Although I didnt have them, we met one other hiker on the trail that had crampons for the icy parts. Public transport or a tour might be a better option. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. Or you can simply book a tour that combines the two (Lysefjord cruise and Pulpit Rock hike). The hike to the plateau takes about two hours. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() );, Great info! This will be the most expensive fare. My wife and I will be in Stavanger in August and want to do the Pulpit Rock hike. However, Preikestolen got its new name around 100 years ago when tourism in the region was first kicking off. We spent about an hour at the top, where we had lunch. There is some uphill hiking, but to us, the biggest challenge was actually mud (mostly in the beginning, in the valley). If you have a question that hasnt been covered in this article, feel free to leave a reply and well try to help. There was a short queue of about ten people waiting to take a picture. Thanks. And then there it was the most impressive viewing platform we have ever stood on. Warm clothes, a waterproof jacket, and some food are highly recommended. iceland norway cruise copenhagen denmark info travel retirement bucket europe magic In the past, the best and the cheapest way to get to Pulpit Rock from Stavanger used to be taking a ferry to Tau, followed by a bus that brings you to the Pulpit Rock trailhead. Officially, the trail is closed in the Winter months. Experienced hikers will probably reach Pulpit Rock in 1-1,5 hrs and will need less than 3 hours in total, not counting the time at the top. Good to know: You can easily visit Pulpit Rock from Stavanger as a day trip, especially now that the new tunnel makes it really simple to drive there with your own car. How should I deal with coworkers not respecting my blocking off time in my calendar for work? That being said, Preikestolen is not the easiest hike. The Preikestolen HikeThe view from Preikestolen makes it one of Norways most popular hikes. Required fields are marked *. Or if you have just one child and are prepared to carry them when they get too tired, then you can probably also attempt this hike with younger kids too. Hi Brian, if you are not in a hurry and are used to walking on a regular basis, I think you can definitely hike to Pulpit Rock. This fee is one-way, so if you drive to Pulpit Rock and back, youll have to pay this twice. PS Our twins were 6 and the oldest was 8 when we did this hike. Take a look! Bus tickets are only valid on that one company, you can't use a return ticket to take one bus up and different one back. July 2022 photo competition: Photos highlighting real world examples (natural Amsterdam: How to get from the Airport to the Hard Rock Cafe by public transport? So youll need the whole day for visiting Pulpit Rock from Stavanger. We didn't have to wait too long for a picture - maybe 10-15 minutes, but I heard that it's often much longer than that. At the moment of the last update, its about 140 NOK (+-14 EUR) for a private passenger vehicle. The lodge provide fine dining options, accomodations and other activities, ##mainMenuItemLinkCntStartmainMenuItemLinkCntEnd##. Preikestolen is a square rock formation resembling a pulpit standing 604 meters above the majestic Lysefjord in Norway. Spectacular views over the Lysefjord and a bigger concentration of people were the first signs that we were getting close. It was named "the most spectacular viewing platform in the world" by Lonely Planet. On this blog, I share our family's travel experiences from all over the world, coupled with lots of practical information and useful tips for your trips. 2022 We Seek Travel | Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure, Hiking to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Rogaland Norway. You should know that the Ryfylke Tunnel has tolls. You will also need some comfortable hiking boots. There were quite some people on the Pulpit Rock, all taking the obligatory pictures standing or sitting on the edge.

