kampong phluk floating village


We decided to book directly through our tuk-tuk driver which is a cheaper alternative because we didnt need the dinner option, just the experience. Kompong Phluk is accessible by boat only.

var instance = instances[i]; The village river is connected to Tonle Sap lake where much of the fishing takes place. Kampong Phluk's economy is, as one might expect, based in fishing, primary in shrimp harvesting. This village is still off the beaten track but the government ispaving a road to the river so it won't be long before the tour buses arrive.

The floating villages of Cambodia, specifically Kampong Phluk, are definitely a less-traveled destination. },

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But, if you want the cheaper option, arrange it yourself by asking your tuk-tuk driver to book you a boat up to the village.

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this.form = document.getElementById('ema_signup_form'); Due to the location of the temple, it doesnt attract the large number of tourists who visit the temples around Angkor Wat every day.

Guest Name: Ms. NAVNEET KAUR I can take you to some floating village, maybe good to see suggested my amazing tuk-tuk driver, who was by far the best thing that ever happened to me in Siem Reap.

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Youll see houses sitting on top of stilts which in the dry season they sit 6m high but in the wet season they are just a metre or so above water level.

Guests are reminded that there is a strict dress code and guests must cover their shoulders and knees when entering the temples. if (format === 'json') action += '.json';

You can pay the guide after the tour ends.

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Taste local delicacies accompanied by soft drinks and other cold beverages while enjoying your surroundings before returning to Siem Reip around 7 PM.

Great photos and thanks for sharing your trip as it made us decide to go. Our tours dont include accommodation in Siem Reap. During the dry season the road is clear, making the boat unnecessary.

The commune consist of three villages: Tnaot Kambot (), Dey Krahom (), and Kok Kdol (). if (_this.validEmail.test(input.value)) _this.validate(); It was great and a bonus was some local food. They started the engine which was made from tractor parts and a bicycle chain. } this.isValid = false;

Ur photos r incredibly awesome!!

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Really worth the visit, buy some trinkets and eat some fresh fried fish, when you get to the village, the fish just doesn't get any fresher.

As of 2019, the commune has 911 families with a total population of 3,707. for (var i = 0; i < fields.length; ++i) {

As soon as you enter the village, numerous people are trying to sell, upsell, or guilt you into buying something for the community.

This baby has been around the world with us for the last three years and we couldn't be more impressed.

After lunch, well then drive back towards Siem Reap and stop at Kampong Phluk, one of the most popular floating villages on the Tonle Sap.

Chong Khneas is now very very touristy.


The sun was just beginning to set as we paddled through knobbly trees and houses perched on stilts. The area can be reached by boat from the Chong Khneas or by road.


_this.onFormSubmit(e); Our boat driver never even lowered the throttle.

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submitButtonText: function() { After the sun set and we told our boat drivers we had enough, we headed back the same way we came just before it got pitch dark. Their houses are on stilts and you see children paddling by on boats with their produce, livestock, or fishall of which were grown on pontoon rafts or caught in the lake.

this.isValid = false; var dropdownEl = input.parentNode, Only an hour away from Siam Reap ware beautiful open skys and colored sunsets surrounded you. Thanks for sharing your story, Your email address will not be published.

} Have you ever visited a floating village in Cambodia?

Kampong Phluk is a cluster of three villages of stilted houses built within the floodplain about 16 km southeast of Siem Reap. },


We've scoured the internet for the best ALL-AROUND travel shoe and Tropicfeel wins by far.

Many argue that a floating village experience in Cambodia is a tourist trap.

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Hey guys, thanks for the info regarding the floating villages, I would love to do the same. Here are a few that we recommend.

Sorry we dont have the number of the driver we usedIn general though when asking around for tours, stay away from Chong Khneas as this is the super touristy floating village. There are many floating villages around the lake and those too accessible are too touristy.

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Coming from someone who has been traveling the world for the last 8 years AND has been in the hospital 2x, travel insurance is something everyone NEEDS to get. Many guests will combine this tour into a two or three day package tour.

