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If you regularly inspect and change these important parts or fluids, youll be well on your way to having and keeping a healthy vehicle. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID: When you check the automatic transmission fluid, the vehicle should be running and the transmission should be in the park position. We have more articles about maintenance! In addition to forum discussions, the following stores were helpful resources for pricing information: This article is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge.

Look for any other wearing of the cables, battery, and battery compartment. Check wheelchair lift & operation2. 2022 The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers on this website. Check steering play2. DO IT YOURSELF: Listen to the sound of your vehicles muffler when it is running. Keep an eye out for uneven wear patterns, and generally look out for damage to treads and sidewalls. Check AC Freon level (blows cold)C. ChassisTASKS TO BE PERFORMEDInspected OkayRepaired & AdjustedGreased & LubedComments & Parts List1.

Note any other repairs needed PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST Page PAGE 3 of NUMPAGES 4 0 1 F N h i j  xgTC hx( hj- CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ $hx( hj- 0J CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ hx( hj- CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ $hx( hj- 0J CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ hSq hj- CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ $hSq hj- 0J CJ OJ QJ ^J aJ hSq B* ph hj- hj- hj- 5CJ \^J aJ hj- 0J CJ ^J aJ hx( 0J CJ ^J aJ hA> hj- B* ph !hSq hj- B*OJ QJ ^J ph 0 1 i j e T I I I HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: If you need to have a new battery installed by a professional, you will need to shop around for the best price. Battery acid burns the skin and clothes, so be careful and if you get battery acid on yourself or clothes, wash immediately. Check fuel filter (25,000 mil)4. However, if you need to replace the brakes the cost is minimal to expensive depending on what needs to be done, the type of vehicle and the brake configuration. Here's my experience at the exhibit! Your engine is made up of hundreds of complex parts that work together to ensure that your vehicle starts and runs properly. STEERING AND SUSPENSION: Check the shock absorbers, struts and all the components of the chassis parts. It can also save you money by avoiding costly repairs and keep you and your family safe on the road. Professional service is recommended. To redeem this coupon please take a screen shot of this and present it to the service advisor pictured! Shop around for best prices. The invention of the car had profound effects on culture, the landscape, and even fashion. Check U-joints & grease13. CAUTION: When removing the terminals, remember to remove the NEGATIVE CABLES FIRST. Instead, we recommend listening to this piece of advice: prevention is the best medicine. And a preventative maintenance checklist can help with that! Regular maintenance inspections include checking for wear and tear on various engine parts, replenishing air and fluids, and cleaning the interior and exterior of the automobile. If brushing with baking soda and water does not work, You can use a battery terminal brush or steel wool pad (without the soap) to clean the battery and clamps. Marlene searches for the best way to have a clean, shiny, maintained car. However, if after inspecting your vehicle, you discover issues that need attention, you are wise to service these areas immediately. Some companies offer a lifetime guarantee. Other products may strip the finish.