Its quite steep going down so it would help a lot, especially for your knees. Your email address will not be published. You actually have a pretty decent number of options in the summer! Alternately, there are two options involving ferry + bus. Just dont go sitting or jumping at the edge, of course! If you are used to walking in hilly terrain, the hike to the plateau takes about two hours. Preikestolen was ranked number one on CNNs list of natural wonders of the world. (LogOut/ More info:Disclosure. When preparing our Norway trip itinerary and researching the best hikes of Norway, I quickly learned that not all of these hikes are family-friendly. Both these places offer breakfast and theres also a restaurant for lunch or dinner. Change). For those leaving form Stavanger, I would recommend leaving as early as possible to get the most time on the trail. Can climbing up a tree prevent a creature from being targeted with Magic Missile? So make sure to use the bathroom before you leave and that you have enough drinking water with you. During Summer and peak hiking season, the hike is fairly easy. Fernando. @Jurga, Thank you for your replyIt helps in planning for our trip! In high season, there are two bus companies operating this route GoFjords and PulpitRockTours. I have been searching for the past month to get an 'down to earth' report of what you need to know before you go. (LogOut/ You can see it from various angles, etc. Hike to the magnificent Pulpit Rock on a daytrip. The ferry takes foot passengers, and you can buy your ticket on board. Also, pack some snacks or a picnic lunch. More info below. There are special fares for families. How close can one get to Eldborg with public transportation? Usually, people stand in line somewhat further away from the sides giving the others the chance to take pictures where they are 'alone'. So consider all of this when deciding if you really want to drive to Preikestolen trailhead by car. And watch your kids, not just on the Pulpit Rock itself. Once you reach Oanes, continue on RV 13 towards Jssang. If youre looking to book only the transport through a tour company, you have two options. The rise and fall of the trail passes nice picnic areas and amazing spots for taking a swim. You can choose your trip from our regular departures or the exclusive Pulpit Rock Private Tour. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. What happens if I accidentally ground the output of an LDO regulator? In fact, we constantly had to ask them to wait for us. Also, we hiked to Pulpit Rock with kids, and so we share our observations and tips for families as well. If you are adamant on Hiking to Preikestolen in the off-season, you will need some extra gear. Show that involves a character cloning his colleagues and making them into videogame characters? Could a license that allows later versions impose obligations or remove protections for licensors in the future? The weather was changing all the time! When we first saw it from a distance, we were a bit hesitant if we would go on the Pulpit Rock with kids. As I said before, it is also possible to do both the Pulpit Rock and the Lysefjord cruise in one day. We walk about 5 miles a day and will be walking even more when we get rid of our snow (live in Canada).

The cost of this ferry is 49NOK or$5.70USDperadult,oneway. A lot has changed in the Stavanger with the opening of a new sub-sea tunnel. Its a very wide rock with plenty of space to walk around and enjoy the views. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Also, the bus from Stavanger takes almost an hour one way, and there are very few buses every day, giving you little flexibility. Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, is an incredible steep cliff which rises 604 metres above Lysefjorden, with a large flat area on the top. You pay for the ferry trip once on board. Stack Exchange network consists of 180 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. After the hike, we returned to the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge to find it empty. Hi Fernando, no, I don't have this information. Hiking to Preikestolen has seasons. Leave earlier and make sure you have enough daylight for the return hike back to the lodge. Blondie's Heart of Glass shimmering cascade effect.

Thats exactly what it is its all about expectations. Its not an easy hike.Bring a first aid kit!You can download this app If the worst happens it will allow local emergency services find you if needed.And before you leave confirm your ships departure the boat trip is about 40 mins in duration. Pin these images! These buses correspond with ferry times, so there will be one waiting when you depart. In all honesty, if you are traveling in the low season and dont have a car, then its much easier to simply book a guided tour more info below. Keep in mind that they will simply arrange the same or similar bus and ferry options detailed above. I would be a bit hesitant to take younger kids to Pulpit Rock unless they are really good hikers. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The buses run all day long. Both start with the Norled ferry from Stavanger to Tau, which leaves roughly every 40 minutes from the Stavanger ferry terminal (near the Oil museum, a 10 minute walk from the pretty bit of the harbour). rev2022.7.21.42639. Unless you visit very early in the morning or late in the evening, there will always be lots of people there. Is possible to extract the runtime version from WASM file?