Thanks Have a nice day Sebastian. this.initialize();

var invalidFields = document.querySelectorAll('.invalid'), Although referred to as a floating village, the houses here are fixed. }

At this time of year many of the villagers move out onto the lake and build temporary houses.

We are Oksana & Max, a Canadian couple with a passion for sustainable travel. revalidateOnChange: function() { this.formSubmitting();

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} text; if (name.indexOf('mimi_invalid') === -1) { The next stops on the itinerary include a local mushroom farm and factory where youll learn how mushrooms are grown using technical methods, and a rice wine distillery where you can try local rice wine. It's sleek, stylish, and has awesome functionality! },

There is an additional option of stopping at a temple or taking a small paddle boat into the mangrove forest for $8 per person which can be an added bonus.

Moreover, this tour is popular with guests who want to visit the floating villages on the great Tonle Sap Lake.

The entire trip through the village is about 45 minutes.

validate: function() { During the rainy season (June to November), the lake rises to meet the bottom of the houses, but in the dry season (especially December or January), the supporting structures are completely exposed, making the houses only accessible by ladders.


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They have a number of special offers and deals all year round to help you get the best value for money.

} growing out of the water.

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Just tell your boat driver(s) that you want to go. Never felt so good about being suckered. While in general, the whole experience for us was worthwhile as it was fascinating to see a new and different way of life. inputs[j].onchange = function(){ _this.validate() };

That was followed by big wooden cages which were set out away from the village containing a bask of crocodiles inside captured around the area.

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Book Today No Deposit Required Pay Your Guide.

this.submit.disabled = true; _this = this; Let us know and we can arrange it for you! Kampong Phluk is one of the most popular floating villages for tourists to visit.

Kampong Phluk is 16 km upriver from Siem Reap.

}; },

This village exists almost exclusively on fishing and related activities. The hand-made houses are suspended by 16-foot stilts like some wild act in a circus.

This is also the largest community with 10x more of the local population in the other two villages. },

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They had seen enough visitors passing by their village to not drop what their doing and stare, yet the influx hasnt yetsparked the tourist scams and traps, as some mightexpect. });


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Here is a much better option for you to visit a village on the lake. onSelectCallback: function(input) {

Wouldyou miss being able to run around the streets as a kid?

Travel Date: 21/07/22( - departure)

Enjoy! Since 2015, we have been traveling full-time with a mission to inspire others to follow in our footsteps.


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The children have come accustomed to the tourists passing by and wave time to time.


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Kampong Phluk translates to Harbor of the Tusks and their primary economy is fishing specifically shrimp harvesting but some of the outliers also farm.

After passing the ticket booth we continued to the boats. return name.replace(/\s?mimi_invalid/, '');

Make arrangements through your guesthouse of tour operator, or charter a boat at the Chong Khneas docks.

field.className = field.className.replace(/ invalid/g, ''); US$70 Copyright 2022 Angkorfocus.com | All Rights Reserved. this.onSubmitSuccess(response.result); Chickens on the verandah The lake was exrely high and we were near the tops of trees as we sailed by.

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for (var i = 0; i < dropdowns.length; ++i) { var elements = this.form.elements; Book Choice: Apsara Dancing Show.

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Stop at a local family house surrounded by rice paddies where you can sip on cold coconut or a local juice, meet the family, and spend time learning about their farming life. Pigs, cats, and chickens lived inside paddle boats floating around.

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Much of the road has recently been improved, now paved most of the way.


We arrived and a band of people playing billiards out in the open looked surprised for us to be there. this.form.attachEvent('onsubmit', function(e){ }

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Most sources on the web today call Kampong Phluk village a floating village, but that actually depends on what month you go.

This means that you can explore the magnificent ruins in relative peace and quiet when compared to the temple nearer to Siem Reap town.

}); Note:Dont worry, most people are not as lucky like us and actually get an experienced boat driver.

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Tell them about this tour!

Its a colorful and unique experience.

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