Change the automatic transmission fluid every two years or 24,000 miles. Not all Nationwide affiliated companies are mutual companies, and not all Nationwide members are insured by a mutual company. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: If your transmission fluid looks bad, then have a professional drain and change the fluid. Always consult the owners manual. While having a regular car maintenance check-up is important to extend the life of your vehicle, make sure to regularly review your car insurance policy as well. DO IT YOURSELF: Open the hood and look for the windshield washer cap. The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Good Works Auto Repair in Tempe offers financing and allows you to make payments on your car repairs. $(=ZMQ~1mw3b~`Pj?2)g$`yV ",+S-~H \#4*O}fM @hL (c&. Install next PM due mileage in pocket5. Its time to replace brake pads if theyre less than thick; some brakes have a wear indicator that emits a squealing sound when the pads are too thin. If a light goes out, check for a blown fuse. If theyre frayed or worn, its time to replace. Check wheelchair tie downs & straps5. By Gearheadgirl CC-BY-3.0 Wikimedia Commons. These are average standards as identified by the Car Care Council. To know which items on our checklist are applicable to your car, always check the manual to find out the manufacturers maintenance intervals. DO IT YOURSELF: Tire rotation is something that is easy enough to do on your own. A look back at Cars: Accelerating the Modern World - an exhibition at the V&A in 2019. Check wheels and axle sealsE. Let the sounds of a bad starter help you diagnose and repair your hard-to-start or no-start problem with your car. ]tuU;0|/dR(#&a/%JP*}LJ}yfB (Cj*dQ->)P%`x$' &bZ@0$ E How to change the power steering fluid in your Toyota Camry. Engine1. Never open a hot radiator cap. It should not look or smell burnt. DO IT YOURSELF: Wiper blades are easy to install. I was forced to live full time in an RV to survive. TIRE ROTATION: For proper alignment and smoother ride, rotate tires. Our auto repair service in Ann Arbor MI will let you know that your car is well maintained and will ensure it remains a dependable vehicle for years to come. Check rear springs9. Now Hiring Talented People! h Keep a bottle of oil (check owners manual for grade and weight) in your cars trunk for topping off. Maintaining these parts will help the engine last longer and stay effective. Check chair lift control card4. When the wiper blades streak or chatter, replace them. Doing the same trick with a quarter will tell you whether youve got 4/32 left. Dry all of the components with a lint free cloth. DO IT YOURSELF: Replacing the cabin air filter is a quick job. Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states. If youve been running on the same filter for a year, replace it even if it is not noticeably dirty. Check transmission mounts12. DO IT YOURSELF: Using a grease gun, apply the lubricant to bolts and joints where metal to metal seals components together. You should also have your car checked out before you make a significant trip; just to be sure no problems will occur while youre driving. Why? DO IT YOURSELF: This is a visual inspection and should cost you nothing to do. Automatic transmission6.

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: Depending on where the leak is found, the cost varies significantly. Then pull out the dipstick and check the color and texture of the transmission fluid. Maybe sometimes, but it certainly isnt a good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to vehicle maintenance. The Service Schedule identifies inspections that should be considered every month, every six months, and every year. Check tread depth with a penny: If the top of Lincolns head is covered, you still have 2/23 of depth remaining. All of your vehicles parts, from the cars hoses to its filters, are important parts of your driving performance. You'd be surprised what you find out. If you notice other problems with the battery, it may be wise to purchase a new battery. To choose the right tint film for your car, consider the climate you live in and your personal preference. Check slip joint & grease15. Let's see. If the fluid looks good, but the level is below the Full line, then use a funnel to add more fluid. HOSES: Check for brittleness, cracking, rusting, swelling, or areas where there might be some restriction.

Weve narrowed it down to 15 things, however, that are especially critical to pay attention to. Check all hoses under pressure9. If something goes wrong with your car, there can be a domino effect where it affects the performance of another component. Check air filter if needed5. Apply today to be part of the Good Works family! A truck driven in an urban environment, for example, will put much more wear on its brakes over time than a lightweight vehicle that drives primarily on highways, where braking is minimal. d $If gdj-