If youre staying in Stavanger like we were, you will need to start by taking a ferry from Stavanger to Tau. The location was so beautiful that we decided to have a picnic here and spend some time just admiring the views. If you want to hike to Pulpit Rock early in the morning or at sunset, staying here is the best option. It only takes a minute to sign up. about me, my family, and our trips all over the world Preikestolen Fjellstue Preikestolen Base Camp, Lysefjord cruise and Pulpit Rock hike from Stavanger in one day, all the best options for the guided hikes, Visiting Amalfi Coast (Italy): 17 Travel Tips & Tricks for a Better Experience, How to Visit Mt Vesuvius Volcano, Italy: by Car, Bus & Best Tours, Where to Stay in Bangkok, Thailand: 7 Best Neighborhoods (+Insider Tips), 17+ BEST Places to See & Things to Do in Salzburg, Austria (+Map & Tips), Yellowstone South Loop: 27 Places to See & Things to Do (+Map & Tips), Getting from Naples to Amalfi Coast: by Train, Bus, Boat, Transfers & Tours. Since the opening of the new tunnel between Stavanger and Tau at the beginning of 2020, you can now simply take a bus from Stavanger to the Pulpit Rock trailhead. Most people visit Pulpit Rock from Stavanger and there are now quite a few good options for getting there, all listed in our article. You buy the ferry and bus tickets separately for this. Children and those who do not have much experience will need more time. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. WikiVoyage "Go Next" section for Stavanger, cruise from Stavanger through Lysefjorden. Online booking saves you time and money. Distance: Pulpit Rock is 4 km from the trailhead and you go back the same way. The Pulpit Rock hike itself takes about 4 hours, but you will want to spend some time on the top as well. How long would it take to hike from Hamar to Lillehammer? Most ferries in the summer are met by buses. However, seeing the Lysefjord from 600+ meters up made me determined to reach Preikestolen in Januray. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. We are 79 and 69 years young an we figure that if a 6 year old and 8 year old twins can do it WE CAN DO IT. Hopefully the weather would be good!!! It is said that a local tourism organisation, Stavanger Turistforening wanted to establish the site for trekking. During this time, buses and tours are catering to those hiking to Preikestolen. It wouldnt have been fun to walk an extra 9 KM through fjordland at night in minus 10 degrees. I recommend tours by this local company - we hiked the Florli 4444 stairs with them. I am planning to go in mid-end May.. On a slightly cloudy day, it looks something like this.

Can you see Fjords from Bergen as a day trip without a car? The weather changes rapidly and its also quite windy at the top. Announcing the Stacks Editor Beta release! Once you start the hike, there are no facilities at all. I can tell you that it definitely looks scarier watching from the side than it feels when you are on the rock itself. Before our trip, I read many reviews about hiking to Pulpit Rock. The round trip takes about 3-4 hours for someone of average fitness.

Its the worlds longest sub-sea road-tunnel. Normal hiking attire with some protection from wind will suffice. We visited Pulpit Rock in August and the trail was still quite wet. Typically I choose the DIY option when I can because I prefer this type of independent travel. If you want to both hike and cruise the fjord, they also have a cruise+hike option which leaves earlier, cruises round the fjord, then has a bus take you to do the hike and from there to the ferry home. We often call them 'mountain goats' because they can hike so much faster than we do. This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may earn a small commission, at no cost to you, for qualifying purchases. One bus option is the Tide Reiser coach (the white bus), which you can book online, or buy a combined ticket for on the ferry. By clicking Post Your Answer, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And yes, people really queue for a picture. Please note that seating is first-come first-served. I strive to capture images that tell a story and captivate those with a connection to travel and adventure. There are many hotels and lodging options in Stavanger, lots to see and do, and many nice restaurants as well. Once you reach Tau, you will need to jump on a local bus. There are several steep descents and climbs along the way, and it can also be quite wet, muddy, and slippery. The path towards it is also rather close to the ravine. How did this note help previous owner of this old film camera? Here you can read more about me, my family, and our trips all over the world 2015-2022 All Rights Reserved. TIP: If you are planning to hike Pulpit Rock in the lower season (and definitely if you want to go in winter! How is transformer output affected by frequency? A memorable experienceThe journey to Preikestolen starts on the ferry, then by bus and finally on foot and introduces you to a beautiful landscape in a sheltered fjord region situated north of Stavanger.

The recommended time for this is 4-5 hours, however, we spent a little longer due to the icy trail in the Winter season.
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