The cap will go to a large container that looks like a clear gallon milk container. Check & lube all hinges, latches & locks10. Check mud flaps G. Safety / Emergency ItemsTASKS TO BE PERFORMEDInspected OkayRepaired & AdjustedGreased & LubedComments & Parts List1. Check level when car is warmed up and top off if necessary. Check all belts & tens loners10. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: It may take about thirty minutes for a mechanic to replace the air filter, plus parts. Check tie rod ends5. When your car is running, if you smell fumes or see smoke coming out of the muffler, you might have an exhaust leak. The fluid should be a color from clear to a slightly pink color. Attend to the following items below on a monthly basis: It doesnt hurt to check the oil level every time you fill up. It should be replaced annually. $$*$If a$ $d $9D If a$gd;m y kd $$If 0 % DO IT YOURSELF: Maintenance is as easy as checking the fluid level and adding more fluid, if necessary. The cost reflects the lengthy labor time involved. Neglecting car maintenance may seem like it saves you a bit of money now, but you could have to pay hundreds or thousands to fix problems later. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: Flushing the coolant system is a quick and easy job. Replace the following items every two years: Other car maintenance items to inspect are: Test and replace your car battery if necessary, beginning when the battery is 3 years old. Automotive preventive maintenance keeps your car in good working order and avoids problems that may lead to roadside breakdowns. The filter should be white or off-white; if its dirty or full of debris, get a new one. Although it may seem like a hassle to schedule checkups, replacements and other automotive services, your payoff is worth it. The Automotive Preventative Maintenance Checklist is a general guideline for regular inspection and maintenance of all types of vehicles, including passenger cars, mini vans, pickup trucks, and SUVs. Note: Prices gleaned from personal experience, automobile forum discussions, automobile departments of various consumer stores, and franchised automobile shops. What happens behind the scenes will shock you. Repair immediately if needed. You can use this checklist to set maintenance reminders in your calendar. Learn how to create one with UpKeep, making big projects easy to tackle. Attend to the following items every six months or every 6,000 miles: If your car isnt lubed for life (check owners manual), the chassis, steering, and suspension systems may need to be lubed. Regular visual inspections help maiintain your automobile. It is a better idea to flush the system and replace the antifreeze every year. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: Sometimes, if you take your vehicle to the place where you purchased your tires, they will give you a discount on the cost. The average cost ranges from a low average to a high average. It is possible to cheat an emissions test to conceal catalytic converter faults. Staying on top of your cars maintenance can prolong the life of your vehicle. BRAKES: Check the brake linings, rotors, and drums. TIRE INFLATION AND CONDITION: Look at the condition of your tires. No maintenance job is too small for our ASE-certified mechanics if it can give you peace of mind and a reliable car. DO IT YOURSELF: Your engine should be warm when you do this test. Driving a truck is a respectable career move, but you've got to have a nickname. AC systems in passenger cars use either a thermal expansion valve (TXV) or an orifice tube. Replace wiper blades that arent doing their job due to damage or wear. ENGINE OIL AND FILTER: Change the engine oil and filter. In this case, if you are maintaining the three month schedule, in nine months you will automatically be checking your automobile in nine months as a matter of process. Clean your car when its dirty. This will vary based on where you drive, where you park your car at home (in a garage or on the street). If youre driving on wet, salt-caked roads in the winter, wash once a month. Check ball joints8. Check front springs6. Attend to the following items every 5,000 miles: Check both the oil and filter and be sure to use oil of the grade and weight specified in the owners manual. Keeping up with your cars maintenance regularly reduces the likelihood of problems and makes it easy to spot any issues, plus prolongs the life of your vehicle. But, many manufacturers seem to hide the location of the cabin air filter. DO IT YOURSELF: You can take your car to a self-washing center that charges in 15-minute intervals. Check the tread for irregular wear, tear, and cuts. Fill only with windshield washer fluid only. Her first auto detailing article has been read 100,000+ times. We hope firing a service advisor has helped a bit. Brake pad life varies by vehicle and driving style. DO IT YOURSELF: Apply a polish or wax to seal and protect the surface. Also, check to see that the battery is securely mounted and has not become loose over time. Expert reports show that $2 billion is spent on cars that crashed due to neglected maintenance. Ice scraper (season applicable)6. You dont have to be an auto mechanic to keep your car well-maintained; all you need is a checklist and the discipline to stay on top of it. Enjoy amazing employment benefits including: great pay, health insurance, vacation, 401(k), room for growth, a fun, toxic-free environment, supportive team work, swamp coolers in bays and more! Some vehicles may have belts that are not listed here. Your automobile owners manual may also advise you to do the following maintenance replacements. D Attend to the following items every three months or every 3,000 miles: Leave the car in park with engine running; check the fluid and add the appropriate type (consult owners manual) if its low. Poor car maintenance can have other effects, such as vehicle accidents and incurred costs from crashes. Check front pads & rotors3. Learn how to change a headlight. In this post, we look at examples of when it does or does not. > ` bjbjss 4 T L L L L L L L ` H H H 8 H T I ` _ K K ( K K K L L L ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ $ _ h bb ^ L L L L L L ^ L L K K ^ KO KO KO L X L K L K ^ KO L ^ KO KO L L KO K K `{ H ;M X KO O ^ 0 _ KO b M ` b KO b L KO t L L KO L L L L L ^ ^ N X L L L _ L L L L ` ` ` > dC $ ` ` ` dC ` ` ` L L L L L L Customer Name: ________________________________________Unit #:______________PM: ________________ Last PM: _________________Mechanic: _________________Date: _______________ Next PM Due On: __________ Instructions: Write Initial in Appropriate Boxes BelowTASKS TO BE PERFORMEDInspected OkayRepaired & AdjustedGreased & LubedComments & Parts ListA.

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